Kids Left With Serious Burns After Taking Part In Recent Schoolyard Trend

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Childhood crazes are generally harmless despite a fight may break out on occasion. But this latest fad has the potential to be a danger to a child’s health.

Lots of adults have been confused as to why kids like to play with slime. here are hundreds Especially since their are recipes online for making homemade slime for children tom play with all day.

Many parents are happy to allow their kids play with the slime, in an attempt to keep them distracted. However it now transpires that playing with slime can be very dangerous.

The first incident of a child being harmed by homemade slime occurred at a sleepover party. Kathleen Quinn and her friends were playing with homemade slime when something shocking happened.

The slime hurt her hands and there was a burning sensation on her skin which wasn’t going away. She placed her hands under a cold tap, but it took a long time for the pain to fade as she was left with third-degree burns on her fingers.

She was crying in pain. ‘My hands hurt. My hands hurt!’ And we looked at them and they were covered in blisters.” – Quinn’s mother

Quinn’s parents brought her to the doctor and he asked what the slime she had been playing,

The parents discovered that it was a mixture of school glue and sodium borate (aka borax.) The doctor said that holding the borax for such a long time is what had caused the burning. It turns out that sodium borate/borax should not be played with.

It is an irritant not just to the skin but also to the eyes, breathing passages, nasal cavities and respiratory tracts. And as children tend to have lower standards of hygiene than adults, this puts them even more at risk of the substance’s adverse effects.

Quinn’s story was the first incident but sadly not the last. Accounts of children being harmed from handling homemade slime are becoming more and more commonplace.

And this dangerous children’s craze is not just restricted to America.

Another incident happened to UK child YouTuber Deejay Jemmett. Jemmett’s mother said that after her child had been playing with the slime, her skin kept on getting worse. In fact, “within 48 hours, her skin had started to peel off. From there it got worse.

Eventually,she had to see a plastic surgeon to restore her hands to how they previously were. In some cases, the burning has spread from a child’s hands to their arms and then their face.

Some recipes only use cornstarch and shampoo, two substances with none of the dangerous chemical.

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