Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

in Health

Doctors in the United States have vehemently advised families to quit giving their kids hot dogs to eat.

While hot dogs are a favourite snack for most Americans and it is estimated that Americans consume about 155 million hot dogs on independence day alone, which is on the fourth of July; that is quite a lot.

Research has shown that kids who consume over 12 hot dogs pee month are about 9 times more susceptible to contracting leukaemia.

Studies have now also shown that pregnant women who eat a single hot dog per week are likely to give birth to a child that will develop a brain tumor.

It also works both ways as fathers who eat hot dogs before impregnating their wives are likely to shire a kid with cancer.

What has been seen to cause this problem is the nitrite additives in the hot dogs.

Nitrite additives are included to hot dogs as a way of combating botulism but have very detrimental health implications to the person eating the hot dogs.

When hot dogs are cooked the amines and nitrates combine. While amines are naturally occurring in meat, when combined with nitrates they are highly carcinogenic compounds.

It is advisable to stop eating hot dogs altogether, but if you cannot do this then you should drastically limit your consumption of this all American snack.