Owner refuses to let toddler pet service dog – Entitled mother flips her lid

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Megan Stoff brought her service dog, Nala, to a shopping mall in Pittsburgh. A mother and her child approached Megan to ask if they could pet the on-duty golden retriever while she was standing outside a store.

Its evident the mother in this story likes to give in to her daughter’s demands. Parents should teach their kids that there are some things that they cannot have.

It all started when the mom and daughter went to a shopping mall in Pittsburgh. She allowed her daughter torun around the mall and scream loudly.

Megan didn’t think any more about the situation as the mother walked away. However once she noticed something that caught her attention she stopped.

The mother and her daughter decided to approach the lady called Megan and ask if her daughter could pet the dog.

In a post which has now going viral Megan explained her response. “People ask us all the time, so I just said, ‘No.’ All the dogs are working so it’s my go-to answer.”

However, the mother circled around with her daughter still in her arms. She was fuming over the fact Megan was curt in her response. Rather than just saying “no,” she felt Megan should have said something like, “No, I’m sorry, they’re training.

She continued to scold Megan for not displaying any “signs” in order to dissuade people from attempting to pet the dogs. Nala’s vest is clearly covered in service dog patches.

Megan explains the woman even called mall security on her.

Imagine what the security guard thought as the mother explained that her daughter wanted to pet a service dog, but the owner said no and the dog only had four signs that said no petting on it.

So much harassment for just saying no,” Megan wrote on Facebook. “There was no common sense here.”

It’s important to remember that service dogs are more than just pets. They need to keep track of people to make sure that they are healthy and safe. Petting a service dog distracts them from this important work and could put people’s lives in danger.

Many people don’t pay attention to this important advice and insist that they have a right to pet a service animal anyway.

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Mom Brings Young Baby On Flight, Causing A Stir When She Starts Handing Out ‘Baggies’

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f ever taken care of a young baby will know just how challenging a task it can be.You can only imagine what its like to take that baby to another country. Perhaps you may already have, and if you have then you’ll likely know that a plane journey can be a bumpy ride.

One young mother certainly anticipated that when she boarded a flight chartered to the other side of the world. Being worried her baby would disturb every body else on board, she took matters into her own hands and acted in a way that’s now made headlines…

One of the passengers was Dave Corona, on board the flight from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco, USA on February 12 this year. The flight had been scheduled for ten hours and there was barely a free seat to be found.

As Dave was boarding, he noticed a young mom and her baby, just months old, and so would have been forgiven for expecting a long flight filled with plenty of screams. What he didn’t expect, was a bag of goodies placed on his seat when he got to it.

Inside the bag was a pair of ear plugs, as well as a variety of Korean candies. Beside it was a note fit to melt hearts.

It read: “Hello, I’m Junwoo and I’m 4 months old. Today I’m going to the U.S. with my mom and grandma to see my aunt. I’m a little bit nervous and scary because it’s my first flight in my life, which means that I may cry or make too much noise. I will try to go quietly, though I can’t make any promises. Please excuse me. So my mom prepared little goodie bags for you! It has some candies and earplugs. Please use it when it’s too noisy because of me. Enjoy your trip. Thank you. :)”

Of course the gesture was well received by those on board. Realistically,how many people would go to such lengths just to ensure other passengers weren’t disturbed? Especially when it meant constructing 200 goodie bags!

It also known that Dave was actually a cameraman working for KGO-TV in San Francisco. He shared his story online and it garnered plenty of reactions, with people far and wide praising this woman’s actions. What’s more? The earplugs weren’t even needed: the baby slept soundly through the entire flight.

It’s little gestures like this that go a long way towards restoring my faith in humanity. Having consideration for those around you is an extremely underrated quality.

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Our Dog Started Acting Strange, So We Decided To Look Outside. That’s When We Dialed 911

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A four-year-old black Labrador mix called Midnight began acting strange, Tim Curfman knew that something was wrong. Midnight seemed to be on high alert, which indicated he noticed something unusual. So he decided to allow dog’s instincts lead him further into freezing -1 degree cold winter day in Minnesota.

Curfman didn’t realise that Midnight would end up saving the life of an elderly woman that had fallen in the snow while trying to fill her birdfeeder on the freezing cold winter day in Minnesota.

Curfman was taking out the trash when Midnight “had her ears perked up looking at me.” Without a doubt, Curfman realised that the dog had figured something out.

She doesn’t normally do that. Sometimes you get that feeling something’s up,” Curfman explains. Thankfully, he was able to come across Noreen who was in desperate need of help.

Noreen had been trying to take care of the birds who use her birdfeeder when she slipped and fell. Midnight brought Curfman right over to the senior neighbor which ultimately saved her life.

We figured she was out there at least a half an hour,” said Curfman. “She could not have gotten up because her gloves had gotten wet and she didn’t have enough strength in her fingers to push herself up. Nothing around the corner to get up and get a hold of either.”

Noreen’s gloves were wet from the fall “she didn’t have enough strength in her fingers to push herself up.” As a result of the freezing cold, she was stuck to the frozen ground.

Noreen claims that if weren’t for Midnight she might not be alive.

Thankfully there were no serious injuries following the fall. The freezing temperature restricted her from getting back on her feet. Thankfully she did not break any bones nor get frostbite.

The incident occurred at the end of January when Minnesota was struck by the polar vortex from Canada. The National Weather Service advised people to remain indoors while schools closed and even flights were canceled.

Midnight came to the rescue just in time to prevent any serious damage from the cold weather.

We’ve been very proud of her because it’s not every dog that pays attention to things like this,” said Curfman. “And she got so many treats it was a shame.”

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Little Boy Searches For His Lost Dog For 8 Months. Watch The Moment They Finally Find Each Other

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Six year old, Kahne Williams loves his family pet dog more than anything in the world. Even his parents understand how important the was for young Kahne. However the dog ran away, which left Kahne devastated when his pet went missing. It was unlikely that his beloved pet would ever return home so his parents gently broke the news to him.

Kahne refused to give up hope especially since he was the one who picked out the pup and had bonded with the animal straight away. The family had plenty land on their Texas property for a pet.

They named the dog Kase, he went missing when he was left out to use the bathroom before bedtime. When it was time for the dog to come back he didn’t return. Kase had disappeared.

Kahne prayed to God for the return of Kase for an entire month. Then one day a massive storm struck the area. The family knewbit was unlikely that Kase could survive twenty-inches of snow.

Little did Kahne realize that neighbors had found Kase and looked after him. There two little girls showered Kase with so much love and kindness. And in that way, Kase was well cared and looked after by this family.

However the dog missed his owner as he wasn’t reunited with Kahne and could no longer hide his discontent at the neighbor’s house.

After some tim Kase and Kahne were eventually reunited all thanks to his mother, Paula, who luckily located the missing dog.

One day she was stuck behind a school bus on route home. as she spotted Kase run up to two little girls. Paula got out of the car and said, “That’s my son’s dog!”

As Paula took Kase with her both girls cried as they said their final goodbye kisses. Once she returned home, she surprised Kahne who came outside and found his long-lost dog.

I missed you,” Kahne said as he cradled the dog in his arms.

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Oprah Hints That Her Famous Talk Show May Be Coming Back

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Oprah Winfrey has retired from her famous talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Naturally everyone will miss watching her program every day. Fans all over the world are not completely satisfied with her new programming, because it is not the same much loved Oprah show.

Oprah hosted her television since September 8, 1986 and since then she has repeatedly made headlines repeatedly due to her generosity. Oprah was also the program’s producer having the highest-rated talk show in television history.

While Oprah has poured her energy into OWN a programs she host on her network which helps produce her famous magazine O.

In 2018, Oprah spoke about her daily routine in Harper Bizarre article. She also revealed what a day in the life of a superstar is like. It allows her time for more gardening and exercise. She deserves to enjoy her one-billion-dollar fortune earned through her entertainment career.

Oprah still handles her own business because it matters to her.

I personally sign all checks over 100 grand. Even on a perfect day, I want to do it. Having grown up poor, I can never completely turn over all my money matters to anyone else,” she said. “It’s important for me to know what’s coming in, what’s going out. I never want to be one of those people who delegate that task to someone else, and then one day is surprised to find out how much money they do or don’t have.

Oprah recently revealed in an interview on Entertainment Tonight how she was delighted that her favorite NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, won their first-ever championship.

(I) would love to make that happen,” she said. However there’s one condition that Oprah would require to make it possible.

For 25 years, it was perfect.” She added: “The only time I missed it was during the election or when something really big happens in the news. I think, ‘Oh, gee, I wish I had a show.’”

Oprah’s condition is that she would prefer if the show wasn’t daily.

Maybe not every day,” she said.

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The FBI Has Been Looking For Him Since He Escaped Alcatraz 50 Years Ago. He Just Sent Them A Letter

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As you cross over the Golden Gate Bridge in California you can Alcatraz prison on the horizon. Nearly every American knows about the notorious island prison, which is famous for being impossible to escape from. It was constructed in 1963 where it remained the most secure and safe prison for the most dangerous criminals in the States.

During the years, 36 attempts were made by prisoners to escape from the prison. Each one of them failing in their attempts until 2013.

Clarence and John Anglin were two of those attempted escapees, along with their friend Frank Morris. For months they devised a plan that finally succeed in escaping the prison through ventilation ducts in their cells.

Old saw blades, sharpened spoons, and even a drill Macgyvered from an old vacuum cleaner were used to open up the ducts enough to allow three men, through one at a time. Morris picked up the accordion and played loudly, in order to hide the loud noise of their grinding and picking,

Once they made it out of their cells they encountered another problem: the ocean. They managed to create life jackets and a raft made up of a bunch of raincoats. Their paddles were made from wood.

They made dummy heads with real human hair and a makeshift form of paper-mâché, the night they escaped as they left their cells through the vents and climbed the fence at just the right time.

The FBI became searched but only ever discovered some remnants of the raft. Until 2013, no other evidence was found.

John Anglin revealed his identity to the FBI that year detailing the success of their escape. All three managed to escape, John included a photo of two of the three escapees enjoying their freedom together to prove it.

John explains how he now had cancer and asked for medical treatment in exchange for a prison sentence of, “less than a year.”

The letter was tested for the DNA that was left in the prison cells, but the results were reported as, “inconclusive.” which meant that this certainly could be the real John Anglin.

The FBI last reported in 2018 that there wasn’t any follow up with the supposed, “John Anglin,” who presumably has passed from his illness in the years since.

For now, all we can do is wonder whether these three men managed to pull off the most impossible prison escape of all time.

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Army Veteran Starts To Fall Asleep On An Airplane When She Feels Hands Grabbing Her From Behind

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It can often feel stressful when traveling on an airplane where you are thousands of feet in the air, with a load of strangers. The experience can be uncomfortable.Passengers often remove their shoes and socks,leaving smell of foot odor in the cabin.

Certain people might behave in a rude manner or begin harassing other passengers.

Army veteran Lena Ramsey didn’t have a pleasant experience when she boarded a red-eye flight from Denver to Providence, Rhode Island. For some strange reason she had a bad feeling that something was wrong, but wasn’t entirely sure what it was.

Once the plane took off , Lena covered her eyes and to get some sleep. However that’s when something startled her as she was groped from behind.

And it dawned on me that I had hands coming through my window seat, on my right side,” the army veteran said. “The passenger behind me was groping me.”

Lena snapped out of her sleep straight away.

The passenger behind me was groping me in my breast area. I immediately sat up. The passenger that was in the aisle seat next to me was sleeping, and I startled him awake.”

Rather than say nothing she immediately reported the illegal act to the flight attendant. It appeared the flight attendant didn’t do anything with the information.

She could tell that I was visibly shaken because her immediate question to me was ‘are you OK?’ And I said no I’m not, I have a passenger behind me that has his hands on my breasts.

Lena then decided to take matters into her own hands. Once the plane landed, Lena asked the pilot to contact the Transportation Security Administration because she had been assaulted on the plane.

I notified the pilot immediately. There was a pilot and a co-pilot. The pilot was a female. The co-pilot was a male and they both heard what I had to say, and immediately I think they saw I was in distress.”

TSA knew her complaint was serious. The FBI promised to investigate her allegations after they questioned her about man who groped her during the late-night flight.

Lena Ramsey awaits justice for what occurred to her in the middle of the flight. She is unsure if the criminal in her case is being actively pursued.

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Utah Mom Takes Son Into Walmart Bathroom, Seconds Later Shoppers Hear Screaming

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A mother from UTAH went a little but crazy once she discovered that her son required dental work. Rather than bringing the child to the dentist she decided to take a trip to Walmart. There she bought a pair of pliers on the clearance rack, and went to the toilet and removed pieces of her son’s teeth,

The mother now faces child abuse charges following the incident where she extracted the boy’s teeth out while they still in the Utah Walmart location. She decided to “try before you buy,” without even purchasing the pliers.

Jeannine Degaston Isom strode into the Cedar Hills, Utah Walmart with her two sons with her and headed to the clearance rack to find a pair of needle-nose pliers and some hand sanitizer. She forced her 7-year-old son, to stay still as she pried his two upper teeth from his skull. She didn’t even us an anesthetic. She claims her son’s teeth were infected and had to go. Who can afford dental care in America?

Isom was in the bathroom with the little boy, his older brother heard him crying and screaming from the pain. He decided to get a Walmart employee in order to protect his younger brother. As they entered the bathroom and found the mother pulling out his teeth with the pliers, they grabbed him and fled from the abusive mother.

The boy was brought to a proper dentist later and he informed told police the teeth didn’t need to be pulled. The child had simply said his tooth only felt a little bit lose. The boy’s teeth came out in pieces.

When (Isom) proceeded to extract them, they didn’t come out in one whole piece. There were multiple pieces. So that illustrates that they were still very attached to this child’s mouth,” the police spokesperson said.

Police declared the incident “child abuse in its purest form.”

The mother was eventually charged with child abuse.

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I Saw Her Park In A Handicapped Space, So I Took Out My Phone. That’s When Things Got Interesting

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You shouldn’t be parking in a disabled parking space, but certain people still claim these spaces not having a parking tag. In one scenario, a man confronted a woman that actually parked her car in a ‘no parking area’ beside a disabled spot at an elementary school… things didn’t go too well.

Joshua Coleman felt bold enough to correct this woman who parked her car in a spot that was marked as “no parking,” as he had a disabled son. The spot adjacent to the disabled parking is to allow room for people to access their cars.

He filmed the exchange he had with the woman occupying the space, with the YouTube video’s description explaining: “On Friday, September 19, 2014, Joshua Coleman took some pictures of a woman parked in a disabled spot without the appropriate placard at the Sargent elementary school in Roseville, California and this is what happened.”

He explains in the video: “I use disabled parking for my son who is in a wheelchair. Often times, when I take him to kindergarten there is someone using those spaces who doesn’t have a disabled placard or plate. This is one of those days…”

The video shows two images of a woman sticking her head out of the driver’s side window of her car.

He explains in the video that she then parked across the street and “we had words.” Remember, this took place at an elementary school, right beside a playground.

She tells him: “You wanted me to move today? Get that camera out of my face,” adding, “All you had to say was, ‘Hey ma’am, that’s kinda rude why don’t you move?’ Instead of coming up and taking pictures of me. Is that not rude?”

She continues: “You’re lucky my husband ain’t here,” then walks off, before turning around to explain, “That’s not handicapped though and that’s why I moved way over so that the person in the handicapped spot could get out.”

Joshua explains that parking there is not right, however, noting that it says no parking in that area “because a disabled person needs that area in order to load and unload.”

She walks away from him while he’s explaining the parking situation, but she then turns to ask: “Do you have any idea who I am? You might want to watch yourself,” before calling him an “asshole.”

The video captures the woman argue with the school’s principal, explaining that she wants to remove her child from the school.

Comments left on the YouTube video was one person who remarked: “Anyone who defends this woman is a complete moron. This lady WOULD NOT have moved had they asked politely. She believes she is not in the wrong and politeness would have done nothing. She is a complete egomaniac like most people in today’s society.”

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Michael Jackson’s Maid Just Came Forward With New Details That Will Ruin The Singer’s Reputation

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There has been a lot of allegations and claims floating around about his behaviour Michael Jackson around minors while he was alive. Many of these claims fall on deaf ears, however one new claimant has come forward with a very clear and concise allegation that could destroy Michael Jackson’s reputation forever: “He was a pedophile.”

Jackson’s former maid has spoked out about the atrocities she witnessed while working at Neverland Ranch. On occasions she discovered little boy’s underwear in Jackson’s Jacuzzi. She also found jars of Vaseline in most rooms throughout the ranch. Jackson also possessed a secret library of VHS tapes that depicted the late singer engaging in unthinkable acts with minors.

Adrian McManus served the King of Pop as his maid at his Neverland ranch for four years. She feels Jackson was attracted to little boys and acted upon his impulses.

McManus decided to reveal what she witnessed during her time as a maid. She did witness Jackson bring boys into his bedroom and cleaned up after him and saw troubling things.

There was a lot of Vaseline around Neverland, a lot in Michael’s bedroom,” she said on camera. “I didn’t question it, because he was my boss, and you just do what you’re supposed to do. But I would wonder.”

And they had it all over in the main house, there was a rose room. It was up there. They had it in train room, which was kind of like an attic. They had that up there. It was in every room. The soldier room.

Michael even had portable jars. “Sometimes they would find it on the golf carts that Michael would take out to drive around.”

McManus often came to work, cleaning up after Jackson hosted boys for long weekend visits.

I found underwear that were in the back of Michael’s main room and one of the closets, and it was in the back of the filing cabinets. They were very hard and crunchy, and yellow, but I didn’t know who they belonged to. When I would go in to pick up Mr. Jackson’s bedroom, many times when there were his special guests there, little boys, they were taking baths with him in his Jacuzzi. He had a Jacuzzi in the bedroom, and I used to have to let the water out of the Jacuzzi. I had to put hangers together in order to get to the middle of the Jacuzzi to let the water out.”

She added, “Michael would have his underwear floating in the water, and the little boys’ underwear floating in the water together. If they weren’t floating in the water, they were outside on the floor around the Jacuzzi. So I would find stuff like that.”

When asked about VHS tapes, the pop star’s former maid said: “I think they were of Michael with boys doing inappropriate things that had to be hidden. Or they would have put him in jail. I think they were sex tapes.”

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