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Ilhad Omar Explains Why She Has Two Husbands

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In an attempt to discredit freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, President Trump has suggested that the young woman was “married to her brother.” This accusation was first used against the elected Congresswoman during her 2018 campaign. Because Omar is tired of hearing about how people misunderstand her family situation, she came forward with the help of her campaign spokesperson Ben Goldfarb.

“I’m not legally married to two people, but I am legally married to one and culturally married to another.”

Because critics were trying to discredit Ilhan Omar’s campaign in her fight to represent the people of Minnesota, they are looking at anything that can put her life into question. As a refugee from Somalia, Omar has become a target of conservative pundits.

Nevertheless, Omar has fought hard against the allegations that have come forward. Despite their inaccuracy, Omar has taken time to address them, calling them “Baseless, absurd rumors.” She added that her accusers are engaging in “Islamaphobia.”

However, in the campaign email, it was also stated that it might be better to come forward with all the background information about the complex marriage situation to help relieve the public’s concern about how it all worked.

“We are probably in a position where giving real background information is helpful in tying this up. That said, having now tried to write a statement multiple times that says, ‘I’m not legally married to two people but I’m legally married to one and culturally married to another.’ I think it’s impossible without making it even more confusing.”

Back in 2016, Omar told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that she married Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, her first husband, in accordance with their Muslim “faith tradition” back in 2002. They had two children together and later filed for divorce in their “faith tradition” back in 2008. There was never a marriage certificate issued, and there was no documentation at the time of their divorce.

A year later, Omar married Somali immigrant to Britain, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. This was an official marriage according to the state registry. Christian minister Wilecia Harris officiated their marriage. Harris is now the pastor at Great and Mighty Works Ministries in Richfield, Minnesota.

Because Omar was an American citizen, she did not feel like she had to follow the “Somali” tradition in her marriage. She wanted to marry the man she loved the way Americans get married. Because she no longer considered her birth country’s “faith tradition” to be valid in America – and since she had already dissolved it with her first husband – she felt free to marry the man she loved.

However, things did not work out too well with this new husband. She had another “faith-based” divorce with the second husband, who fled back to London. Omar then resumed her relationship with her first ex-husband and had a third child with him.

However, you want to spin this complicated situation, one thing is clear – it is very complex. These details have proven to be very difficult for Omar as she tries to put the past behind her and fight for her Minnesota constituents in Washington, D.C.

NYPD Is Investigating Hate Crime Slurs Involving Megan Rapinoe

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While the women’s World Cup champions marched through the streets of New York City, NYPD officers discovered posters featuring openly-gay soccer star and MVP Megan Rapinoe in the subway which were defaced with homophobic slurs.

People defaced Rapinoe’s image with hurtful words while the world celebrated the women’s victory.

The posters were discovered inside the Bryant Park subway station in midtown Manhattan. Angry people clearly vandalized at least six posters which featured Rapinoe’s image.

Rapinoe also works as an activist for LGBTQ issues. She has been outspoken concerning equal pay and gender equality throughout the United States.

Because the team had no interest in going to the White House to visit with the President, conservatives have turned Rapinoe into an anti-hero. The suspected hate crime may have been due to the recent spat Rapinoe had with President Trump.

The images of Rapinoe featured crude and hateful remarks. However, the Nike posters have not been released by the MTA or NYPD until they are investigated. The NYPD are confident they will locate the group of individuals who committed the alleged hate crime and seek justice.

Hate has no place in the transit system, and we work hard to make the subway a welcoming, safe environment for everyone,” read a statement from the MTA. “We referred this to NYPD, which responded to investigate, our maintenance teams got the posters cleaned, and we will have them replaced with new ones if necessary.”

While Rapinoe was at the post-parade rally at City Hall, she was so overwrought with emotion that she used her unbridled curse-language to thank the city, “New York City, you’re the motherf***ing best!”

Rapinoe has been outspoken for LGBTQ rights and equality along with the overall gender equality between men and women.

Back in June, Rapinoe previously made headlines when she informed Eight by Eight magazine that she and her team would not accept an invitation from Trump to visit “the f***ing White House.” This direct response was her distaste toward the president for the admin its stance on women and sexual misconduct.

As Rapinoe accepted the trophy on behalf of her team, she made a joke about herself: “I’ve dropped the F-bomb on every stage the last four days, so we’ll just spare you that.”

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There Is A Deadly Python Hiding In This Photo, But Only 2% Of People Are Able To Find It

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This image has everyone confused. Similar to Where’s Waldo, but instead it’s “where’s python,” as a deadly snake hides in plain sight, but people can’t seem to figure it out. If you look hard enough you might figure it out.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, caught this snake in a house on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and shared the image online to see who had a good eye.

The picture is taken in a kitchen,which shows two bar stools next to each other, with some magazines sitting atop the stools. At a quick glance it doesn’t appear to be anything other then a normal image until you take a closer look.

If you are, you’re not alone, as people responded with comments like “I can’t find it” and “There’s no snake in that photo.”

The first clue is that the snake is small in size, so check out the stool legs closely, perhaps you can spy it.

The snake is seen curled around the leg of the right-hand stool which blends in with its surroundings, making it a difficult find in the photo.

The snake catchers mentioned extra points are given to anyone who could determine the species, one person hazard a guess: “Too hard to get a look to figure out the species, but gotta be a scrub python at that size right?”

Others that were concerned remarked: “even though it’s small I’d leave it well alone — some of those small snakes are as toxic as those bigger ones.”

Lockie Gilding, who retrieved the snake, identified it as a brown tree snake, less than a year old and although slightly venomous this species is not considered dangerous.

The snake removal service shared the answer to their challenge on Facebook in a followup post: “Congrats to all those that nailed last nights ‘Spot the snake.’ This cheeky little Brown Tree Snake decided that this was a good enough hiding spot for him.

The post had other fun facts: “Brown Tree Snakes are a nocturnal species and will typically hide out during the day to avoid their diurnal predators, which at this age is almost everything from birds to ants!”

Among those who commented about the snake photo was one person who shared how stressful this exercise was: “Looking for the snake last week drove me into such a frenzy I had to go and lie down. Today, however, I know the answer so I am quite relaxed and quiet about it.

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Disgraced News Anchor Matt Lauer’s Wife Just Filed For Divorce

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Matt Lauer’s wife has just filed for divorce. The news anchor has not only lost his reputation and career, but also the woman he vowed to love and for the rest of his days. Annette Roque, has officially signed the paperwork to file for divorce following their separation two years ago.

On Tuesday, the paperwork was submitted in Suffolk County, New York. Lucian Chalfen, director of public information for the New York State Unified Court System confirmed that the divorce will proceed.

The case, which is an uncontested matrimonial, was filed on July 9th in State Supreme Court in Suffolk County, New York and is awaiting judicial review of the agreement,” says Chalfen. “Upon a judge’s signature, it will be sent to the court clerk’s office to be entered. The process could take up to a few months.”

John Teirler, Roque’s attorney, will fight hard to get her everything she deserves out of the divorce: “The matter has been settled.

The former couple shared three children. Their son Jack was the eldest at age 18, followed by their daughter Romy, 15, and their second son Thijs, 12.

Back in December 2017, Lauer and his ex-wife Roque had removed their wedding rings in an apparent display of their split. A source claims that Lauer, despite the fact he had been exposed as a louse, was “fighting to save the marriage.”

He doesn’t want a divorce,” the source explained. “Both of them, their first thought is their children.”

Back in November 2017, Lauer, lost his job form NBC News after the network had received a “detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior,” with reason to believe “this may not have been an isolated incident.”

Lauer apparently committed acts of sexual misconduct against the woman who made the complaint, including on Russian soil during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Lauer admits he thought the relationship was “consensual” and was “dumbfounded” by the accusation of sexual misconduct. It became public knowledge that Lauer was often unfaithful to his wife.

In 2006, Roque previously filed for divorce because Lauer committed “cruel and inhumane” at her exhibiting his “extreme anger and hostility.” The divorce papers were withdrawn three weeks after filing them.

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Video: Young Punk Thinks He Can Get Away With Spitting In A Marine’s Face, Learns Harsh Lesson

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A liberal “activist” has learned a hard lesson after being abusive towards a marine. An event took place at Rocks on the Range in Columbus, Ohio, so a group of Marines figured it would be a great opportunity to participate and share their love for America.

However one Marine’s wife took out her phone and started recording during the event because out of nowhere an unprovoked hippie, approached the group of Marines and began yelling “murderers” at them.

He proceeded to insult these men but the soldiers react to this man’s plan to shame them into fighting. All of a sudden the liberal spat into the face of one of the Marines. In that moment he learned exactly why it was a bad decision.

In the video below check out and see what came of this liberal punk…

The Marine’s wife, was shocked to see this man approach her husband calling him a “murderer.” It never occurred to her what it meant when her husband went to fight terrorists.

Later the Marine posted his wife’s video with the caption, “guy walked up and spit in my face and another Marines (sic) face.” He next wrote, “Dude almost got his ass kicked,”

The punk approaches another Marine standing off to the side and gets in his face. The original guy walks over attempting to break things up before it gets out of hand.

He then spat in the Marine’s face. The police approach the liberal and tell him to get away. As the Marines didn’t want to resort to violence, the man who got spit in his face, wrote on Facebook: “A big thanks to Columbus P.D and Ohio Highway patrol for assisting,” because they came to break it up.

The liberal probably would have ended up on the ground if the police hadn’t intervened.

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Celine Dion Drops To The Floor After Crazed Fan Storms The Stage And Gropes Her

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When you are a celebrity it often means that you are forced to deal with things that regular people don’t encounter. Celebrities have plenty money and appear to live a stress-free life but there’s more to their lives than what you read in the magazines. A major concern for them are obsessive fans especially when exposed on stage.

Back in the eighties, Celine Dion first became famous in the French-speaking world until she released her first English-language album. From that moment she swiftly took the world by storm and continues to do so.

Recently, one fan became a little too excited at a show, managing to sneak past security. The crowd was shocked when the woman proceeded to go up on stage with Dion.

A fan in the crowd manager to capture the incident on camera as everyone expected Celine to call for her bodyguards, instead she remained calm throughout the entire experience.

“I’m glad you came up on stage tonight. I’m glad you wanted to come closer to me,” she said.

At that point the fan jumped right up onto Celine, getting way too close for comfort. Dion remained strong and began to sing from the hit show Barney to attempt to calm the manic woman down.

The woman continued to speak to Dion to connect with her. Dion had her bodyguards on stage but didn’t allow them to take her away.

When the woman calmed down enough, she explained her bodyguards would guide her off stage so Dion had her escorted off and apologized to her fans for the minor interruption.

“Some people go through a lot. And some people need to talk, and I want to say thank you to all of you because for maybe five minutes we have given this lady a moment to talk,” she said.

Dion genuinely cares about her fans, despite this woman approaching her on stage. This is a perfect example of how she connects with her audience every step of the way in her career.

Never in my entire life have I ever seen a classier woman than Céline,” said one commenter on Youtube.

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One Of The Women On The U.S. Soccer Team Stomped On The American Flag During Their Celebration

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Fox television broadcast the United States women’s national team’s victory over the Netherlands, to millions of viewers. The ratings compared to the 2015 edition, were much higher since the women previously battled it out for their victory.

As many Americans celebrated the team victory of number of people noticed an upsetting incident occur on the sidelines of the field. The American flag was knocked to the field by accident, some of the players failed to notice and stomped all over it. Kelley O’Hara was a true patriot when she scooped the flag from the ground.

Following their fourth team victory in the women’s World Cup, Meghan Rapinoe, proclaimed she wouldn’t be accepting President Trump’s invitation to visit the White House, Rapinoe, “It’s surreal. I don’t know how to feel. It’s ridiculous.

Team captain, Rapinoe was considered to be the most outstanding player in the tournament. Regardless of this, the flag-stomping clip features the team captain trample on the fallen flag, which seems to have sparked a lot of rage online. Many people found the footage upsetting and shared their comments.

How could they be so trashy? I’m just speechless,” one person wrote. “Those fans had traveled to watch their country play, and you really stepped on the flag because of your s***y victim mentality. So ungrateful.”

Seriously? Just throwing it on the ground like a rag? Too many entitled brats in that team who aren’t even slightly humbled or honored to represent their country. Zero class.”

Despite the fact that many people wish that sports games did not include political agendas, the modern world of sport is all too ripe with political protests and talking points.

Any type of political standpoint expressed by the candidates at these sports events should be barred or highly discouraged. It’s not the time and place to create disputes or polarization. So unnecessary.

Yeah, it’s pretty trashy that they are acting as a representative of our country to the world and stomping on and disrespecting our country’s flag is trashy,” one critic wrote. “They are free to do it if they want, but I’m also free to criticize them vehemently for being trashy. Have some respect for your nation, the very one that you benefited from!”

The women’s World Cup performed better than the men’s World Cup back in 2018, according to Fox.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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Audience is skeptical of 53-year-old farmer, but her vocals turn their laughter into applause

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The moment 53-year-old Jacqueline Faye walked on stage of the UK reality talent show X-Factor, the audience didn’t know what to expect.

After introducing herself, Jackie mentioned how nervous she felt and described her farm life in Oxfordshire.

It was the same look of horror that Simon Cowell’s displayed when Susan Boyle was first introduced. The audience even seemed embarrassed Jackie.

The audience quickly learned how charming Jackie despite not having sung anything yet, in a matter of seconds she wows the audience.

Faye has a strong stage presence and a great sense of humor. When Robbie Williams asks her if she prefers Jackie or Jacqueline she replies “you can call me anything you’d like, you’re Robbie Williams!

She then announces she will be singing Cilla Black’s 1960s hit “You’re My World” while the audience patiently waits to hear her sing.

Following her performance, Faye’s audition has been viewed by over 1.7 million people. Faye’s really is something special as the judges are surprised to hear her hit those high notes.

Simon Cowell, smiles as he seems enchanted by the performance as Jackie earned praise from all the judges for her powerful vocals.

Robbie Williams remarked: “You remind me of everything that’s great about my home. You transport me to safety and kindness. There’s something really special about you.

Simon Cowell admits he was wrong to judge a book by its cover again:

When you walked out I thought you’d walked out on to the wrong show by mistake. I’m thinking this isn’t going to be great, and then you were.”

It’s evident with those vocals Faye hasn’t been home singing to her chickens all her life. As a professional singer she has performed internationally and as a resident vocalist aboard “The London Showboat’” for over a decade.

Faye’s place was given to another performer and her X-Factor journey ended there.

Take a look at her amazing audition in the video below!

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Abused bull faced life of imprisonment- See the moment he is finally set free

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Videos showing animals subjected to suffering doesn’t seem to deter people from consuming them. It’s a terrible way for them to be locked up and chained.

Take Bandit the bull, who had never experienced freedom due to the life he lived. However, that all changed when he was set him free by a man named Christian.

Gut Aiderbichi is an animal activist determined to make a difference in the lives of these animals. Christian one of the volunteers heard about Bandits situation and decided to take action and make a difference.

Once Christian arrived at the farm he discovered Bandit had been locked away in a stable. Bandit never experienced a loving touch, so when petted he became overcome with emotion and fell to his knees.

Christian decided to remove the chains from his feet and unhook the chain holding him in place. Although it’s emotional to watch you should be prepared to see this amazing reaction.

Once set free, excitement kicks in and Bandit begins to jump and play like a child. Afterall animals were born to be free and not confined to a cage.

The video of them saving Bandit was uploaded by the rescuers to YouTube.

Since then the video has been a huge viral sensation gaining over 31 million views, 20,000 likes and 2,000 comments.

Take a look at the video below but take note it’s emotional.

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Baby trapped in overturned car – Popular celebrity runs in to save him

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Actors often get to play the hero on screen but in real life they rarely get to fulfill these roles. However one actor has shown the world that he’s a true hero.

On Wednesday afternoon in August 2019, Danny Trejo earned the title of real-life hero after saving a baby from an overturned vehicle. Two cars ran into each other at high speed in Sylmar, Los Angeles, causing one of the vehicles to flip.

Although many were hesitant to assist. once Danny saw the damage, the Machete star along with another female bystander, rushed toward the wreckage while all this was being captured on video.

Trejo attempted to crawl into the wreckage to retrieve the baby, however he was unable to unbuckle the child’s care seat from that side. The woman crawled though from the opposite side and unclasped the car seat buckle, allowing Danny to pull the baby from the wreckage.

As they waited for the fire department to arrive, Trejo distracted the child until the grandmother was freed.

He was panicked. I said OK, we have to use our superpowers. So he screamed ‘superpowers’ and we started yelling ‘superpowers.’ I said do this, with the muscles. He said ‘muscles.’ We got kind of a bond. I kept facing him away from the accident.” – Trejo.

Trejo’s voluntary involvement in helping save a baby from a car accident quickly went viral on Twitter.

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