Little toddler vomits while in daycare ; worker does terrible act towards child leaving parents outraged

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Horrifying footage has emerged showing a nursery worker stamping on a little boy and thrashing a girl as she cleans up her own vomit in South Africa. 

Three videos which were circulated by parents on social media show youngsters being shouted at, slapped, and shoved around at what appears to be the same crèche in Carletonville on the West Rand.

A little girl is beaten by the adult in one of the video clips as she is forced to clean up her own vomit, while the caregiver repeatedly screams: ‘Why are you vomiting? Why?’

On March 28, a 40-year-old was arrested after her colleague opened a case against her and appeared in Oberholzer Court. She was released on bail before her next court appearance.

Parents removed their children from the nursery which is believed to be involved with the distressing incidents.

The nearly two-minute video of a youngster cleaning her own vomit begins with the nursery worker lowering the little girl’s jeans before slapping her on her bare bottom.

The child doesn’t stop cleaning the small green plastic table in the classroom. The youngster doesn’t answer as the caregiver shouts: ‘Why are you vomiting?’

The adult can be seen walking out of sight and returning with a tissue, which she throws onto the desk before demanding the child wipe her face.

She hits the youngster’s head several times, creating a loud smacking sound each time and causing the child to scream out.

Ignoring her cries the nursery worker asks: ‘Tell me, why are you vomiting? Is it nice to vomit?’

No,’ the child answers, as she shakes her head, with the adult replying: ‘Why do you vomit now?’

The woman continues to slap the child on the head numerous times before walking out of sight.

In another clip a young boy is grabbed and thrown onto the carpet before being ordered to scrub the floor with a wooden brush.

The same nursery worker then beats him with the cleaning tool after repeatedly slapping him on his head with open heads.

She can be seen putting her foot on the little boy’s head after she yanks him to the floor by his collar.

In the third and final clip to have surfaced, a little girl can be seen being shoved into a mattress as a caregiver is heard saying she ‘did not know what to do anymore’ after trying to force the crying toddler to sleep. 

Once the mother of the child received the footage she retrieved her youngster from the nursery, explaining that she was ‘furious’.

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She explains, ‘When I reported this to the principal, she said my daughter is an emotional person and I am overreacting.’

One of the parents rushing to collect their children from the Carletonville nursery told the publication: ‘I am shocked and angry. This is one of the best crèches around. Kids of policemen, brigadiers, lawyers and teachers come here.

The anonymous parent added: ‘It’s an inconvenience because I had to skip work and now I must start looking around [for another crèche].’

A staff member addressing the reporters outside the premises said: ‘I am not in a position to say anything or allow anyone inside – for the children’s safety. I am not hiding anything.’

Many have requested that the nursery be shut down sine the videos have circulated on social media.

Apparently the ANC councillor for the Fochville area, Nkosinathi Salane, has demanded that the crèche be closed.

Other parents who leave their children at crèches have expressed their shock and horror at the incidents and are wondering what happens to their youngsters when they aren’t there.   

Not satisfied with the toddler's efforts, the nursery worker then beats him with the cleaning tool after repeatedly slapping him on his head with open heads

It remains unclear who had took the videos, but it would seem the caregiver appeared to be unaware she was being recorded.

A statement from the South African Police Service said: ‘Police can confirm that a 40-year-old woman was arrested a week ago and subsequently appeared on the 28 March 2019 in the Oberholzer Court in Carletonville, on a charge of assaulting a minor.

The woman is due back in Court on May 7, 2019 after she was released on bail, while further investigations are underway by the police.

With the Court process having commenced and, given that the investigation is yet to be concluded, police are not at liberty to divulge any further detail or give further comment on this matter.

Management of police have however, condemned in the harshest terms possible, both the incident as well as the continued irresponsible circulation of the video clips on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, the investigation of all crimes committed against children, women and other vulnerable groups, remains a priority for the South African Police Service. This case is therefore receiving priority attention to ensure that ultimately, justice is served.’

Take a look at the incident captured in the video below:

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