Millionaire told airport staff he ‘deserved more courtesy’ because ‘he’s rich’

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Neil Grinnall, 56, became angry after Ryanair staff informed him his hand luggage was too heavy for his flight from Bournemouth to Malaga. This millionaire was ordered to pay over £3,000 after he kicked up in an airport, and demanded better treatment because he was rich.

Catia Figueira and Michelle Gillingham were subjected to a torrent of abuse, which left them ‘petrified’.

When he was arrested, he explained to police that he’s ‘a rich man’ and had paid more money for his seat so he had ‘expected more courtesy’.

Credit: BNPS

A court heard he called them ‘f***ing fat b****es’ and began shouting ‘this is f***ing ridiculous’ before he declared he would never fly from the airport again.

Grinnall attempted to pay the two victims off to avoid the case going to court, however they declined his offer.

A millionaire claimed he should be shown more courtesy because of his wealth after abusing check-in staff at an airport Provider: Facebook Source:

He’s been fined £2,500 and has had to pay £200 compensation each to both of the victims. He admitted using threatening and abusive language towards them. He was also ordered to pay £310 in court costs and a £170 victim surcharge.

Grinnall felt ‘genuine remorse’ for what had occurred and had said he would give the women a ‘face-to-face apology’.

Although he missed the first flight to Spain, he caught one later on as he posted a picture of himself in Marbella just four days later and returned from another holiday for the hearing. (01202 558833) Pic: RogerArbon/BNPS Bournemouth Airport. A Millionaire claimed he should be shown more courtesy because of his wealth after abusing check-in staff at an airport. The property developer has now been fined after launching a foul-mouthed tirade at 'petrified' airport staff who told him his hand luggage was too heavy. Neil Grinnall (56), of Sandbanks, Dorset, was catching a flight from Bournemouth to Spain when he 'lost his temper' at check-in staff. The businessman has previously been cautioned by police after launching a stool over the bar at Rick Stein's restaurant in the millionaires enclave of Sandbanks whilst on a night out with tv celebrity Celia Sawyer in 2017.

He said: “He has been told his hand luggage was overweight and had lost his temper and started shouting.

“He shouted things like ”this is f*****g ridiculous’ and called both of them ”f*****g fat b*****s’. “These women were just doing their job and they were understandably petrified.”

He added: “In his interview with the police Mr Grinnall basically said ‘I am a rich man’ and believed that by paying more for his seat he deserved more courtesy.”

Credit: BNPS

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