Cringeworthy Article From 1958 Reveals ‘129 Ways To Get A Husband’

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An interesting thing about magazines back in the fifties is they advised women how to attract men. In 1958 an article was published which circulated online triggering a frenzy across Australian social media.

One woman came across this feature titled ‘129 Ways to Get a Husband’, which had appeared in American magazine McCall’s so she decided to share it online.

Since being reposted it was shared 13,750 times at the time of writing, causing controversy on Facebook while racking up more than 4,600 likes and thousands of comments from readers.

It included a variety of body tips which ranged from bizarre and desperate to downright sexist and politically incorrect.

One of these outrageous instructions encourages women to be flexible about their potential partner’s decisions: ‘If he decides to skip the dance and go rowing on the lake, GO – even if you are wearing your best evening gown’.

Sixteen people helped to create this feature who were chosen for their ‘good minds, lively ideas and mature experience’. Included in the group was popular song writer, a marriage consultant, an air-line stewardess, a police commissioner, a housewife, a banker, a psychologist and a bachelor.

In a section headed ‘How to let him know you’re there’, advice included investing in material items to enhance your looks. Number 43 says, ‘Buy a convertible – men like to ride in them.” Stumble when you walk into a room that’s in. Wear a band aid, people always ask what happened.’

One lady claims her personal favourite was number 40, which instructs single girls to ‘stand in a corner and cry softly’ in the hopes of a man asking what’s wrong.

Number 35 suggested a straightforward tactic: ‘Make a lot of money.

The magazine offers a section captioned ‘Anything Goes’ which shares tricks.

If one struggles to find an eligible bachelor, the writers suggests buying a dog to walk around the park or purposely allow your car break down at strategic locations.

Such as offering to fix a man’s flat tire and riding the airport bus back and forth until you find an worthy prospect.

Additional advice included ‘looking in the census reports for places with the most single men’, reading obituaries to locate desirable widowers.

Becoming a nurse or air-line stewardess and working inside a medical, dental or law school to be in close proximity to educated, wealthy males. In order to seal the deal, the magazine provides guidance under the heading ‘How to land him’. 

The feature prompted a number of responses from Facebook users: ‘In this day and age it looks more like a manual of how to get kidnapped!

So apparently I’m doing a LOT wrong, is that why I don’t have a husband?!’ one woman commented.

Some questioned the legitimacy of the story, while others jokingly claimed they had ‘been doing it wrong for years’.

Thank God for the women’s movement!‘ one user said.

‘Wow – finding a man is not for the faint of heart!‘ another wrote.

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