Man’s sultry cover of Elvis mega-hit is so captivating judge is forced to slam Golden Buzzer

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To recreate an Elvis classic on your own isn’t a simple task. The King of Rock is regarded as one of the greatest entertainers of all time particularly because his voice was exceptionally talented.

So when any budding hopeful walks onto a talent show stage and says they’re going to sing an Elvis  song, the audience are usually uncertain as to what will comes next. If that affected 38-year-old Barry Darcy, of Cork, Ireland though, he certainly didn’t let it show.

He confidently stated he would be performing a cover of Elvis’ “The Wonder of You”, but also explained his tale of personal perseverance and strife, which made his rendition all the more special …

Judge Louis Walsh started the conversation when Darcy stepped out on the Ireland’s Got Talent stage. It became clear that Darcy had faced more diversity than most.

I had a herniated disc in my back and it crushed the nerves into my legs. I just went to get out of bed one day and fell out on to the floor,” he said. “They gave me a fifty-fifty chance of ever walking again, and I took it.”

Just imagine you wake up and can’t walk anymore. Darcy showed strength and resilience to win his fight which proves he’s got grit … which was evident when he belted out his chosen song.

For Darcy, “The Wonder of You” perfectly depicted how he felt about his wife and their children, who stood by him during his darkest hours.

Naturally, he totally nailed his performance. His pitch was on point, his voice was reminiscent of the King himself, and his stage presence was enough to have the judges and the audience clapping away.

Louis Walsh was left so impressed by Darcy that he slammed his golden buzzer. This left Darcy was left in tears as his family ran onto the stage to embrace him.

Take a look at the incredible moment in the video below:

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