Pregnant Teacher Speaks Out After She Miraculously Survives Brutal Ambush

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Thirty three year old Tanya Nguyen’s whole life changed in a matter of moments on 20th March 2019.

The expectant mother was three months into her pregnancy as she was suddenly attacked and carjacked by a group of men with a knife, while parked outside her home in Sunland last Wednesday.

Shocking footage captured on a dashcam which was made public on Monday shows Tanya screaming and pleading with her attackers, at one point telling them, “I’m pregnant!” She suffered facial lacerations, a punctured lung, and broken teeth.

The carjackers, Andrew Bran and Christian Reyes reportedly stole her car keys and sped off — only to crash the car and abandon it before taking off on foot with two other suspected accomplices.

All were charged with one count each of attempted murder, carjacking, second-degree robbery and misdemeanor hit-and-run driving resulting in property damage. Reyes faced a separate count of aggravated mayhem and an allegation of personal use of a deadly and dangerous weapon

This tragic news has us all crestfallen,” the fundraiser states. “She is a ray of sunshine who nurtures our children & gives of herself in the most loving, pure way. We want to help cushion her time off and medical bills with donations.”

The pregnant mother speaks out publicly for the first time following the attack. Tanya is determined to be strong and recover.

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