Woman does act with stranger in park leaving lunchtime picnickers horrified

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Amazed parkgoers saw the man lying on his back on the grass with a can of beer in his hand while the woman knelt to perform an act. A dog went over to their patch of grass at one point and had to be pulled away by its embarrassed owner who apologised to the man and woman.

The couple, thought to be in their 30s, did not stop despite the attention, then stood up and casually walked away after their ten-minute liaison. Parkgoers said how the shameless pair began with passionate kissing before becoming increasingly lewd.

One appalled visitor recorded the X-rated scenes at  12.30pm.‘ I COULDN’T FINISH MY LUNCH’

Another disgusted witness said the antics ruined her picnic in Finsbury Park, North London, on Tuesday. She added: “I simply couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

It was so brazen, lunchtime in that park, especially when the sun is out, is very busy. “The guy was just leaning back with a beer in his hand like he was watching the world go by but his girlfriend was pleasuring him in front of everyone.“It made me feel a bit sick and I couldn’t finish my lunch. I didn’t know where to look to be honest.

“I thought I was on a hidden camera show of some sort.  I think everyone around me was as shocked as I was.

“No one could really believe what was going on. They were ten metres from us getting intimate in front of 100 people. “She started to straddle him, you could see they were having it. It was horrific.”

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