Dad Refused To Let Pregnant Teen Keep Baby And She’s Matched With Son Online 48 Years Later

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Kirk was adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage when he was just two years of age. Growing up he believed that his birth parents had passed away in the Vietnam war.

However that’s not what actually transpired. For his entire life Kirk had no idea that his birth mother was still alive.

His mother Thuy-Nga Thi Nibblett continued to see her American military lover despite all the chaos of the war.

Unfortunately, her love was transferred to another base, effectively ending their romance and communication. Thuy-Nga came away with something unexpected from the relationship – a pregnant belly.

At 17 years old and unmarried, an unplanned pregnancy would not go over well with her family with no father in the picture . Still only a minor, she had few options beyond her father’s wishes.

Her father disapproved of her pregnancy; since she not married, and the baby’s father was American this was unacceptable to him.

Immediately after giving birth to Kirk, Thuy-Nga’s father took him away from her.

The birth father, a serviceman, was transferred to another military base and never knew about the pregnancy. Eventually the pair fell out of contact.

Thuy-Nga spent nearly five decades hoping and praying to be reunited with her son. She signed up for a DNA website hoping he would eventually do the same in 2015.

In the meantime Kirk who was in his forties was married with children he was reluctant to conduct an online search. But his wife convinced him to take a chance.

Just days after submitting his DNA, Kirk received an email from a woman who told him to call her.

At first, he thought this woman was surely mistaken. But now the two have enjoyed getting to know one another and their families, making the most of this second chance

Take a look at the video below to see the miracle about to unfold.

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