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Critics Just Found A New Way To Attack Melania Trump Online

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If you look up First Lady Melania Trump’s history before she married into the Trump family, you’ll find her previous exploits listed as “sex worker” and “p-rn star.” While it is widely known that Melania Trump modeled in the nude, the fact that these points are listed on her Simple English Wikipedia page has some Trump supporters shocked. Because children often use Wikipedia to do research for school, they’ll be exposed to the unsavory things Melania allegedly did before Trump claimed her as his wife and transformed her life into one of luxury and political intrigue.

Children often visit Simple English Wikipedia to do research for school projects and to learn unbiased facts about the world. That’s why people are shocked to see Melania’s previous employment exploits listed out as being a “sex worker” and a “p-rn star.” These facts are not facts but falsehoods created by internet trolls who aimed to sully the Trump name and turn kids against the president.

Wikpediocracy, a Wikipedia criticism project, found the false claims about the first lady and set out to right the wrong. Because someone had edited her biography to include the statement that she was a “former sex worker and p-rn star.” It was nine days before someone realized that the edit had been made on June 15, 2019, and was consequently picked up by the free-to-use Wikimedia Commons and Simple English Wikipedia, which is aimed toward children doing school projects. These children are often non-native English speakers and immigrant children from countries like Melania’s former Soviet Union home.

Melania’s father belonged to the Communist Party. She also admitted that her life was influenced by the anti-democratic political views. “I was born in Slovenia, a small and then-Communist country,” she said.

While Melania Trump was targeted as part of the internet vandal smear campaign, other notables also had their Wikipedia pages attacked. Jason Momoa, the star of Aquaman and an actor in Game Of Thrones, also had his page changed as he was tagged a “homosexualiser of men,” in a Spanish version of his page. That tidbit lasted on the page for five weeks and influenced many Spanish-speaking people’s mindset about the actor.

Although Melania Trump was not really a “sex worker” or a “p-rn star,” there are nude images of the first lady floating around the internet. That’s because Melania Trump posed nude before and did so to further her career.

Some people defended her nude photos as “classy” because “she was a model,” adding that Melania’s nude photoshoots were “no different from Calvin Klein models in everyday magazines for many years now.”

Another person responded to that Twitter comment with, “She did that nude shoot for GQ UK while she was dating Trump. She’s still proud of those photos, according to the article. I’m not anti-nude. But let’s not confuse these photos with art or class. It’s soft-core (p-rn) posing as ‘art’ for a male readership.”

What do you think about the images of Melania and the change to her Wikipedia page for ESL readers?

2 kids walk onstage nervously then take everyone's breath as they sing 'The Prayer'

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There’s something rather special about well-delivered duets. Sure, a powerful solo can raise any roof, but a duet done well stands in a league all of its own.
When Noelle and Ryland first performed “The Prayer” as friends, they probably had no idea just how well they could work together.

Eventually, they decided to try their hand in front of an audience all the same, with the resulting show leaving the gathered attendees nothing short of speechless. They might be tender in years, but these kids certainly pack a punch …

It was Noelle who opened the duet, singing with a flawless tone that quickly threatened to melt hearts. Then, when Ryland added his voice to the mix, things were somehow elevated to the next level.
Inspired by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion themselves, Noelle and Ryland left the audience scratching their heads as to how two such powerful voices could come out of two such tiny frames.

Even singing in a different language proved no particular issue for these two. They nailed every note, their harmonies were all on point. In short, they were phenomenal.

Proving that the vices of age and pressure mean very little when you’re truly confident in your own abilities, Noelle and Ryland delivered a performance that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Take a look at the video for yourself below:

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Dolphin Succulents Are the Houseplants Your Home Has Been Missing

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There are two types of people in the world – those who have a green thumb and those who, well, don’t. Seriously though, it’s not always easy to have a picture-perfect garden or even to keep houseplants alive and thriving.

We’re not blaming the plants. It’s the remembering to water them and making sure we pay attention to things like how much sun they need before we plant them – those are the things that are really to blame.

If you’re not one who has a green thumb, you may have already jumped on the succulent bandwagon. Succulents are pretty hardy, grow fairly quickly, and seem to require a lot less attention than many other plants.

While there are many different types of succulents on the market, we’ve recently discovered one that’s our new obsession, and we’re pretty sure it’ll be yours too.

Yes, Dolphin succulents really is a plant that looks just like tiny, jumping dolphins, and we want it in every room of our house.

This adorable plant is a hybrid of the hot dog cactus and the string of pearls succulent.

Since we already mentioned how important it is to know about proper light and such before buying a plant, here’s all you need to know about the Dolphin Succulent.

This succulent makes a great houseplant since it prefers cool air and will thrive more in the air conditioning in the sweltering summer months. The ideal temperature while the plant is growing is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, the plant can tolerate temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

While succulent terrariums are popular, this plant is best left in the open air.

Plants need to be watered about once a week during the growing season, and only about once a month when the plant is dormant. The soil needs to be completely dry before you water it again.

These plants also like bright, indirect light. Near a sunny window would work well.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to make your dolphin succulents thrive.

If you’re as obsessed with this new hybrid succulent variety as we are, you can easily order seeds online to plant.

If you need a little more convincing, did we forget to mention that they also have tiny pink and white flowers? Come on, it really doesn’t get better than tiny jumping dolphins and tiny pink and white flowers!

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If you want to lose weight then you need to do this when you sleep

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If you are looking to help keep your waistline down then you need to take on some of these very unique tips when you are going to sleep.

The first main thing you need to remember is not to eat before you go to bed. If you want to eat before bedtime then make sure its only a light snack and something healthy like an apple. An apple can actually take your hunger away as there is a special chemical in it that stops you from getting hungry.

The second thing you need to do is try to drink lots of water throughout the day in order to keep your body hydrated while you sleep. This will help you sleep better and you will burn more bodyfat while you are sleeping.

If you follow these tips then you should have no problem losing a few extra pounds while you sleep.

When leggings go wrong it looks something like this I lost it at number 6

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When you wear leggings you are taking a big chance on your appearance. Some people are really able to pull off that look but other people really struggle with it. Like most people when they are wearing any type of clothing it always seems like a better idea to wear something and then when you put it on and look in the mirror you realize how bad it looks.

Unfortunately for these people they did not look in the mirror before.

Opps looks like someone left their tags on the item. Maybe next time you might need to have a look! Next time just take a quick look in the mirror and you will not suffer the consequences

Even celebrities make this mistake so do not worry you are not alone. Vanessa Hudgens is pictured here wearing a designer top and she forgot to take the tag off it.

When Leggings Go Wrong It Will Look Like This

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Sometimes you might wear leggings and think they look better than they actually are. These people ended up really messing up after they decided to wear the wrong leggings.

Just check out these pictures below and decide yourself.

It might of seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back in hindsight it was probably not a great idea to wear this on a train.

She forgot to take the tags off her pair of leggings. I know the feeling when this happens and it really is not nice.

Our final leggings show you exactly why you should never wear leggings in public that resemble a Skelton costume. This was just a really crazy idea and I am not sure why she decided on doing this.

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