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Husband plants 6000 trees to honor late wife, 15-years-later photos reveal true motive

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The love of Winston Howe’s life was a woman named Janet. For them it was certainly love at first sight which grew stronger over time.

After getting married in 1962 the couple moved into a farmhouse where Janet gave birth to their son shortly after..the couple came to share a bond that many dreamed of.

Their love for each other was so strong that people in their community would ask them how their marriage remained so happy for all those years.

However their happiness didn’t last forever. In 1995, after 33 years of marriage, Janet suddenly passed away from an unexpected heart attack at the age of 50.

Their relationship was solid and strong, their son was healthy and their farm flourished. Their life was perfect in their Wickwar, Gloucestershire, Winston and Janet’s dream home for over three decades.

When the love of his life was gone, Winston was devastated it felt like his whole world had collapsed.

Winston planted 6,000 oak trees in a field near the home they had shared for so many years, he decided to pay homage to his beloved wife.

Therefore, Winston began planting trees – a lot of trees, he wanted to create a private, sacred place where he and his son could visit on difficult days.

Winston’s tribute so special just take a look at what he concealed inside the forest — a heart-shaped meadow.

His beautiful declaration of love was kept hidden from the world for 17 years. Winston had fulfilled his goal, but the true motivation behind his work remained a secret, hidden in plain sight among the trees.

In 2012, Winston’s secret was finally discovered when a man named Andy Collett was up in his hot air balloon. He looked down and saw the heart from the sky.

Winston’s beautiful memorial was his very own secret garden for years until Andy happened to cruise over the land.

You can just imagine the love story. I have my own balloon and am quite a regular flyer, but this was the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky,” Andy explains.

The tip of Winston Howes’ heart points toward Janet’s childhood home, the village of Wotton Hill.

Winston also built a hedge around it, too, and every spring, daffodils bloom in the center.

I thought it was a great idea — it was a flash of inspiration — and I planted several thousand oak trees. Once it was completed we put a seat in the field, overlooking the hill near where she used to live,” an emotional Winston explains.

Winston said that he sometimes walks to the heart-shaped meadow to think back on the great times he spent with Janet.

It is a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years,” Winston said.

Although nothing can bring Janet back to life, Winston can rest assured that she would love the heart-shaped meadow that was made just for her.

Take a look at the video below:

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Mom Calls Out Anti-Vaxxers For Exposing Her 15-Day-Old Baby To The Measles Virus

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Although it is a personal choice each parent should make a decision for themselves about vaccinating their child. However according to mom Jennifer Hibben-White it’s not as simple as that.

The Canadian mom took to Facebook and shared an angry post she wrote addressed to “anti-vaxxers” — people who refuse to vaccinate their kids — for putting her own baby at risk.

In 2015, Jennifer’s son, Griffin, received a fightening call from the doctor when her was 2 weeks old. Apparently a patient with measles, sat in the waiting room not long before Jennifer and her baby had arrived for his checkup.

That meant both had been exposed to the highly contagious virus. Griffin was far too young to have received a measles vaccine. His poor mom had to wait for a week to see if any symptoms appeared. Luckily, nothing appeared.

With many measles outbreaks occurring across the United States, these precautions are completely necessary. But Jennifer asked why should her baby have to suffer because of other people’s anti-vaxx choices? Now her Facebook rant has received over 600,000 shares so far.

Since it was invented in 1963 the measles vaccine has saved thousands of lives. The measles virus, which used to be a common fatal childhood disease, which was eliminated from the United States in 2000.

However, in recent year there seems to have been several outbreaks of the disease. The resurgence is largely attributed to “anti-vaxxers” who refuse to vaccinate their children.

Vaccines work by “herd immunity,” which means that the vaccines can truly eradicate a disease only if nearly everyone is vaccinated. Some people can’t get vaccinated because they’re too young or because their immune systems are too weak.

If everyone else in the area is vaccinated, however, vulnerable people are protected against the disease as well. But if there are pockets of unvaccinated people (ahem, anti-vaxxers), then babies, older people, and others who are unable to get the vaccine are put at risk.

Like, for example, Jennifer Hibben-White’s baby, Griffin.

On February 9, 2015, Jennifer received a notice from her health center informing her that her baby had potentially been exposed to the measles virus when she’d taken him to an appointment at the doctor’s office.

At only 15 days old, Jennifer’s baby was much too young to have had his measles vaccine. She was, understandably, annoyed.

The mom shared a post she wrote on Facebook about her experience, calling out anti-vaxxers for putting her baby at risk.

On February 9th, I received a phone call from York Region Public Health, informing me that Griffin, alongside my mother and I, was potentially exposed to the measles virus while attending a newborn weigh-in appointment at my doctor’s office in Markham on January 27th,” Jennifer began.

I was informed that someone who later developed measles sat in the doctor’s waiting room between 1 hour before and 30 minutes before we arrived,” she continued. “I was also informed that measles is regarded as ‘airborne’ and can stay in the air and on surfaces up to 2 hours after the infected person has left. I was then asked if I had had the measles vaccine. I had. Griffin. Griffin had not. Can not.”

Jennifer, Griffin, and Jennifer’s 3-year-old daughter Aurelia — who’d had only one MMR vaccine at that point — were left to sit in quarantine at home and wait to see if any symptoms arose.

We are to sit tight and watch for symptoms: fever, cough, runny nose. If we develop any of these we are to call my doctor and arrange to come in under official medical precautions. We are to wait at home, in isolation, until February 17th, after which the 21 days of possible incubation will have passed and we are clear,” her post continued.

So, Griffin is now Schrödinger’s baby. Simultaneously with measles, and without it. Until he develops symptoms, or until a further 7 days pass. One or other. And I’m angry. Angry as hell.”

I won’t get angry at or blame the person in the waiting room. I would have likely done the same thing… you get sick, you go to the doctor. I have no idea what their story is and I will never know. But I do know one thing: If you have chosen to not vaccinate yourself or your child, I blame you. I blame you.”

You have stood on the shoulders of our collective protection for too long. From that high height, we have given you the PRIVILEGE of our protection, for free. And in return, you gave me this week. A week from hell. Wherein I don’t know if my BABY will develop something that has DEATH as a potential outcome. DEATH.”

Jennifer continued to strongly outline why anti-vaxxer logic is faulty.

You think you are protecting your children from thimerosal? You aren’t. It’s not in their vaccine. You think you are protecting them from autism? You aren’t. There is no, none, nada, nothing in science that proves this.”

She also explained why this topic is so dear to her: Her 5-year-old daughter had passed away a couple years prior.

You would be the first to line up if you had an inkling of what the death of a child feels like,” Jennifer wrote angrily. “You have no idea what it feels like to go through what we went through.”

So, look at Griffin. Tell me why he gets to bear the brunt of your stupidity and reckless abuse of our protection? Tell me. Seven more days until I know that my baby is safe. Seven more days. How is your week going, anti-vaxxers?

The post was shared over 600,000 times. Most people emphasised her thoughts.

I’ve been raging for you too,” one woman wrote. “You have a gazillion people rooting for wee Griffin.”

Thankfully, Jennifer followed up a week later to share that Griffin made it through the incubation period with no sign of measles.

Griffin was smiley and happy this morning and symptom-free,” Jennifer explains. “We can leave the house. And that’s amazing news.”

No mother should ever have to go through this level of stress when it’s completely preventable.

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Airline forbids dad to board plane with baby so elderly woman says ‘You’re coming with me’

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A heartwarming story is going viral online for all the right reasons. Rubin Swift was recently travelling from his hometown in Cleveland, Ohio to Arizona.

The reason he was travelling was to pick up his newborn daughter ” Ru-Andria.

He was after being granted custody of Ru and could not wait any longer to take her home to Ohio with him.

They both checked into the Sky Harbour International Airport in Phoenix and he also made sure to bring a note from his doctor which stated that his daughter Ru-Andria was allowed to fly.

The airline refused stating that  “babies under sever days old were not allowed to fly. ”

Rubin was left in a state of panic and he did not know what to do. What was he going to do after been left abandoned in the airport for almost 3 days?

Rubin then remembered something. He remembered an old woman he was after meeting in the hospital the day his daughter was born.

Her name was Joy Ringhofer and she was a volunteer at Banner University Medical Center and she had held Ru-Andria in the moments after her birth.

Rubin had walked into the room and saw Joy holding Ru and they instantly had a connection.

He just had a feeling that he should give Joy a call even thought they had only met briefly. He left the airport and then made the call.

After telling her what was after happening she said “I’m coming to get you and take you home,”Rubin was totally confused at first. He thought she had planned to drive him and his baby all the way back to Ohio.

Once she pulled up and began driving down the highway he then realized they were all going back to Joy’s house.

What followed was an amazing three days of kindness from Joy and hopefully this will help restore your faith in humanity.

Take a look at the video below for full details on the story:

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Horrified woman finds dog covered in odd marks, rushes to vet for answers

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Throughout the world today there are countless people who not only should not be let own a pet but should never be let near any animal.

Hayden Howard discovered something was seriously wrong with her pet dog in early Spring. She noticed her English Mastiff Jackson was covered in what seemed like insect bites all over his body.

The pet dog had been playing in the back garden earlier that day.When Hayden called him in she made the startling discovery which had her dumbfounded.

Upon closer inspection she came to the realization her pets injuries may be a whole lot worse than she had initially thought.

Poor Jackson was in fact riddled in bullet holes to many areas of his body. ”I was completely shocked, I didn’t know what to think,” Hayden said.

After realizing her beloved pet had suffered such serious wounds, Hayden immediately rushed him to the neared vet.

The vet examined Jackson, finding numerous tiny bullet holes that had been caused by someone shooting at him with a BB gun.

There was one stuck under his eyelid, one in his ear, one in his knee, they were everywhere,” Hayden says.

Jackson had been shot in so many places over his body that the vet had to shave off most of his fur to try and remove the plastic pellets.

After painstakingly removing 27 pellets from Jackson, 20 still remained inside the pets flesh and had to be left where they were. He had also been shot in 20 other places where the bullets did not lodge.

Bringing to total a shocking statistic of over 70 times the poor pooch was shot at. How can someone be so evil to do this to a poor animal who has done no harm to anyone?

Police were informed of the incident and were hot on the heels of the suspect who lives nearby. It did not take them long to apprehend the suspect after finding a gun and bullets hidden in a neighbors home.

The neighbor in question had previous convictions relating to drug offences. Hopefully he Jackson gets his justice and this evil human being is locked up for what he done to this poor defenseless animal.

A person like this should never be allowed near an animal again after the cruelty he served out to poor Jackson.

Thankfully, reports are that Jackson is recovering well after his ordeal, according to his loving owner Hayden.

Watch the video below to find out more about Jackson’s ordeal:

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After snapping one photo in McDonald’s, teacher tells man: “I hope you know, you’re going viral”

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Amanda Craft and a group of special education teachers were out for lunch in McDonalds Noblesville, Indiana. Amanda thought her day would be normal much the same as other days.

Until she overheard a conversation between an elderly couple that sat nearby. Their differences peaked the groups interest, but the words exchanged confirmed Amanda’s belief that she should do something.

She took a photo of the two, her mind fixed on the young man who would later be identified as Eric Haralson. Just before she left the restaurant she told him: “I hope you know, you’re going to go viral.

Like she said, he did go viral …

Once Amanda posted the photo to social media that evening that she explained the story. She began explaining that the elderly woman appeared to be lonely, and asked Eric if she could sit with him.

“Without hesitation, this guy said, ‘of course,’” Amanda said.

She continued: “Shout out to this guy! My friends and I watched him introduce himself and shake her hand. They talked and laughed together like they were friends. They didn’t know each other, and they couldn’t be more different. But, today, they shared a meal together and it touched our hearts.”

Plenty of other people shared Amanda’s emotion at Eric’s actions. Before long the pair took the internet by storm.

Eric revealed: “She said she just wanted a little conversation, because no one likes to eat alone.”

Eric cleared a place for her and the two began a friendship. Later Eric and Jan later exchanged phone numbers, and they’ve arranged to meet up again.

Take a look at the story in the video clip below:

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Pastor donates kidney to stranger, but during transplant doctors freeze in horror

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There are some people who believe in fate, while others think life’s strange occurrences are just coincidences.

For Don Herbert his stop at a church yard sale one day led to not just one life being saved but possibly two. Call it a coincidence or fate but this is a story of love and faith which has lit up social media.

Don Herbert a former professional wrestler turned gospel singer passed by North Carolina church along with his wife when they happened to notice a sign and so they stopped to take a look.

Don decided to stop because of the gospel music coming from inside, that simple choice would start his family on a journey they never could have imagined.

The music coming from the church led him to Pastor Tim Jones, the man who would end up saving his life.

For me, being a gospel singer, that was like saying, ‘come on, come on,’” Don recalled of the moment he heard the music.

The “special invitation” seemingly came from a Higher Power as the man met Pastor Tim Jones, who shared Don’s love for gospel music.

Don left that day with an invite to come and sing with Pastor Jones.

Went to a yard sale with my wife never expecting to find anything and come out with a date for the group to sing,” Don said.

Don didn’t share his personal struggle he had experienced for over 10 years with his new friend.

Six months earlier he had undergone a liver transplant after more than a decade of sickness. Although the operation was successful his kidneys were failing.

Sick with the with worry and his wife posted on Facebook desperatly seeking help.

“I felt alone. I was more depressed. I was more discouraged than Don ever felt. He had that faith,”  Belinda admitted.

Doctors informed Don his heart had blockages and he would require surgery, however his kidneys were weak and wouldn’t survive the surgery. Belinda found herself praying to God.

I said, ‘Lord, you told me that you wouldn’t give me any more than I could handle.’ And He said, ‘That’s not really what I said. Because, if you could always handle the things, why would you ever need Me? So, you need to release it. Give Me your burdens. I’ll carry them.’ And I did,” Belinda recalled.

After that, she asked for help on Facebook. 

It is so hard to ask something so tremendous and so humbling, but I want the man that I love to live a long life. I want to grow old with him by my side,” Belinda wrote on Facebook, where Don had 500 friends.

Once Pastor Jones saw the post he contacted Don and his wife, without any delay and offered to help in any way possible. Don and his wife were happy and Pastor Jones agreed to take the test to see if he was a match for donation.

The thing that really tugged at my heart was on down the post she said, ‘I love him. We’ve been together this long. He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine going through my life without my best friend by my side,’” Tim recalled.

Once the test results came back, it turned out Tim was the perfect match.

Once surgeons started to operate on both men, they discovered something remarkable in Pastor Jones’ body that caused worry.

It seems Pastor Jones had an aneurysm, which could have killed him if it had continued to go unknown.

Tim would have never known about his aneurysm.

This man’s kindness not only saved Don’s life but also his own, now that’s karma.

Both men are alive and healthy today and often come together to share their magnificent story!

Take a look a the video below to find out more about Pastor Jones and Don’s remarkable story :

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Inmates Drop Everything To Save Baby Girl Locked Inside SUV

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Shadow Lantry and her family recently paid a visit to the courthouse in Pasco County, Florida. Her partner tied their daughter into the car seat in their Chevy Tahoe, then threw the keys towards the front.

When Shadow closed the doors they realised the SUV had locked itself suddenly.

Shadow wasn’t able to afford a locksmith, her partner planned on smashing the passenger seat window to retrieve the baby. However just before he went to break the glass, a group of heroes came to their rescue.

Prison offenders on work release were repairing the medians outside the courthouse once they discovered the baby was trapped.

Wearing black-and-white striped prison uniforms, the men came over to the SUV and used a clothes hanger to break the lock.

Thankfully, it was a only 56 degrees outside, so the toddler appeared comfortable during the ordeal, and content with her pacifier.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said it’s not often that an inmate is allowed to use his or her “skill set” to break into someone else’s vehicle.

“There’s only a very small percentage of those criminals out there that want to fight us and want to attack us,” he explains, “but a lot of them, like these individuals, they know they made bad mistakes, bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life.”

As a comment on facebook says, “Compassion comes from all walks of life. Thank you to these amazing strangers for saving that sweet baby girl.”

Shadow stood back and watched the inmates as she recorded the scene which she shared on Facebook.

Take a look at the video below which went viral after being shared online:

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Woman Who Married A 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Reveals They’re Splitting Up

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Ghosting seems to be a current panic for most daters… but some people take this a step further. One woman mourns the end of her marriage to a centuries-old pirate.

In early 2018, Amanda Teague, an Irish woman and Jack Sparrow impersonator, held a ceremony to wed the 300-year-old pirate ghost (also named Jack).

Instead of ghosting her requests to get a ring on her finger, Jack agreed, and the pair took to the high seas to get hitched with the help of a medium. 

Amanda had a private ceremony on a boat in international waters off the coast of Ireland so that the marriage would be legal.

The 45-year-old hired a medium for the ceremony, which was conducted by a shaman priest. Almost a year later, Amanda claims the marriage has ended.

So, I feel it’s time to let everyone know that my marriage is over,” the mom of five wrote on her Facebook page. “I will explain all in due course but for now all I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it’s not something to mess with.”

Amanda explained that she had met her ghost “soulmate” in 2014, when he appeared next to her as she was lying in bed.

He is dark-skinned and has jet-black hair, so he tells me,” she said. “I told him I wasn’t really cool with having casual sex with a spirit and I wanted us to make a proper commitment to each other. I wanted the big traditional wedding with the white dress. It was very important to me.”

After announcing news of the divorce, Amanda reveals what caused the split.

I wish I never got married to him. I wish I was that healthy person that I was before I met him,” she said in her first interview since the announcement. “Jack has turned what was a beautiful and loving relationship to something that is ugly.”

Amanda began being plagued with health issues when she married Jack and decided that he was “stealing or draining” her energy and “using [her] for his own selfish intentions.” She’s dissolved the marriage and now contemplates an exorcism.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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Frozen Lemons Method Will Help You Fight the Worst Diseases – Say Goodbye To Diabetes, Tumors, Overweight

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Lemons are packed with vitamin C so if you freeze you will find it easier to grind frozen lemons, and use their zesty hint in your foods.

The skin contains the highest concentrations of nutrients in this fruit. Generally we don’t get full benefit from this fruit as we usually throw away the peel. Lemon skin is often removed, because of its bitter taste.

One should consider using every part of the lemon to get more vitamins and minerals. Lemons are packed with healthy amounts of vitamins A, B6, C, and E, folate, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, protein, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, and phosphorus.

This citrus fruit also contains flavonoids and limonoids which reinforce cells, fight cancer, and prevent diseases.

The nutrients in lemons shrink and destroy malignant tumors, preventing development of diabetes, control blood pressure, soothe acid reflux, treat fevers, and melt pounds. Citric acid also destroys germs and microorganisms.

People use lemons to brighten and clean their skin.

Researchers say that a single lemon has 22 cancer agents, including:

  • Limonene
  • Citrus pectin
  • Flavonol glycosides
  • Vitamin C

Freeze your lemons in order to get the most of them.

Firstly wash and clean the lemons then dry it completely before you put it in a freezer bag. Place in your freezer.

Frozen lemons are a lot easier to grate. Instead of squeezing or slicing it you can cut it easily. The majority of the nutrients in lemons are in their peel.

The biggest mistake is using just the juice of your lemon. You can use every benefit it provides by grinding it. Cut off the ends of your frozen lemon, and grate it the same way as you do with your cheese.

This method prevents it from slipping and hurting yourself. Then store your grated lemon in a ziplock bag. It can be used to add a citrus flavor to your dishes.

Lemons will “season” your dishes and fill them with nutrients. Lemons extract the flavor of every ingredient you use. Your body will also be thankful. Use frozen lemons regularly.

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It looks like a normal sequence – but something is very wrong: Can you solve the problem?

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Something that differentiate us from animals is our ability to think logically. Our brains have the ability to analyse situations as we get older we hit our peak during out adult years.

When faves with difficult challenges the logical part of the brain can deceive. Logic will always look at things as they should be, but not always as they actually are.

For example take maths we can use our logic here. However if the problem is written with that in mind, the logical part can often result in us missing an important detail.

Math problems are my favourite puzzles along crosswords and sudoku. You have to think carefully and see what you remember from school while you get to train your brain, the feeling when you overcome a challenge is difficult to beat!

The test below online was sourced online it took a few moments for me to solved it, few people managed to figure it out.

Here comes the challenge. In the picture we can see a sequence from 1 to 53 – but two numbers are missing. Can you guess which ones?

In order to make it fair, you only have ten seconds to find them. Go!

Can you figure out which ones are missing? If you haven’t then the answer is here.


The first number missing is 11 and the other is 32.

Did you locate find the missing numbers? If so, well done you have a sharp eye.

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