Mom Says Family Was Kicked Out Of Movie Theater Because Her Son With Special Needs Was Laughing

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It can be often be stressful for parents of children with special needs when going out in public. Mother, Jennifer Daly, from Chicago, knows this firsthand. One of her sons, Jonathan, aged 3, has a rare form of dwarfism and Daly said it is a struggle to get him out for an excursion.

Jonathan can’t go anywhere without his wheelchair or medical equipment, his excitement and enthusiasm comes out in sounds and noises as he is unable to speak. His mom is used to the stares and comments from others.

One Friday evening Jennifer decided to venture out with Jonathan and her other young son to watch Dumbo at their local movie theater.

Midway through the movie Jonathan began to giggle, laugh and make noises. Naturally his mother Jennifer smiled at his squeals and yelps of joy were adorable… but apparently, she was the only one.

Jennifer was not prepared for what was about to happen next.

A member of staff approached her in the seat about ten minutes later. The employee said there were noise complaints of an “ongoing disruption” — where Jonathan was at the center of these complaints.

I looked at her and said he did not cry, he giggled twice,” the shocked mother wrote. “I was told I immediately have to pack up to leave.”

I don’t understand why I am being kicked out,” she continued. “Someone’s cell phone was going off for over a minute, someone else was holding their phone up with their light on to video-record the movie, someone else was talking and I am being kicked out? Are you serious?”

When she returned home she was in such shock that she took to Facebook to explain what had occurred. Her post went massively viral with almost 5,000 shares in the space of a day.

Daly added that she cried as the family left the theater.

Never in my life have I ever been kicked out of anything, especially if I had done nothing wrong,” she wrote. “I was at the top back of the theater to try and stay out of anyone’s way.”

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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