Kind old man shows struggling teen how to tie a tie, but he isn’t ready to stop just there

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Getting up swept along with things around you happens easily. It’s particularly evident in subways and underground systems, where people move about at a fast pace.

In the middle of organized chaos we can bee reminded of good that can transpire when things slow down and you look out for others. This story is about a young man struggled to fix his tie during rush hour.

An elderly woman and her husband spotted him and asked if he required some help. Later their interaction would go viral …

Initially a woman in a red coat noticed the man in question was having trouble. He was sitting down on a bench, trying to secure his tie, but with little success.

The woman approached him and asked: “Do you know how to tie it properly? ”When he answered, “No, ma’am,” she tapped her husband on his shoulder and asked if he could teach the young man how to do his tie properly.

A lesson for life

Without any hesitation, he helped the young man, going through the process of tying a tie slowly and carefully.

A bystander captured the special moment on camera, and also made sure to display what the old man did next.

Rather than simply doing the tie and rushing on his way, the older man gave a step-by-step tutorial on how the process worked. Before he left he made sure the youngster absorbed what to do in the future by asking him to recount them.

Although it was a small gesture, it taught the young man two lessons. First, how to tie a tie, and secondly, stopping to help someone in need is still a priceless quality to have.

In years to come, that young man might repay the gesture, as we should all be aiming to live in.

Take a look at the video below on how to do a tie properly:

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