Mom Thinks Blue Mark On Daughter’s Knee Is Bug Bite, But Doctor Says It’s From A Black Widow

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Kristine Donovan, happened to notice a small, bluish-purple bruise on the back of her 5-year-old daughter Kailyn’s knee. Like most moms, Kristine assumed it was a regular bug bite. However she didn’t realise, it was something a lot more dangerous.

Once Kristine discovered the bruise-like bite she thought it had occurred in the family’s backyard.

“She never felt it bite her,” Kristine explains. “It could have been in her jeans, in the location where it bit her. We just don’t know.”

The parents reluctantly decided let her go to school the following day.

However Kristine soon received a call that Kailyn had a fever, naturally her parents didn’t hesitate and collected her straight away.

They immediately brought the little girl to her paediatrician. When the doctor saw the bite he advised then to take her straight to the hospital.

After a two day, the bite seemed to have gotten worse, as it turned black.

At the UMass Memorial Hospital the infectious disease specialists confirmed the unexpected: the bite had been caused by a black widow spider.

Kailyn’s knee had turned black as the venom from the Black Widow kills the flesh around the bite.

The little girl received treatment and the bite is healing, although she walks with a slight limp.

Kristine and her husband Josh are hoping this incident doesn’t reoccur again especially to their daughter or any other children. They are urging parents to “trust their gut” if they spot a bite or bruise on their kids and feel something is not right.

The Mayo Clinic suggest seeking medical attention if you find an unknown mark on your child’s body, or if a person begins to experiencing pain, cramping, stiffness, or excessively sweating. Go straight to your doctor if you have doubt whether a bite on your child came from a poisonous spider.

Take a look as the video below for more details on this stroy:

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