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Little Girl Finds 7-Foot-Long Alligator When She Searches Drain For Her Lost Cat.

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In Pascagoula, Missisipi, Hannah Siler, aged 12, searched the neighborhood for her cat who had gone missing. She was taken by surprise when she glanced down a storm drain.

Staring into the darkness Hannah spotted two yellow eyes staring right back at her — and it wasn’t her cat. In fact they belonged to a massive alligator who somehow became stuck down the sewer!

Hannah’s next-door neighbour ran outside, once she heard the young girl scream and peered into the sewer. After taking a second look she rushed to snap a photo and immediately contacted animal control.

Two officers arrived and desperately attempted to trap the huge alligator. However the guys from animal control needed the assistance of professional trappers as it was more than 4 foot long.

This rescue was filmed by a student at Mississippi Community College, it shows the men work to pull the alligator up as it wriggles and chomps its gigantic jaw.

Eventually they did manage to subdue the huge animal.

Authorities claim it is rather rare for a gator to get stuck in a drainpipe, particularly one that size — and they had no idea how long it was even trapped down there.

Thank goodness the child saw the alligator because otherwise it would have died in that sewer.

Wildlife officials released the gator into a river just outside the city.

Take a look at the video clip below to see the size of this gator:

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11-year-old soils jeans while menstruating as teacher refused her access to toilet

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In Bristol, U.K, an 11-year-old girl on her period was forced to bleed through her clothes at school after being refused permission to go to the toilet.

The young girl is a student at Cotham School, apparently requested more than once to have permission to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom, but was told no, according to reports.

This girl spent the day at school feeling completely embarrassed after soiling her clothes, which has caused her to feel reluctant in attending school whilst menstruating.

Naturally the child’s mother is outraged with how the school handled the situation, doubting if young girls at school have their basic health needs taken into consideration.

Her mother who wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter’s identity, spoke to Bristol Live and said: “They should not be making young girls feel guilty because she needs to go to the bathroom and sort out her basic care. Now, she’s scared to go to school in case they won’t let her out of the classroom, that’s not what we should be teaching girls.’

We should be allowing them to go as part of giving them the tools to achieve their goals whether they are on or off their period.”

The first incident took place in September 2018, now the girl refuses to go to school the next time she is menstruating. Since she is new to the school the has left the young girl with a problem she should even had to face.

Thankfully, on that occasion she wore a long jumper which concealed the stain. What caused the main issue was having to sit through class in the soiled clothes for the entire day.

I couldn’t believe it. I rang the school and complained and they just said it would be okay and wouldn’t happen again. They seemed sorry it had happened but didn’t tell me how they would make sure it didn’t happen again,” her mom said.

“Then, in October she came on again and she was petrified of going to school. I rang to say I was keeping her off and the attendance lady said I couldn’t keep her off school for that reason. I understood that, but she was so worried in case it happened again. I was assured the teachers would be told and that if there any problems to get back in touch with her.”

However, it occurred again. This time a male teacher refused her request to go to the bathroom. He even made a threat to remove her from his classroom if persisted to ask.

It shouldn’t have gotten as far as her having to bleed through her clothes not once but twice in the space of a few short months. Schools should be finding ways to help kids not traumatize them,” her mother said.

The school’s spokesperson offered only : “The school does have a policy not to allow students out of lessons for the toilet as part of our Safeguarding procedures. Students should not be out of lessons unsupervised.

“However, as staff, we are all keenly aware that we have young girls in our care and that, on occasion, they will need to use the toilet outside of the usual break times.”

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Military dog runs towards Sergeant as she hears him shout her name after being torn apart for 2 years

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While on duty most soldiers use dogs to assist them to protect those who serve to protect us. These soldiers build such a strong bond with their four-legged friends.

Most of their dogs work in front of the front lines, walking along paths to detect explosives to pave the way for soldiers.

In 2012, Sergeant Jason Bos retired from duty and was separated from his K9 partner Cila who stayed with the army. Which broke his heart.

Once he heard the news that his beloved dog also retired his mission was to try obtain her. A reunion was arranged with the help of some special friends.

Sergeant Bos spent five years side-by-side in Iraq with Cila and complete 100 missions which also included working with the secret service and detecting roadside bombs. Bos was separated from his much loved chocolate Labrador when he decided to retire from the army from a back injury.

He really missed his four-legged friend even two years on. But as good news reached him that Cila retired from the army and was now free to find a new loving home.

Cila was flown all the way from Germany to Chicago to reunite with Sgt. Bos at O’Hare International Airport with the help of the American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue.

In the video clip you will see Cila get excited once she hears Sgt. Bos’ familiar voice. Sgt. Bos claims his dog will now live a couch potato life at his home in Michigan.

Take a look at their amazing reunion in the video below:

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Homeless man has 2 months to live, is determined to find new home for his ‘Baby’

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People often fail to really observe the world around us on a daily basis. Just see how focused people can be when it comes to going about their daily business.

Thankfully, Jenine-Lacette DShazer is a little more alert than others. One cold day in Fresno, California, she happened to notice a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk holding a little white dog.

Jenine grabbed a blanket for the man and his pooch , as she thought they must be freezing. She also grabbed some food and a roll of toilet paper from her car.

The 60 year old man was Clifford James Herbert and his dog was called Baby. Clifford shared details that would steer Jenine towards doing something she won’t forget anytime soon.

Clifford said he was “exceptionally grateful” after receiving her gifts. Once they both got talking, Jenine was able to fully understand Clifford’s situation. He revealed a story that broke her heart and set her off on a mission.

In 2006, Cliff became unemployed when he suffered a disability following a complicated heart surgery. Previous to that he worked on a farm and was the owner of a mechanic’s shop. Recently he was diagnosed with cancer, his final wish was that someone would adopt his dog, Baby.

Jenine wanted to help get Cliff into a warm room in a motel and out of the cold. Once sorted she focused on finding a new home for Baby.

She’s my whole world,” Cliff mentions in an interview. “She’s my best friend. She protects me.” Cliff had rescued Baby from a man who was beating her with a flashlight.

Cliff’s cancer had spread to his brain so he knew he was fighting a cancer he couldn’t beat. He was desperate to find a suitable home before he passed for Baby. Thankfully he was able to achieve his goal.

A woman called Stephanie Walker adopted Baby as her family have other dogs, so Baby will have company, giving Cliff the peace of mind in his final weeks.

Although it’s sad that Cliff couldn’t continue to care for Baby, however he is content knowing that his best friend will be cared for long after he is gone.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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Kathy Bates makes crowd roar the moment she accepts lip-sync challenge and breaks into dance

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Most celebrities are forgotten about over time, however there are a select few that transcend the generations.

You might remember Kathy Bates, for her famous role in the film of Steven King’s ‘Misery”. No doubt the children of this generation probably aren’t old enough to remember this legend.

Although she may be quiet the actress. not many people would have ever expected to see her lip-syncing to the Bruno Mars hit “That’s What I Like”

Kathy Bates has an Oscar, two Emmys and two Golden Globes for her outstanding performance in Misery, and more recently American Horror Story.

All over the world she is respected for her obvious talents in show business. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t an all-round entertainer.

Even, at 70 she has proved she’s still got what it takes to be down and hip with the youth of today. Bates took the audience by storm when she delivered a lip-synced rendition of Bruno Mars ’Thats’s What I Like’ while wearing a faux fur coat, sunglasses and a fedora hat.

That wasn’t all as Bates stripped down to leopard-print pyjamas, surrounded by her back up dancers.

Take a look at the video below for a giggle:

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Doctors pump 15 cans of beer into man’s stomach to save his life

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We’ve all experienced the after affects of drinking too much alcohol at some point in our lives.

Perhaps you had one too many in a bar. There are maybe even occasions you’ve had too many before you even head out. Some extreme cases see people ending up in hospital having the alcohol pumped out of their stomach.

This will certainly make you head spin, imagine someone having beer pumped into their body in order to stay alive? Well it’s the first I’ve ever heard … well until now at least.

Nguyen van Nhat, a Vietnamese man, apparently drank to such an extent on a night out that hospital staff pumped beer into him in order to keep him alive.

When the man was brought to ER, doctors instantly knew his life was at risk.

Dr. Le Van Lam, head of the hospital’s intensive care unit, explains that booze comes in two different forms, methanol and ethanol. The human liver break down the ethanol first, before getting to work on the methanol.

Nguyen’s lost consciousness when the methanol oxidised to create formaldehyde in his system which leads to the creation of formic acid.

Dr. Le Van Lam reveals that the methanol levels in Nhat’s blood was 1,119 times higher than the average limit. So doctors forced to pump five litres of beer (15 cans) directly into his stomach to buy them time to perform dialysis which prevents the formaldehyde from becoming formic acid.

Adding beer might not seem like a conventional way of saving someone it’s actually not a new practise.

Hans-Jorg Busch, of the University Hospital of Freiburg told German press Agency spa; “The therapy with 15 cans of beer is rather unusual, but well understood. Maybe the Vietnamese colleagues had no other alcohol on hand.’

Much more important (than the kind of alcohol used) is that the therapy is immediately initiated.”

Hopefully Nguyen has learned his lesson and go a little easier on the booze on his next night out.

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Young Boy Mortifies His Mom, Old Man Has The Best Answer

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I’m sure many of you have experienced embarrassing situations when out in public places with small children. At the time it happens, you may feel humiliated, but at least you can look back and laugh once that feeling has subsided.

This story is about a young toddler who removed his pants in a public restaurant to prove to his mom that he didn’t have an “accident.”

What occurred afterwards is absolutely priceless.

Have a read of the mom’s post below:

My three-year-old son had a lot of problems with potty training; and I was on him constantly. One day we stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch in between errands. It was very busy, with a full dining room.
While enjoying my taco, I smelled something funny, so of course, I checked my seven-month-old daughter, and she was clean. Then I realized that Matty had not asked to go potty in a while, so I asked him and he said, “No.”

I kept thinking, “Oh Lord, that child has had an accident and I didn’t have any clothes with me.” Then I said, “Matty, are you sure you did not have an accident?”
“No,” he replied.

Part of me just knew that he must have, because the smell was getting worse. Sooooo… I asked one more time, “Matty, did you have an accident?”

Matt jumped up, yanked down his pants, bent over and spread his cheeks and yelled, “SEE, MOM, IT’S JUST FARTS!!!”

While 100 people almost choked on their food he calmly pulled up his pants and sat down to eat his food as if nothing even happened. I was so embarrassed!

Some nice people made me feel a whole better, as they came over and explained how much they had laughed!!!

Another old gentleman stopped us in the parking lot as we were leaving, bent over to my son and said, “Don’t worry son, my wife accuses me of the same thing all the time… I just never had the nerve to make the point like you did.”

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RARE LUNAR ECLIPSE: Here’s The Best Way To See ‘Super Wolf Blood Moon’ On Sunday

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Half of the world will be able to witness a spectacular ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon‘ total lunar eclipse this weekend.

You should take the opportunity to look at the sky Sunday night if you reside in North and Central America. For Europe and south America the phenomena won’t happen until the early hours of Monday morning.

A retired NASA astropyhsiologist and eclipse expert Fred Espenak said: “It’s perfectly placed for the Americas and Western Europe, and we will see the entire event from start to finish.”

So what exactly does the blood moon mean?

Well for those who might wonder what a ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ you are not alone. This particular event will see the moon pass into the Earth’s outer shadow, when it loses its brightness.

Following this the moon then enters the inner, darker ‘umbral’ shadow of Earth and when the eclipse begins. As a result the moon will turn a shade of red.

Espenak also advises people to use a pair of binoculars or a small telescope to view the spectacle, although the naked eye will be able to see partial phases.

Espanek claims, if haven’t got time to watch the whole thing, it’s the totality of the ‘blood moon’ which is worth seeing. “The best part of the eclipse is during the 62 minutes of the total eclipse. The Moon is then bathed in a beautiful red hue produced by sunlight filtered through Earth’s atmosphere.”

The first phase of the eclipse will begin at 9:36pm EST, but the most exciting part is expected to occur right before midnight and last for roughly an hour, according to Accu Weather.

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Pregnant Woman Meets Server Boyfriend’s Family When Customer Writes Note About Them

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Young couple Taryn and Ben excitedly announced that they were expecting their first baby in July 2016. They were thrilled to discover it was a boy, who was due in January 2017.

Both of then worked hard and had busy schedules. Taryn’s family live in the states, where Ben’s family are from Ireland.

Unfortunately Ben has never had the opportunity to bring Taryn to Ireland to meet his family… especially now considering they are going to have a son with Irish roots.

However Ben came home recently from working a shift at his restaurant so he handed Taryn one of his customer’s paid receipts.

Although the total for the table’s meal came to $122.87 — Taryn suddenly looked at the amount the customer had written in the “tip” line.

Taryn Keith is a young woman from Spring, Texas.

Taryn fell in love with Irish guy Ben, who brings home sweet and unexpected surprises.

Taryn and Ben decided to name their son Killian once they announced he would be due in January 2017.

Of course both their families were excited to hear the news.

While Taryn and her family live in the states, Ben is originally from Ireland. so the mother of his unborn child has never met his family.

Now with a baby on the way the couple wish they could plan for a trip to Ireland more than ever.

The name Killian even comes from the Irish origin.

Taryn was shocked when Ben arrived home from working a shift at his restaurant with yet another sweet, but unexpected surprise.

A complete stranger was seated in Ben’s section and he began making conversation with the friendly table.

He was surprised when the table left a $750 tip on a $122.87 bill, along with a handwritten note: Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays.

Taryn decided to uploaded the photo to Facebook, where it quickly went viral

Thought I would share it to show everyone that there is not only hate out there,” Taryn captioned her photo.“Truly blessed.”

All thanks to a stranger’s act of kindness, Ben, Taryn and Killian will be able to make that important trip after all.

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Thousands Of Young Choir Students Sing The National Anthem From Their Hotel Balcony

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Each year, students from across the state of Kentucky audition for the renowned Kentucky All-State High School Choir. Usually about 500 hopeful students are selected to join.

At the annual Kentucky Music Educators conference, singers always put on one final performance to mark the end of the three-day event. However this new tradition of the students has taken the internet by storm.

At about 11pm each night of the conference students from various high schools would gather onto the hotel balconies to sing the national anthem. They fill almost 20 levels as their voices fill the hotel lobby and dazzled the guests and passers-by who come specifically to listen.

In February 2018 this performance took place at the Louisville, Kentucky, Hyatt. The hotel’s incredible acoustics made it the perfect setting for the singers’ haunting rendition of our country’s anthem.

Although they are teenagers, it’s pretty obvious from their talents that these kids really deserve to be in the state’s official choir.

Garrett Mager was staying at the hotel when he heard some strange sounds outside his room. “I was sleeping in my room and then all of sudden I’m woken up by this racket and a bunch of kids,” he told the Courier Journal. “I went outside on the balcony and asked them what they were doing and they said they were getting ready to sing the national anthem. So I watched and it was incredible.”

Take a look at the video clip below to see them in action:

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