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Boy Loses Eye After Playing With This Common Christmas Toy

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A nine-year-old boy from South Wales was hit in the eye by a pellet from a Nerf toy which has resulted in him having his eye removed.

Taylor-Jay Ravicini was only three years old when he was struck by a toy arrow, which unfortunately resulted in him losing sight in his eye.

Apparently the strike from the Nerf projectile caused unrepairable damage to the organ, where doctors were forced to remove the eye to ensure that he didn’t lose sight in his other one too.

Following complications due to an infection, Taylor was hospitalised for six weeks after the accident.

This terrible incident occurred whilst he was over at a friends house playing under the supervision of his mother. This accident led to the doctors deciding to completely remove the eye replacing it with a false eye.

Stacey, his mother is now raising funds to purchase Taylor a prosthetic eye that will not attract attention of strangers or children at Taylor’s school.

Stacey explains: “I really don’t want people thinking I am a bad mother,

I was there with my three children and everything just happened in a flash,

What are the chances of an accident happening twice in the same eye?

I was downstairs, and I heard a devastating scream and my heart sunk, I couldn’t even go to see him, I sent my partner as I knew something had happened.

Taylor’s eye was full of blood and it was causing a build-up of pressure. Doctors told us that he risked losing sight in both eyes if we didn’t remove the damaged one.”

Referring to the initial incident she continued: “The first time it was a freak accident. I was there with my three children and everything just happened in a flash.

I didn’t know what to do so I called a taxi to A and E.

We were told Taylor had a scratch in his eye but the true extent was revealed when specialist doctors in Bristol confirmed he had been blinded.”

35-year-old Stacey is hoping to raise the money to buy Taylor an improved prosthetic eye when kids at his school began to bully him, even calling to him ‘Popeye’.

She added: “Wherever we go people are staring at him and whispering about his eye. In school he is constantly bullied, and people call him, ‘Popeye’, that really hurts, why should he be treated different?

I am constantly worrying for him and what will happen next, it has just been one big emotional rollercoaster.

I hope people understand how much he needs this prosthetic eye.”

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Four Old Men Out Fishing Begin Chatting About Their Wives ; Moments Later They Are In Tears Laughing

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The conversations involve sports or perhaps even something that they feel is interesting in their lives.

What do men chat about while out fishing together?

However once these four married guys went fishing, the following conversation occurred after an hour or so.

Of course the interesting topic was indeed their wives:

First guy: “You have no idea what I had to do to be able to come out fishing this weekend. I had to promise my wife I will paint every room in the house next weekend.”

Second guy: “That’s nothing! I had to promise my wife I’d build her a new deck for the pool.”

Third guy: “Man, you both have it easy! I had to promise my wife that I’ll remodel the kitchen for her.”

So they continued to fish, until they realized the fourth guy hadn’t said a word.

So they asked him. “You haven’t said anything about what you had to do to be able to come fishing this weekend. What’s the deal?”

Fourth guy: “I just set my alarm for 5:30 am. When it went off, I shut off the clock, gave the wife a nudge and said, “Fishing, or Sex,” and she said, “Wear a sweater.”

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Police warning motorists to wrap aluminium foil around your car keys.

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There is a possibility you can unlock a modern car from a distance, often without doing anything other than approaching it.

The keyless function allows a driver to be able to open the door and central locking system once in close range of the car.

Naturally  with most technology, there are often pitfalls or issues associated with it – and thieves are doing their best to exploit.

As you can understand thefts of cars with this new feature have been increasing, and people are being left exposed.

Below are simple tricks we feel everyone should know about when it comes to protecting your vehicle from a possible predators …

Thieves stealing cars

Firstly, it’s important to understand how the keyless system works. Putting it simply there’s a computer chip inside your key, which has a unique code synced with your car’s security system.

There is another chip located inside your car with the same technology and code. Once the codes match each other, it instructs the car to open the doors.

The majority of keys do require you to be within 30 centimetres of your car making it difficult for people to attempt getting into your car before you do.

Relay transmitters

Let’s take this example, you’ve parked your car in a public lot, thieves can amplify the radio signal from the key. A relatively simple and effective way of stealing cars, one which thieves continue to improve upon.

According to Swedish site Vi Bilägare watch out for those who try survey residential areas in hope of finding cars with this feature.  They can capture the signal from the car key inside the house, with their technology allowing them to unlock the car and take it.

The key is no longer required once the car is started. If there’s sufficient fuel in the tank, it means they can escape the scene of the crime, often before anyone even notices their car is missing.

These stolen cars are then dismantled and re-encoded with new keys later on.

How to stop it happening

German car organization ADAC tested the methods used by thieves when it comes to amplifying the signals from the ignition key. 22 car models from dozens of manufacturers were put through the test, and every single ‘thief’ was able to unlock the car and drive away.

However, by wrapping the key in aluminium foil, a barrier preventing electric signals and radio waves from passing is created.

If the ignition key is wrapped in foil, it’s much harder for thieves to capture the signal and take your car, according to police.

In order to ensure it works, approach your car whilst your key is wrapped in foil and see if your car still opens.

Once the key is sealed, no signal can escape and unlock your car.

Police tips

  • Keep your key stored in a lined box or shroud of foil to prevent your signal being amplified by thieves.
  • If you have two cars, be sure to box your ‘keyless’ car in with the other car.
  • Use a steering wheel lock if you have one. It means the thief has to go through extra effort, and sometimes it’s enough to put them off.

Take a look at the video below for further insight.

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Tiger gives birth to lifeless twin cubs – mother’s instincts kick in and astonishes caretakers.

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One of the most natural and precious moments for any parent in life is giving birth.

In relation to the animal kingdom there are of course, numerous methods which evolution has developed for them to bring babies into the world.

Most of us will be familiar with dogs and cats, for example since we’ve witnessed personally or on TV. However when it comes to animals like tigers it’s an entirely different concept.

Tiger’s habits are extremely fascinating, thankfully a recent video which has surfaced online shows an enormous tiger giving birth to two cubs.

The clip has also proved to be an online sensation, as people get ready to enjoy a breathtaking moment …

The birth occurred at an Australian zoo, where zookeepers monitored the mother for some time.  The Sumatran tiger, called Kaitlyn, can be see delivering two male cubs.

When it comes to these situation a big emphasis is placed on ensuring the mother survives, as well as keeping an eye out for complications that may arise during the process of delivery. In this instance, staff at the zoo’s were keening watching to make sure everything accordingly.

However things got off to a rocky start as the first cub struggled to breathe once it arrived into the world.

Shortly after Kaitlyn delivers her first cub, you can see there’s a thin layer of film around its body. This helps the birthing process as it provides a smoother exit from the mother’s womb. Tiger moms lick the film off within seconds after the birth.

Exhausted Kaitlyn rolls on to her side even though the task isn’t over with just yet. There is one more baby to deliver, although this is proving a little easier.

The second cub was  in fact already kicking his legs before he was completely out of the womb. He breathes perfectly within moments of being delivered.

Two new healthy new cubs were introduced, marking an important step regarding the conservation efforts in place to keep these tigers safe.

Sumatran tigers like Kaitlyn are on the critically endangered list, with their numbers thought to stand between 400 and 600. Although two might not seem like such a significant number, it’s two more that will hopefully go on to breed and produce their own offspring.

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2 boys shovel snow on driveway: then dad spots the man behind them

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One day, Daniel Medina along with his two sons, aged 6 and 10, were on the road in their neighbourhood, when all of a sudden his boys told him to stop the car.

Initially Daniel seemed confused. As it was very cold and snowing out he wondered what it was they could possibly want?

Thats when Daniel caught sight of the man on the sidewalk.

It was evident that the boys had also noticed him. The man was confined to a wheelchair while attempting to shovel snow away.

If you’ve ever shovelled snow before then you’ll know exactly how difficult and exhausting it is. So imagine trying to do it from a wheelchair. The guy appeared to be struggling as he shovelled away heavy heaps of snow.

Daniel’s boys, just 6 and 10, immediately decided to stop and help entirely on their own initiative. Of course their father happily obliged, so they all grabbed shovels and assisted the wheelchair-bound man.

Daniel honestly couldn’t have been any prouder. Despite feeling tired and the freezing cold temperatures outside, they persisted in helping the stranger who was struggling on the street.

They knew the task would be done quicker and faster if they gave him a helping hand, and they continued until the job was complete.

Not everybody has the desire to help people in need, however these young boys didn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand.

Daniel later describes the incident on Facebook while his post received tens of thousands of reactions and tributes to the young boys.

Most people nowadays perceive today’s youth as being spoiled and selfish brats, hence why this image gained viral attention online.

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Police alert for all women: Why you should always have a carabiner hook handy when shopping.

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It’s less than two weeks before Christmas, and the busiest time  of the year for stores. In addition to buying Christmas gifts, grocery shopping, card buying, on top of all your gift wrapping to be ready for the big day.

It’s easy to lose track of you valuables as you get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas as you frantically navigate the store in an attempt to locate those last minute gifts.

The police are aware that it’s prime time for thieves so share this perfect tip to better equip the serious shoppers and prevent these incidents

The perfect opportunity for thieves to pounce is when shoppers are distracted as they are just waiting for you to take your eye off your valuables for a spilt moment,  so they can quickly swipe them.

Police share this simple tick to offer women some peace of mind when you’re shopping. It really is simple protection against thieves

Often while out shopping I rest my bag in the child seat of my cart, totally oblivious to the fact it’s left unattended and one just never knows when it could be swiped.

Something to consider: While out shopping you might invest in a carabiner clip and attach it to the shopping cart or child strap.

If someone attempts to grab your handbag and take off with it then at least this makes it almost impossible for them.

Windham, New Hampshire Police Department shared this smart trick on their Facebook page and it was quickly shared as a great tip and reminder for us to be on our guard during this busy festive time.

If perhaps you don’t use a cart, it would be wise to carry your purse over your shoulder with the bag at the front of your body so its in sight at all times.

Besides closing and securing your purse other recommendations are as follow:

  • Parking in well-lit areas and double-checking you’ve locked the car
  • Hiding shopping bags in your trunk
  • Carrying as little cash as possible and keeping it in your front pocket
  • Shopping during daylight hours with friends or family members
  • Notifying your credit card company immediately if your card is lost or stolen
  • Staying wary of strangers who approach you for any reason
  • Staying alert of your surroundings

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Woman buys blue ornament for $2 from thrift store – then spots something hidden within

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Buying items second-hand is always a gamble. In our consumeristic society, we feel the drive to buy, buy, buy.

But there are plenty of second-hand finds that still have a lot of life to give. They are full of story, of mysterious pasts, and most times those stories go undiscovered. We can only guess at them.

That said, I have read plenty of stories wherein people have purchased old paintings that turn out to be works of a famous artist, or else clocks and cabinets containing hidden compartments filled with valuable gems. Alas, I have no such luck. What I see is what I get.

Priscilla Bailey, a Plymouth, Massachusetts woman, was recently shopping at her local thrift store when she spotted a beautiful blue heart-shaped ornament. She thought it would be perfect in her kitchen window so she bought it. It cost $2.99.

She describes the ornament markings that look like angels or vikings, and she describes it as “really beautiful”.

As it turns out, it’s more than just beautiful, it’s actually really valuable too (at least to one person). After returning home, Bailey took a closer look at the ornament and noticed that there might be something inside.

Once she hung it in a position where it would catch the light, Bailey spotted something moving. So she was determined to examine further and took out a flashlight investigate.

It’s small. The two spots in it are small, the size of a golf ball,” she said. And so it transpired the heart was filled with a powdery substance.

Bailey believes she’s come across someone’s urn, complete with their ashes inside. Kat, her daughter and Bailey are now making it their goal to reunite the heart with its rightful owner.

At first I got spooked, for a second,” Bailey explained. “But then, it’s been in the house all this time — a couple of weeks now — and it needs to find its owner!”

It’s beautiful,” Bartlett added. “It must have a story, so that’s my goal — to find out where and who this belongs to.”

Bailey is hoping that someone will comes forth and claim the urn, although she’s more than happy to keep it on display until that day arrives

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This man sees a pregnant 14-year-old girl out in the cold – her story is heartbreaking

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How often do you encounter a dilemma? One where you have to choose the path that results in the least harm? Perhaps you don’t necessarily care about such things? Thats exactly what this one man displayed that human kindness is the most powerful medicine.

I was on a day trip to Vancouver from Seattle and stopped in for lunch at a little cafe.  I saw a young teenage girl out in the cold from my window, squatting down in a closed up doorway, holding a small bundle in her arms. She was panhandling, people were mostly walking by ignoring her. She just looked totally lost and broken.

I finished up my meal and went outside, searched my wallet and thought I’d give her $5 for some food. As I approached her she was sobbing, she looked like she was only about 14 or 15.

That bundle in her arms was a baby wrapped up. I felt like I just got punched in the chest. She looked up putting on a game face and asked for any change, I asked her if she’s like some lunch. Right next door was a small quick-Trip type grocery store, I got a can of formula for the baby (very young, maybe 2-3 months old.), and took her back to the cafe though I’d just eaten. She was very thankful, got a burger and just inhaled it. Got her some pie and ice cream. She opened up and we talked. She was 15, got pregnant, parents were angry and she was fighting with them. She ran away. She’s been gone almost 1 full year.

I asked her if she’s like to go home and she got silent. I coaxed her, she said her parents wouldn’t want her back. I coaxed further, she admitted she stole 5k in cash from her Dad. Turns out 5k doesn’t last long at all and the streets are tough on a 15 year old. Very tough. She did want to go back, but she was afraid no one wanted her back after what she did.

We talked more, I wanted her to use my phone to call home but she wouldn’t. I told her I’d call and see if her folks wanted to talk to her, she hesitated and gave bad excuses but eventually agreed. She dialled the number and I took the phone, her Mom picked up and I said hello.

Awkwardly introduced myself and said her daughter would like to speak to her, silence, and I heard crying. Gave the phone to the girl and she was just quiet listening to her Mom cry, and then said hello. And she cried. They talked, she gave the phone back to me, I talked to her Mom some more.

I drove her down to the bus station and bought her a bus ticket home. Gave her $100 cash for incidentals, and some formula, diapers, wipes, snacks for the road.

Got to the bus, and she just cried saying thank you over and over. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and a hug, kissed her baby, and she got on the bus.

Her name is Makayla and her baby was Joe.

I get a chistmas card every year from her. She’s 21 now and in college.

I’ve never really told anyone about this. I just feel good knowing I did something good in this world.

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Woman’s post on Facebook goes viral as she ran out of gas after work.

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This woman from Port Arthur, Texas, recently shared a Facebook post which has gone viral.  She explains how she ran out of gas on route home from work, and was left stranded on the of a busy road as trucks and cars passed her by.

She claims many vehicles honked at her as she attempted to push her car down the road. Then everything changed when a group of soldiers and a kindhearted stranger saw her struggling. Have a read of her post below.

Mary Mingo Williams

“I just ran out of gas coming from my job at Savannah and 25th Street the light changed and the car stopped. I got out and started pushing my car nobody stopped to help me trucks passed by me.

People had the nerve to blow their horn at me and they see me pushing this car. I don’t know where they came from but all of a sudden I had almost a platoon of army men they pushed my car literally from motiva Terminal Gate to the Citco station on Gulfway Drive.

Do you understand what I’m saying they pushed my car on their feet. When we got there I asked him can I please take your picture to let people know there are still young men in the world that will stop and offer their assistance to a woman in need. They said yes. At the gas station this man jumped out of his truck pulled $100 bill out of his wallet and offered it to them for them to go get themselves a meal.

They all said at the same time no sir we cannot accept that we were doing what we were raised to do. This same gentleman turned around and put gasoline in my car and told me keep the money that I had in my pocket. Man, when you are or child of God no matter what obstacles are placed in your way the Lord always has a ram in the bush. I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart……”

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