Grandmother fed up hiding her grey hairs – goes for new look with stylist and is totally unrecognisable

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Kerry had spent several years trying to hide her grey hairs.

She often used strong and harmful chemical treatments, before she finally decided to contact stylist Christopher.

Her hair had become sensitive to certain products over the years from using colours, strong products and hair extensions.

Kerry realised it was time to get advice and finally reveal her natural look.

That’s when she approached Christopher for help.

He was one of the most talented hairdressers around the area, so she hoped he would work his magic on her dull lifeless hair.

She announced that she wanted her hair ‘cut short’ as she jumps into Christopher’s chair.

When Kerry says short, she means really short!

Kerry wanted a look that reflected her energetic personality and her love for life, something that would shock her friends and husband.

Kerry became a little apprehensive as Christopher chopped off her locks, however, she knew the change was necessary to achieve her desired look.

Kerry glanced in the mirror afterwards and felt a little emotional, but when her husband saw her it brought a tear to his eye.

Take a look at the transformation for yourself:

Enjoy life and remember to look and feel beautiful while ageing gracefully.

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