Fried Chicken Drumstick Pants Are This Years Must-Have Item

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Who would ever have imagined people wearing fried chicken drumstick pants in public. We are still uncertain what to think about this odd-looking trouser. Would anyone out there really aspire to look like fried chicken?

If you ever decide to wear it, expect to become the center of attention. So, make sure that you have the guts to don these fried chicken drumstick pants in public.

fried chicken pants

It is available in four different sizes – small, medium, large, and extra-large. Despite its bulky appearance each piece is made of lightweight cotton so it is actually lighter than it looks.

If you can’t put yourself to exhibit it to the open, you can just wear it for Instagram’s sake.

You might as well ride along with the social media wave and get your fried chicken drumstick pants today!

Whatever the occasions, the pants are sure to get you soaring up the social pecking order.

It has also become an instant star in several memes such as this one:

One Twitter user shared her thoughts about her encounter with the quirky fried chicken drumstick pants.

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