Pregnant sperm whale found dead with nearly 50 pounds of plastic in its belly – this has to stop

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Some of us aren’t lucky enough to live close to the ocean but it’s something many of us dream about doing every summer.

However our oceans are suffering due to something that is used by us all every day — plastic. The quantity of plastic that floats in our beautiful seas is a shock.

The image of a dead sperm whale washed up on the shores of a beach portrays the seriousness of this when almost 50 lbs of plastic was found in its belly. There was also a foetus found in the whale’s stomach.

Just to put that into context 50 lbs can be compared to two big bags of dog food or a small bale of hay. But as plastic, floating around the stomach of a whale, must have been extremely painful.

This endangered species was found washed up on the shores of Porto Cervo in Sardinia, a popular Italian beach resort. During the last two years she is one of five whales who have died from plastics, according to The World Wildlife Fund.

“She was pregnant and had almost certainly aborted before she beached,” Luca Bittau, the president of the SeaMe group.Steps to ban single-use plastics./ In the Philippines, a Cuvier’s beaked whale was found washed up dead with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach.

The whale wasn’t getting any nourishment from food because of the amount of plastic therefore it passed away from dehydration and starvation after vomiting blood, according to scientists.

Luca Bittau explains that veterinarians in Padua, Italy, will carry out various tests to determine the exact cause of death but it is likely related to plastic also. On average, 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year.

Measures are being taken by cities and countries around the world to ban single-use plastics: The European Parliament has approved a law banning single-use straws, cotton balls, and cutlery by 2021.

Plastic is making our oceans sick and if this doesn’t make you stop and think, I don’t know what will. Every effort to cut our use of plastics, however small, helps.

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