Simone Biles Makes History During Gymnastics Championships With Another Historic Landing

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Simone Biles, Olympic champion shows no signs of slowing down. Biles won a record-tying sixth consecutive national championship on Sunday night.Her unprecedented move made history again during the US Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Missouri.

The already legendary 22-year-old athlete became the first gymnast ever to attempt and land a double-twisting, double somersault dismount. Her epic floor routine, included a jaw-dropping tumbling pass complete with two flips and three twists.

Simone explains how she was worried about landing out-of-bounds, but as you will see in the video below, she pulled it off beautifully, making her the first female competitor to ever successfully achieve a triple-twisting double somersault in competition.

Simone went on to win her sixth all-around title something that no gymnast has achieved since 1952.

See the incredible record-setting routines in the clip below.

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