Elderly Lady Walks Groceries Home In Brutal Heat When Airman Stops Her Not Knowing He’s On Film

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Janice Hall was struggling to get her walker full of grocery bags back home in the sweltering Oklahoma heat. The 71-year-old woman had no car and had been out running errands all day.

She still had two more mile to go after making stops at the post office, Walmart, and the bank, before she reached her house.

Janice is used to getting around by herself without a vehicle, but this day was particularly hot and humid. It was very clear she could use some assistance along the busy road, but everyone just kept driving past her. That was, until Jibril Jennings, an airman from Tinker Air Force Base, drove by.

The airman noticed Janice and instantly realized she was being ignored by his fellow drivers. He refused to pass her by without doing his part to help.

He decided to pull over and began loading Janice’s grocery bags into his trunk.

Meanwhile, they had no clue another driver had pulled up behind them, recognized Jibril’s act of kindness, recorded it, and then posted it online, where it went viral with millions of views.

The person who filmed this heartfelt moment watched as the pair got into Jibril’s car and drove off toward Janice’s home two miles down the road. The story became more promptu during the car ride, as a very special friendship began to form.

Take a look at the video below for more details on the story:

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