High School Students Flip Out When Coach Walks Through Door Upon Return Home From Deployment

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Drew Olson spent five months serving as an Army National Guard captain in Afghanistan. While he was overseas he was terribly missed by his wife, Tina, and their two young children.

Drew teaches social studies and coaches basketball and football at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah, when back at home in the states. The news of his deployment was difficult for his students to hear.

During his time on tour in Afghanistan Drew would send his students pictures. In return they would also send him birthday cards and packages. The distance strengthened the connection between the teacher and his students.

“As a coach you experience many ups and downs with all of your athletes, you celebrate victories together, you share disappointments and losses together, fight through adversity together,” Drew explains.

Once Drew discovered he would be returning home from Afghanistan earlier than he expected, he planned to surprise his students with an unexpected homecoming.

Wait until you see the students’ burst with joy and excitement the minute they see Drew’s face appear in the doorway, it explains why this video has gone viral.

Take a look at the surprise moment in the video below.

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