Mom finds injured dog on hike and carries him 6 hours back to safety

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40-year-old Tia Vargas is being dubbed a hero after she rescued an injured dog she encountered on a hiking trip at Table Rock Trail near Grand Teton National Park in July. Tia certainly didn’t expect to return from the trail with a new family member.

As she was making her way up the trail, she came across an English springer spaniel and another group of hikers.

The spaniel, seemed to have trouble keeping up with the hikers which indicated he was injured and appeared lost, too. Despite having a tag with his name Boomer on it, no owner was in sight.

The other hikers were eager to get moving again to reach the top of the trail. Vargas searched for Boomer’s family once she realized it was too difficult for Boomer to keep up her plans changed.

Vargas picked up the 55 pound dog and began the 6-mile trek back down to the end of the trail, moving at a pace of about a mile per hour with the massive dog in her arms the whole way.

We got lost twice. We couldn’t find the trail. And at one point we had river on both sides of us, and that’s about when my legs were done,” she told ABC. “We were walking through brush and thicket and it was scratching our legs. It started to rain and I put Boomer down on a rock and I laid on his belly and I was just done.

Although the trek was far from easy, they eventually got back where Vargas found a note left by Boomer’s owners.

It transpired the family were out hiking on the fourth of July, when Boomer wandered off and fell 100 feet down a snowy crevice. His injuries were evident of that.

His eyes were super puffy and bloodshot. His body was swollen, even his bum was very, very swollen,” explained Vargas. “And you could tell he was very dehydrated. He had cuts and scratches on his belly and on his head. He was in bad condition.”

Vargas contacted Boomers family to inform them their pup was safe. The moment she discovered they were moving soon, she was given the option of adopting the springer!

Boomer is part of our family now,” the supermom explained. “We both had a guardian angel that day.”

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