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Depressed Pit Bull filmed ‘Crying’ at shelter after being used for breeding then dumped alone

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Its not easy to watch an animal that’s been betrayed and hurt by the people they trust most in the world.

Unfortunately, animal cruelty happens all around the world every day. While thousands are dumped at shelters waiting for someone to give them the second home.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control (CMACC) in North Carolina is one such shelter and Sarah Sleime visits often as a volunteer. She is used to seeing broken animals wait for their forever home.

There was one pit bull who seemed to have tears in her eyes whenever Sarah walked past. What she would discover about Cinnamon’s past, pushed her over the edge …

As it transpires it appeared as though Cinnamon was 7-years-old had been used by her former owners as a breeding dog.

Sarah wrote on a Facebook post: “Someone dumped this poor mama at the shelter, minus her babies. Every time I stopped to talk to her and say I was sorry her eyes would fill with tears (check out reaction at -:13). Heartbreaking!!”

Sarah soon determined that she had to do something, so she uploaded a video on Cinnamon in the hope of raising awareness of her plight.

The video became a viral sensation shortly after it was uploaded. Many people wanted to adopt Cinnamon while others wished her well.

Sarah was ecstatic once a friend of hers revealed that she wanted to give the dog her forever home.

Megan Shelton explains: “I have a special place in my heart for pit bulls. I think they’re a very misunderstood dog and a misunderstood breed.

And when I saw her in that video, literally crying in a cage, I cried. My kids cried. I showed my husband, and he said we could go look at her tomorrow.”

Cinnamon made friends with Megan in no time. In fact, her tail wouldn’t stop wagging once they met.

The encounter was recorded by Sarah on camera and uploaded on her Facebook. Cinnamon’s tears were replaced by an excitement that couldn’t be contained.

Despite the Shelton family already having a three-year-old Pit Bull named Blu, they had to see if the two dogs would be able to accept one another.

Cinnamon would later be named Rosie by the family as they got on great together. Rosie got a loving family, and the Sheltons were given a rather special dog.

What an amazing story we are delighted that Cinnamon/Rosie was given the second chance she deserved. If given the right environment all dogs can be loving companion.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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Cop’s $100 tip for pregnant waitress leaves her in tears

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An anonymous cop from South Jersey left a pregnant waitress in tears after he heard telling other diners about the upcoming birth of her first child and left her a whopping $100 tip on his $8.75 check.

Courtney English, 23, who is almost eight months pregnant, was serving the lunch crowd at the Lamp Post Diner in Clementon, NJ, on Friday when the Voorhees Township officer sat sat down for a salad and a glass of water.

The officer — apparently a new dad himself — left her a note reading, “Enjoy your first. You will never forget it.”

He must have overheard my conversation with other customers when I told them that it was my first baby and that I was going out of work soon,” English explains..

One of the cashiers told me he left me $100 and I started crying,” said English, has worked at the diner for almost two years and is due on April 1. “He had already left at that point.”

Brian Cadigan, her father was so touched by the generosity of the officer’s that he took to Facebook to deliver a message and shared a photo of the receipt.

What a wonderful person to not only leave a VERY generous tip, but a lovely message, I don’t know you Mr Police Officer, but you made my little girl cry, and made her year,” he wrote about the member of Voorhees’ Finest, who has insisted on staying anonymous.

“Thank you, I always had the utmost respect for Officers, but you went above and beyond not just an officer, but a beautiful human being. God Bless.”

Cadigan described the “amazing gesture” on his post.

It made her whole year. There’s a lot of bad stuff said about police and here’s one officer who went out of his way to make a generous offer just to say, ‘Hey, it’s your first and enjoy it,’” he said.

He added: “She texted me and said, ‘I just got a $100 tip from this nice officer who left me a note for the baby.’”

Cadigan explains his unmarried daughter, lives with him in Sewell, “works her butt off” to make ends meet while the baby’s father is also being “completely supportive.”

In 2015, English, earned her GED from Rowan College and planned to take six to eight weeks after the birth of her daughter — whom she intends to name Kayleigh once born.

She said she eventually hopes to pursue a career in nursing.

Meanwhile, diner owner Nick Hionas remarked that the story proves there is “faith left in humanity.” It’s absolutely amazing,” he explains. “The officer just had a baby and he said it was the most glorious day of his life and how he’ll never forget it.”

Hionas, 39, described English as a “happy-go-lucky, sweet girl who goes above and beyond. Good things come to those who have that type of disposition,” he added about the mom-to-be.

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Dad hilariously ‘graded’ typo-filled letter fining him for his son missing class.

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Although school attendance is important for your education occasionally a family needs to get away and forget about school schedules. Kids would generally receive extra work to catch up while absent.

However in the UK, families living in Devon County are forced to pay a fine when they take their children out of school. After returning from a weeks holiday in Majorca with his son, Daniel Moore wasn’t surprised to receive a letter from his son’s school fining him $68.35.

Although he was aware of the fine prior to going on his vacation, Moore still found the policy frustrating. After reading the letter he noticed it was full of typos.

I saw a couple of spelling errors as soon as I opened the letter but as I read on more mistakes appeared. At first I thought it was quite funny but when you place it into the context that these people are responsible for the future of children’s education it is concerning,” Moore explains.

Inspired by receiving a letter subtly reprimanding him for bringing his 5-year-old on vacation, Moore got out the red pen and decided he would have some fun “grading” the school fine.

Once he posted the letter on Facebook, it quickly went viral.

Moore didn’t consider himself an arbiter of spelling rules, but after receiving a sloppy letter from the Head of Education was somewhat concerning.

“Today we received our fines for taking Charlie on holiday. I’m not going to pretend I’m a Spelling guru or a typing expert. But I’m also not the Head of Education in Devon. This woman’s in charge of the future generations education, our children’s education and she’s rubber stamping this tripe! I’m going to pay the fine, no questions asked but I shall also be sending her letter back marked & graded. Maybe I’ll throw a little holiday snap in as well!”

Moore graded the letter with a “D” and encouraged the Head of Education to “try harder” after he highlighted all the typos.

I guess in future the Head of Education will look over her work twice before fining any more parents.

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Drinking Wine At Bedtime Can Help You Lose Weight; Here’s Why

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When you drink a glass of wine before going to bed after a long days work it can have many benefits. One of these benefits is weight loss. Read below to find out all about it

How can red wine help me lose weight?

A study was done in Harvard University where they  followed 20,000 ladies for a long time and reasoned that ladies who drank up to two glasses of wine a day were less inclined to be overweight. Different studies show that red wine can help the body shed fat.

Various studies have been done to research the impacts of red wine on weight reduction and the outcomes have been really positive.

A further study from the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry endeavored to better perceive how red wine can help weight lessening and what definitely is proceeding with grapes and the body.

Their trial with mice revealed that mice that were given red wine grape concentrate set away less liver fat moreover had lower glucose levels. Apparently the acids in the grapes can help defer and moderate the advancement of fat cells.

Reasons to concern?

It is vital to recall, in any case, that just because red wine has some restorative favorable circumstances and can help you get more slender, doesn’t infer that you should drink a bottle a night. The amount is key.

It should in like manner be seen that red wine is an average particular alternative for a snack, not something to run with it. In case you end up drinking a glass of wine and having your cake also, well, the extra calories will simply sting.

You should in like manner be watchful about drinking the wine past the final turning point around night time. For a couple of people it prompts poorer quality rest and sluggishness in the morning. In any case, just you know how your body reacts.

Having red wine as a late night snack

Other individuals say that drinking red wine is is a good substitute for a late night snack. A glass of red wine has alot less calories than frozen yogurt, cake, and chips and a considerable measure less terrible fat.

Linda Monk lost 6 pounds in three weeks using just  this method. She said that drinking red wine helps to control her sugar longings and she found herself able to eat less unfortunate snacks before going to bed

More than anything, you can simply be content to realize that having the intermittent glass of red isn’t hampering your weight reduction objectives. It may even be making a difference.

Many health benefits from drinking red rine

Despite weight lessening, there are a blend of other restorative preferences of red wine, especially its powerful altering resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a skilled cell support that has been shown to help keep a blend of unmistakable developments. It is also unprecedented for your heart wellbeing and for neutralizing Alzheimer’s, as it serves to neutralize cell hurt.

Resveratrol has moreover been joined with longer life compasses and to upgraded athletic execution.

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Woman Left Furious After Getting ‘World’s Worst Haircut’

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A hairdressers has left a young woman traumatised when she left the salon half bald. Hairdressers and barbers seem to forget how much power they have. All it takes is one wrong snip with the scissors you’ve ruined someone’s day.

22-year-old Lucy Burrows showed stylists at a hairdressers a photograph of an elaborate undercut she had seen online but now her confidence has taken a nose-dive after a dodgy haircut.

However, after handing over £20, she says she was left with was a mess of wonky lines, that left her fuming and seriously dented her self-confidence.

Lucy said: “They absolutely destroyed my hair and confidence and I couldn’t even go to work because of this.”

Initially the sales account manager claimed the salon refused to accept their mistake, however she was eventually refunded the £20 she paid for the cut along with an extra tenner ‘for her upset’.

Lucy says that she went in for the cut all the way back in August but that her hair is only now just starting to recover. “I still can’t wear my hair up at all and it looks so bad and messy,” she said. “You can’t tell as much anymore but it still feels very thin to me.

Adding: “After a long argument, the hairdressers admitted they did do it to me and sent back £30 but I am still half bald which obviously isn’t great.”

Barber n’ Bar spokesman for Barber said,

Lucy Burrows has claimed that she got a horrible haircut in our barber shop. We are truly sorry for this unfortunate experience she has had. Although she may have had a barber mishap, we would like to let you know that these claims have no proof of being associated with Barber n’ Bar.

Our shop has been victimised by these claims and we would like to let everyone know that we are a male barbershop and we do not cut women’s hair. We even have celebrity regulars that are completely satisfied with our work.

We hope readers will understand that these kind of unfortunate events can happen at any given time in a person’s life, and we are sorry to see that people will believe everything posted on social media.”

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Stray Dog With 2 Mouths Finds Forever Home Against All Odds: ‘She’s One In A Million’

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An Oklahoma rescue shelter has made an unusual discovery – a dog with two mouths. A 5 year-old mixed breed, Toad was a stray, but she found her forever home in Oklahoma City. Toad was first brought to Mutt Misfits as a stray.

When Heather first met her, it was love at first sight — but she and her family were equally shocked by what the veterinarian found during Toad’s intake exam.It kind of sounds like something from a science fiction movie,” Heather said.

Just because an animal doesn’t look perfect, it can still make a perfect pet and a perfect part of the family,” says Heather Hernandez, who owns Mutt Misfits in Oklahoma City. The nonprofit shelter takes in many stray dogs and cats who would otherwise be put down due to birth defects, injuries, and imperfections.

At first, the vet thought Toad had extra ears. Once the dog was sedated for her spay surgery, the team was able to get a better look. That’s when it was discovered that Toad has a second mouth growing on the side of her head where her other ear should be. This extra mouth has a set of teeth and even salivates at the lips.

The second mouth doesn’t cause much pain, but it resulted in Toad’s misaligned face as well as hearing and vision impairment.

It’s possible that Toad absorbed a twin when she was still inside her mother’s womb. “The main teeth, the ones you see primarily, they are connected to her skull, so we leave them.”

Despite Toad’s deformity, the bond between her and Heather’s family was so instant and obvious that Heather knew she belonged at home with them, forever. “She’s special,” Heather explains. “She’s one in a million.”

Take a look at the video clip below.

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Woman Confronts Couple During Baby’s First Photo Shoot On Neighbourhood Sidewalk

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When attending a photo shoot with a 1-year-old, it’s probably wise to expect the unexpected. Kelyn and Isaiah set up a photo shoot for their daughter’s 1st birthday.

They thought they’d found the perfect setting: a picturesque walking trail in the Broadacres community, often frequented by local families and photographers.

On February 16, Kelyn and Isaiah sat their daughter down on a pink, fluffy blanket, alongside a simple setup of birthday balloons.

During the middle of the photo shoot their 1-year-old’s outdoor birthday photo shoot was rudely interrupted by a complete stranger.

The parents pulled out their phone and started recording, capturing the moment the angered woman smacked their balloons, dragged the pink blanket, and slapped the phone out of Isaiah’s hand. In the background the baby girl can be heard crying and screaming.

The woman has been identified as Franci Neely, a Houston socialite. She, along with other neighbors from the Broadacres community, say there are too many photo shoots in their neighborhood and that they cause damage to the property.

Neighbors have been posting signs to ban these so-called “disruptive” photo shoots. The city of Houston, however, says the esplanade and surrounding streets are public property.

Franci Neely released the following statement to “The Broadacres Homeowners Association Invests lots of money paying to maintain the trees, grass and walkways in our neighborhood. The high volume of commercial photography damages the property that Broadacres HOA pays to maintain and interferes with dog walkers and others who merely want to walk under the pretty trees. We asked the commercial photographers to please stop.

“I am very sorry that I got upset on late Saturday afternoon. Putting it in context, however: I saw three commercial photography shoots in one block at the same time, something that happens frequently. When I explained the situation to the first and third groups, they were respectful. The couple whose photo shoot obstructed the walkway was not. It’s hard to remain composed when confronted by shouted threats of lawsuits and false, inflammatory accusations.”

After this story went public, a very similar confrontation resurfaced. In spring 2018, a Houston dad says his daughters and their friends were taking prom photos along the same walking trail.

In footage he recorded on his cellphone, the same woman angrily confronted the group of teens.

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Rescuers Rush To Save 2 Huge Clydesdales Trapped In Middle Of Frozen Lake Before It’s Too Late

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Two adult horses, struggling to stay alive in the middle of a frozen lake is definitely not something you witness very often.

On Pine Grove Lake in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, that is exactly what neighbours discovered right before frantically dialling 911.

These two Clydesdale horses known as Gunther and Wilhelm who are both 15 years old and weigh more than 1,500 pounds reside at the Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm.

The pair roamed onto the ice close by and fell straight through after being spooked by a sight or sound and broke out of their enclosure.

Once the rescue crews arrived, all they could see were two heads sticking out of the ice. Time was of the essence, because no one knew how long the horses had been submerged in the water, and they risked hypothermia. Not only that, but high-stress situations can cause “life-threatening colic or organ failure in a horse,” their owner explains.

The farm staff feared the worst and imagined the horrific sight of seeing Gunther’s and Wilhelm’s lifeless bodies being pulled from the lake.

The rescue crew this would be a difficult task since Gunther and Wilhelm weighed so much. They cut their own trench through the ice using chainsaws and ice picks, then used ropes to pull the horses out.

In the meantime the community gathered around Wilhelm and Gunther, bringing heaters and horse blankets in the event the horses survived.

Takea a look at the clip to see more details about this unbelievable rescue.

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Man tries to kidnap 10-year-old girl in broad daylight, has no idea her dog is watching her back

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Dogs are attentive, caring, protective and, most importantly, loyal to the very last, hence why they are known as mans best friend.

This was certainly the case for one dog from Woodbridge, Virginia, who recently saved a 10-year-old girl from being abducted in broad daylight …

For many parents it’s the nightmare situation when their child goes for a walk and is almost snatched off the street by a stranger.

In order to protect her privacy, personal details of her family weren’t released by the authorities, but it still makes for an alarming read .

One Friday afternoon just before 4 pm a 10-year-old took her dog for a walk in a block off of Heather Glen Court, Woodbridge, Virginia.

The neighbourhood was busy as usual with the various comings and goings usually associated with that time.

People were returning from work, children were heading home after school which makes this attempted kidnap more firghtening.

Apparently the suspect followed the girl for a while when she noticed he was gaining on her, she picked up her pace. He finally made his intentions clear by sprinting after her and grabbed hold of her wrist.

The man attempted to take her by force thankfully her dog had other intentions.

The 10-year-old’s protector responded ferociously. It bit the criminal on the hand, forcing him to release his grip.

Reportedly, the assailant was so shocked he fled the scene immediately, allowing the girl time to get back home.

The Prince William County Police Department wrote in a statement: “At approximately 3:50pm, the victim, a 10-year-old girl, was reportedly walking her dog in the 1800 block of Heather Glenn Ct in Woodbridge when an unknown man approached her and grabbed her arm. During the encounter, the victim’s dog bit the suspect who then released her and fled on foot.”

Police officers soon swarmed the scene in the hope of finding the perpetrator, though he despite their efforts he wasn’t found.

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Watch This Gang of Cows Break into a Grocery Store and Eat All the Vegetables

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In Honk Kong there are estimated to be about 1,100 wild cows roaming the streets, according to the territory’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Recently they published a report acknowledging the difficulties of “ensuring that they coexist with local residents in harmony.” The cattle are tolerated so as long as they don’t disrupt traffic, shit on the streets, or help themselves to fruit and vegetables in supermarkets.

Earlier this month, some cows shattered that peace agreement when they stormed the aisles of a local supermarket raiding the fresh produce section. The wild animals entered the Fusion grocery store in Mui Wo at about 8 PM, heading straight for the fruit and vegetable shelves, and treating themselves to a feast.

Footage posted to Facebook shows shoppers standing around awkwardly as the invaders ate up the supermarket’s supply of greens. Eventually, staff and store patrons managed to corral the cattle out of the store.

District Councillor Andy Wong Man-hon told Ming Pao that there are about 30 wild cows in Mui Wo, but this was the first time he’d heard of one breaking into a shop. He’s concerned it could happen again, though, given how often people feed fruit to the animals.

Last year, the South China Morning Post published an article about Hong Kong’s “long-standing” feral cow problem, pointing out that their rampancy in the territory is a result of rapid urban expansion and development that sprawled out into the surrounding countryside and forced various species of wildlife to wander into populated communities.

Ho Loy, chairwoman of the Lantau Buffalo Association, these feral cows are now just roaming and grazing in the same areas they always have. Even when faced with the drastic changes of radical urbanisation and shrinking grassland habitats.

“Lots of people think it’s annoying to have these cows roaming onto traffic roads,” said Ho. “But they don’t understand that these sites were where the cows and their predecessors used to eat and live before the landscapes were covered with cement and turned into city roads.

A spokesperson for the company that owns the Fusion grocery store told Coconuts that all the produce was destroyed after the cow raid, and the shelves were thoroughly cleaned.

Take a look at the raid in the video clip below:

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