Toni Harris Makes History As The First Woman To Play College Football On A Full Scholarship

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Toni Harris just became the first female football player to sign a letter of intent, accepting a full college scholarship to Central Methodist University in Missouri.

Toni is a 22-year-old standing at 5-foot-seven-inch, 164-pound safety, who has been studying playing at East Los Angeles College in California for the past two seasons. She was also offered a football scholarship to attend Bethany College in West Virginia.

Her sports career has already made history — she was the first woman in the school’s history to play football on the team.

The Detroit native fell in love with the contact sport at 6 years old, going on to play wide receiver and cornerback in high school. Soon Toni will head to Central Methodist University in Missouri to play defense.

Toni Harris has shown great resolve in her journey and quest to be a college football player,” her coach at East LA College, Bobby Godinez, said in a statement. “She has shown herself to be a great teammate at East Los Angeles College and a great member of this community. We all wish her the best in her journey beyond ELAC.”

Toni’s ambitions are aimed towards the NFL as it is her ultimate goal. She wants to continue to break boundaries as the first woman player in the NFL however she’s content with allowing God to order her steps.

During the Superbowl Toni appeared in an ad for Toyota. “I always try to push myself every single day and keep my faith in God to let me go as far as I want to go,” Toni said before the commercial.

This tough young woman has also beaten ovarian cancer after being diagnosis at the age of 18. Following her recovery she became the first person in her family to go to college.

Though coaches advised Toni not to aim too high with her football career, this impressive athlete never gave up.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about Toni!

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