Elderly man in yellow suit sneaks up behind, only to pull dance move that raises the roof

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Who ever said you can’t have fun when you get old.

That’s something that’s important to remember as you get older. Certain limitations of your life are imposed upon it; even when you’re old and grey. there are a select few however that are still capable of wowing a room full of people.

Well, this certainly the case for Dietmar and Nellia as they stepped things up a notch or two at a gala event for the Horn dance school in Austria.

Although this German couple might look old their slick moves left onlookers in wonder.

The Horn dance school was established 111 years ago and continues to be one of the most popular dance establishments in Europe.

It combines teaching of intense courses for those who wish to take it more seriously, this pair certainly have a lot to offer.

They boast plenty of talented dancers in their ranks. Dietmar and Nellia, have been dancing professional for more than 30 years and married since 1970.

Over the years they’ve won a number of competitions, including Austrian and German national championships. This particular routine at the Horn dance school gala event propelled them to viral fame.

Dietmar and Nellia swung their hips and rocked to “Down the Road Apiece” by Johan Blohm & The Refreshments which wowed the audience. The crowd who were mostly younger than them watched in amazement as this incredible couple blew them away.

Take a look at Dietmar and Nellia strut their stuff with their routine in the video below:

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