Stranger in green interrupts young girl on piano, only for stunt to cause crowd to rush in

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You never really know what to expect when a pianos is put in a public places.  It’s the perfect opportunity for people from all walks of life to showcase their talents, practice their skill, or give passersby an unforgettable performance.

Some of the most powerful viral videos of recent years have been recorded by random strangers getting to work on the keys.

One girl was playing the public piano when one passerby disturbed her and took her place. What followed was a particularly unique and interesting performance that stopped people in their tracks.

Video footage below shows a young girl playing contently on a public piano, right before a man approaches and attempts to take over.

The girl refused to leave her seat at first, saying that she was practicing and that the man needed to find his own piano. After a few minutes, though, the girl relented and gave way.

She didn’t seem to impressed, however a few short moments after the man begins to play, however, the atmosphere changes. People who were watching the scene unfold couldn’t stop themselves. They, too, started clapping to the tune.

A man wearing a hard hat decides wants to join the performance. Together with the girl, the pair join the man on the piano and begin a show that leaves the people mesmerised.

Several other people stopped and took out their phones to record the scene. Even they weren’t able to stop themselves from dancing, though. The people in the crowd were amazed and impressed.

Take a look a the epic performance in the video below:

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