Cop Fines Mom Breastfeeding Her 3-Week-Old Daughter In Back Of Parked Car

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Driving kids around the hustle and bustle of Manhattan can be a little hectic. Especially for Guillermina Rodriguez of New York who has four children, including a 3-week-old baby girl.

Guillermina was stuck in a nasty traffic jam for almost an hour recently when her infant daughter started crying. She took the first opportunity to pull over and feed her as all she wanted to do was care for her child.

The frantic mom pulled into the first spot she could. Guillermina hopped into the back seat with her daughter and started nursing her, with her car safely parked in a metered parking space in a commercial zone.

A few moments later, Guillermina spotted a police officer and a tow truck outside her SUV. The officer hadn’t spotted her in the back seat and was seconds away from her vehicle being towed away.

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She blew the horn to get the officer’s attention and was relieved when he decided not to tow her car. However, she was surprised when he gave her a ticket.

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Guillermina showed the officer she was breastfeeding her baby as she was confused why he issued her with a ticket.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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