The “World’s Tiniest Girl” Continues To Prove Doctors Wrong.

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There’s nothing worse than a pregnant mother discovering there’s something wrong with your unborn child.

Despite having planned for a natural birth doctors advise you to have a c-section is nerve-wracking,when really thats nothing to be worried about.

A few ago one woman from England went into labor earlier than expected, taking a plunge into the unknown.

Little did they realise their lives were about to change forever, but not in the way anticipated …

Emma Newman and her husband Scott Garside had three healthy daughters when Emma fell pregnant with their fourth.

The couple prepped to welcome baby number four and her scans never caused any reason for alarm.

“I was massive,” Emma said, “so we didn’t think there was anything to be worried about.”

The unexpected

Emma went into labor four weeks early thats when things started to become a worry.

“They examined me and said I was only 24 weeks pregnant but I’d already had scans and knew that wasn’t right,” she said. “I started to panic.”

Doctors explained to the couple to expect a premature baby,  they just thought it meant having a child slightly underweight.

However baby Charlotte, arrived  weighing just two pounds, her appearance practically stunned the couple.

Charlotte’s parents carried the gene for an extremely rare genetic condition known as primordial dwarfism.

It is so uncommon only 200 people in the whole world are known to have it.

Primordial dwarfs are born incredibly small, and tend not much as they age resulting in them looking like tiny human dolls.

It hasn’t been easy for Charlotte who has grown to just three foot tall.

Charlotte’s parents weren’t even able to hold her for days after she was born as she only weighed 2 lbs.

For the first 13 weeks of life she stayed in the hospital, doctors warned her parents she may not even make it to her first birthday.

Primordial dwarfs commonly suffer from a range of health problems, mostly relating to their unnatural size.

As they increase in age, the risks of dying from a sudden aneurysm are high.

It’s extremely rare for a primordial dwarf to survive past the teenage years, but Charlotte’s a fighter as the little girl continues to flourish.

Charlotte is just over two feet tall today, her sister describes her as being surprisingly tough.

When people first meet her they are afraid she might break if they touch her – but she’s quite scrappy and doesn’t sit still for a second,” older sister Chloe explains.

She loves tearing around the house and being thrown in the air.”

The future

Rather than fret about how much time they may have left with Charlotte, her parents enjoy everyday activities.

She is such a driven, determined person,” said Emma.

We’ve stopped thinking about the what-ifs, now we’re having the best time we can.”

For them, part of the fun of raising their children is photographing Charlotte beside objects that look small to us.

Take a look at Charlotte in the video clip below:

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