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Police warn about this Facebook trend, but for this mom, it’s too late. The photos are everywhere.

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It’s a humid summer’s day: At a public outdoor pool, a mother takes a photo of her daughter with her smartphone. She wants to share the photo on Facebook, contributing to the so-called, “Motherhood Challenge”, where proud mothers showcase pictures of their children. The mother accepts the challenge and uploads a picture of her daughter in her swimsuit. What this leads to could have been prevented, had the mom listened to the known warnings.

For this mom though, the warnings came too late: Investigators found the photo of her daughter on a dubious child pornography site. There seem to be people out there who scan social networks with the sole purpose of finding photos of children to then trade. This mom made it easy for the perpetrators because the photos of her daughter were on Facebook for all to see. So this “Motherhood Challenge” has now become the touchstone for the privacy of children on the net.

Police worldwide are warning parents not to publish photos of their children on social networks. And here are four very good reasons why parents should listen:

  1. Children’s photos play straight into the hands of stalkers and sex offenders. Strangers can help themselves to these photos and also find out where the child and family live.
  2. Children’s photos give a bad example in terms of data protection: parents are consenting to their privacy being exposed on the internet.
  3. Children’s photos make identity theft easier for strangers wanting to falsify user profiles with these photos in order to approach other children or adolescents on the net.
  4. Children’s photos lead to bullying. Of course, the parents find them cute but later on when the children reach puberty, they could become victims of bullying because of the flood of images.

Many countries are debating the prospect of tightening the laws of data protection in order to better protect the privacy of children. France is acting as a role model in these matters, whereby the publishing of pictures without the consent of the person is penalized with a fine of up to $50,000 or a year in jail. It is a strict law, which can also be applied retrospectively. This means that even adult children could sue their parents for illicitly posting pictures. Facebook even wants to react to this problem by warning about the future uploading of images when they are posted publicly.

flickr/Donnie Ray Jones

The data protection issue has been cause for concern for a while now and not only when children’s photos are involved.  In this day and age, with face recognition and data theft, you should really seriously consider what details you reveal about yourself. Tips on how to protect your privacy on Facebook can be found here and under settings, you will be able to see who has access to your photos and posts.

Her brother died in a car accident. 10 years later her mom and dad tell her a secret on her birthday.

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The fifteenth birthday is particularly special for every girl: In Latin American families, this day is celebrated with a feast known as ‘Quinceañera’. Monique Salinas was pleased with everything on this day. She lives with her family in Benavides, Texas, in the US.

Youtube/Fresh News

Monique’s family had had a difficult past. Ten years earlier, Monique’s borther, Mikey, died in a car accident. Monique, who was just 5 at the time, misses him terribly every day.

Youtube/Fresh News

At the time, her parents decided that despite their grief their son’s death should not be in vain. So they willingly donated his organs.

Youtube/Fresh News

In doing so, they saved the life of a young girl they didn’t even know: Aubrey Reeves, who was just 8 years old. Aubrey suffered from a congenital heart disease. At the time of Mikey’s death, her body had already rejected two hearts. The fact that her body and Mikey’s heart was a perfect match really is a miracle. They also transplanted his kidneys. Today, Aubrey is 18 years old and can live a healthy, normal life.

Youtube/Fresh News

The donation was anonymous in that Aubrey never knew who she could thank for her life. Even Mikey’s family was not aware if the transplant had been a success or not. It was ten years after the organ donation that the personal details of Aubrey were first sent to Mikey’s parents. Then they came up with an idea: they invited Aubrey and her mother to the 15th birthday of their daughter, Monique.

Youtube/Fresh News

Monique didn’t say anything. She was incredibly excited about her Quinceañera, but she was also sad that her brother couldn’t be there.

Aubrey and her mother had to drive 10 hours to finally meet the family, who gave Aubrey a second chance at life. Initially they stood unnoticed amidst the crowd. Then, Monique’s parents gave away the secret: The heart of Monique’s dead brother, Mikey, is in the middle of the room, and is alive and beating in the chest of a young girl. When Monique realized that the person who received her brother’s heart was there, she broke into tears.

Youtube/Fresh News

As Aubrey approaches them, there’s no holding back. The two girls and Monique’s mom Melissa embrace each other in tears.

Youtube/Fresh News

For Monique this is an incredible surprise: when she gave Aubrey a hug she could feel the heart of her brother beating. Her brother is in fact at her 15th birthday, because although Mikey died, he lives on in Aubrey. Nobody had expected that.

Youtube/Fresh News

Aubrey and Monique say that it was sibling-love at first sight. And Aubrey promised Monique that she will always be there if she needs her.

Youtube/Fresh News

Monique is unbelievably thankful to have Mikey at her 15th birthday and to get to know her new “sister” Aubrey at the same time.

You can see the full story here:


Mom Takes Teenage Son To Wendy’s, Then Is Enraged When She Sees ‘Name” On The Receipt

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In a rush and wanting to give her family a quick bite to eat, Teeneshia Bush stopped at a nearby Wendy’s. Her 15-year-old son, Quenterus, popped out of the car and ran inside to order the food – but after he placed the order, he noticed something odd.

All of the employees behind the counter were openly laughing at him.

Quenterus couldn’t figure out what was so funny until he looked down at the receipt the cashier handed him. The rude employee behind the counter gave him an unthinkable nickname while filling in the identifier section of the order.

Ashamed, Quenterus returned the car and showed his mother what they wrote. Teeneshia immediately took to Facebook to express her motherly outrage.

“Good Morning [Facebook friends]. This been bothering me all night. I took my son to Wendy’s to get something to eat last night. He went inside to place his order, instead of the cashier being courteous and ask my son what’s his name (to put on his ticket), she took it upon herself to put on the bottom of his receipt ‘Lil Ugly Dude.’ This is unacceptable and unprofessional. My child was so embarrassed and upset he said the whole store was laughing at him including the manager. I play about a lot of things, but my kids isn’t one [of them].”

Teeneshia couldn’t believe the way her son was treated, just for being the person he is.


Teeneshia’s post went viral and even reached upper management of the massive restaurant chain.

The Director of Management Services at Wendy’s, Ed Sheffield, spoke with WKRG News and issued a heartfelt apology to Teeneshia and her mortified son.

“Wendy’s has been a part of this community for many years, and we were certainly disappointed to learn that one of our employees treated a guest in such a rude manner. We take this seriously, and we no longer employ this individual. When we learned of the incident, we immediately contacted the guest. We apologized to the young man and his mother and look forward to welcoming them back to Wendy’s again.”


Hopefully Ed’s apology is enough to help Quenterus forget about the inexcusable interaction. 

No one deserves to be talked about in such horrible terms. If you ever see or hear about this type of harassment, be sure to step in and do the right thing!

Think about what you would want your son, brother, sister or friend to experience from total strangers.

They went to a sperm bank to get pregnant. But what came out 9 months later was horrifying to them.

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When Jennifer Cramblett and her partner, Amanda Zinkon, decided to start a family in late 2011, Jennifer chose to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization. To begin the process, the couple went to a sperm bank in their native state of Ohio, USA, to find a suitable donor for their baby. Since they were using a sperm bank, the couple could “shop around” for exactly the kind of man they wanted to be the biological father of their child. The couple had very specific traits in mind that they wanted so that the baby would also look like Amanda and ended up going with donor 380 who had blue eyes, blonde hair and – most importantly – white skin.

Facebook – Amanda Zinkon

After making their choice, Jennifer was inseminated by a doctor using the sperm sample from the sperm bank. Everything went fine and the couple’s dream of starting a family came a step closer to reality.

Nine months later, Jennifer was rushed to the hospital where she got the shock of a lifetime when she gave birth: Her baby girl looked nothing like what she expected. In fact, the baby was black! The couple was absolutely horrified.

How could this happen? As it turns out, the sperm bank accidentally mixed up the white donor the couple requested after an employee misread the handwritten number of the donor 380 as 330, who was an African-American. On the one hand, Jennifer was heartbroken and had to deal with feelings of anger, disappointment and fear over the prospect of raising a black child. She grew up in a predominantly white town in Ohio and only had her first interaction with a black person when she was in college. She knew next to nothing about African American culture and wasn’t the least bit prepared for transracial parenting. Furthermore, she feared her conservative family would be unwilling to accept her black daughter. She simply could not imagine raising a black child in that environment.

Facebook – Amanda Zinkon The other side of the problem was that the sperm bank had indeed made a very serious mistake. Mixing up sperm can irreversibly change someone’s life as it did in Jennifer’s case. Many people might say the sperm bank should be held responsible for not delivering what the couple paid for.

Facebook – Amanda Zinkon In response to the situation, Jennifer is suing the sperm bank on grounds of negligence, breach of contract and fraud. Litigation is currently ongoing and a ruling will be made later this year. The sperm bank needs to be held accountable for not providing Jennifer and Amanda with the sperm of the donor they requested. A mistake of this kind is simply not acceptable in this day and age as it will impact the young couple for the rest of their lives in ways they never could have anticipated. Their lawsuit has attracted a lot of attention around the country and people have begun to raise serious questions about the couple’s parenting style. In response, Jennifer and Amanda have made it very clear that they love their daughter with all their hearts. The couple has even gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure their child has the best possible upbringing, including driving miles to a hair salon specialized in cutting African-American hair and seeking consultation from social workers and sociologists. The couple is truly making every effort imaginable to raise their daughter to be a compassionate human being who is accepting of people from all walks of life. What do you think? Should the sperm bank be held accountable for the mixup?

She hides under the bed to see if her boyfriend is loyal. She is shocked by what happens.

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This story has been circulating around the internet for a little while now. It’s about a woman who decided to put her relationship to the test and in the process learned an important lesson from it. It might make some of us chuckle. After the spark in her relationship had faded a little, a woman came up with, what in her opinion was, a brilliant idea: She wanted to test how seriously her boyfriend felt about their relationship and about her; what his reaction would be if she left him and; what he thought about her feelings for him?

Youtube/ BibisBeautyPalace To get some answers to these questions, she wrote her boyfriend a letter saying that the relationship was over, that she’d had enough, and that she didn’t see any sense in continuing the relationship. Really all she wanted was a reaction from him, but didn’t actually want to leave him.

Imgur Once she finished the letter, she placed it on her boyfriend’s desk where she knew he would find it. She didn’t want to miss her boyfriend’s reaction, so she hid under his bed and waited.

Youtube/ Serkan2306 Finally her boyfriend came home. She was nervous and excited, lying tensely under the bed. He entered the room and started to read the letter. When he finished reading, the woman couldn’t believe her ears. What on earth? He was whistling and grabbed his phone. This couldn’t be happening. She heard her boyfriend say: “Hello darling, I’m coming over. The dummy finally got the drift that I’ve been cheating. She’s finally left. What a mistake, that relationship. I’m so happy to be free of her. I wish I’d met you earlier. See you soon!”

Youtube/ JassiSmilee The woman was stunned. How could this be? She really had no idea. She lay there in shock for a few minutes. Her boyfriend seemed to be collecting a few things. Once he left the apartment, her tears started to pour down her face. She slowly crawled out from her hiding place. She pulled herself together and looked around the room. There was a second letter on the desk. It was from her boyfriend, addressed to her. She picked it up and started to read it. When she was finished, she felt so ashamed, but seriously relieved. How stupid could she be? The letter read: “You buffoon, next time you want to trick me, make sure your feet aren’t hanging out from under the bed. Just gone to the store. See you soon Love.”

Youtube/ Caro Schmidt Well, if you want to put someone to the test, you have to expect that they might just do the same to you! After all, what goes around, comes around! Hit The SHARE button!

She Hated Her Blinds, So She Grabbed The Scissors And Began CUTTING! The Result? STUNNING!

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She couldn’t handle looking at her boring old blinds any longer, so she found the scissors, cut the blinds, and this is what she did. They now look amazing!

Pull-cord blinds are something that can be found in just about every home. When you go to buy a home, you will often find this type of blind, and when you decide to sell the home, the same blinds will probably be there. Unless you take it upon yourself to break the cycle and hang something else.

This kind of blinds are such a hassle. The cords you use to pull them open and closed always end up getting tangled together, the slats are extremely easy to break, and they are really nothing fancy or nice to look at.

But most of the time we decide to just stick with what we have because replacing them is quite expensive.

You can upgrade to shutters, which are great if you have the money for it.

So, most of us will continue to use our blinds and try to avoid the job of dusting them for as long as we can handle it, by just pretending that they don’t exist.

But there is no longer a reason to do that. There is a really easy way to use the blinds you have and upgrade them to ROMAN SHADES without having to drain your bank account.

All you need to make these amazing shades are the blinds off your windows, an upholstery fabric that you would like hanging in your window, mod podge, clothespins, scissors, and an iron!

You will begin this project by laying your blinds flat on the floor. With your scissors, you will cut the ladder strings that are on both the right and left sides of the blinds. The ladder strings are what connect all of the blinds to each other.

SThe slats should be separated with seven inches of space between them. You will need enough of the slats to cover the window, but you will not use all of the slats from the blind.

SWith the slats that you will not be using, you should snap the ends off. By doing this, you will not have to cut any additional strings to get the slats out.

The slats that you will be using will be attached to the string. Take the string and slats and spread them out with the fabric you choose underneath them.

The fabric will be longer than the slats, so the edges should all be folded over the slats and glued down with the mod podge.

Once everything has been glued down, you will want to secure all of the folds with your clothespins to make sure it stays in place until the glue is dry.

Once the glue has dried, you can remove the clothespins and hang up your new roman shades the same way you had taken them down.

You may be surprised at how amazing they look and how much money you saved!

You can watch this video to see the project come alive with detailed instructions.

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