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Dad Lives In Abandoned High School With His Wife And Baby After Turning It Into Their Home

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Almost 20 years ago, Charles Shaw seized an amazing opportunity. In 1996, he and his wife Lisa purchased an abandoned, vacant high school in Durango, Colorado.

The 45,000-square-foot building was in bad shape, but its walls were solid brick. Charles saw the potential to make a long-time dream come true: to turn a large building into a mixed-use space that could become a vibrant community. You’re about to step inside this unbelievable up-cycled space.

At first, Charles envisioned a place for artists to come together. Over time and out of necessity, energy efficiency became another big issue. After all, the monthly utility bills costed him over $5,000.

So, he switched all of the lighting over to LED and began controlling ventilation through motion sensors. All of the building’s electricity comes from solar panels. Now, the utility bills are just $300 a month!

Charles, Lisa and their young son live there, along with fellow artists and non-profits. Today, the “Smiley Building” has become a landmark in Durango.

It is perhaps the most efficient, energy-independent building of its kind in the entire country.

Take a look at the video below for more details:

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Toni Harris Makes History As The First Woman To Play College Football On A Full Scholarship

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Toni Harris just became the first female football player to sign a letter of intent, accepting a full college scholarship to Central Methodist University in Missouri.

Toni is a 22-year-old standing at 5-foot-seven-inch, 164-pound safety, who has been studying playing at East Los Angeles College in California for the past two seasons. She was also offered a football scholarship to attend Bethany College in West Virginia.

Her sports career has already made history — she was the first woman in the school’s history to play football on the team.

The Detroit native fell in love with the contact sport at 6 years old, going on to play wide receiver and cornerback in high school. Soon Toni will head to Central Methodist University in Missouri to play defense.

Toni Harris has shown great resolve in her journey and quest to be a college football player,” her coach at East LA College, Bobby Godinez, said in a statement. “She has shown herself to be a great teammate at East Los Angeles College and a great member of this community. We all wish her the best in her journey beyond ELAC.”

Toni’s ambitions are aimed towards the NFL as it is her ultimate goal. She wants to continue to break boundaries as the first woman player in the NFL however she’s content with allowing God to order her steps.

During the Superbowl Toni appeared in an ad for Toyota. “I always try to push myself every single day and keep my faith in God to let me go as far as I want to go,” Toni said before the commercial.

This tough young woman has also beaten ovarian cancer after being diagnosis at the age of 18. Following her recovery she became the first person in her family to go to college.

Though coaches advised Toni not to aim too high with her football career, this impressive athlete never gave up.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about Toni!

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Teenager makes teacher’s life hell every day, so dad shows to school to teach him a lesson

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During your teenage years it doesn’t get more embarrassing than having to hang out with your parents. When out in public with my folks I remember walking a few paces behind my parents as if there was something wrong with them.

The moment this Texas father discovered his 17-year-old son was misbehaving at school, he thought about the worse punishment he could dish out.

He considered grounding him but then had an outrageous idea that parents all over the world are congratulating him on.

On several occasions the teacher informed the family that their teenage son Brad spoke far too often during lessons. That’s when his father Bradley decided to give his talkative son an ultimatum.

For some reason I said, ‘Hey, if we get another call I’m going to show up in school and sit beside you in class,’” said Brad’s dad.

Of course his son didn’t think he was serious and carried on disrupting his physics class continuing to disturb the teacher and pupils.

Once Dad Brad received yet another call about his son’s disruptive behavior it was time to take action. ‘I didn’t even notice him’. It wasn’t something dad Brad wanted to do but he had to shock his son into behaving.

“Friday is my only day off, so my wife wakes me up and says, ‘Brad, it’s time for you to go to school.’ I thought, Oh no, what have I done?” the dad said. The following day student Brad walked into his physics class as usual and to his horror noticed his dad waiting for him by his desk.

“I didn’t even notice him until after I had said hi to all of my friends, but I was super shocked,” the teen said. The other teenagers in the classroom enjoyed seeing Brad suffer with his dad sitting next to him and had a good laugh at his expense.

Brad’s sister Mollie, also had a good laugh at her dad showing up in Brad’s class and shared the story on social media. Even his mother Denise Howard posted about her husband’s actions.

“The Howard men are famous,” said Bradley’s mom. “We’ve had a great time with this but more than anything we hope we don’t get any more calls about Bradley interrupting in physics class!”

Like his wife Brad senior hopes this is a one off as he wasn’t quite ready to enter a high school classroom. Dad said the physics teacher was grateful but added, “I pray it was a one-time thing,” he said. “I don’t think I’d ever do it again.”

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Mom Bans ‘Heavy’ Smoking MIL from Touching Baby — Unless She Showers & Changes First Each Time

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A letter written to an advice column by an anonymous mom-to-be expressed that she was already concerned about what will happen when her in-laws visit her soon-to-be born baby.

“I’m not worried about her smoking in front of my child,” the woman explained, “but after researching thirdhand smoke, I am very concerned about her holding the baby after she has had a cigarette.”

Well according to the Mayo Clinic , thirdhand smoke is the residual nicotine and chemicals left on indoor surfaces from tobacco smoke.

People are exposed to these chemicals by touching contaminated surfaces or breathing in the off-gassing from these surfaces,” the Mayo Clinic explained. “This residue is thought to react with common indoor pollutants to create a toxic mix including cancer causing compounds, posing a potential health hazard to nonsmokers — especially children.”

To combat thirdhand smoke, the woman and her husband decided to ask her MIL, whom she describes as a “heavy smoker,” to shower and change her clothes every time she touches the baby if she smokes. But they don’t know how to broach the topic without upsetting her.”

We don’t want my mother-in-law to feel ostracized, and we don’t want to hurt her feelings, but obviously, those are likely potential outcomes,” she wrote. “How can we still be welcoming and let her know we are excited to have her around while still setting these boundaries? Also, how long should we remain this strict about the issue? How should we handle this when we are visiting my in-laws?” she asked.

“To insist on a full shower and complete change of clothes strikes me as extreme, obsessive and ultimately perhaps punitive — a passive aggressive comment on a practice of which the daughter-in-law disapproves,” one person wrote. 

Someone also agreed that this would only drive a wedge between the grandmother and her grandchildren. “I’m super against smoking, I think it’s a little extreme to request clothing changes and showers from someone who will be a pretty rare visitor,” the user wrote. “If your goal is for your MIL to never see your kid, go ahead with this.”

Another person told the mom to ask her doctor for some advice. “I am not sure what your exact plan is, fresh clothes and shower after every cigarette?  Grandma is going to feel shamed and unhappy, and what a sad start that will be to their relationship.  If you don’t trust internet randos, ask a pediatrician to weigh in on what the risk is and how to mitigate it,” the person commented.He argued that if she felt strongly about her MIL’s thirdhand smoke, she needs to set boundaries stat.

I know you don’t want your mother-in-law to feel ostracized, and I know that’s a likely outcome of stating what your needs are here, but I would take this opportunity to remind you that you are perfectly within your rights to ask for what you want; her response to that is her business, not yours,” he added.

When her MIL comes to visit, Wallace advised that she be strict about her request. “When you are visiting them, I think you have to, for necessity’s sake, be less so. It’s not possible for them to clear all residual smoke and nicotine off of everything in their home,” he wrote.

You may want to stay in a hotel for that reason.”But that doesn’t mean that the mom shouldn’t make it a point of setting her intention with love. “It’s important for her to know that you welcome her and love her as part of your family, so be sure to say in clear and explicit language that you welcome her and love her,” he added.

“Her hurt feelings may interfere with her ability to hear it, but that’s fine. She can just deal with it.”

Perhaps knowing that her habit is affecting her relationship with her grandchild, might just help her kick the habit. 

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A Plane Was Forced To Turn Back Around After Mom Informs Crew She Forgot Her Baby At The Airport

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Recently a mother on board a Saudia Airlines flight accidentally forgot about her baby and left her at the airport. She forced the pilot to turn the plane around.

I’m sure there are many moms who have had at lease on forgetful moment in their past. Perhaps they forgot to pick up their child up from school one day! Or even left a toddler wandering around the grocery store on their own for 10 whole minutes!

However this mother brought it to a whole new level as she left her baby in the boarding area of an airport. She only then realized that her baby was missing after she got on the plane and sat through takeoff.

Thankfully, the pilot was able to make arrangements to turn the plane around. “May God be with us. Can we come back or what?” the pilot asked air traffic control in a video lip which has gone viral “This flight is requesting to come back… a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing.”

This is similar to Home Alone, only a much shorter plot. Traveling with kids can be tough. It’s hectic and stressful and exhausting, so moms and other caregivers are bound to make mistakes and forget things once in a while.

Last weekend, a mom was on a Saudia Airlines flight on the way from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Once the plane had taken off, she frantically informed the crew that she had forgotten her baby in the boarding area at King Abdulaziz International Airport.

A video from youtube captured the air control operator’s conversation with the Saudia pilot, where the video has gone viral. It has over 1.8 million views at the time of writing. “May God be with us. Can we come back or what?” the pilot asks in the clip.

This flight is requesting to come back… a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing,” the pilot continued. The air traffic staff asked for the pilot to confirm the story.

They probably couldn’t believe what they heard. “We told you, a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the flight,” the pilot confirmed.

The operator eventually agreed. “OK, head back to the gate,” he said. “This is a totally new one for us!

Once the return trip approved, much to the annoyance of the passengers on board, the plane successfully turned around and landed right back at King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Social media users seem to have mixed reactions regarding the story. Some can’t understand how a mom could possibly forget about her baby.

The details of how and why have not been revealed, leaving people fill in the gaps of this pretty baffling story for themselves. Perhaps she was totally sleep-deprived? Did she think her husband had the baby? Was she worrying about older kids and accidentally forgot the youngest?

As one Twitter user pointed out, planes rarely take off immediately. Imagine sitting there, waiting and waiting for takeoff, and not noticing that your baby is missing! (Also, did nobody in the airport notice an extra unattended baby?)

Some people deem the mother as neglectful and careless. Others are more sympathetic, acknowledging that mom duties all the time is really hard. (Which is why some people just opt out.)

Then again, there was a whole movie made about basically this exact situation: Home Alone. That kid didn’t even make it TO the airport.

In any case, thank goodness the baby is OK! Someday, that child will be telling the best story since Kevin McCallister.

Luckily, the mom and baby were reunited at the airport after the plane returned, and everyone made it home safely. Phew.

Most families will have a story about that time mom or dad forgot someone at the grocery store, the mall, or the bank. It happens!

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Dog Nearly Dies From Sugar-Free Gum, Now Mom Is Warning Pet Parents About Fatal Mistake

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Marcia Gerritz found her dog, Orca, acting very unusual lately. The young and usually energetic Cavalier King Charles spaniel lost his appetite all of a sudden lately. Orca began to vomit small white bits of food, Marcia and her husband raced their much loved dog to the veterinary hospital .

Doctors said Orca was experiencing extreme liver failure and was seriously ill. She was on her death bed, yet her owners had no reason as to why this was happening.Throughout the next week, Orca stayed strong and fought to stay alive in the hospital and ended up making a magical recovery.

However Marcia and her husband spent over $5,000 in vet bills, they will be forever grateful to take her back home.

As it turned out, Orca had nearly died because of one household item found everywhere and anywhere; she had swallowed a stick of sugar-free gum.

Various kinds sugar-free gum contain xylitol, a sweetener used in many food products.

Xylitol gives sugarless gum its nice flavour, but it can be very harmful on a dog’s liver. Sugarless and regular gum can both cause blockages in the intestines.

Now Orca’s health scare is helping to warn pet parents everywhere that leaving gum around the house can have serious consequences.

Take a look a the video below for more information on this story:

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Formerly Homeless Teen Defies The Odds And Gets Accepted Into 17 Colleges On His Own

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7 year old, Dylan Chidick,Khadine his mother , and his two brothers moved from Trinidad to the United States. A number of years ago, Khadine got very sick and was unable to work. It wasn’t a surprise as his younger twin brothers have aortic stenosis.

It’s a serious heart condition which causes the valves in the heart to narrow. The family didn’t give up as they were strung along with the struggle of medical and financial issues with determination and strength.

The bills came up to the point where Khadine could no longer afford her own rent. The family was eventually evicted from their home and had nowhere else to go, for almost two months, they were homeless, living in a shelter.

In 2017, Khadine reached out to Village of Families, an agency that provide homes for neglected children. All thanks to this organization, Dylan and his family were able to move into their new home in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Dylan was so inspired by his hardworking single mom that he decided togo after his dream and become the first person in his family to ever go to university. He wishes to do a major in political science and minor in history.

Dylan knew the odds were held against him. He wasn’t sure if any universities would accept him since he didn’t have the great grades or a high SAT score.

However, Dylan felt that if admissions departments really took the time to read his college essay, he just might have a chance to be accepted.

Take a look at the full story in the video below:

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Baby born ‘pregnant’ needs C-section to remove her twin

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Imagine giving birth to a baby girl by cesarean section at 37 weeks and then that baby having her own cesarean section within 24 hours because she was born with a baby inside of her. You would think something like that would happen in a fiction movie, but that’s exactly what happened in Barranquilla, Colombia, to Mónica Vega.

It turns out that her baby girl, Itzmara, was seemingly “pregnant” with her own twin due to a very rare condition called fetus in fetu. 

More from MamásLatinas: Las fotos más lindas de los hijos de los famosos Fetus in fetu happens when there is twins and the embryo does not divide correctly.

Usually, in the situation of twins, the division happens during the first week of gestation. Siamese twins occur when the division happens during the second week.

Fetus in fetu takes place when the division happens after 17 days and one twin is encapsulated in the body of the other, thus becoming a “parasitic” twin. This very rare condition isn’t discovered until after the mother has given birth, but that was not the case this time around.

Mónica Vega had an ultrasound that revealed something startling. In Mónica Vega’s case, she was seven months pregnant, an ultrasound found two umbilical cords.

One connected baby Itzmara to her mother, and the next one connected Itzmara to a mass that was growing inside of her. The decision was made to deliver Itzmara early via cesarean section.

Dr. Miguel Parra, an expert in high-risk pregnancies, and Mónica made the decision to deliver the baby at 37 weeks via cesarean section when it was discovered that Itzmara had a parasitic twin growing in her abdomen.

They worried that the parasitic twin could keep growing inside of Itzmara and damage her internal organs. Only imagine having to carry out a C-section on a 37 week old baby who is only 24 hours old is a serious risk.

Thankfully , Itzmara is a trooper and was in excellent hands. She came out of surgery strong and is well.

The parasitic twin could not have survived on its own. As for the parasitic twin that was removed, it would not have survived on its own as it was malformed and did not have a heart or brain.

The only reason the tissue was being kept alive was because it was getting nutrition directly from Itzmara’s heart. There was a similar case in Honduras in 2018.

In December 2018, the hospital spokesman Miguel Osorio announced that Hospital Gabriela Alvarado de Danlí-El Paraíso had the first birth of a parasitic twin in 25 years.

The parasitic twin had grown half of its body outside of the fully developed twin.

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People Are Drinking ‘Milk Coke’ And Nobody Knows How To Feel About The Unusual Drink Trend

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The internet is often blamed for highlighting many controversial food, the latest beverage might be one of the most interesting yet. James Felton, comedy writer tweeted about his fondness for “milk Coke,” he didn’t realise the internet would react so fiercely.

James swears the odd beverage combination (made by mixing Coke and milk together) is rather popular in Birmingham, England, area. Many people stateside had never heard of the beverage. Understandably, they were perplexed. Some people liken it to a root beer float, while others argue that the two are very different things.

Gizmodo took a look at the beverage combination from a strictly scientific standpoint back in 2015, giving this explanation:

“The Coke loses its phosphoric acid, which teams up with calcium atoms from the milk to make tricalcium phosphate and hydrogen. The tricalcium phosphate precipitates out of the liquid and settles on the bottom. And nearly all of [C]oke’s color goes with it.”

Well that explains the milkshake-like look of the beverage, but how about the taste? Twitter is seriously conflicted. Coca-Cola is a staple among soft drinks. The beverage has been through a lot of iterations over the years, and it’s been an international favorite.

Of course, many households regularly have a supply of milk. The two aren’t usually connected to one another.

Comedy writer James Felton took to Twitter to mention that he loved mixing milk and Coke together. What ensued was pure chaos.

First of all, there were some people who were perplexed by the number of people who didn’t seem to know about milk Coke. The beverage is apparently quite popular in parts of the UK.

It’s not unheard of in the United States either. While the Twitter generation is unfamiliar, folks who watched Laverne & Shirley may remember the beverage being featured on the show.

Let’s just say that the answer to what you do with the curdled bits was not what anyone was looking for. People unfamiliar with the drink were positively shocked by the explanation.

Another common question was whether it had to be a certain type of milk and Coke specifically. Thankfully, the good milk people let us know about the variety of milk Coke out there.

As for ratios, you have to find what’s right for you. Twitter had some suggestions, but they varied quite a bit.

The curious and brave of heart tried it. Most actually enjoyed it after giving it a chance.

Many pointed out to the doubtful that it’s pretty similar to a Coke or root beer float. Still, some believe that they’re very different things.

While milk Coke definitely won some people over, there are still plenty of skeptics. If you have a problem with either drink, the combination of the two might not be right for you.

Both sides were treated equally by trolls. They had jokes about milk Coke day after day.

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Bratty kid on subway sure learned a lesson after laying down across four seats

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There’s nothing more frustrating than someone especially a teenager behaving selfish in a public space that we all have to share. Unfortunately, many teenagers are just discovering the world around them as they learn how to be socially aware.

Although there are many kind teenagers out there, there are a handful that think the world revolves around them which gives other youngsters a bad reputation.

Not everyone is prepared to accept these such self-absorbed teens; one man in New York certainly thought it was time to teach a lesson to a selfish teenager. As a result his actions on the busy subway have now gone viral. 

One passenger on the subway noticed the boy sprawled across the seat so she captured him on camera. Since the subway train was busy the boy seemed completely unaware that he took up three spaces for people, as he played on his phone.

Many looked at him with an expression that should have alerted him to move, but instead he remained firmly put. He even refused to move for three adults.

Until one man decided he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So, he proceeded to sit on top of the rude boy’s legs.

The boy’s priceless reaction was captured in the image below and has lit up social media attracting praise from thousands of people. He also placed his dirty shoes on a seat where people.

Although the young boy seems convinced he wasn’t wrong, the internet thinks otherwise. The post has been liked over 136,000 times, and hundreds of people have left comments applauding the man.

Not all heroes wear capes,’ wrote one, while another tweeted: ‘He has 0 s***s left to give and he is my blood brother.’

Subway etiquette is best taught non-verbally with force,’ added another.

The subway is the great equalizer,’ said yet another.

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