Mom Skillfully Shuts Down Racist Text About Her White Daughter Dating A Black Man

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If you happen to find love then you should consider yourself lucky. After all it’s not the sort of thing that happens every day or to everyone.

When Heather Boyer’s daughter shared a photo on Facebook, posing with her new boyfriend, she was lucky to have a mother whose love is strong enough to understand the way you feel about someone and how they treat you are the most important things.

Unfortunately, not all of the Mississipi woman’s friends could come to terms with the interracial relationship. Boyer received a horrible text after her daughter posted the photo.

In a Facebook post, she said:

Today my daughter changed her profile picture. After maybe 5 minutes I get a text… ‘I didn’t know she was dating a black boy, did you?’”

Boyer said she thought about how to respond to the text all day. After all, she didn’t respond to the person who sent it, but instead made a public announcement to say that she did know, she was in no way concerned about the relationship, and that she was happy for her daughter:

Yes in fact I did know, but the color of his skin doesn’t define who he is. What does define who is he is how he treats my daughter. I see my daughter dating a boy that comes to my house and shows me nothing but respect (a big deal in my book).”

She spoke from the heart about not only her daughter’s boyfriend’s character, but how race does not define a good relationship:

“I see my daughter dating a boy who takes her to church with him. Every Sunday. He plays in the band, she sits with his family. How many young men these days make church a priority? None of the others have.
He doesn’t hit her, cuss her, lie to her, or make her cry. Would I rather her date a white boy that did, to keep from her dating another race? Absolutely not.”

The post has reached over 1.3 million reactions and 319,000 shares on Facebook. And it’s obvious why when Boyer not only stands up for her daughter but displays her joy that she has found something not everyone is so lucky to have:

“And I know people have their own opinion, but at the end of the day, the fact that my daughter has someone that loves her and treats her like a queen makes me happy. That’s something I’ve never had in my life and I’m glad she does.”

Huge support poured in from all over the world for Boyer and the happy young couple. The proud mother was congratulated for defending her daughter, her boyfriend, and shutting down any criticism of their relationship based on skin color.

For a long time the issue of interracial relationships (and especially marriage) was taboo in the United States. In 2011, a poll of Republican voters in Mississippi showed that 46% said that interracial marriage should be made illegal again in the state.

Back in 1967 the U.S. came to terms with some of its racist history once the Supreme Court made interracial marriage legal all over the country.

Since then, public approval of interracial marriage rose from only 5% in the 1950s to around 80% in the 2000s. But a 2018 YouGov/Economist poll found that 17% of Americans still oppose interracial marriage (and we imagine interracial relationships in general, although the poll only asked them about marriage).

Ms. Boyer’s acquaintance will likely back off with further questions she has about the relationship from now on. Hopefully, they will think twice about trying to draw attention to the colour of someone’s skin rather than the way they treat people.

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