Mom Sees Her Stolen Car Outside Applebee’s, Livestreams Herself ‘Stealing It Back’ For Revenge

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Danielle Reno, from Missouri, US, was filling her car with petrol at a station in Kansas City when she says someone stole her car with her handbag – including her wallet and mobile phone – still inside. She went beyond filing a standard police report by becoming her own investigator.

In an effort to document her efforts on Facebook, Danielle was on a mission to track down her beloved Toyota 4Runner, Her cellphone, which was inside her car when it was stolen along with her wallet and money, had been turned off.

Later that evening, Danielle discovered her credit card had been swiped at a local Taco Bell and gas station. Staff at the gas station allowed her to take a video recording of the surveillance video.

Danielle Reno tracked down the suspected car thief, took it back and then called police. Credit: Facebook/Danielle Reno

The next day, Danielle’s phone was turned back on, and her credit card was used again at a gas station to buy cigarettes, beer, and gas. She went to the gas station and spoke with an employee, who had overheard the alleged thieves talking about going to Applebee’s for dinner.

Danielle and her sister drove to various Applebee’s locations in an effort to locate the stolen car. While inside one of those locations, Danielle noticed three people walking into the restaurant — and they looked exactly like the people she saw on the gas station’s security camera. Then she spotted her Toyota in the parking lot.

Officers from Clay County Sheriff’s Department arrived and arrested the woman and ‘an accomplice’, which Reno also recorded and shared online.

The suspect was arrested by cops after the woman tracked her down. Credit: Facebook/Danielle Reno

By this point, she was literally shaking with adrenaline.Danielle quickly slipped out of Applebee’s; it was time to “steal” her car back and serve up some much-needed justice

Take a look at the video clip below to see what happened:

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