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Husband leaves 36 week Pregnant Mother–she finds $10,000 when opens oven door

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Amanda, from Sydney, Australia, thought 2017 was going to be her year. She was anticipating happiness, love, and a whole lot more, things were finally looking good for her.

Amanda had finally conceived, after three whole years of trying to become pregnant. Her and her husband had saved money for the last two years and eventually had enough to move into their new home.

She was in the perfect position, things never better. Until the very moment it all changed and her world turned upside down.

Her husband up and left out of the nowhere, leaving Amanda eight months pregnant and in debt with their new home.

With a baby on the way, and no reliable source of income, the mother-to-be was in a dreadful situation. Heartbroken, poor, and worried for what lay ahead of her, she turned to her mates for help. Her friend Anna,l ater suggested she should write to local radio station, KIIS 1065 and try and win a spot in their “Giveback” section.

Once the station heard Amanda’s situation they decided to take action. They wanted to show her that things could be alright,they encouraged her to keep good faith. For this to go to plan, they needed the help of local businesses.

KIIS 1065 welcomed Amanda and Anna onto their radio show, with the clueless Amanda having no clue what would occur. Speaking with the radio hosts, Amanda clarified that the worst part of her situation was the vulnerability confronting her and her unborn child.

It’s been about five weeks since it happened,” Amanda said. “And the biggest thing is just the shock, I guess because it wasn’t really what we planned, or what I planned.”

Having finished with her interview, one of the radio hosts turned around looking at a TV screen in the studio. Playing on the screen was camera footage of Amanda’s new home. But, it wasn’t the same as when she had left her house. There were various things she didn’t recognise.

The cameraman showed off house, emphasising the many gifts that had been donated by very generous people.

There was a vacuum cleaner displaying free home cleaning for the next six months, as well was a pledge from Eat Fit Food to deliver daily meals for the next three months. There was also $4,000 worth of baby supplies, along with a $1,000 voucher for baby photos.

It was when the camera pointed over to the door, the greatest surprise was shown. The door was opened to reveal a $10,000 wedge of cash – Amanda doesn’t have to worry about paying her mortgage straight away!

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Elderly lady is fragile and afraid after this happened in back of a cab

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A 92-year-old Holocaust survivor was left battered and bruised after a stranger attacked her in a public transport service.

Hanka Fogelman claims the cab driver was aware other passenger was unpredictable and dangerous, as he warned “not to talk to him” her upon getting into the car.

On November 11, 2018, Fogelman was riding in a cab contracted by Société de transport de Montréal (STM) on route to visit one of her daughters. The service provide rides for people with physical and mental disabilities that normally would prohibit them from using regular forms of transport. Fogelman was violently attacked during her journey …

Fogelman claims that the driver mentioned the other passenger was dangerous as he picked her up. At the same time, a woman was in the passenger seat, while the man who would later proceed to attack her was seated in the back.

The driver knew that he was aggressive … said not to talk to him. [He said] he’s aggressive. He’s a little dangerous,” Fogelman explains.

She continued to say that it was literally minutes after boarding the vehicle when things turned ugly.

He started hitting me. Punching me,” she recalled.

The blood started coming out from my nose. I didn’t know what to do.”n

The moment officers arrived they found a male sitting in the back of the cab trying to solve a crossword puzzle. He appeared totally unaware of what his actions.

According to Inspector André Durocher the man apparently suffers from an intellectual disability so he won’t be pressed for charged.

In the meantime, Fogelman, was brought to hospital because of the injuries she sustained. “She had a broken nose. Lacerations on her face… Black and blue,” said daughter Debbie Rona, who raced to her mother’s side following the attack.

“I feel angry. I feel shocked. I look at my mother and she’s so mentally aware, but there’s physical vulnerability there. Why was he even in the taxi? Why would the taxi driver have sat my mother next to him and closed the door and started driving?”

Laura Tamblyn Watts, an advocate for older Canadians, also came to Fogelman’s defence, considering the attack a “failure of the entire system.”

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Mom discovers huge blisters on soles of baby’s feet – police soon reveal ugly truth

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If you have children you will be able to appreciate how nice it is to have some alone time. Even simply taking a shower with the door closed, or sitting down to read a new book.

If you have young children then even getting a moment to sit down and have a glass of wine with a friend can feel like a luxury at times.

Of course, on the rare occasions we decide to leave our children in the hands of another we have utmost confidence that person will look after them.

However, for one particular mother, her child-free moment quickly turned into a nightmare …

This mother left her six-month-old baby with a 36-year-old woman, Ismelda Ramos Mendoza from Bladensburg, USA, for a couple of hours one day.

When she returned home she never have imagined this is what she would be faced with.

She noticed that her baby, Ana Flores Guerrero, was left in the care of Ismelda, had big blisters growing on the soles of her daughter’s feet.

Concerned about the situation she decided to confront the babysitter and query what may have happened, however, Ismelda claimed to have no idea.

Suspecting the worst the mother deiced it would be best to contact the police to report possible abuse.

The baby was then brought to hospital, where her severe burns were treated.

36-year-old Ismelda was arrested, where is soon transpired that she became angry with young Ana when she refused to stop screaming while she was cooking.

In an attempt to keep her quiet, she had held the baby’s feet to a red hot stove.

Such an act means Islmelda may never be left with a strangers young child again. Parents, you should always be certain of the person who is looking after your loved ones in your abscence!

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Police find missing 6-year-old inside attic crawlspace that was nailed shut

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When a child goes missing it prompts people into a serious action mode.

Sadly, every day there are reports of missing children, despite it being one of the most terrifying realities. Although it’s undeniably horrifying there if a feeling of complete relief if they are eventually found.

This is especially the case for 6-year-old Breadence Jones from Camden County, Missouri who in October 2018, garnered an endangered child status. It seems Braedence had gone missing since August 2018 when his mother, Aubrey Ferguson, failed to return him to his father, Ryan Jones …

His father Ryan has custody of his son under a curt order, since the day he disapperaed there has been a search to find young Braedence.

A Facebook page, “Help Bring Braedence Home” was setup to help with the search, which quickly gained over 2,000 followers.

On January 8, 2019, following a tip from the U.S. Marshals Service Midwest Violent Fugitive Task Force, Braedence was finally located. Authorities found the young boy in an attic crawlspace in Laclede County. Inside the was Braedence’s mother, the attic had been nailed shut when the pair were found.H

Ryan and his girlfriend have been reunited with Braedence, and he is safe and well since then.

“Our little boy is home! God is so good! Thank you all for the prayers, shared, phone calls and etc. we don’t know how to thank everyone enough. Our hearts are so full of joy atm,” Ryan’s girlfriend, Breanne Dominguez  wrote on Facebook, “Just thank you everyone.”

Meanwhile, Ferguson is being held for several charges.

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Theres’s a better & quicker way to cook pasta, you won’t waste any water either

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Pasta is possibly the most popular meal time dish, especially with children, many parents will end up cooking an Italian dish at least once a week.

Time can be limited for most of us and often pastas, particularly spaghetti can take forever to prepare.

Cooking pasta in a hurry often results in soggy noodles that stick together. I’m sure you’ll agree its not the best way to start a meal.

However, I recently stumbled upon this amazing tip for a faster way of cooking pasta, the results are of course much more edible and it all begins with a frying pan.

It always seems to take forever for the water to boil in the saucepan before you throw the noodles in, however this new method will completely erase this stage of the process.

When you replace the saucepan with a frying pan and don’t have to wait for the water to boil it allows you to save both water and time.

From watching the video below I’ve learned that boiling water causes the noodles to stick together, you can prevent this from happening by throwing the spaghetti straight into cold water.

There’s even a small amount of pasta water leftover so that you can use it to thicken sauces.

Take a look at the video below:

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Sad dog abandoned at train station, is found tied to a suitcase with his favourite belongings

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On the off chance you might have watched the much-loved children’s movie Paddington, which is based on the British books dating back 60 years. Well then you might recall the sad scene where the fictional bear arrives at the London station confused and alone.

In reality, this incident occurred to an actual dog, his sad story was similar to Paddington’s as it captured many hearts all over the world .

At a train station in Scotland, UK, a young Sharpei mix dog, called Kai was found abandoned at a train station beside a suitcase stuffed with his belongings.

He was found in an awful state requiring an eye operation, and was clearly confused as to his predicament. His story went viral and animal lovers from all parts of world made offers to take him into care, since he did not realise the situation he was in.

In January 2015, when Kai was found there was a suitcase along side him containing just a pillow, food, a bowl and a toy.

The ScottishSPCA scanned Kai’s microchip which led them to a previous owner who claims he sold Kai back in 2013. Nobody could identify his new owner.

A Scottish woman from Aberdeenshire, explains that the dogs abandonment was as a result of an attempted sale which went wrong.

The woman also mentioned that she replied to an ad online and agreed to buy the dog for roughly $600 however once she arrived to meet the seller at the train station she changed her mind.

She claimed the owner left before she could speak with him. She had to leave quickly incase she would miss the last train as she was also worried about her daughter who suffers from asthma.

Under Scotland’s Animal Health and Protection Act of 2006, it is a federal offence to abandon animals. Anyone found guilty is forbidden from owning other animals.

Luckily, there is a happy ending to Kai’s story. Among the many people, one lucky dog lover was chosen and came forward to adopt Kai.

Forever home

52 year old Ian Russell was chosen as the most suitable candidate, by the Scottish SPCA.

Take a look at how happy Kai is to meet his new owner in the video below.

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Mother devastated after losing son because he couldn’t afford insulin

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A mother from Minnesota lashed out about the price of insulin and other diabetic supplies, following the demise of her son who had Type-1 diabetes.

Alec Raeshawn Smith passed away when he slipped into a diabetic coma on his own at his apartment. His mother Nicole Smith-Holdt is now blaming her son’s loss on the high price of the required medication, stating if it had been cheaper he might still be alive.

Alec, who was only 26 years old had only moved out of his mother’s home just recently, he wasn’t covered by his family’s health insurance nay longer. This resulted in having to pay a monthly bill of $1,300 for his insulin and other diabetic supplies.

Nicole speaks out concerning her son’s tragic outcome, claiming she feels guilty that he didn’t share his struggles of the financial burden.

Nobody to be there with him, to hold his hand or to call for help … and then I think about if he had never moved out, if he had lived at home, somebody would’ve, you know, seen the signs,” his mother explains.

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson backed up Nicole’s claim in a press release. She said: “Insulin is a life-or-death drug for people with diabetes. Many people can’t afford the price hikes but can’t afford to stop taking the medication either.”

Swanson filed a lawsuit against three major insulin manufacturers in the United States, as since 2011 the prices have more than doubled. Eli Lilly and Co., Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC, and Novo Nordisk, Inc have all received lawsuits.

The cost of insulin from Levemir rose from $120.64 for 100 units/ml vial in 2012, to $293.75 last year, according to reports. Meanwhile, Humalog insulin increased by more than double in 2011 $122.60 for 100 units/ml vial price during the same time period.

Eli Lilly and Co. claim the lawsuit’s claims had no merit, whilst Novo Nordisk says it’s “committed to ethics and compliance.”

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Susan Boyle returns to talent show 9 years later, Simon gets the shivers when she turns around

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What could be better in comparison to seeing someone who has won a national talent show perform? Well watching a host of winners facing off against each other, of course!

Now you don’t have to wait until summer to look forward to America’s Got Talent. “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” is here, just as it implies, this talent show pits the very best against each other

This gives former winners & runners up the opportunity to prove that they are the real champion. It also gives the audience, a performance unlike anything they have witnessed before. If you find this hard to believe, just take a look at what happens when Susan Boyle, 2009 Britain’s Got Talent runner up when she take to the stage.

Some of you might remember Susan Boyle from the 2009 series of Britain’s Got Talent, or perhaps recognize when she became a hit after her audition.

Susan was once a nervous, unassuming woman with nothing but a big dream, but now she’s a household name, a person who’s sold records allover the entire world.

It was my Mum who got me into singing properly – she knew I had to do something with my voice because she knew I was talented. She was the one who pushed me into joining a choir all those years ago, when I was about 12. I remember she told me to start with the choir and just see where it took me.” – Susan Boyle

With all that said, she remains quiet and humble, even in the face of success.

For judge Simon Cowell, she highlights what the show is actually all about. He said that he: “’can’t think of any other contestant who has defined this show better”.

Bearing this in mind, it’s not surprising that her return to the show – via America’s Got Talent: The Champions was a huge success.

Watch her performance in the video below:

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2 young girls turn away from the crowd, then start their clogging routine which mesmerises judges

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Dance is a form of expression that has truly stood the test of time for people. As long as we have been around, people have created innovative ways to move our feet.

Clogging is a form of dance that goes back a long time. Its a folk dance based on the dancer’s ability to create a rhythm with their shoes. It’s also the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina, which happens to be increasing in popularity.

Clogging is now being taught in studios all across America, and believe it or not competitive clogging is more common than you might think. Those who excel, advance to the Showdown of Champions, which is a contest where tow particular girls Madison and Morgan have made headlines.

As the Showdown of Champions in Knoxville, Tennessee, the pair performed a duet to the song “Hit the Ground Runnin’”, by country superstar Keith Urban.

They tool to the stage wearing white dance pants, matching plaid shirts and the all-important clogging shoes, for a dance that would leave the judges speechless.

In perfectly timing and upbeat, their moves are synchronised and very well rehearsed.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the audience was left spell-bound by the show. You can hear them shouting for more in the video.

Take a look a this duo in the video show below:

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Woman transforms 110-year-old tree into free library for everyone – the inside is breathtaking

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It so important for us to remember the role books play, especially in a world where technology and media is more popular and easily accessible at the press of a button.

Sometime the thought of a world with no book actually scares me. Of course, stories are now available online or on digital devices. However, if you are a little on the traditional side, then you’ll agree there’s nothing quite like the feel of paper in your hands.

One woman removed a huge tree that was over 110 years old and decided to turn it into a little free library.

She wrote a post on Facebook: “OK, this project isn’t quite finished… but I can’t wait to share it. We had to remove a hufe tree that was over 110 years old, so I decided to turn it into a little free library (which I’ve always wanted). Here it is (minus some cleanup, vegetation, and trim work)!”

Little libraries are popping up in places all over the world, so far, 75,000 have opened in 88 countries!

One family in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, decided to go a step further than others when deciding to set up a pocket-sized library.

It all began when Sharalee Armitage Howard, a librarian, artist and former bookbinder, came to the decision that the stump of a 110-year-old tree near her home would make a perfect ‘Little Tree Library’.

Magical tree

Thankfully some are committed to ensuring books stay alive. Little Free Library aims to keep the passion burning strong for future generations. They say their goal is: “Inspiring a love of reading, building community, and sparking creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world.”

The cottonwood tree stump was completely hollowed out, a charming roof was applied and fully kitted to look like something from Harry Potter.

Don’t you agree, this tree is one of the cosiest little libraries I’ve ever seen!

Here it is (minus some cleanup, vegetation, and trim work)!

I’m sure you will all agree this library looks absolutely magnificent.

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