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Husband Is Mad That His Wife Kicked Him Out of Delivery Room

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There is only ever going to be one chance of witnessing your baby being born. Most parents share this special moment together and never forget. However one new father still feels deprived of this experience and resents his wife for it, to this day.

The husband was removed from the delivery room once his wife decided she didn’t want him to “see her like that.” Months later, he’s still feels hurt that he doesn’t even want to have a date night with her, but he has yet to come clean and admit that she devastated him.

The dad explained that right before the birth of his daughter, his wife banished him from the delivery room. The dad-to-be was eagerly awaiting the birth of his daughter.

However, as he explained on Reddit, things didn’t go according to plan. “I was always looking forward to witness her birth,” he wrote.

My wife and I agreed that it would be an exclusive moment between us. We talked about it for months.”But then she had a change of heart. “Just before she was about to deliver, she told me that she didn’t want me there,” he wrote.

Despite his disappointment, she insisted that she didn’t want him to see her “like that.” “I told her it’d be alright, she asked the nurse to kick me out,” he wrote. “She wanted her mother there.” Devastated, the dad ended up missing out on the “most important event in my life,” and felt like there was nothing he could do. “I just cried and sucked it up,” he continued.

Now, his wife wants to go out and take a break from parenting, but he is seriously not in the mood. Despite months having passed, he’s still hurt and doesn’t know if he should tell her why he’s not interested in “date night” anytime soon. 

Many people thought this dad was out of line for “seeking revenge” on his wife for expressing how she felt in the moment. People who commented were divided over whether the man should speak to his wife or keep his feelings to himself.

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Birth is a crazy time,” one person wrote in the comments. “Like you’re pushing a human out of your funny bits. It’s also a medical procedure. A painful, often gross and embarrassing one. And on top of that you have all these hormones.

“Your wife may have changed her decision right there and then. It’s ok for you to feel hurt and disappointed but that’s what you need to talk to her about not wanting to punish her for not letting you be there at a very very difficult time.” While someone else thought that this couple really needed to have a heart-to-heart.

I understand you were upset. I totally get that you would want to be at the birth of your child. You’re not the (expletive) for feeling upset. You are however the (expletive) for not communicating your feelings — it’s been 3 months! Why haven’t you spoken to your wife about this? Why are you letting it fester?” the person asked.

Giving birth is incredibly traumatic, painful, personal, and emotional,” someone else wrote. “It’s her body, and ultimately her decision who gets to see it/be part of it. Obviously you’re entitled to feel hurt that you were excluded, but now you’re taking your feelings out on her without an explanation. That’s pretty childish.”

However other people felt his wife broke her promise and this dad deserved more.

One person commented that they could empathize with where the dad was coming from. “Especially because this is something you guys talked about, and it’s clearly very important to you.””Tell her how you feel about it,” another person advised. “She is allowed to not let you see her vagina despite you being married.”

You need to tell her that this decision has damaged your relationship,” someone else wrote. “It sounds like she already has an inkling and is hoping date nights will fix it. They won’t. Therapy might.

Finally, the dad wrote that he didn’t want to argue about whether he should have been allowed in the delivery room. “She didn’t want me to watch and I didn’t. End of the story. The post is about me telling her the reason for not going on the date,” he explained. 

At present if all his wife wants to get out of the house, he recommends that she go out with her friends instead. “I’ll watch the baby and ask her to go out with her friends for a break,” he wrote.

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Mom Urges Caution After Daughter Dies From Allergic Reaction to Toothpaste

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Following the devastating loss of their 11-year-old daughter, Monique Altamirano and Jose Saldate from California are devastated after their dairy-allergic daughter and sister pased away from a severe allergic reaction.

Her parent’s alway tried to ensure that the environment around their 11-year-old daughter, Denise, was safe. Mainly because of her severe dairy allergy, they took their own food to birthday parties and carefully studied the ingredients on food labels.

They had no idea a tube of toothpaste would prove fatal to the vibrant sixth-grader. Now the California family is speaking out and warning other parents to remain vigilant about a household product that seems safe, but could potentially be dangerous.

On the evening of April 4, Denise was brushing her teeth with a medicated toothpaste – MI Paste One – that had been prescribed by her dentist to strengthen her tooth enamel. Her sister, who was in the bathroom with her, says that Denise immediately began crying and ran to her mother.

She said, ‘I think I’m having an allergic reaction to the toothpaste,’ and her lips were already blue,” Monique explains.

I picked her up and put her on my bed. I ran to the living room, told my daughter,’Call 911!’” while she administered an EpiPen and also gave Denise her asthma inhaler.

She was saying, ‘Mommy, I can’t breathe.’ I was saying, ‘I love you, yes, you can,’” she recalls.

Monique – a former school bus driver – performed CPR until paramedics arrived and took her daughter away in an ambulance. Later that night, Denise passed away at the hospital.

The distraught mother is speaking out to warn other parents to be vigilant and to not become complacent when it comes to vigorously inspecting all products that their children come in contact with.

Read everything. Don’t get comfortable, just because you’ve been managing for several years,“ she cautions. “You can’t get comfortable or be embarrassed or afraid to ask and ensure that ingredients are OK. Be that advocate for your child.”

Monique says they had been reading toothpaste labels since Denise was a little girl and had never seen milk present, and they didn’t think this product was a threat.

What the mother and daughter missed was a small warning on the tube’s label that indicated the presence of the ingredient Recaldent and milk protein. “I did not think to look at the product ingredients,” said Monique. “She was just excited to have her special toothpaste.”

A GoFundMe has been started to honor the little girl, who everyone said was “their best friend.” Her mother said“She was my sunshine, she was the light of my life.”

Denise with her father and two older sisters. [Photo: Facebook]

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Royal Family Releases Brand-New Photos Of Prince Louis To Celebrate His 1st Birthday

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Prince Louis is now officially celebrating his first birthday. The little prince who was born on April 23, 2018, finally turned one.

The royal family announced on September 4, 2017, that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, were expecting their third child.

Once Prince Louis was born, Kensington Palace announced his arrival. Prince George and Princess Charlotte got to visit their new baby brother at the hospital. Where Kate Middleton left the hospital hours after giving birth.

The world was infatuated with Prince Louis, along with members of the press who tried to capture any photos of the baby prince. Royal fans finally got a glimpse of Prince Louis a few weeks after his birth, at home with his big sister, Princess Charlotte.

Now the young prince is a year old! He’s currently the youngest member of the royal family, but he’ll lose that title as soon as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby is born.

Kensington Palace announced his arrival on Instagram, writing:

The bulletin has been placed outside Buckingham Palace formally announcing the birth of the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new son.

The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz. The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.”

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were escorted into the hospital by their dad, Prince William. They were so excited to meet their new baby brother.

Prince William and Kate Middleton posed for photographs as soon as they left the hospital. They waved at the crowds that had gathered and showed off their new little boy.

Prince Louis settled in nicely at home. A few days after he arrived at Kensington Palace, Kate took pictures of him with his big sister, Princess Charlotte.

It was instantly clear that Princess Charlotte loved being a big sister. Even though she was just a toddler herself, she adored having a baby brother around.

In July 2018, a few months after his birth, the royal family attended Prince Louis’ christening. For most people, this was the first time we got to see the little prince’s personality.

In November, Prince Louis posed for more pictures with his family in honor of his grandfather’s 70th birthday.

Like his big brother and big sister, Prince Louis looks very happy. He’s obviously loved by a lot of people.

For Christmas, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released another adorable photo of their family. All three kids look like they’re having a blast, and they’re truly showing off their personalities!

And now they’ve shared some new photos of Prince Louis on his own! The youngest prince is finally 1 year old.

Look at his happy smile and tiny little teeth! He’s just so cute.

It looks like Prince Louis is starting to really move around on his own. According to Kate, he absolutely loves using little wooden walkers (just like his big sister Charlotte).

View this post on Instagram

What an incredibly special surprise the grassroots led #globalsussexbabyshower was last Sunday! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are immensely grateful for the outpouring of love and support in anticipation of the birth of their first child. In lieu of sending gifts, the couple have long planned to encourage members of the public to make donations to select charities for children and parents in need. If you already made a donation, the couple send you their greatest thanks. If you are thinking about it, they ask that you kindly consider the following organisations they’ve selected, which we will highlight here over the next few days: @thelunchboxfund @littlevillagehq @wellchild @baby2baby The Duke and Duchess remain appreciative for your warm wishes and kindness during this especially happy time in their lives! Thank you for sharing the love ❤️

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

Prince Louis is the youngest little royal, but that will all change when Baby Sussex is born. Happy birthday, Prince Louis!

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Public School Boy Boasts About Lavish Lifestyle Then This Happens To His Card On First Date

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If you’ve ever had your card declined, even in the off licence,then you’ll understand how embarrassing it is especially if it happens on a first date.

This particular scenario usually gets people laughing at themselves rather than pity when the card holder. It’s even more hilarious if someone has spent the last hour going on about their expensive lifestyle.

Que Calum, who went for dinner with Lucy on Tuesday night’s episode of First Dates.

The flower seller said he would take ‘whatever’ having been to boarding school and said he spent his days selling flowers in wealthy areas like Notting Hill, ‘chatting up yummy mummies’.

Calum said he was now ready to find a partner for going on romantic getaways to holiday cottages or heading on skiing trips. He also mentioned how he flew in from a salmon fishing trip in Inverness, he was quick to mention his parents’ 85-acre farm after Lucy arrived.

However, once it came to settling the bill, Calum’s card was declined – not once but twice. Calum opened up his phone to transfer some money to his account after it declined while Lucy offered to pay.

When the transaction was declined yet again, Calum tried to explain that he divided his funds across numerous accounts, much to Lucy’s amusement. Perhaps, Lucy’s earlier rejection of his wine choice that pushed him over budget.

Make sure you try out your meal before you appear on Come Dine With Me and make sure you have money in your account before appearing on First Dates… or accept the inevitable public ridicule.

Some people felt sorry for Calum and his predicament, while other people just laughed at him.

One person said: “Shot down in flames there wasn’t he… so posh but has no money.” While another said: “He’s a prat! All mouth and no trousers!!” A third commented: “Bless him! I felt bad for him and she didn’t help!

It appears Calum had the last laugh, as Lucy agreed to see him again… No doubt he’ll enjoy.

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Beautiful Twins, Born With Down’s, Light Up Hearts Across The Globe

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Dan and Julie are happy to share pictures of their sons Charlie and Milo McConnel online, despite some people who might find the whole situation slightly unconventional.

The twins can sometimes be found in pictures or videos,going about their daily lives. Thier normal everyday live can be inspiring for people all over the world. Because the twins were born with Down’s Syndrome, they’ve went viral as they’ve gained a lot of that attention online.

Down’s is a hereditary condition which often leads to slower brain and physical development. Parents often face additional challenges when raising their children, especially as the condition comes with complications. These often include learning difficulties and health complications, heart disorders and poor vision.

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World Down Syndrome Day 2019! . This was our fourth World Down Syndrome Day celebration and I love looking back at how the boys have grown over the years. For the first time, both Charlie and Milo for to run all over the blue field at @boisestateuniversity! No strollers, no walkers. . A huge thank you to our local Down syndrome association for putting on this great party! @tvdsa_insta . Be sure to swipe and check out Spin Doctor Charlie. And I think our first family pyramid was a huge success. Although we may never get the bits of blue turf out of our socks… . #worlddownsyndromeday19 #wdsd19 #boisestatefootball #boisestatebroncos #gobigblue #smurfturf #downsyndromerocks #nothingdownaboutit #rockthe21 @kalechipsnw

A post shared by Charlie And Milo (@chucklesandmeatloaf) on

Dan and Julie have given us a glimpse into the beautiful, much-overlooked side of raising kids who have Down’s. There are number of difficulties involved when you’re raising children with adaptive needs, which are overcome with joys and blessings.

It’s why Julie and Dan aim to change the negative image around Down’s Syndrome; through photos and videos that are filled with joy and hope.

“My hope is to attract families that are receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child because that can be really scary. I hope that people will find us, and see that this is what life can be like,” the twins’ mom shared with reporters.

“It can be fun, it’s full of love, it’s not scary. We have no regrets, and there is so much joy in our lives, and I hope that people will see that.”

Nowadays society is much better adjusted than before when it comes to understanding how Down’s works. Fear of the unknown often leads to doubt about how they might raise a kid with the condition.

People who have Down’s still sometimes need to overcome age-old barriers when it comes to employment, getting hitched, and raising a family.

The McConnels are hoping to create an online space where parents can learn more about what Down’s Syndrome involves. It allows them to make more sense of diagnoses and discover the upsides of the condition.

Like Julie McConnel wrote, when she discovered an online social media network which helped her twins were diagnosed.

“It takes them a little longer to meet milestones, but when they meet goals we celebrate like no other parents alive,” mentioned Julie. “We throw a party and we’re so excited for them when they accomplish those things.”

Milo and Charlie are non-identical twins, although statistically its very rare that both were born with Down’s. The odds of this happening are meant to be one in fourteen million. Julie and Dan are overjoyed now they can offer comfort to other moms and dads going through something similar.

Dan, the twins’ Dad, said: “It’s big to show everyone else that we are here, and there are all these kids in our community, and we hope that they will see us and remember us and that things will continue to change in our communities with lots of acceptance.”

Julie added: “We’re standing on the shoulders of other parents that have paved the way for all these things to happen and it’s an exciting time to have a child with Down syndrome…I want to see them grow up and do whatever they want to do.”

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Woman Loses 10st After Man Throws Burger At Her

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This mother lost 10 stone after an angry driver called her a ‘fat c***’ and threw a burger at her car. In March 2015, 30 year old, Kym Fisher weighed 21st 7lbs and wore a size 24 when she was subjected to the foul-mouthed abuse.

The mother from Basingstoke, Hampshire, was driving with daughter Bea, four, when a van driver almost crashed into her.

Kym tells us: “I was really scared that he was going to smash into us. I was worried he was going to smash into the back seat and hit Bea.

I beeped the horn and the guy just went absolutely ballistic. He wound down his window and threw a burger at the car and was shouting, ‘You’re a fat c***.’

He started really flaring up and ramming into the side of the car. I was really worried because of Bea. It all happened so quickly and escalated so quickly.”

Eventually the police fined the angry man in the van. However the shocking incident acted as the springboard that Kym needed to lose weight and get healthier, along with a few words from her own mam.

Kym has managed to lose 10 stone, shrinking from a size 24 to a size 8 in the last two years. At present she weighs a healthy 11st 7lbs.

Now Kym goes to the gym six times a week and is able to play with her little girl without getting out of breath.

Kym says: “When Bea started walking and running around, I couldn’t run after her. I was out of breath all the time.Things like going to soft play, I physically couldn’t get my bum down things. I couldn’t go down the slide with Bea because my bum was too big.”

My mum was saying, ‘You need to be careful. You need to sort it out and if you want to be around to see your daughter grow up then you need to lose weight.’ I needed that push.

I started to lose weight from home, getting rid of the takeaways and having everything fresh and home-cooked. Then I joined Slimming World in 2017.

I feel amazing in myself. My confidence has shot up so much.

Kym weighed 11st 7lbs until she left home at 19, however while living alone she discovered a life of takeaways and binge drinking – and began to pile on the weight..

By the age of 23, after a lifestyle that involved gorging on fast food and partying with friends, Kym’s weight had shot up to 17st 7lbs. After Bea was born in 2015, Kym’s weight had reached a staggering 21st 7lbs.

Kym said: “When I left home and moved out, I discovered the life of takeaways and drinking and not having to worry about anything. I gained a lot of weight.And when I got pregnant, my eating spiralled out of control. I ate so much it was unreal and I was eating anything and everything.”

Basically I would live at McDonald’s. There’s a drive-thru two minutes from my house so I’d stop for a McDonald’s breakfast then again on the way home from work.

I had about one or two pigs-in-blanket toasties from Costa everyday and I got addicted to Branston Pickle sausage rolls. I ate so many everyday at work that my co-workers were cursing me because they stank.

I didn’t even try to excuse my eating to be honest. I just didn’t care. I wasn’t worried about it and nobody said anything.”

Kym has now put the unhealthy lifestyle behind her, which also has a positive impact on her daughter.

Kym said: “I absolutely love being a better role model for Bea. She always tells me she can’t wait to go to boot camp with me when she’s an adult.

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Grandma Sends Huge Invoice After Her Granddaughter’s Visit

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Grandparents can be a godsend especially when it comes to helping out with our little ones and never ask for anything but love in return. Well everyone except THIS grandma!

Can you imagine sending your child off to visit her grandma only to receive an itemized invoice of expenses upon your child’s return. That’s exactly what happened to one mother who wrote to Ask Amy, a national advice column service, about what to do in this scenario.

Using the pen name “Burned by Grandma,” the mom wrote that she’d sent her mother a $300 check in advance of her daughter’s visit to cover expenses. But what happened next shocked her.

Her own mother sent her an invoice for $475.50—yes, down to the cent—itemizing everything from “the cost of gas to and from the airport to transport her (45 minutes away), train tickets to go to the city to a museum and the cost of the museum admission.”

The writer goes on to explain that she feels hurt, angry and is considering not sending her daughter to spend time with Grandma ever again as its too costly both “financially and emotionally.”

If mom sent $300 to cover the child’s expenses, why did Grandma choose to go over that amount and then bill for extras without running it by her daughter. You can’t assume that you’re going to get reimbursed for costs that you choose to make without consulting the bank.

Last winter, the “Burned by Grandma” grandma lived with her family for four months and paid for nothing. She even got to go on an island vacation with her daughter’s family. How would it have gone over if, after her extended stay, the grandma had been presented with a bill? Well perhaps not.

Ask Amy responded with solid advice that the writer needs to express her concerns directly to her mother.

Is your mother financially insecure? Is she worried about maintaining her own lifestyle in retirement? These are legitimate concerns,” writes Ask Amy. “But is there a legitimate reason she couldn’t stay within the reasonable $300 budget, spending over twice that amount? Is this itemized bill her passive-aggressive way of telling you that she doesn’t actually want to host your daughter for such a long visit?

It seems that Gran is literally asking for petty cash. Sorry, but if money was an issue, pick up the phone and discuss it—don’t send an invoice after the fact.

What sucks most of all in this situation isn’t how hurt the daughter is or how petty the grandma’s invoice was; it’s that a granddaughter’s relationship with her grandmother is reduced to a transaction.

Ask Amy ends by telling the mother that she’ll “simply have to decide whether this relationship between grandmother and granddaughter is one you can afford to foster.”

Image result for Grandma Sends Invoice for Granddaughter's Visit and It's So Petty

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Dying Nurse Claims She Swapped More Than 5,000 Babies ‘for Fun’ — But Is It All a Hoax?

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A shocking story from Zambia has the Internet wondering if it’s all a joke if perhaps we’ve just met the world’s worst maternity ward nurse ever. A nurse named Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa recently claimed to havedeveloped a habit of swapping newly born babies just for fun” while working at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.

However thats just the start of this shocking tale. Elizabeth claims to have terminal cancer and “will be dying soon” — so she want’s to come clean now to ask for forgiveness.

The alleged “swaps” happened over a 12-year span, between 1983 and 1995. This is pretty hard details to hear, as these babies would now be full gown adults.

People reckon the whole thing is a hoax and a desperate plea for attention. The social media outcry gained so much attention loud, the Lusaka Times did a preliminary investigation into the matter on its own.

They found no midwife or nurse by the name of Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa that practiced at that hospital during the years she claimed to have swapped the babies. However if that’s true, why would somebody lie about such a thing?

Mwewa was adamant in her claims, and wanted to leave this world with a clean conscience.

I wish to confess my sins before God and before all the affected people especially those who were giving birth at UTH during my service,” Mwewa explains, “I have found God [and I am] now born again. I have nothing to hide. In the 12 years I worked in the maternity ward at UTH, I swapped close to 5,000 babies.”

There was no proof that the swaps even occurred, which leaves the whole claim feeling a bit dubious. Stories about babies who were switched at birth are rare, but they do occur.

In 2015, two babies in India were accidentally switched at birth in the northeastern state of Assam. Following the discovery of the news it took almost two years to prove via DNA testing, the toddlers were so attached to their families, they reportedly refused to switch.

Another story back in 1998, two baby girls, Rebecca Chittum and Callie Johnson, who were accidentally switched at University of Virginia Hospital three years prior.

Here’s hoping this story is in fact what conspiracy theorists believe: one big hoax. Because if these claims really are true, they’re almost too upsetting to imagine

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Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy celebrates second birthday after surviving 2 heart surgeries

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Jimmy Kimmel’s family had something extra special to celebrate this weekend — his son Billy’s second birthday.

Billy, who turned two on Easter Sunday was born with a congenital heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, and had his first surgery after just three days on this earth.

Jimmy took to social media to not only wish his boy a happy birthday, but to also give thanks to the doctors and nurses who helped save Billy’s life, he hailed surgeon Dr. Vaughn Starnes since the procedure was the longest three hours of his life.

Alongside an adorable picture of Billy holding a carrot (very holiday appropriate!), the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host celebrated his son with the caption, “Happy 2nd birthday to our little #Easter buddy Billy.”

Despite undergoing two heart surgeries in his first year, little Billy showed his fighting spirit and pulled through, much to the delight of everyone closely following his battle.

Kimmel has been open about the challenges the couple has faced with the uncertainty of Billy’s health.

There were secrets we kept from each other that we revealed only after the second surgery,” he said in an interview for the April 2018 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. “The biggest one was that, I think subconsciously, we didn’t want to get too close to the baby because we didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Kimmel publicly revealed his son’s heart defect in an emotional monologue on his late-night show less than two weeks after Billy’s arrival. When Oprah Winfrey asked him if it was scary at first to get so personal while talking about his son, Kimmel said, “I don’t know if it was scary, but it was uncomfortable, and it’s not something I looked forward to. I definitely felt a sense of relief when it was over.”

Jimmy is right to praise all the wonderful medical staff who helped save his son’s life. Thanks to them its people like Billy are able to survive things that would otherwise certainly kill them.

Take a look a the video clip below:

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Arby’s employee spots helpless 97-year-old war veteran, decides to slip in something extra with meal

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A 97-year-old war veteran visits his local Arby’s fast food restaurant and orders the same meal every day. There’s hardly a day that passes where the employees at the fast-food restaurant don’t see the meat lover arrive at the establishment for his “regular” order.

Staff first got to know the World War II veteran Doug when he started to show up at their place of work every day. Once they heard his story and found out more about this war hero, they did something so special, which has touched the hearts of the whole country.

At 97-years-old, World War II veteran Doug know what he likes. He orders his ”regular” meal each day: a roast-beef slider with Swiss and a senior drink… Coke with no ice. Some employees decided they wanted to know more about him since he was such a regular.

The employees took a moment out of their busy lives to sit down ask Doug a few pointed questions: “Hey, Mr. Doug, we just want to know what keeps you coming back to this Arby’s location?”, according to a source.

Doug returned with a comment to reminded the employees how short life can be and the importance of appreciating each thing we have while we are here as it can be ripped from us in a moment.

The struggling war veteran said that the Chandler Arby’s location was “the only place I can get a sandwich or get something or anything else to eat that doesn’t hurt my stomach.”

Because of his stomach problem, Doug orders the same thing every day and sits at the same table to eat it. Employee Travis Coye said: “He has a stomach disorder. This is, unfortunately, the only thing he can eat.”

Another employee, restaurant manager Christina Garnage, explains, “He comes in with a walker, as soon as we see him come to the doors, we try (to) grab the doors for him.”

Christina then added that when she started working at the restaurant about 32 months ago, Doug started making it part of his daily routine shortly thereafter.

Christina said Doug has been visiting the same Arby’s nearly every day for over two years. “He’s gone through a lot being a veteran, coming in, being in a retirement home, but he doesn’t have family,” she said.

Staff decided they wanted to do something for Doug, who risked his life serving his country during World War II, so gave him a $200 gift card. The manager said, “He was shocked, hardly had anything to say,” the manager said.

As Doug doesn’t have his own family support network staff gave him their cell numbers, as well as deliver his favorite meal to his door, if he wasn’t able to make it to the restaurant.

Arby’s decided to give Doug food for life, which will begin once he uses up that gift card. A local eye doctor also stopped by the restaurant to provide Doug with a free exam and glasses.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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