‘Desperate’ Couple Who Hired Surrogate Change Mind After Seeing Him for the First Time at the Hospital

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One man has the internet divided after he confessed that he and his wife don’t want their baby his surrogate gave birth to because of a ‘mix-up’ they no longer want the baby that his surrogate birthed

Things had gone smoothly throughout the surrogate’s pregnancy, too, and on the day she gave birth, he and his wife were”so excited.”

The anonymous poster shared that he and his wife desperately wanted a child and turned to surrogacy after struggling to conceive.

In this hotly debated Reddit post, the man said that after several devastating miscarriages, decided to look into surrogacy agencies

Once I saw the baby I knew that there was something wrong,” he explained, noting that the baby”had asian features, black hair, and brown eyes.” That immediately struck him as peculiar, since both he and his wife are”white blonde folks with blue eyes.”

Long story short:”I am not the father,” the poster now says.

We don’t care about race, we are just upset that the baby wasn’t both of us, if he was white and not mine we still would of been just as upset,” he shared.”The surrogate was really heartbroken as well after we revealed what happened but can’t afford to keep it as she already has five kids.”

In fact, many people said they were heartbroken that this baby might be denied a loving home as the result of the horrible mix-up.

Baby is biologically related to OP’s wife,” the person wrote.“If he’s using biology to justify why they are morally allowed to abandon the baby, the wife would immorally be abandoning her child, even if he doesn’t consider it his own. If she’s ok with giving up a child she’s been wanting to have, she’d be a huge [expletive]. He’d also be the [expletive] for not accepting that his wife’s child is also his child, even if they’re not related by blood.

At the same time, there were plenty of Redditors who were firmly on the man’s side.

But it’s not the child they wanted to have,” another person chimed in.”They specifically went with surrogacy to get a child that was biologically theirs. That is the entire point of surrogacy. Whether that’s morally right or not is another question, and a difficult one. But it seems pretty clear to me that neither got what they wanted.”

Here’s hoping that whatever happens is ultimately for the best.

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