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Keanu Reeves stops to help fellow flight passengers after emergency landing in California

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Actor Keanu Reeves has long proven himself a hero as much as his off screen character. Not being happy with having established a reputation as one of the ‘good guys’ of Hollywood, it appears the actor hopes to continue his charitable and unselfish behavior.

Recently Reeves was on a United flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Saturday as the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, California …

Keanu Reeves was on a United flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Saturday before the flight had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, Calif.

Rather than attempt to kick up a fuss or use his star power to resolve the situation for himself, considering his plans had been disrupted, it didn’t take long for Reeves to show his true character throughout the remainder of the flight.

Brian Rea, an Instagram user along with a number of other passengers were able to comment on Reeves’ actions during the ordeal, which depicts “The Matrix” star in his true light.

Keanu was stranded somewhere in california which meant he had to take a bus rather than a plane and some guy recorded the whole experience so make sure you watch the video clip.

Rea’s Insta story followed the star getting onto the plane, from the moment to where they announced the diversion, while in the replacement bus that brought people the extra 100 miles from Bakersfield to Los Angeles.

Rea’s Instagram story finished with Reeves walking into a Carl’s Jr. captioned with: “It’s been a long day for all of us.”

Apparently, the flight had been diverted as a result of a “mechanical indication”, but landed safely and without incident, according to USA Today, citing a SkyWest representative.

Regardless, it’s great to see Keanu Reeves keep up his amazing attitude. He may have money and fame but he doesn’t allow to alter his personality into anything other than a genuine guy.

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One doctor’s “strange” call to write his name on scrub cap is changing safety in hospitals the world over –

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f you’ve ever been in a surgical theater or required surgery, then you are well aware that each individual member of staff is dressed exactly the same.

The uniformed approach obviously is to protect the strict hygiene protocols rather than make any sort of fashion statement, sometimes it can have it’s own unique pitfalls.

One doctor from Sydney, Rob Hackett, has gained something resembling viral fame for pointing out that not being able to distinguish members of the medical staff can actually be dangerous.

In order to solve the problem Dr. Rob had an idea of his own which involved a small alteration to his surgical cap. Dr. Rob’s method has gained plenty of traction online as it looks a little strange.

On 10 December 2017, Dr. Rob created #TheatreCapChallenge and encourages other medical professionals to join his cause.

Dr Rob realized many doctors ply their trade in hospitals making it difficult for them to be familiar the surgical team by name or profession. Which can also increases the possibility of a mistakes occurring which can threaten the safety of patients.

Initially, some of Dr. Rob’s colleagues teased and mocked him for his new look, but he knows it will be effective in the long run.

If you think about it, it get rather confusing in an operating room when it’s difficult to determine who is who?

It can be a disconcerting thought for whoever is being operated on.

Dr. Rob’s has revealed how he witnessed medical students being mistaken for veteran surgeons who were often requested to do something they weren’t even qualified for.

The majority of staff at Dr. Rob’s hospital have grasped his idea, it certainly won’t be long before his method spreads to other hospitals.

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“My mom died alone in pain”: Elderly woman died alone despite calling the helpline 26 times

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As I read this story, I understood why people are afraid to grow old.We may we fail to care for our elderly ,as we carry on with our own lives.

68-year-old, Anne Roome from Derby, England was a woman who lived alone in an apartment.Her daughter lives in New Zealand so when she began to feel unwell and struggled to breathe she reached for the phone to ask for help.

In a shocking 26 calls to a medical helpline, no ambulance was sent to take her to hospital and she was left to die alone in her apartment.An inquest into her death heard an emotional statement from her daughter Rebekah Burgess who told the court her mother “died alone and in pain”

Majority of people in the U.K call 999 for emergency services but there is also a service call 111 which was set up for non-emergency calls. 111 staff in some areas are still able to call an ambulance.

Bronchopneumonia was the casue of Anne Roome’s death, along with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to BBC News.

On June 16, 2014 she first called emergency services at 6:35 p.m. on June 16, 2014, her last happened several hours later at 05:41 the following morning. Her carer found her body a few hours later.

Anne’s daughter Rebekah, who flew to the UK for the inquest said her mom, “deserved a hand to hold as she took her last breath.”The emergency service apologized to Anne’s family for their “failings” and said it has improved its service since Anne’s death.

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Thieves try to siphon gas from bus, only to suck vile substance by accident instead

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There may be many people who question the existence of karma, but it’s difficult not to wonder when you hear stories like this one.

Stealing gas from someone else’s vehicle is a crime that’s been going on as long as people have had gas tanks.

Which is why people will take a special kind of satisfaction from the incident in question here, where thieves tried to steal some gas in Australia …

Thieves who thought it would be a good idea to try and syphon gas from a tour bus in the middle of the night is where our story begins . All going to plan for the thieves, just up until the moment it went wrong …according to British newspaper the Daily Mail.

They happened to get the hose in and start sucking to take out the gas, only to realize that they’d put their siphoning pipe in the wrong place.

However instead of sucking gas from the bus, they began the process of siphoning straight from the sewage tank.As per reports, Laverton Police Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar told The West Australian:

“We can infer they [made] a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

As for now no suspects have been arrested. Isn’t it just great it when karma comes around to bite those who deserve it. Thieves of any kind have no place in society, so we can only hope this warning will be enough for them to learn their lesson.

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Man Wants To Buy Old Cruise Ship And Turn It Into Housing For The Homeless

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There are many helpless souls homeless who spend each night thinking about the streets rather than in a bed.

While once it was an issue few worried about, it’s presently something that none should accept. Furthermore, what’s even worse, homelessness doesn’t simply affect the young healthy individuals in the U.S., but can also curse the old, the unwell and the feeble, too.

Additionally, it appears as though it’s gradually deteriorating for the individuals who have it tough while the rich keep on getting richer. So what could possibly be done about the circumstances?

Tragically, the United States isn’t the only nation where homelessness is an issue. In numerous nations around the globe, governments are neglecting to offer satisfactory lodging, thus the numbers keep on rising.

One place where it’s been a specific issue as of late is Portland, Maine.

The absence of affordable accommodation is evident, with many having battled without success to find an answer. There’s essentially insufficient space or funds to give homes to those in need.

However, this recent entrepreneur has a clever idea and thinks he’s discovered the appropriate solution.

The idea is somewhat strange, beyond any doubt, yet there are no negatives thoughts when the reason is genuine … right?

Contract worker Ken Capron intends to purchase an old cruise ship that is never being used again. His point is to remake the whole vessel, in this manner changing it into affordable apartments located in the city’s port.

This allows individuals a chance to live on the ship, he could resolve the homelessness issue for more than one thousand individuals. In the meantime, he would create a new floating community.

The advantages are doubled with Capron’s idea. This would tackle the housing shortage and eliminate the need for land to build additional houses.

We’re looking at four groups that need housing: the homeless, the low-income, the workers and the immigrants. They also need vocational training and we would offer them on board,” Ken Capron said in an interview with WMTV.

As per reports, the chairman of the city is open to the considered proposal.

In Capron’s vision, the ship would be changed over into five distinct floors, with something like one hundred flats offered on each.

It’s unquestionably an innovative thought, however one that could give the answer for various issues if given the green light.

“I have no idea if it’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard, or the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard, but what I like about it is that he’s coming up with creative ways to figure out how to build housing in the city of Portland,” mayor Ethan Strimling

The question is who will take care of everything. Capron, however, stays positive that the arrangement is practical. As with all entrepreneurs, he sees positive outcomes where others see just obstructions.

Ken has requested an independent examination to determine whether the venture is indeed possible. Whenever he is given the green light, he will begin his proposal, however, is ready to present his plan to the City Committee either way.

The Miami Herald claims the proposition has generally been welcomed.

In the event that Capron’s idea works out as expected, he could build up the world’s first floating community.

The evaluated expense of doing this transformation sits someplace in a range of between  $5million and $10million.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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Trucker runs straight towards fiery crash – dash cam captures moment he opens the car door

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People often display their true colours and real character in life threatening moments, professional truck driver David Fredericksen, is exactly that. David witnessed a car travelling at 70mph collide with an 18-wheeler’s gas tank as he drove along the I-10 Freeway in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Needless to say, a catastrophe occurred with a fireball and clouds of black smoke erupting from the carnage.

This heroic truck driver in Mississippi raced towards a blazing car wreck on the freeway without a second thought to save the driver and her one-year-old granddaughter, while others stayed in the safety of their cars and watched.

Hero: David Fredericksen jumps out of the truck and runs towards the Lincoln with fire extinguisher in his hand

In Fredericksen’s own words: “I just caught a glimpse of the front grill of a car that looked like it was going in the wrong direction. It was a pretty big explosion — and then the road, the car, everything — was on fire.”

Walter Letterman, Frederickson’s partner, thought all must be dead.
Frederick himself feared his pal was right, but at the same time knew he had to do something. He stopped his vehicle a safe distance away, grabbed his fire extinguisher and ran towards the inferno.

Saved: In the red circle, Fredericksen and his friends have managed to pull the little girl and grandmother from the burning wreck to safety

Fredericksen did his best to get the flames under control upon reaching the site of the crash.

He said: “When I got out of the truck and I pulled the pin [of his fire extinguisher], I just automatically started praying, ‘God please don’t let me have to deal with somebody halfway burned alive, screaming, or have to see kids in here. I mean I didn’t want to see something like that. My first reaction was that they were dead.

Fortunately, he was wrong. In the midst of the terror and chaos, he caught a glimpse of something that commanded his attention. In an interview he said,“I saw this little head pop up in the back window, and immediately, I thought, ‘Wow, they’re alive!

Bravery: Inspired by their friend, Fredericksen's co-drivers burst from the truck to aid their friend who is fighting the flames with his fire extinguisher

It turned out a 51-year-old woman and a toddler, who later transpired to be the woman’s grandchild, were trapped inside. “We noticed there was a lady in the front, kicking the front seat – the door, trying to get out, and when we opened the door, I noticed a 1-year-old little girl in the back seat,” Fredericksen explained.

I heard the metal bending. I’m a pretty good-sized guy, and if you watch the video, you can see that I’m struggling pretty hard to get it open.”

Eventually the police arrive and Fredericksen and his friends and those they rescued can be seen to the right by the verge

Using all his strength, and calling for help from a higher power, Fredericksen doggedly fought on. He asked God for a miracle, and it appears the big man answered.Without minutes, other motorists had come to help him, and together they managed to wrench the door open.

“Then, in the back seat, that little head, I saw it pop up again, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw some other people showing up, and so I reached into the back seat, and I grabbed the little girl. I reached in and she grabbed me around the neck. “She was pretty happy when I grabbed her out of there.”

Inferno: The truck driven by Fredericksen comes to a halt as the devastation wrought by the crash is left strewn across the freeway

Both the toddler and her grandmother were whisked to safety, just in the nick of time. No sooner had they left the vehicle than did it go up in flames, leaving only a husk of blackened, charred metal.

Scott Swanson, the man who was driving the truck that was involved in the accident, admitted: “I don’t know how we all made it through that.”.

Adding to the mystery of how things managed to turn out as well as they did, Fredericksen wasn’t burned by the metal, despite touching the car with his bare hands.

Not a second thought: David Fredericksen said that he did what anyone else would have done - despite evidence to the contrary filmed on his dashcam

“The car was on fire, and I didn’t burn my hands. It wasn’t hot,” Fredericksen said. He believes God intervened, using him to help rescue the two victims.

I believe that He protected me and protected them. If I had been twenty seconds sooner, I would have been down the road. If it would have been ten seconds sooner, it would have been me she hit. I’ve never met that lady, but I am just very happy that I was able to help her that day. It seemed surreal that they were okay. I mean, I didn’t think anyone could survive that, truthfully.”

Take a look at the video below for more details on the story;

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“I’ll Punch You In The Face”: Teachers caught abusing special ed kids in disturbing recording

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Teachers have huge responsibility towards their students, especially teachers of children with special needs. That’s why stories like this anger me.

Amber Pack recently noticed that her daughter was behaving differently after coming home from school. The mother’s instincts indicated something wasn’t right. What she discovered after secretly hiding a recording device in her daughter’s hair is unthinkable.

The West Virginia, mother was in total shock once she discovered that her 8-year-old daughter with special needs was being verbally abused at school.

Amber had enrolled her daughter at Berkley Heights Elementary School due to their specialized special ed classes, but noticed that her daughter was behaving strangely upon returning home.

She told her mother she no longer wanted to go to school and appeared traumatized. When the mother uncovered the truth of what was happening at the school, she was shocked.

The mother listened to the audio recording and discovered that children in class were being verbally abused throughout the day, in a variety of ways.

Amber heard a range of distressing things in the recording, namely the children being threatened with violence, insulted and even have food withheld.

It turned out that children were undergoing verbal abuse arbitrarily throughout the school day.

Amber also heard the teachers threatening to physically hurt the children. “I ought to backhand you right in your teeth. How is that for anxiety?” one special ed teacher threatened.

“I’ll punch you in your face” and “I’m going to pull your hair until you start crying,” are other examples.

The teachers also used derogatory terms to address the children, such as “pygmy,” “wench,” and “animal” during the day.

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Homework is so hard some days. For any kid, but especially one with special needs. As his level of meds dips in the afternoon his ability to focus and control his reactions to things usually takes a nosedive. Sometimes that makes writing 5 sentences seem like an impossible task. For both of us. Last night was a good night though. Despite an after-school trip to the orthodontist, running his brother to lacrosse practice, me ruining dinner, and asking him to pick up his room, this little guy sat right down and knocked them out while I folded laundry nearby. But after that he was done. Doesn’t matter that he has a writing assignment that was due last Friday. I had a choice to make: I could either force it or enjoy the evening. So, I let it go and we had a great evening. And I’m more than just okay with that. ❤️ #specialneedsmom #specialeducation #doingmybest #adhd #tourettes

A post shared by Rebe Grantham (@rebegrantham) on

Amber even heard the teachers make vulgar comments towards the children. “You got to go pee pee? Pee pee? Or do you not have to go pee pee and you just want to go j— o– in a chair?”  one teacher asked.

Amber could hear hear a combination of regular school day activities, through several recordings, such as singing songs and story reading. However the children could also be heard crying sporadically, with teachers lashing out aggressively at them throughout the day.

She feels the entire class was subjected to verbal abuse and that their cruelty had been going on for a while.

The concerned mother was, naturally, extremely distraught after listening to the audio clips. “One day. Eight hours. I don’t understand why [they] treated her the way [they] treated her. She didn’t deserve that. No kid does,” she said.

The mother says she couldn’t eat for three days after listening to the recordings. “I was so upset. Every time I looked at her I would start crying,” she says.

Amber’s motherly instincts and clever thinking, meant she could make the abuse public. She posted a recording of the abuse to Facebook where other parents with children attending the school swiftly became aware of the abuse.

Kasey Murphy’s six-year-old son Owen is also enrolled at the school, she was horrified when she discovered the ongoing abuse.

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Posted @withrepost • @lolaaneke #WhatIfWednesday 📌What if we live in a Nigeria where the government ensures that all children with disabilities receive FREE and APPROPRIATE public educational services in school settings that maximize their potentials? 📌What if we had an effective quality assurance system whereby certified regulators are detailed to monitor and ensure that schools employ effective practices in identifying students who need special education services? 📌What do you think? #FreeAndAppropriateEducation🎯 #QualityAssurance👌🏾 #SpecialEducation 💯 #InclusiveEducation 💯 #YesWeCan💪🏾 #ForTheLoveOfSpecialNeeds♿ #GodBlessNigeria🙏🏽🇳🇬 #ThankYouJesus!🙌🏾

A post shared by C.A.D.E.T. Academy (@cacademyng) on

“It’s sickening,” she said. “People don’t even talk to animals like that, and they are talking to non-verbal children who don’t understand why they are talking to them like that. They aren’t doing anything wrong.”

Amber immediately contacted the school principal, the school district as well as local police to notify them of the shocking abuse. Authorities are so far claiming no criminal wrongdoing in this case, but have stated they do not condone the teachers’ behavior.

I am not in any way condoning the verbal treatment of your children by the individuals in the classroom,” County Prosecutor Catie Wilkes Delligatti said following the release of the audio recording.

View this post on Instagram

This time of the year is crazy busy!! My team and I are all doing assessments, trying to write IEPs, annual reviews, etc. We try hard to keep students on their schedules and routines, but they can feel our stress. If your team is feeling stressed like us, you will probably see an increase in students who struggle to control their impulses and emotions. We will need to help them remember and use their coping skills. Click the link in my profile if you need materials to help students with their feelings. . . . #weteachsped #sped #tpt #teacherspayteachers #iteachsped #iteachspecialed #lifeofaspedteacher #autismclassroom #autismteacher #sped #specialeducation #classroommanagement #behaviormanagement #spedtribe #spedsquad #specialed #spedontpt #spedontpt

A post shared by Special Ed. Teacher & Blogger (@mrspspecialties) on

The teachers have now been placed on paid administrative leave as the school district investigates the situation. State law prevents any further information to be shared by the school district, but the federal Department of Education will soon reportedly be involved.

The children have been placed in new classrooms with new teachers in the meantime where students appear to be progressing.


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Father and son duo kill hibernating bear and her two cubs, then proudly pose for photos

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An Alaska man and his son have been sentenced to jail time after they slaughtered a mother black bear and her two cubs in their den in a vicious act unknowingly caught on a research camera. 

Hunting is considered a sport where many argue if its necessary to keep the population of certain species to manageable numbers.

However there’s no excuse for shooting a mama bear while she hibernates in a cave with her two cubs. This is what happened in Alaska and the two responsible did not get away with it.

Authorities described it as a crime of an “egregious nature,” according to a source.

Andrew Renner, 41, was recently sentenced to three months in jail for killing a mother bear and two cubs while hunting in Alaska with his 18-year-old son Owen Renner.

His son, Owen Renner, who was 17 at the time, was given a 30-day suspension for taking part with his father.

Source: Facebook

The family of bears were being tracked by wildlife officials on Esther Island in Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska and so their killings were captured on a research camera.

The father and son went into the bear’s den and shot the hibernating mother bear in front of her screaming newborn cubs. They also shot the cubs.

Assistant attorney general Aaron Peterson said, “My office believes and argued for active jail time in this case because of the egregious nature of it, and the necessity of letting the public know Alaska will not tolerate poaching.”

Andrew was ordered to pay a $9,000 fine, forfeit his pickup truck, boat, trailer, weapons, skies and cell phones and had his hunting license revoked for 10 years, in addition to the jail sentence he received.

Andrew Renner, 41, was sentenced to three months in jail and had his hunting license revoked for a decade for the slaughter of a mother black bear and her two cubs in April 2018

His son Owen also had his hunting license suspended for two years and he was ordered to take a hunters’ safety course.

Authorities said it was the teenager who shot the mama bear and after hearing the shrieks coming from the cubs while the father shot the two defenceless cubs.

Mr Peterson said that it was “most egregious bear cub poaching case his office has ever seen”.

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Mom Calls Out Of Work For Sick Son On Life Support, Boss Fires Her Via Text Message For It

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Crystal Reynolds Fisher is an employee at PS Food Mart in Albion, Michigan. Once she realized she wasn’t able to make one of her shifts, she ensured to give her boss 48 hours of advance notice.

Her son was on life support in ICU there she had good reason for having to miss work.

I’m just letting [you] know my son is still on life support so until he is out of the bad I will not be able to make it to work,” Crystal wrote in a text message to her boss, Dawn. “I can let [you] know as he starts to get better so that way I can return to work with no problems.”

The heartbroken and worried mother was shocked by her boss’ brutal response: “That isn’t how we do things, so I’ll accept you’re quitting.

That’s when a frustrating back-and-forth text conversation that ended in a way Crystal never expected. She was so horrified that she shared screenshots of her conversation.

It wasn’t long before her story was being shared across the country by outraged supporters. However little did Crystal realise the tables would soon be turned…

Take a look at the video clip below:

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Blindfolded Boy Spars During Taekwondo Lesson But Doesn’t Know His Partner Is His ‘Deployed’ Dad

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Nine year old, Luca Cesternin from Tennessee has found life to be a bit difficult. This young boy from Tennessee has been taking Taekwondo lessons, which to help expend energy, burn stress, and build self-confidence.

Since May 2018, Luca’s father, Staff Sergeant Rob Cesternino, had been deployed overseas. There he served in the Tennessee National Guard in Jordan and Syria for 10 months. Luca is the youngest of six siblings so the distance has been tough on the whole family.

Rob made sure to video call or chat with Luca every two weeks while he was deployed.

Luca is filmed during one of his taekwondo lessons, his instructor had him wear a blindfold to heighten his instincts and reaction time. However there was another more sentimental reason for the blindfold.

The blindfold definitely presented Luca with a challenge as he sparred with three different partners.

Luca heard his male partner shouting words of encouragement while calling him by his nickname, as they sparred for the third time. Not many people refer to him by.

There is only one particular person who uses that nickname.

That’s when Luca realized his dad had somehow secretly slipped into his lesson and stepped in to play the role of his partner.

The words ‘Hey Shib’ sparked a reaction, Luca quickly ripped off his blindfold, yanked of his gloves, and jumped into his dad’s embrace.

Rob was given an early homecoming and therefore planned to surprise his youngest child. You don’t want to miss Luca’s reaction to the big reveal.

Take a look at their reunion in the video below:

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