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Trash collectors hears scream from bag as they are about to crush garbage

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Lots of people love animals and when they are have nobody to look after them and left to wander the streets. It hard to pass a dog without wanting to pet him, with the owners permission of course.

However not everyone displays the same love for animals which is understandable as you have to be an animal lover to commit to a pet.

Why people have a need to hurt them is often beyond me.

In April 2017, two garbage men made a this discovery while doing their rounds in Pennsylvania.

They had literally thrown a pile of trash into the garbage truck and had just pressed the button for it to be crushed once they heard a scream.

Thankfully, they happened to retrieve the bag before it was crushed.

Once they quickly opened it they discovered a beautiful grey cat tied up and covered in gasoline.

The poor cat was brought to the nearest animal hospital. There the vet realized how bad the innocent cat’s condition was so he immediately began working to save her.

She was one of the worst cases ever seen as she was dehydrated, malnourished.

Miracle Maisy

After a while the smell of gasoline left her but after getting much need nourishment, love and attention she regained her strength.

She was given the title Miracle Maisy because it really was a miracle that she survived.

Take a look at the news clip below to learn more about this incredible rescue.

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Guy gets stopped by police and shares his thoughts on Facebook which go viral

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Steven Hildreth Jr was pulled over by Tucson Police Department as he was driving so he documented what happened to him on his Facebook page.

Steven had been driving with a broken headlight so assumed that was the purpose for stopping him. However, the officer immediately asked him if he had any weapons. Steven explained that he had a gun on his right hip because he was a concealed carry permit holder.

Steven’s identity card in his wallet in his back-right pocket, the officer informed him that he had to be disarmed so that he can check it. So Hildreth decided everyone should know what happened via his Facebook profile.

Since posting Hildreth’s thread has since been shared nearly 400,000 times
So, I’m driving to my office to turn in my weekly paperwork. My headlight is out. I see a Tucson Police Department squad vehicle turn around and follow me. I’m already preparing for the stop.

The lights go on so I pull over. The officer asks me how I’m doing, and then asks if I have any weapons.

Yes, sir. I’m a concealed carry permit holder and my weapon is located on my right hip. My wallet is in my back-right pocket.”

The officer explains for his safety and mine, he needs to disarm me for the stop. I understand, and I unlock the vehicle. I explain that I’m running a 7TS ALS holster but from the angle, the second officer can’t unholster it. Lead officer asks me to step out, and I do so slowly. Officer relieves me of my Glock and compliments the X300U I’m running on it. He also sees my military ID and I tell him I’m with the National Guard.

Lead officer points out my registration card is out of date but he knows my registration is up to date. He goes back to run my license. I know he’s got me on at least two infractions. I’m thinking about how I pay them.

Officers return with my Glock in an evidence back, locked and cleared.

Because you were cool with us and didn’t give us grief, I’m just going to leave it at a verbal warning. Get that headlight fixed as soon as possible.”

I smile. “Thank you, sir.”

I’m a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities. Maybe that notion is bunk.

Perhaps if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you. Police officers are people, too. Most are good people and they’re not actually out to get you.

We speak about the bad apples who shouldn’t wear a badge. I’d like to spread the word about an example of men who earned their badges and exemplify what that badge stands for.

I’d like to thank those two officers and TPD in general for another professional contact.

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Carol Channing Broadway Legend Has Passed Away At Age 97

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Carol Channing, a Broadway star has passed away at age 97. The incident occurred in her California home on January 15, 2019.

The star was born on January 31, 1921, in Seattle, Washington. When she was just 2 weeks old, Carol’s family relocated to San Francisco, where she resided until she was 16. Carol moved to Vermont to pursue her education so she attended Bennington College.

Carol made her Broadway debut in 1941 in Let’s Face It! She made a name for herself in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1949. Carol starred in “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Bestfriend” as Lorelei Lee and also sang the iconic song.

Carol became nationally renowned in 1964 when she starred as Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly! She also won a Tony Award for best actress in the musical.

Carol also had some big movie and television roles other than other broadway performances. She also appeared in SkidooThoroughly Modern MillieWhat’s My Line?Sesame StreetThe Nanny, along with other well-known films and TV shows.

Carol remained a performer throughout her whole life, and continued to stay active well into her 80s and 90s.

Many celebrities have taken to social media to reflect on her impact in response to the devastating news.

George Takei wrote, “One of Broadway’s greatest lights, Carol Channing, has passed on. She rejoins the heavens as a new diamond in the night sky, and as she famously sang, they are a girl’s best friend. Goodbye and farewell, forever our Dolly.”

Sandra Bernhard tweeted,“I am so sad just lost my incredible original inspiration #carolchanning I saw her in Hello Dolly when I was 8 and she changed my DNA love you lady forever one of the greatest entertainers of all times.”

Carol is survived by Channing Carson her son.

Take a look at this wonderful lady in the video clip below:

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These 17 comical quotes from clever kids will have you laughing hysterically

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Children’s perception is amazing, considering the way they view the world. Life has not yet shaped them by experiences, so they are more vulnerable to new experiences or situations. Often it ends in an innocent but wrong assumption – hence why kids are a brilliant source of laughter with their wisdom.

We have decided to collect 17 hilarious quotes from kids. Now that is where the real entertainment is! They try to explain what life is like being a grandparent – you will be in hysterics!

The wonderful thoughts from these innocent little minds will keep you laughing for the day!

1.  “Grandma told me that when she was a little girl, the girls had to sit down and close their legs. But today it’s okay if you also shake your butt a little.” – Tami, 6 years old

2. “My grandma‘s bra is hugeee. It‘s so big that I can get my whole butt in one hole. And in the other, there’s enough space for my little brother.” – Katie, 7 years old

3. “A grandmother is where the whole family comes out from. So is not weird she is a little wrinkly.” – John, 5 years old

4. “A grandmother is an old lady that always have candy bags in her pockets.” – Elin, 5 years old

5. “…but the only bags mine has are under the eyes.” – Martha, 6 years old

Grandfather is dyslexic”

6. “A grandmother is an old lady who has fake teeth and thick thighs. She puts them on the nightstand at night.” – Anna, 6 years old

7. “Grandma doesn’t like sunbathing topless because her boobs are very loose.” – Cristina, 8 years old

8. “Grandpa is dyslexic. Because he only understands words when we scream them in his ear.” – Tara, 7 years old

9. “Grandpa is so old that he no longer remembers why he likes women.” – Thomas, 7 years

10. “A mother-in-law is your punishment for marrying someone you don’t know.” – Chris, 7 years

11. “Mom said grandpa is stuck in the ‘Panic Age’.” – Matthew, 9 years old

Children also have a lot to say about the body!

12. “Dads have more body parts on the front.” – Julia, 6 years old

“Many kinds of skin”

13. “A body is something that runs out of shoes.” – Ella, 5 years old

14. “If you open your eyes and it‘s black, then you are unconscious.” – Hilda, 7 years old

15. “Almost all people have a brain. But those who are a little stupid have a bird brain.” – Tim, 5 years

16. “It is important for the skeleton to get enough calcium and valium so that the teeth can grow and become large and pointy.” – Marcus, 9 years old

17. “There are many kinds of skin. For example, the foreskin is the skin that you have at the front while the back skin is the skin that you have on the back.” – Therese, 6 years old

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Camera captures remarkable moment former circus elephants reunite after being apart for 22 years

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People need to accept that all animals must have feelings. Like humans some display more emotion than others, nowadays few consider them as simply just beasts.

Similar to humans, animals are also capable of feeling love, grief, fear or happiness. Videos often emerge of moments captured where it displays just how in tune they can be.

On PBS, back in 2000, one particular moment was witnessed which quickly gained attention all over the world. It involves two former circus elephants who were separated for over 22 years.

The footage recorded shows the heartbreaking moment they reunited, trust me this is worth the watch.

This footage was documented at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where you see Shirley and Jenny meet with each other for the first time in over two decades.

You are all well aware of the cliche ‘elephants never forget’ so judging by the display of love and affection shown here it must be accurate as they recognise each other.

Even the keepers are amazed at how both elephants rekindle a friendship that was forged during their circus years.

Shirley and Jenny instantly recognise each other through the gates where they immediately bridge a gap of more than twenty years.

Take a look at the astonishing footage in the video below:

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Howie Mandel Comes Home To Discover Mansion Destroyed In Rolls Of Toilet Paper

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Roman Atwood, is a professional youtube prankster who is known for his scheming. You might be familiar with him filling his living room with hundreds of plastic balls or perhaps turning his home into a surprise playground. Well, it doesn’t end there, he also pranks others from his grandmother to his wife. One of Roman’s victim in the video clip below is a beloved Hollywood star.

In 2015, Roman thought it would be fun to prank comedian and America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel who resides in a mansion inside a gated community in Los Angeles.

With the help Howie’s wife, friends and son, Roman was able to make it all happen. For a full two hours, they launched rolls of toilet paper onto the roof of Howie’s huge mansion. You won’t believe the amount of toilet paper used in the prank, wait until you see how it turned out.

Roman didn’t just use a couple of rolls, in fact he brought 4,000 rolls of toilet paper. “It’s probably too much, but I always like to have way too much than way too little,” he said. “If you wanna see someone’s jaw drop, we need way more.”

He does admit not being sure if Howie would be furious once he finally returned home. However he is known for his sense of humor — but we are about to find out exactly how he reacted to his cherished home.

Take a look at the video clip below to see what the house looked like when Howie arrived home:

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Father & Twin Sons Deliver 80 Trucks Of Chopped Firewood To Families In Need

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Do you know how to chop wood in such a way it will fill several trucks’ worth of firewood, only to give it away. Well this kind family from Pacific Norhtwest, will amaze you with their goodwill gesture.

Back in March 2018, Shane McDaniel, 47, first began cutting firewood. Shane’s inspiration came from his late father, as they would often chop wood together when he was just a young boy.

Shane decided to continue the family tradition when he had two sons of his own. Henry and Harrison, his 21 year old twin sons began to cut trees into firewood on their property. However it turned out they had much more than they required.

I had a lot of wood I had to cut because of storm damage and trees that were taken down. It just kept piling up and piling up,” Shane explains.

Over time, people began requesting to purchase firewood off the family. That is how they come up with this brilliant idea: They decided to give it away. Since they had chopped enough firewood to fill 80 trucks it would go to families in need.

Shane McDaniel who lives in Lake Stevens, Washington grew up chopping firewood with own his father.

HIs father had since passed away an in March 2018, he wanted to feel connected to his father so began cutting firewood.

Henry and Harrison decided to jump onboard and help him in a way to continue the family tradition.

But they never imagined that they’d end up giving so much of it away.

The Pacific Northwest is a pretty rugged area, it’s cold and wet,” Shane explains. “Once I started, I saw the need and my eyes were opened up. So many people were stopping and asking to buy it and we just started giving it away.”

Shane apparently had a lot of wood on his property that needed to be cut.

He explained, “I had a lot of wood I had to cut because of storm damage and trees that were taken down. It just kept piling up and piling up.

Once it got to be such an amount of wood we decided we could do something better with it,” he continued.

The firewood was given away to local families who needed heat in their homes.

By October, the family were able to fill 80 trucks with all the firewood. They had so much more than they knew what to do with. With the help of social media they found families who were in need of firewood.

a Facebook account was created by Shane just for the good deed.

“If you know someone who BURNS WOOD, and [they’re] looking at a cold house this holiday season; maybe someone elderly or with small children in the house…then please help us help them,” he wrote.

He continued, “My boys and I have cut & split nearly 40 cords of firewood this summer. It is seasoned and ready to warm homes where it is truly needed. It is more firewood than most people have ever seen, as I’m sure anyone who has driven past my house has noticed.”

Eventually they urged people to offers donations only for the firewood rather than take money.

The McDaniel family got more attention from post than they expected.

People left comments to thank Shane, Henry, and Harrison for their generosity as it was shared over 9,000 times.

The family also assembled “a network of volunteers and community members” to help distribute the firewood to other needy families. Some people even donated their own extra firewood to add to the pile.

Months later the crew is still at it today.

Shane also has four other children of his own says that he has lost count of how many homes the family has delivered firewood to at this point.

The whole process has absolutely changed his sons for the better.

It’s a pretty wonderful thing to see. You can just see this feeling of pride and sharing that I don’t think they had before,” he said.

Shane, especially loves the “little connections” he has made with people through the project.

When you do good things for people, they don’t forget,” he said. “I love helping people. It’s the strangers that you’ve helped.”

Shane plan to do do the same thing all over again next year. His sons, Henry and Harrison, will of course, be by his side.

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Medial staff shocked at size of baby delivered by c-section as they hand mom biggest baby ever

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Most parents believe their children are beautiful and of course special. That is normally how it should be, however it would be extra special for mom Chrissy Corbitt for her fourth and final child.

The 29-year-old Florida woman who is now a mother of four after giving birth to daughter Carleigh. Chrissy had suspicion that her fifth and final child might be on the larger side in comparison to her previous children who weighted 9 and 10lbs when they were born. Little did she realise exactly how big her last was going to be.

Larry claimed her body remained the same for about a month but her belly just kept getting bigger.

The belly was getting bigger and bigger. It was like she had a huge beach ball and it was getting more and more inflated.” Larry explained.

Chrissy ended up having a C-section and when her baby was being delivered Larry remembers the doctor saying: “‘I don’t think this baby is going to end. Are there two of them?’” also adding it was the biggest baby ever delivered.

Chrissy just couldn’t believe it once she was handed her newborn baby girl.

I felt like I’d given birth to a toddler, I thought she was going to stand up and walk to the nursery,” Chrissy joked.

Her newborn baby girl called Carleigh Brooke Corbitt arrived into this world weighing a huge 13lbs and 5oz at birth. That’s almost twice as big as any other average baby. Chrissy could hardly believe her eyes once she caught sight of her.

Larry instantly fell in love with his beautiful big baby girl. “Her cheeks were so chunky and she was just so fat. She was so gorgeous, of course,” he added.

Cheering in the operating room

Once Chrissy finally delivered the baby there was lots of excited cries coming from the excited medical staff. ”I heard everybody cheering in the operating room. I’ve never had that happen before.” she added.

In fact, Baby Carleigh was so big that she couldn’t actually fit into the clothes and diapers her parents had bought for her.

All the stuff we bought leading up to her being born, we just donated to a local church,” Larry joked.

As Carleigh grew, she was naturally much bigger than most babies the same age, when she was just 3 months old she was wearing clothes that would fit a 9-month old.

However, Carleigh, is not actually the heaviest baby ever recorded. According to Guinness World Records, in 1870 a baby boy weighing 22lbs was born.

Apart from her special birth weight, Carleigh was born a healthy baby and is giving so much joy to her parents and siblings.

She’s just a happy baby, she smiles all the time,” Chrissy said. “I can’t get enough of her.

Naturally, Chrissy and Larry love all their children equally, but Carleigh has a special place in their hearts, being the youngest and the biggest!

I don’t think Chrissy will be in a hurry to have any more babies: “That’s enough for me,” said Chrissy. “We’re going out with a bang.”

Woman Out Walking In Woods Finds Missing Wisconsin Teen Alive

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It’s a an amazing outcome to a puzzling situation that was haunting the state of Wisconsin for the last few months.

On 14 October 2018, thirteen-year-old Jayme Closs was last seen at a family member’s birthday party. Early the following morning, a fumbled 911 call was made from her mother Denise’s cellphone.

Once police arrived at the home moments later, Jayme was nowhere in sight, and sadly Denise and her husband James were no longer alive.

A person had broken into the Closs’ home near Barron, Wisconsin, and fatally shot James and Denise Closs.

The Barron County Sheriff’s Office thought it was likely that Jayme had been kidnapped, and so they began a huge search to locate her. On October 23, thousands of volunteers joined when they received a tip but the girl was nowhere to be found.

Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald felt that she was still alive, it seems three months, he was right all along.

On January 11, 2019, a woman was out walking her dog in the woods of Gordon, Wisconsin, about an hour away from the Closs family home. All of a sudden a starved and dirty looking teenage girl approached begging for help.

Take a look at the braking news clip below to see how the story unfolds:

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Father’s Facebook Post Teaches Bullies A Lesson After They Insult His Son’s Appearance

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Jackson Bezzant is like any other normal child who enjoys fishing, going outside to play or spending time with his family.

There may be a difference between Jackson and most other children as he was born with a rare condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. Which affects development of bones and facial tissue.

For Jackson’s this means he is almost deaf and will require surgery to rebuild his eye socket.

He has also had to endure countless occasion of bullying from other children and often adults too.

His father Dan has witnessed bullying on too many occasions now. Recently he can remember walking down the street with his son and overhearing a woman make a remark “Did you see that little boy’s face?”

It would be difficult for most parents not to step in and protect their child from the bully. However Dan has learned to keep his cool and focus on keeping his son happy and grounded.

However this incident happened at school recently which meant that Dan just couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

One morning Jackson was minding his own business eating his breakfast at school when he was approached by three older boys. They began taunting the child, calling him “ugly” and a “monster”.

The situation was eventually stopped when a teacher’s aide noticed what was going on, but little Jackson had already suffered from their abusive actions before his day had even started.

Once Dan heard the story he couldn’t fight the tears. Feeling annoyed at the way his little boy was teased, taunted and humiliated, he decided to voice his opinion on Facebook calling out the bullies.

Dan wrote: “My heart is in pieces right now and my soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest and this beautiful young man, my son Jackson, has to endure a constant barrage of derogatory comments and ignorance like I’ve never witnessed. He is called ugly and freak and monster on a daily basis by his peers at school. He talks about suicide and he’s not quite 8!

He says he has no friends and everyone hates him. Kids throw rocks at him and push him shouting these horrific words. Please please take a minute and imagine if this were your child. Take a minute to educate your children about special needs. Talk to them about compassion and love for our fellow man.

His condition is called Treacher Collins. Maybe even look it up. He’s endured horrific surgery and has several more in the coming years. 

Anyway I could go on… but please educate your children.

Please share this. This shouldn’t be happening to anyone.”

It wasn’t long people people all over the world showed their support as the Facebook post quickly went viral.

As a result of the post it even helped Jackson connect with two kids living in the same area as him, both of whom have Treacher Collins syndrome. They have all arranged to meet up with each other.

Dan was completely overwhelmed by the support, he even set up a PO box for people who wanted to send Jackson letters or cards.

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