Zoo Rejoices When Pregnant Cheetah Delivers Whopping Litter Of 7 Cubs For The Second Time

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The most endangered cat in Africa is the Cheetah. The wild cheetah population has dramatically declined from 100,000 to only 7,000, According to Jim Andelin, owner of Virginia’s Metro Richmond Zoo.

This statistic is exactly why the Metro Richmond Zoo has had a strong focus on cheetah conservation. The staff has seen nine new litters, totalling 47 cubs in the last seven years.

The average size of a cheetah litter is three to four cubs.

However, at Metro Richmond Zoo, in this exceptionally rare birth, a pregnant cheetah named ‘Vaila’ recently gave birth to seven babies recently.

This was Vaila’s second pregnancy; Kalu, her partner is a first-time father.

Vaila’s litter marks a huge step forward in cheetah conservation. Not only that, as septuplets among cheetahs only occurs one percent of the time!

The story about this incredible mother gets better because, as it transpires, this wasn’t the first time she blessed the zoo with multiples.

Vaila delivered her first set of adorable cubs in 2016, where she gave birth to a litter of seven.

Take a look at this adorable litter in the video clip below:

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