Reasons why toddlers over the age of two should never nap during the day

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Parents have lots to juggle when it comes to raising their kids, one particular issue they often obsess over is sleep. Does their child get enough rest, or why won’t they take a nap? It just seems like it’s a constant concern.

While parents , particularly those of toddlers, don’t think about the effects of putting their little ones down for a nap during the day, it turns out this routine should be totally avoided.

Toddlers over the age of two who took naps during the day when they were younger, suffered from poor quality of sleep once they were older.

A study which was conducted discovered a link between naps and a child’s behavioral and physical health. Data was collected by researchers which observed napping in children under five-years-old, and the results were very interesting.

A link which showed napping during the day could cause poorer sleep quality after the age of two was discovered. Taking daytime naps could also result in long-term behavioral problems and health issues, such as developmental delays and childhood obesity.

Professor Karen Thorpe from Queensland University of Technology told Kidspot: “Parents should not assume that day sleep and night sleep are the same and therefore by giving them a nap, they’re getting more sleep, because that doesn’t happen.”

Once they no longer biologically need sleep during the day all you’re doing by making them nap is subtracting from night sleep because you disrupt it.

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