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Father from Ohio fires back after experts taunt him for daughter’s ‘cruel’ and terrible punishment

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At some stage, you will need to take action and have a chat with your child about this. 39-year-old father, Matt Cox, from Swanton, Ohio, was unhappy with his 10-year-old daughter Kirsten when she got kicked off the bus for the second time in a short space of time.

We would like to think that our children are angels, sadly we often find out that this isn’t always the case. If you have just found out or suspect your child has been bullying others, it may be a shock and you could feel confused on what steps to take.

He was informed that his ten-year-old daughter had been bullying another student and that bullying was so bad she was suspended from the school bus for three days.Her excuse only made matters worse – that’s when the dad decided to teach his daughter a lesson.


Kirsten was kicked off the bus for namecalling and blocking another student from getting off the bus, according to Daily Mail.

This was the second time his daughter had gotten in trouble for bullying students on the bus.When Kirsten got home and handed her dad the bus suspension.It wasnt long before Matt realized she had an entitlement issue in addition to being a bully.

Kirsten nonchalantly told her dad that he would have to take her to school while she was suspended from the bus. “I realized she took privilege in riding the bus or car rides to and from school as a right and not a privilege,” Matt said.

But, instead Matt decided that for three days he would force his daughter walk the five miles to school. Dad Matt sat in the car and drove slowly behind his daughter to make sure she was safe.

Today, my beautiful daughter is going to walk 5 miles to school in 36-degree weather,” Matt Cox says.

”I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this, but that is all right. Because I am doing what I feel is right to teach my daughter a lesson and stop her from bullying.”

But since the video emerged, parenting experts have weighed in on Cox’s punishment.Many weren’t impressed with his punishment at all, calling it ‘public humiliation’. While Matt got a much support from other parents, many think he went too far. Parenting advocate, Sue Scheff, explains:

‘The internet can be so unforgiving, and your child will watch it over and over again online. It’s like salt in an emotional wound, and the sting can take a long time to heal – especially when it’s a parent that did the shaming.”

“What are you trying to prove?” Parents on Facebook condemned the father and accused him of being the bully:

“Matt, do yourself and your daughter a big favor, seek counseling from a qualified family psychologist/psychiatrist who understands bullying as well as the adverse impact/implications when one goes ‘public’ on social media in a big way about their child,” one Facebook user wrote.

What are you trying to prove?” Dr. Laura Markham, a parenting expert and the author of “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids,” asked.

But, Matt Cox is still standing firm, adamant that parents should hold their children accountable for their actions. If he had to do it all over again Cox says he ‘wouldn’t do one thing differently’.

”Am I a bully for making my daughter walk to school? No me holding my child accountable for her own actions and giving her a punishment does not mean I am a bully.

”It means I am a being a parent, a father trying to teach his daughter that life has consequences for our actions and that we have to be accountable for them.

”Im a dad trying to teacher his daughter it’s not ok to be mean to others because words and actions can have life long effects and sometimes life-ending effects on others.

”Lastly I’m a father trying to teach his daughter not everything is just a right there are a lot of privileges in life and that we need to be grateful for them. None of that makes me a bully,’ he added.


In the end, Kirsten didn’t walk all 5 miles in one morning. After completing about a mile and a half, Matt realized she would be late for school if they continued, so he had her get in his truck.

The next morning, they picked up where they left off. In all, the 5-mile trip was divided into the three days Kirsten was suspended.Matt is now hoping that other parents will do the same since, according to the dad, the punishment had the desired effect.

Kirsten now picks up on bad behaviour she sees on TV and tells her dad: “That’s bullying that’s going to hurt somebody’s feelings,” Matt revealed. Kirsten has also apologized to the other student involved.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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Texas teen complains of stomach ache at school – dies just two hours later

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It’s every parent’s nightmare, to send their children to school and have something happen to them unexpectedly .Parents of 17-year-old Josh Gray, who went to the nurse’s office after experiencing a stomach ache at Dawson High School in Pearland, Texas.

Only two hours later, who was an active, healthy young man, was dead …When 17-year-old Josh Gray began to develop a stomach ache that left him feeling unwell at school, he did the responsible thing and headed straight for the school nurse.

Tragically, just two hours later he was dead. Doctors say the artery running to Josh’s pancreas ruptured, with his pancreas following suit shortly after. The bleeding couldn’t be stemmed or stopped in the aftermath, and the teen died.

He went from going to school yesterday morning — normal day, happy — to having a stomach ache, to within two hours not being with us anymore,”Josh’s mother, Laurie Gray, , told KHOU.

Before his untimely death, Josh was planning on a mission trip. In the wake of the tragedy, however, his friends planned to participate in his memory. “Josh loved everyone for who they were,” said his friend Austin Hurst.

I’m loud and obnoxious; he loved that about me. I mean, he loved all of us for exactly who we were. And that was the best part about being with Josh; you could be you.

Josh’s loved ones, meanwhile, have set up a GoFundMe Page to help cover the expenses of his sudden death. Part of their fundraising will go towards finding and curing rare underlying diseases. The page in question has already managed to raise in excess of $35,000.

  The page reads: “It is with a heavy heart and in complete shock that the friends and family of Josh try and process his passing. The Gray family is always the first to intercede and offer support the second someone they love is in need. Well, now it’s our turn.” “While there is nothing that anyone can say or do to make this hurt any less, we would like to open this account for people to give anything they can so that this family has one less thing to think about during this time.”

The abrupt loss of Josh has no doubt, hugely affected his family and companions, and all we can do to pray for them at this most troublesome of times. In the case of nothing else, let his passing be a reminder to all that life is short and unpredictable.

Live each day as if it might be your last. You never know when you might not get another chance. You never know what could happen.

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Single social worker lives quiet life, only to pass away and rattle community with truth he’d kept

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A large portion of us can have a perception about people when we see them. You know the ones; those individuals that you never truly discover much about, who mind their own business.

In spite of the fact that Alan Naiman was a social worker –  a job that includes meeting various individuals – outside of work he rathered his own company.

He never married or had kids.The few people who did know him were nevertheless still unaware of the big secret he managed to keep unknown for decades.

The few people who did know Alan noticed he was very conservative with his money, choosing to mend his shoes with duct tape,instead of buying new ones, always looking for the best deals at grocery stores and dining out at fast food restaurants in place of costlier alternatives.

It wasn’t until after Alan’s death that everyone understood why he had lived such a sensible life.

Alan Naiman

According to CTV News, Alan worked as a social worker and earned an annual salary of $67,234. But he also took on many side jobs to earn extra cash, investing his money wisely and inheriting money when his parents passed. Sometimes he held down three jobs at the same time.

The social worker from Washington state saw firsthand how tough life was for many children but he also grew up with an older brother who had a developmental disability, and devoted his life to helping his brother.

Alan rarely spoke about his brother, and people didn’t know that he was a foster parent years ago. It wasn’t until Alan’s brother died in 2013 that he decided to treat himself to a sports car.

Alan Naiman

When Alan died in December 2018 from cancer, his great secret was revealed: in his will, Alan had left $11 m to children’s charities.

He also made clear how much each charity would get with $2.5 million going to the Pediatric Interim Care Center which helps those babies born to mothers who abuse drugs. He also left money to the Tree house foster care organization.

Most of the organizations he left money to had no personal relationship with Alan including the Pediatric Interim Care Center. Alan had called the organization once a few years before because he needed help placing a child but those in charge had never met him.

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98-yr-old grandma keeps ‘falling out of wheelchair’, so daughter installs camera to see if nurses are lying

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Once we become too old to do things for ourselves we rely on the goodwill of others, who will taken care and look after us. That’s the case for most elderly people, who are surrounded by loved ones whose job it is to be kind and compassionate.

Unfortunately, there are certain people who will neglect and sometimes even abuse those incapable of defending themselves.

Minnie Graham spent the last years of her life in a nursing home in Garland, Texas. One day, the beloved 98-year-old great-great-grandmother began telling her family that the staff was mistreating her. She claimed one female hospice worker assigned to her was especially cruel.

98-year-old great, great grandmother Minnie told her family that staff at the Garland hospice had been mistreating her. She accused one worker of being particularly cruel, though it was difficult for her to get across the severity of things since she was so old.

When her family put the question to the hospice workers charged with caring for Minnie, they denied the claims out of hand.

The hospice workers told Minnie’s concerned loved ones that she’d fallen out of her wheelchair, hence the strange and sudden bruising. Her granddaughters, however, didn’t believe them. Instead they suspected foul play, and so took it upon themselves to investigate further.

They decided to take a proactive approach by setting up a clock in her room rigged with a hidden camera set up in Minnie’s room. They waited, they recorded, and they watched. What they discovered horrified them.

It transpires that Minnie was in fact being tormented and abused at the home, which couldn’t be overlooked. One carer swore and ridiculed Minnie, whilst spraying water in her face and forced a cloth into her mouth was had been used to wash her body.

Luckily, Minnie’s family were able to uncover the horrible truth before she passed away.

Nobody deserves this sort of treatment, particularly someone weak and vulnerable. This story should teach us to always remain vigilant, and to trust your gut feeling.

Take a look at the video below for the full story:

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PHOTOS: Son left speechless by dad’s “activities” at mom’s grave

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When we grow older, we are often forced to say farewell to the people we love. Dying is an inevitable part of life, people are left to live alone, without their life partners, but that doesn’t mean things have to be sad.

Roger Reissig of Montgomery, Texas, loves his father Jake but he knows how much his dad misses his mother. She passed away leaving his dad alone.
Jake still wishes she was alive but unfortunately nothing can bring her back.

However Jake does the best he can to visit her grave twice a day. Every morning he does much more than just visiting her grave, as the 86-year-old goes to mass. When church is over, he meets one of his nine children for coffee. He then returns home, heads out to his garden and clips off a single rose.

Then he heads off to the cemetery to visit the plot of his wife Elizabeth of 65 years to leave her the rose. Jack’s son, Roger always felt he knew what his dad was up to with his routine.

However, it became obvious when he visited the cemetery himself, what was going on exactly. Once he discovered what else had been occurring that’s when Roger began to take some pictures.

During the summer, there was a severe drought in Texas, Jake was worried the grass surrounding Elizabeth’s plot would dry up.

He started to hose the grass around her grave twice a day when it started to turn crispy and brown. Roger wanted to share his father actions with the world so he wrote a post on Facebook.

Dad goes out to the grave to visit her twice a day. He has a routine where he clips some roses from his rose garden at home and delivers them to Mom. Then, he hooks up a hose and waters her grass twice daily,” Robert explained, detailing his father’s amazing act of love toward his beloved wife.

The grave was one of the only ones getting watered, so it stood out from the rest.

One day, as Jake was watering the grass, he noticed a young woman kneeling down and crying. So he walked over to comfort her only to discover that her husband had been a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force; whom she had lost back in 2010.

Jake decided to add another task to his daily routine as that woman walked away. He was going to water the graveside of the fallen soldier, Joseph Villasenor. The selfless thing his father was doing to show his gratitude to a fallen soldier for his sacrifice. His son Roger explained “Dad decided to Honor this soldier and start watering his grass along with Moms daily.”

So his father was loyal to his word, as Roger points out, “He does it every day. He said it is the least he can do for him after all that he sacrificed for us. You can see his green grass in the pictures down from Moms.”

When the Villasenor’s family members visited the grave the next time they just couldn’t believe their eyes.

They thought it was a miracle,” Roger said. When Villasenor’s parents visited his grave and spotted Reissig standing there, they immediately hugged him.

Roger declared in his Facebook post before concluding, “Very thankful for this young Man’s service and very proud of my Dad and what he does to Honor him, Love you, Dad!

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Teacher forces 8-year-old to pee in class, then makes him wear trash bag over soiled clothes

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Teachers have an undeniably huge responsibility with regards to children, parents and society in general. This profession can be demanding especially when trying to find the balance between discipline and compassion in the classroom. However this story demonstrate how things just go too far.

A Los Angeles family is outraged when their son came home with this unbelievable story. The 8-year-old Manhattan Place Elementary School student informed his mother that he was forced to urinate into a trash can in his classroom, meaning he had to expose himself in front of all his classmates.

As a result of the humiliating situation, the innocent boy soiled himself in the process and was forced to cover himself in a plastic garbage bag. His mother Sonia Mongol said through tears, “My child did not deserve this — no child deserves to be treated this way.”

Apparently her son had asked his teacher if he could use the boy’s room multiple times, but his teacher continued to decline his request. When the boy claimed he wasn’t able to wait any longer, the teacher told him to pee into the classroom’s garbage can, which was located at the front of the class.

Why would you make a child expose himself in front of the classroom, and then put a garbage bag over him when he comes to you for help? Why would you treat a child that way?” mother Sonia said.

The boy’s parents were not made aware of the situation as he was forced to remain covered in trash bags for the rest of the school day.

Retired teacher Latricia Mitchell supports the Mongol family as she explains that teachers do often apply strict rules when it comes to using the bathroom. Simply because children make multiple toilet requests regularly to get out of the classroom.

However there comes a time when teachers need to use their better judgment. “Sometimes we don’t allow the children to go to the bathroom because they go all the time,” she said. “But after they ask you twice, you should realize that something is going on.”

Sonia says her son is now the target of bullying from other children as a result of the situation. She fears he will suffer for a prolonged period of time. The incident is being investigated by the school and local authorities.

Have a look at the video below for more details on the story:

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Woman overhears veteran at another booth, immediately calls manager over

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Cailey Marie Sparks from Georgia took her mother out to eat at Texas Roadhouse in Savannah. All of a sudden her attention became fixated on a veteran at a nearby booth. She watched this lonely man as she couldn’t help notice what was going on at his table and the reaction of people as they walked by.

But when Cailey decided to do something she got a surprising answer in return. One evening she noticed that a veteran with long gray hair and a scruffy beard was sitting at the outside patio. Seemingly, the gentleman was waiting to be seated in the restaurant.

The patches on the vet’s jacket stood out to her, showed that this proud patriot had seen a lot in his day, while he defending our country.
Cailey was impressed with this stranger’s sacrifice for their country – but other patrons not so much. The veteran was friendly to everybody that walked by him in the restaurant.

Not a single customer went in the restaurant that he didn’t greet by saying, “Hi, how are you all tonight?” or left without hearing. Bye, I hope you have a good night.”

This former military man treated everyone as his friend even though he didn’t get it in return. Sparks described the situation in a  Facebook post.

Most people reacted to him, others completely ignored him,” Sparks wrote.
That didn’t stop him from greeting every person who walked by.”

Soon, Sparks and her mother were seated at a table across from where the veteran sat. She glanced over as he watched the veteran eat his meal with a huge smile on his face.

The veteran sat by himself, but not for long. A young waiter later approached him to have a conversation in a busy restaurant full of people, who went beyond his duties to look after this veteran.

He listened to his stories, laughed with him, and provided a little company for this guy who shouldn’t have to eat alone.

Nobody expected this of of him as a waiter, but it was evident that the servant had respect and compassion for this man. Sparks whipped out her camera to snap a picture of their friendly interaction since she was so moved by her gesture.

Sparks and her mother wanted to show kindness to the kind veteran, so they alerted the manager down and offered to cover the veteran’s tab. Surprisingly, the manager proudly replied, “Ma’am, someone else already has.”

Naturally, anyone seated in the veteran’s section also felt the similar to Cailey, and everyone wanted to pay for this man’s dinner.

Everyone in the section grinned when the waiter told him that his meal was covered. The man then left, telling everyone on the way out that he hoped they had a good night”, Sparks wrote.

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Healthy, young woman starts vomiting during hike, warning issued after she suddenly dies

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Susanna ”Susie” DeForest of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, was excited about going for a hike with her three friends in Colorado. The 20-year-old graphic design student at Pennsylvania College had just completed her sophomore year and was on the dean’s list. She looked forward to a few days of just enjoying the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. However things would turn out different to what she planned.

Susanna was passionate about conserving land, nature and loved hiking. She thought they were well-prepared for their hike on the Conundrum Creek Trail.

Although the trail in Colorado is said to be rocky and muddy, its relatively easy to follow and rated somewhere between moderate to difficult. The trek apparently takes almost a full day to complete, between “5-8 hours to hike in and 3-6 hours to hike out, on average.

Sadly, Susan DeForest wouldn’t make it that long. On 17th August one fateful Thursday night,”Susie” suddenly became severely ill. She and her friends were trying to reach the Conundrum Hot Springs in Colorado, but stopped to set up camp when the ”Susie” began vomiting. Two of her friends left to get help, while a third stayed with her on the trail, to set up a tent.

The idea was to get Susanna out of the heat and into a place where she could rest. Unfortunately, her condition didn’t improve – it was rather the opposite.

Emergency dispatchers were contacted around 10:45 p.m., but were unable to land the rescue helicopter at her location.

The rescue team didn’t reach Susanna until the following morning and by the time first responders arrived at the scene, she had passed away.

First responders desperately attempted to revive her while waiting for a helicopter to transport her to the hospital. Susanna was pronounced dead at 5 am the Friday morning.

Although she and her friends had left a bit late in the afternoon for their hike, the group brought with them all the necessary supplies, including food and water.

Nothing they could have done would have saved Susanna, who was quickly overcome with violent symptoms and succumbed to the illness.

Susanna and her friends seemed to have taken all safety measures and kept hydrated too. They hadn’t use any alcohol, pills or drugs. The 20-year-old wasn’t suffering a pre-existing medical condition and she appeared to be completely healthy. So, what exactly went wrong and caused her tragic death?

Susanna’s mom, Kate DeForest, soon spoked out. She declared that her daughter died from “acute altitude sickness” in a Facebook post. Altitude sickness occurs when you travel to a high altitude too fast and can’t get enough oxygen from the “thinner” air found at high altitudes.

Dear Friends, many of you already know this, but on Friday, we lost our daughter, Susie DeForest. She was hiking in Colorado and suffered acute altitude sickness,” Kate wrote.

Susanna likely began developing symptoms of high-altitude pulmonary edema, or HAPE, when she was staying in Dillon — altitude 9,111 feet. HAPE and high-altitude cerebral edema, or HACE, both can be insidious and mimic other illnesses.

She died from “internal drowning” as fluid built up in her lungs, a condition aided by the lower oxygen content where she was hiking. When you go too high too fast, you begin to breathe faster since your body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs.

In severe cases, a fatal build-up of fluid in the lungs and brain can occur as a result. “The decedent most likely started developing HAPE during the 15th and 16th as it commonly develops on the second or third day at altitudes above 6,600 feet when it occurs,” according to Pitkin County Coroner Dr. Steve Ayers.

The scary thing is that Susanna may not have recognized the signs of altitude sickness. “Signs and symptoms of altitude sickness are hard to recognize,” Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Alex Burchetta said.
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But it’s one of the things you need to realize when you’re at 11,000 feet.”
University of Colorado professor of emergency medicine Dr. Benjamin Honigman, who researches the health impact of high altitude on humans, said death from severe altitude sickness is rare at Colorado’s elevations.
Still, experts recommend gradual increases in altitude while getting plenty of rest and fluids to avoid symptoms.

Altitude sickness can be avoided if you are equipped with the relevant information.

First of all, you have to allow your body plenty of time to adjust to the decreased levels of oxygen in high-altitude areas. Not everyone knows this, but it can take several days for your body to adjust to decreased oxygen.

Basically if you are traveling from sea level to a destination above 8,000 feet, plan your trip to gradually reach higher altitudes over the course of a few days. This is where Susanna DeForest and her friends likely went wrong.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid ascending more than 1,000 feet a day,” according to Everyday health.

Since the highest point in Pennsylvania is Mt. Davis at 3,213 ft  feet, ascending the 8,000 to 11,200 feet elevation of this trail in a day, although it’s slated to be hiked in that short time, is simply too much for someone not used to living at higher altitudes.

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Sad pup separated from cow that raised him – camera captures tear jerking moment they’re reunited again

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Real friendships know no boundaries. This is very evident in the animal kingdom. Although instincts compel some animals to dislike others, often actively hunting them, there are other examples of animals which have enjoyed friendships – these range from dogs and raccoons, to bears and wolves.

However this particular story about animal bonding hit me so hard, it concerns a dog called Rookie and his family’s big, brown cow.

Once Rookie became a part of his family, he developed a strong bond with the people who cared for him. There was a creature who owned a bigger piece of the dog’s heart … their family cow.

People found it difficult to believe when they spotted the unlikely duo develop a friendship. But the cow became a mother figure to the young Rookie – she could often be witnessed licking his coat, cuddling down with him and letting him sleep lying against her back.

When the day came for said cow to be sold from the farm, it was a sad day for Rookie.

The owners realized they simply couldn’t afford to keep the cow. If you’ve ever lost a dear friend you can sympathize with Rockie, who was utterly devastated.

Dogs, have feelings similar to humans, and the differences in their behavior when they feel down or distressed are there for all to see.

Rookie was heartbroken, he barked and cried, he went looking repeatedly for his best friend. He clutched on to hope that his friend would return as he waited for hours on end in the barn.

One day, Rookie heard a distant mooing, he raced down the street and followed the voice all the way until he found his cow! She was now living in another barn in the village, but was still close enough for him to hear her.

Rookie was ecstatic! Rookie’s owner followed him from his own property and brought him back home.

However Rookie felt the anxiety of being kept apart from the creature he had bonded with. Nothing could give him joy.

He remained in the barn with empty eyes, waiting, for her to return. The worst part was he knew he just simply couldn’t get to her.

Fortunately, it wasn’t before long that his family realized the hopelessness of the situation. It was apparent that Rookie was prepared to go to great lengths to see his friend, it wasn’t fair to keep them separate.

They couldn’t bear to see the family dog in such a sad state. Despite the difficulties they decided to bring their old cow back.

It’s not hard to see why their reunion has gone viral, take a look at the video clip below:

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Dirty Dancing star returns to the dance floor after 23 years – now just watch her moves

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In the summer of 1987 when Dirty Dancing first appeared on our movie screens, it was a roaring success. The world was fixated as nobody had ever witnessed such a movie. It had all the elements the music, the romance and of course the amazing dancing from screen legend Patrick Swayze and his on screen love Jennifer Grey.

Millions raced to see the movie which became the first to sell more than a million copies for home movie. The soundtrack generated two multi-platinum albums. The finale song “I’ve had The time of my life” won a Golden Globe, Academy Award and a Grammy.

Although it’s 23 years since the movie was released fans got a real treat when Jennifer Grey, returned to the dance floor.

Following the success of Dirty Dancing in 1987, Jennifer Grey disappeared from the spotlight. Although her co-star Patrick Swayze landed major roles in movies such as Ghost and Donnie Darko. However Jennifer’s situation was very different.

A tragic car accident caused her to withdraw from the spotlight at just 27 years old and although she did appear in other movies, they were never as pivotal as Dirty Dancing.

Jennifer Grey made a decision to step back into the limelight, in 2010 as a contestant on U.S. TV hit “Dancing With The Stars” That’s where she stunned the judges and audience with her outstanding dance moves.

Despite decades having passed since the dancing skills never left 50-year-old Jennifer Grey. She was sure to wow  everyone with her talented moves along with her dance partner Derek Hough, who went on to win the competition!

Naturally it does feel like the character of Frances “Baby” Houseman never left the talented Jennifer Grey.

Take a look at this wonderful compilation of all their best dance routines which can be seen in the clip below:

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