Video Goes Viral After Little Boy Finds Electric Razor And Attacks Sister’s Hair

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Children are naturally curious which can often cause mischief. Most parents worry about what will happen when their little ones attempt to cut their own hair.

A little boy shaved his and his siblings’ hair off after finding an electric razor in their home. Teddy got his hands on his mum’s electric razor and, after giving himself a little trim, thought he’d extend the favour for his baby sister Eloise.

The little lad gave himself a fresh new hair style attacking his locks from the front. Eloise on the other hand wasn’t so lucky.

Teddy hacked away at his sister’s blonde locks starting from the nape of her neck and giving her an on-trend undercut which extends pretty much all the way up the back of her head.

Teddy left her with a cut which shall now be referred to as the ‘reverse monk’. Meanwhile, Eloise was in understandable emotional turmoil, 

After wiping away her tears Stephie concedes ‘it’s only hair’ and adds: ‘OK it’s just hair and it’s going to grow back and Mommy’s OK. Why did you let your brother do that?’

Teddy answers: ‘She said she liked me doing that a lot and I did it and we wanted to show you.’ 

Although Stephie was horrified she couldn’t help but see the funny side. When Stephie asked her daughter if she liked her ‘new haircut’, the youngster simply replied: ‘No.’ Mum also discovered that Teddy has also given his younger brother Freddy a trim too.

Teddy’s haircutting has gone viral after his uncle Ian Hagadorn shared a video of his haircutting efforts on Twitter.

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