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Flight Steward Refused To Kiss Girlfriend In Front Of Men; Then All Hell Broke Loose

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This horrifying picture shows a flight attendant and her girlfriend covered in blood after a gang of men savagely attacked them when they refused to kiss.

28 year old, Melania Geymonat, 28, from Uruguay, was left with a suspected broken nose following the disgusting attack while her American girlfriend Chris was also beaten up during the bus ride home after a night out.

While they were on the top floor of a double decker bus, Melania says the couple were approached by a group of men, one who spoke Spanish, and the rest British. The men made sexual gestures and demanded they kiss each other in front of them.

When the pair refused, the gang of men began to throw coins at them, and then attacked them, subjecting them to a horrific attack that left them bleeding and bruised.

Speaking to Uruguayan site, Montevideo Portal, Melania said: She said: “They wanted us to kiss so they could watch us.

“I tried to defuse the situation as I’m not a confrontational person, telling them to please leave us alone as Chris wasn’t feeling well.”

“The next thing I remember was Chris in the middle of them and they were beating her.

“I didn’t think about it and went in. I was pulling her back and trying to defend her so they started beating me up.

“I don’t even know if I was knocked unconscious. I felt blood, I was bleeding all over my clothes and all over the floor.

“We went downstairs and the police were there.”

“It’s not something isolated, it’s common. We were seen as entertainment, that’s what makes me so angry.”

Melania, who moved to the UK in February and is on a year’s sabbatical from her medical studies, says she felt safe as a gay woman in London and was stunned by the attack.

After they had attacked the women, the men stole their belongings too. She said: “I do not remember when the bus stopped or who called the police.”

She released the picture to raise awareness of violence against women and gay people.

What prompted me the most to tell the story is the violence against women that I perceive, not only here in Europe, but also in Uruguay,” Melania added.

Melania said: “What upsets me the most is that violence has become a common thing, that sometimes it’s necessary to see a woman bleeding after having been punched to feel some kind of impact.

I’m tired of being taken as a sexual object, of finding out these situations are usual, of gay friends who were beaten up just because.

Hopefully the men responsible are brought to justice and the girls will recover fully following this incident.

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Toddler and father have an adorable ‘conversation’ watching television

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One toddler has his own thoughts and opinions and is ready to share them all.
In an adorable video posted to Facebook on Tuesday, 18-month-old Kingston engages in a full-blown ‘conversation’ with his father as the two kick back and watch television.

The heartwarming exchange is filmed by mom Shanieke Pryor, from Clarksville, Tennessee, who jokingly admonishes both for being so forthright with each other.

Watch the video here:

‘Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad,’ says Shanieke Pryor, in the video that has been viewed more than 11million times online.

Kingston talks away as his father – Deztin Pryor – acts as if the two are engaged in an actual discussion about the show they are watching.

The 26-year-old stand-up comedian, who also goes by the name DJ Pryor, asks: ‘Did you understand it though?’
And little Kingston appears to declare that he does not.
The two continue going back and forth, with Deztin commenting that they are watching the ‘grand finale’ of a show.
‘That’s what I was wondering because I don’t know what they are going to do next season because they did some stuff this time,’ Deztin states as Kingston keeps chatting.

Kingston gets more animated but Deztin quickly matches the moment and the two appear to be riled up over the show they are watching.
‘Like go somewhere else with that but don’t bring that over here,’ the father asserts.

Kingston babbles on as if he understands what Deztin is saying to him.
‘We think a lot alike,’ Deztin asks as Kingston laughs. The father can’t help but smile at the camera as his son continues with the goofy antics.
The clip ends with the two continuing on with their cute discussion.

Parents Pull Their Kids Out Of Girl’s Class Over Her Appearance Before Mom Schools Her Bullies

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Bailey Pretak was born with with a rare genetic condition called lamellar ichthyosis, which makes her skin crack and shed.

This painful and uncomfortable condition prevents her skin from separating cells at a normal rate, which causes a dry and scaly appearance to the outer layer.

Early on Bailey’s family discovered that if they didn’t exfoliate and moisturise her skin each day, it would peel causing pain all over her body.

 While growing up Bailey suffered nasty comments due to strangers' misconceptions about the appearance of her skin

So the daily rigorous treatment regime where Bailey had to maintain herself as she got older and more independent. Naturally growing up, the emotional ramifications of Bailey’s skin condition were just as painful.

As a child she was bullied relentlessly as others called her names like “Scaly Bailey” and “The Contagious Girl.” While attending kindergarten other parents would call the principal requesting for their children to be removed from Bailey’s class. Some students wouldn’t touch the same things she touched.

Bailey would hide behind her incredibly protective mother, Tracie.

“Even if it was a child, I would get right down on their level and stare right back so they would see what it would feel like,” Tracie explains.

In an attempt to combat the judgement Tracie decided to change the way she reacted to rude people as that’s what impacted Bailey’s sense of self.

 Bailey Pretak, 30, from Pennsylvania, was born with lamellar ichthyosis – which means her skin constantly cracks and sheds

Bailey is now trying to educate people about ichthyosis and raise funds for the charity FIRST – Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types. Now aged 31 she turned her life around in the most unexpected way.

Take a look at her inspiring story in the the video below:

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Man ignores bite from ‘baby’ rattlesnake until this happens his finger

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Some people might feel that a bite from a rattlesnake isn’t really a big deal.

However it was a huge issue for this gardener who ignored a rattlesnake bite while doing yard work that almost cost him a finger. Austin McGee said he’d never encountered the venomous creatures prior to last week’s encounter at his home in Franklin, Tennessee.

While picking up metal something bit him, but said the jab felt no more painful than a sting, so decided to ignore it. However McGee’s finger became swollen within days where he suffered a severe infection that he almost lost his finger.

McGee explains ‘It was just kind of a freak accident. Doctors drained McGee’s finger of blood, and say he should now make a full recovery (Picture: Fox17) ‘I honestly never thought that a rattlesnake bike wasn’t that big of a deal. ‘It progressively kept getting worse and then they popped it and it went back down and then the skin around it kept coming off. ‘It was like a throbbing, it was beating with my heart every time.’

Doctors believe McGee was bitten by a baby timber rattlesnake, they treated his wound by draining the blood that had filled his finger.

Bitten by rattlesnake

McGee says his experience should serve as a cautionary tale to others to take snake bites seriously urging others to seek treatment immediately if bitten by a snake.

He explained: ‘Just watch out, watch your step, and don’t pick stuff up unless you kick around it and look around it.’

Doctors drained McGee's finger of blood, and say he should now make a full recovery

Rattlesnake bites are highly venomous, but 99% of people bitten will make a full recovery if given anti venom within two hours of being attacked. messenger

McGee says his experience should serve as a cautionary tale to others to take snake bites seriously

His friend Dalton Dorris, who uploaded the pictures to Facebook, wrote: “I figured I would share with you guys the result of getting bitten in the finger by a baby rattlesnake. The doctors say he will keep his finger and it will be back to normal in 6-8 months.

“Keep this in mind next time you are in the woods. I know I have changed my mindset on not taking them seriously after seeing this. And no, he was not messing with it. He was picking up some metal and the snake was under the metal. He never knew it was there.”

Austin Mcgee

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Mom And Disabled Husband Find Horrible Note On Their Windshield At Olive Garden

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Kionna Montazeri had just gone out for a family meal at Olive Garden with her eight-year-old daughter and her disabled husband with her. After a lovely time together they encountered a horrible experience once they returned to their car.

They noticed a yellow note on the windshield as they approached the cat. It was clearly written by somebody who was judgmental and extremely rude. It appears the person assumed that nobody in the parking spot was disabled.

The comment they left on the windshield was uncalled for. They were accusing the family of taking advantage of the disabled parking spot. The note read, “Disabled? No. Just your big fat asses.”

Obviously, the person who wrote it has no idea that some disabilities are not easy to see.

Kionna and Dusty didn’t want their 8-year-old daughter to see the note so they grabbed it quickly but she had already seen it. She wondered why a stranger would leave such a nasty note on their car.

The mother decided to post it online hence why it went viral.

To the person/persons that left this note on my car at the Olive Garden on Memorial in OKC today, I’d like to say thank you!”

Your misguided and uninformed attempt to shame me and my family provided an opportunity to teach my 8 year old daughter a lesson. Upon seeing this note, she said ‘Mom, why would someone do that? They don’t even know us.’

“This coming from a little girl who’s daddy will never get to walk her down the aisle, because, he is in fact disabled. So we explained to her that some people just have hate in their hearts. We further explained how your actions can deeply affect others around you, and how she should always be conscious of others feelings.

I explained that she was right. These people didn’t know us. They didn’t know that my husband has Muscular Dystrophy and has struggled with it his entire life.

They didn’t know that even though his doctors advised him to go into a wheelchair years ago, he refused, and instead, remained on his own two feet until he finally fell for the last time, blowing out both knees and breaking an ankle.

They didn’t understand that we’ve spent the last 2 years learning to adjust to a life in which he can’t even stand up to get in and out of a car.

They didn’t see that I’ve torn my rotator cuff lifting on him to assist him in his transitions. They have no idea that he already lives in constant pain, and that their hurtful words would only add to that. They didn’t know that the reason that he has a belly is because there are no stomach muscles left to hold everything in tight.

They didn’t know that our 8 year old already struggles to understand why her daddy can’t run and play with her the way other daddies do. They just didn’t know. And because they didn’t know, they allowed the hate in their hearts to get the better of them.

“So again, I’d just like to say Thank You.

“Your ignorance provided a wonderful opportunity for me and my husband, who have struggled and survived and come out stronger in the last couple of years, to not only teach our daughter a valuable lesson, but provided another opportunity for us to overcome and to be thankful for the blessings that continue to come our way!”

Kionna posted the comments on Facebook in hopes that the person who left the note will someday read it. Perhaps they might reconsider doing something as harsh in the future.

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Mom Goes From Worried To Mortified After Finding Dark Brown Spot In Baby’s Mouth

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The majority of parents have a constant concern about looking after their children’s health.

Darian Depreta was playing with her baby daughter, Bella, when she first noticed the huge circular mark. She tried to wipe it off but then took Bella to the doctors to find out what it was.

This mother became instantly concerned when she discovered an unusually large black mark on the roof of her baby’s mouth.

However, when Bella was examined by the GP he couldn’t find a cause for the mark, so he assumption that it was probably just a birthmark. Darian wasn’t satisfied with the doctor’s response.

Darian stated, “I’m now being told that my daughter will be set up with 2 specialists.”

After insisting that the spot on the roof of Bella’s mouth wasn’t a birthmark, the GP eventually decided to take a second look at the medical mystery.

I point out it looks a little white on the side and she really gets in there trying to scrape it,” Darian said.

That’s when the mystery of the spot was solved, as it turned out to be a piece of cardboard box.

Although she felt relieved from worry, the mom of two was still embarrassed to be told by doctors that Bella had a chunk of cardboard stuck to the roof of her mouth after chewing on a box.

Darian added, “I can never show my face in that office again. I cried/laughed for a solid 5 minutes straight.”

She expressed the mix of emotions that she felt during the unlikely ordeal in a Facebook post.

“Darian wrote, “Yes she could have choked on it and I’m thanking God she did not. The only reason it was posted was because after crying, panicking, and trying to figure out what it was (the doctors didn’t even know), she was ok.”

Darian also added, “The laugh was the storm of it all. And I don’t ‘let’ my baby chew on cardboard. She’s teething and tries to chew on EVERYTHING.”

Darian then followed up further with, “She just so happened to find a box while I was loading the dishwasher, which I of course took off of her right away. I just didn’t realize a piece got stuck up there. I checker her mouth for small pieces right away.”

The dangers of teething children is something that any parent can understand, no matter how well one might keep an eye on them. Sounds like Darien did her best just like any other parent. Hopefully, little Bella won’t find any more cardboard boxes.

What do you think of this story? Have you had to deal with teething children? What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in your child’s mouth?

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Husband slaps his wife at the alter after she joked with him; but it was all caught on video

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Before she knew it she was smacked across the face and everybody was shocked!

A video has emerged of an arranged marriage in a foreign country. The video shows the bride doing one of their marriage traditions where she puts the wedding cake inside her grooms mouth.

He first puts the cake inside her mouth and you can see the anger on his face at this moment.

She decides to have some fun and just pulls the cake away from his mouth. Before she could even do anything his reaction was something you would not see at a typical wedding and guests look disgusted.

You can watch the video here:

I am very surprised the guests did not step up and try to do something. Domestic abuse is something very serious and if people are allowing something like this to happen at a wedding then can you imagine what will happen at home?

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Man Walks Pit Bull Without Leash, Then Hears Young Boy Scream

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If there’s one breed of dog that is the most misunderstood and faces the most unfair prejudice, it’s the pit bull. Despite research that proves to the contrary, many pit bulls are considered dangerous and many are abandoned and abused as a result.

Those who do own pit bulls know the breed to be sweet, loyal, and loving and to be great with children and want to alter misunderstandings about the breed. One such owner is Shelby Rae English and his sister, Stacie.

Hurley is a pit bull and Labrador mix that belongs to Shelby, and the pup turned out to be quite the hero when he broke out of his leash during his walk with Shelby. Why had he done this? He’d heard a scream and was running to the rescue.

The dog ran towards the source of the cry and spotted a young boy being attacked by a copperhead snake, a venomous reptile with a deadly bite. Hurley leaped for the snake and tugged it off of the child, then shook it viciously and flung it around, effectively killing it. The young boy was immediately scooped up by his mother and they drove off, presumably rushing to the ER.

In the process, Hurley was bitten too, but Shelby didn’t notice this until animal control showed up and wanted to take a look at the pup. His neck was swollen, and his upper lip had been punctured by strong bites. He was beginning to foam at the mouth as well. Thankfully, Hurley was rushed to the Denton Animal Emergency Hospital and survived.

Stacie later shared this story on Facebook, where it went viral, in an effort to spread awareness about the selflessness of this misunderstood breed. Hurley sure is a big hero!

Share away, people.

Outrage As Teacher Gives Autistic Teen Award For ‘Most Annoying’ Student

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Rick Castejon, revealed that his son had been presented with the award at a ceremony attended by his teachers and classmates at Bailly Preparatory Academy in Gary.

The award ceremony was also attended by the school’s principal, Carlita Royal. He was given a trophy, which was inscribed: “Bailly Preparatory Academy 2018-2019 Most Annoying Male.”

The 11-year-old told his father that he did not want to kick up a fuss after being presented with the award at the time, so he left it on the table, but he was then told by one of the teachers not to leave it behind.

The dad claimed the educator tried to play off the situation as a joke, which he found insensitive to his son’s special need

Castejon said that his son, who is nonverbal, often rocks back and forth because of his autism – a condition which is school is more than aware of, having contacted him about his behavior numerous times.

They called me all the time if he didn’t want to work, would cry or would have a breakdown,” Castejon said.

School officials confirmed they met with the family and disciplinary action would be taken against any faculty involved in the incident, the outlet reported. Subsequently they have apologised for issuing the pupil with the award and said in a statement that “an apology was extended on behalf of the district to the family and disciplinary action was taken against personnel involved.”

We were blindsided. We just weren’t expecting it,” Castejon said. “As a principal or teacher, you should never let this happen to any student.”


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Mom wrongly believes her 3-year-old son got stung by wasp, then his little body turns blue

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Most of us love a beautiful, warm summer with good times. Having a lovely meal outdoors, going to a lake or forest, long walks on a beach… life doesn’t get much better than that!

But sadly, with all that extra time spent outdoors, summer does comes with certain risks — a fact that 3-year-old Kristoffer Nordgarden painfully experienced first-hand.

Elisabeth Nordgarden is the mother of an energetic little boy named Kristoffer. Like the most of other children his age, Kristoffer loves being outdoors.

From picnics to games, children love being outdoors, where they can run and play freely. But, there can be danger lurking in your own backyard.

With summer comes a lot more barefoot time too, increasing the risk of injury through accidentally stepping over something sharp… or even wildlife.

But when 3-year-old Kristoffer ran to his mother Elisabeth Nordgarden one day, tears running down his face, she initially didn’t think it was anything too serious. She never imagined that she was about to face one of the most dramatic events that she had ever experienced.

”Me and the boys were visiting my grandparents,” Elisabeth said.”Then Kristoffer began to cry a little and climbed onto my lap. We thought he had been stung by a wasp or scratched himself on a branch.”

Nordgarden could never have imagined that that weekend would end up being one of the most dramatic she’d ever lived.

After 15 minutes, Kristoffer’s foot started to swell and turn blue. He had stepped on something alright, and it was wildlife too — but it was much worse than a wasp. She’d soon realize he hadn’t been stung, but rather, bitten.

“The ambulance and helicopter arrived quickly. They kept saying it was a viper snake bite and we were transported to a hospital,” says Elisabeth.

Kristoffer promptly got an antidote and thankfully started to show signs of recovery. His vital signs were ok, but suddenly, he got worse. Much worse. It turned out that the boy had internal bleeding in his intestine.

Doctors measured Kristoffer’s blood value and found it at 5 (11 is the standard). The boy had also quickly lost weight — he’d gone from 44 pounds down to 33.

Soon, the mother understood how serious the situation was, and that’s when she really began to worry. Every body’s response to a viper snake bite can be different, kids are typically most vulnerable and at risk for deadly reactions.

It’s important to remain calm and if ever bitten by a viper snake, emergency room doctor Harry Achterberg said. This goes for all venomous snakes, not just vipers, so know which ones are prevalent where you live.

During cooler months, vipers’ metabolisms are lower and they remain hidden, but as the sun comes out and warmer temperatures fill the air, so do the venomous creatures.

Vipers are much more active in the summer. More people are also out in nature, and therefore there are greater chances of encountering one,” Petter Bøchman said.

It is therefore wise to wear shoes or boots when you are outdoors in any are where vipers might be present.“More respect for vipers”. After one and a half weeks at the hospital, Kristoffer finally recovered and was able to go home. He survived, but the days were extremely difficult.

Apart from everything, the 3-year-old seems to have taken the horrific experience well.

He began playing the day he went home. Elisabeth, says that she will certainly be more careful in the future.“I have much more respect for vipers now and I will ensure that my kids are wear boots when they go out in areas with high grass in the future,” she says.

One should always be respectful of wild animals and in this weather, it’s wise to be extra cautious with vipers. Prevention is the best way to make sure your own wellbeing as well as that of your loved ones.

Know that during cooler months, snakes tend to hide more, but when it’s warm, they could be anywhere, enjoying the sun’s rays just like you. So, it doesn’t hurt to take a quick look around the yard before letting the kids run loose.

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