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Little Boy Searches For His Lost Dog For 8 Months. Watch The Moment They Finally Find Each Other

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Six year old, Kahne Williams loves his family pet dog more than anything in the world. Even his parents understand how important the was for young Kahne. However the dog ran away, which left Kahne devastated when his pet went missing. It was unlikely that his beloved pet would ever return home so his parents gently broke the news to him.

Kahne refused to give up hope especially since he was the one who picked out the pup and had bonded with the animal straight away. The family had plenty land on their Texas property for a pet.

They named the dog Kase, he went missing when he was left out to use the bathroom before bedtime. When it was time for the dog to come back he didn’t return. Kase had disappeared.

Kahne prayed to God for the return of Kase for an entire month. Then one day a massive storm struck the area. The family knewbit was unlikely that Kase could survive twenty-inches of snow.

Little did Kahne realize that neighbors had found Kase and looked after him. There two little girls showered Kase with so much love and kindness. And in that way, Kase was well cared and looked after by this family.

However the dog missed his owner as he wasn’t reunited with Kahne and could no longer hide his discontent at the neighbor’s house.

After some tim Kase and Kahne were eventually reunited all thanks to his mother, Paula, who luckily located the missing dog.

One day she was stuck behind a school bus on route home. as she spotted Kase run up to two little girls. Paula got out of the car and said, “That’s my son’s dog!”

As Paula took Kase with her both girls cried as they said their final goodbye kisses. Once she returned home, she surprised Kahne who came outside and found his long-lost dog.

I missed you,” Kahne said as he cradled the dog in his arms.

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Oprah Hints That Her Famous Talk Show May Be Coming Back

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Oprah Winfrey has retired from her famous talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Naturally everyone will miss watching her program every day. Fans all over the world are not completely satisfied with her new programming, because it is not the same much loved Oprah show.

Oprah hosted her television since September 8, 1986 and since then she has repeatedly made headlines repeatedly due to her generosity. Oprah was also the program’s producer having the highest-rated talk show in television history.

While Oprah has poured her energy into OWN a programs she host on her network which helps produce her famous magazine O.

In 2018, Oprah spoke about her daily routine in Harper Bizarre article. She also revealed what a day in the life of a superstar is like. It allows her time for more gardening and exercise. She deserves to enjoy her one-billion-dollar fortune earned through her entertainment career.

Oprah still handles her own business because it matters to her.

I personally sign all checks over 100 grand. Even on a perfect day, I want to do it. Having grown up poor, I can never completely turn over all my money matters to anyone else,” she said. “It’s important for me to know what’s coming in, what’s going out. I never want to be one of those people who delegate that task to someone else, and then one day is surprised to find out how much money they do or don’t have.

Oprah recently revealed in an interview on Entertainment Tonight how she was delighted that her favorite NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, won their first-ever championship.

(I) would love to make that happen,” she said. However there’s one condition that Oprah would require to make it possible.

For 25 years, it was perfect.” She added: “The only time I missed it was during the election or when something really big happens in the news. I think, ‘Oh, gee, I wish I had a show.’”

Oprah’s condition is that she would prefer if the show wasn’t daily.

Maybe not every day,” she said.

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The FBI Has Been Looking For Him Since He Escaped Alcatraz 50 Years Ago. He Just Sent Them A Letter

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As you cross over the Golden Gate Bridge in California you can Alcatraz prison on the horizon. Nearly every American knows about the notorious island prison, which is famous for being impossible to escape from. It was constructed in 1963 where it remained the most secure and safe prison for the most dangerous criminals in the States.

During the years, 36 attempts were made by prisoners to escape from the prison. Each one of them failing in their attempts until 2013.

Clarence and John Anglin were two of those attempted escapees, along with their friend Frank Morris. For months they devised a plan that finally succeed in escaping the prison through ventilation ducts in their cells.

Old saw blades, sharpened spoons, and even a drill Macgyvered from an old vacuum cleaner were used to open up the ducts enough to allow three men, through one at a time. Morris picked up the accordion and played loudly, in order to hide the loud noise of their grinding and picking,

Once they made it out of their cells they encountered another problem: the ocean. They managed to create life jackets and a raft made up of a bunch of raincoats. Their paddles were made from wood.

They made dummy heads with real human hair and a makeshift form of paper-mâché, the night they escaped as they left their cells through the vents and climbed the fence at just the right time.

The FBI became searched but only ever discovered some remnants of the raft. Until 2013, no other evidence was found.

John Anglin revealed his identity to the FBI that year detailing the success of their escape. All three managed to escape, John included a photo of two of the three escapees enjoying their freedom together to prove it.

John explains how he now had cancer and asked for medical treatment in exchange for a prison sentence of, “less than a year.”

The letter was tested for the DNA that was left in the prison cells, but the results were reported as, “inconclusive.” which meant that this certainly could be the real John Anglin.

The FBI last reported in 2018 that there wasn’t any follow up with the supposed, “John Anglin,” who presumably has passed from his illness in the years since.

For now, all we can do is wonder whether these three men managed to pull off the most impossible prison escape of all time.

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Army Veteran Starts To Fall Asleep On An Airplane When She Feels Hands Grabbing Her From Behind

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It can often feel stressful when traveling on an airplane where you are thousands of feet in the air, with a load of strangers. The experience can be uncomfortable.Passengers often remove their shoes and socks,leaving smell of foot odor in the cabin.

Certain people might behave in a rude manner or begin harassing other passengers.

Army veteran Lena Ramsey didn’t have a pleasant experience when she boarded a red-eye flight from Denver to Providence, Rhode Island. For some strange reason she had a bad feeling that something was wrong, but wasn’t entirely sure what it was.

Once the plane took off , Lena covered her eyes and to get some sleep. However that’s when something startled her as she was groped from behind.

And it dawned on me that I had hands coming through my window seat, on my right side,” the army veteran said. “The passenger behind me was groping me.”

Lena snapped out of her sleep straight away.

The passenger behind me was groping me in my breast area. I immediately sat up. The passenger that was in the aisle seat next to me was sleeping, and I startled him awake.”

Rather than say nothing she immediately reported the illegal act to the flight attendant. It appeared the flight attendant didn’t do anything with the information.

She could tell that I was visibly shaken because her immediate question to me was ‘are you OK?’ And I said no I’m not, I have a passenger behind me that has his hands on my breasts.

Lena then decided to take matters into her own hands. Once the plane landed, Lena asked the pilot to contact the Transportation Security Administration because she had been assaulted on the plane.

I notified the pilot immediately. There was a pilot and a co-pilot. The pilot was a female. The co-pilot was a male and they both heard what I had to say, and immediately I think they saw I was in distress.”

TSA knew her complaint was serious. The FBI promised to investigate her allegations after they questioned her about man who groped her during the late-night flight.

Lena Ramsey awaits justice for what occurred to her in the middle of the flight. She is unsure if the criminal in her case is being actively pursued.

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Hearts Break As Grieving Horse Smells Late Owner’s Casket And Emotionally Breaks Down

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If anyone wonders whether horses and humans form strong bonds, then this story proves it.

People have been using horses for thousands of years.

Thanks to horses, humans were able to travel faster, plow fields and do so many things.

But in the last 100 or so years, horses have become less essential for our everyday needs.

However, humans are still riding them all over the world. And often, these horses form incredibly strong emotional attachments for the people that look after them and own them.

Wagner Lima was one person who loved his horse, Sereno. And Sereno loved Wagner back.

The two lived in Brazil. Every day, Wagner and Sereno would meet up, ride around and have a great time together. It was clear to most people that the two were best friends. For eight years, the animal and Wagner had a fantastic life with one another.

But then one-day tragedy struck. Wagner was out on a motorcycle, when he got into a terrible crash.

Sadly, Wagner died shortly after the accident.

At first, Sereno was confused. He was wondering why his best friend wouldn’t come to see him and ride with him anymore.

Eventually, the horse started to think that Wagner just didn’t care about him.

But Wagner’s family wanted to show the horse that Wagner wasn’t coming for him because he couldn’t come for him. So they brought Sereno to the funeral.

Wagner’s brother, Wando, took the horse to the church on the day of the funeral.

The brother walked with Sereno to the hearse outside, so the animal could be part of the procession.

But when the horse got close to the coffin, something shocking happened.

The horse started making pained neighing noises. Clearly, Sereno could smell Wagner inside the coffin. Suddenly, the horse realized why his best friend had disappeared.

But the horse wasn’t done with grieving. Sereno lay his head down onto the coffin. The distraught animal was saying “goodbye” to his best friend. He just wished that Wagner could come back.

The pallbearers started carrying the coffin to the cemetery, with Sereno in tow.

Throughout the march, the horse wouldn’t stop whimpering. The loss was still setting in. Wagner was gone forever.

The horse’s emotions grew stronger, and Sereno started beating his paws to the ground.

“This horse was everything to him. It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.” – Wando Lima.

But the good news is that Wando was more than happy to adopt Sereno.

His brother’s beloved horse was a member of the family, and people in Wagner’s family care for each other.

Things can never be the same for Sereno or Wando. Wagner was a one of a kind human being, and they miss him terribly every day. But thanks to the love that Wando is showing to his brother’s horse, the two are carrying on and trying to enjoy life to the fullest.

Not all owners have such a strong bond with their horses. But there are ways for humans to boost their connections with the animals.

Robin Foster, who is a certified equine behaviorist, says that there is a range of ways that humans can build up trust with a horse. The most effective means of building up a human-horse relationship is through reciprocal altruism, where a human rewards a horse with kindness when they act in a kind manner.

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Chefs demonstrate why you should never thaw frozen steak before grilling

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Frozen steaks taste worse if you thaw them before cooking them up. Here’s the proof.

There are some food tips that have basically become second nature.

If you’re barbecuing a burger, you should never press down on the patty, for example.

But there’s another tip that should be known by all meat lovers.

It’s to always cook a frozen steak straight from the freezer instead of letting it thaw out.

Most people wouldn’t assume that this is a good thing to do. After all, wouldn’t cooking a frozen steak make the inside and the outside taste all uneven? And thawing a steak is basically the same as bringing it back to its natural state. Yes, you would think that both points make sense, but not in practice.

And if anyone doubts this, then there’s the perfect video that proves that frozen steak is better than thawed steak in every way.

The senior editor of Cook’s Illustrated, Dan Souza, put it to the test.

To conduct this experiment, Souza cut some strip loin beef into eight evenly sized steaks. After this, he cut the steaks in half crosswise and froze all of the meat.

Then half of each steak was thawed out in the fridge over the course of a night. The other halves were kept in the freezer.

After this, he took the steak halves and seared the frozen and thawed out steaks in a hot pan for one and a half minutes per side.

Lastly, he put them into a 275 degrees Fahrenheit oven until the steaks were cooked to medium-rare (inside, they registered at 125.5 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Then the analysis of the steaks began.

Each steak was weighed before and after cooking.

The results were shocking.

The frozen steaks did take slightly longer to cook compared to the thawed steaks. But the frozen steaks only took 18 to 20 minutes compared to the thawed steaks taking 10 to 15 minutes. A three-minute cooking difference really isn’t a lot!

But when they cut the steaks open, they could really see the difference.

The frozen steaks had a thinner band of grey overcooked steak under the crust, meaning that there was more tasty meat!

The frozen steaks also lost an average of 9% less moisture throughout the cooking process.

But of course, the most important test was the taste test. Everyone preferred the taste of the frozen steaks!

The reason for this is due to the colder temperature of the inside of the steak. The frozen interior takes longer to overcook. That means you can brown the meat without ruining the inside.

But now that you know frozen steak is better than thawed steak, you might be wondering if there’s anything else that you can do to enhance the flavor. The answer is yes!

Firstly, don’t put the steak in a Ziploc bag before freezing. Instead, freeze the steaks as flat as you can, with the meat being uncovered, resting on top of a parchment baking sheet.

Secondly, once the steaks are completely frozen solid, then you should wrap the steaks in plastic wrap and then put them in a Ziploc bag.

Those two steps make the steak brown faster and lead to less splatter.

Lastly, the frozen steaks cook best on a hot pan that has oil that covers the pan with an eighth of an inch of depth.

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Gymnast walks onto mat, performs routine that is now 2019’s most watched sports video

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Katelyn Ohashi has achieved many incredible things throughout her career. But this latest gymnastics routine is so daring that it has given her new levels of fame.

In 2019, Katelyn Ohashi became 22 years old. Most people at the age of 22 have only achieved compiling a mountain of student debt.

But Ohashi’s gymnastic career has resulted in five gold medals at the Jr. Pacific Rim Championships, a gold at the FIG World Cup and two golds and two bronzes at the NCAA championships.

And if all of those medals weren’t enough, she’s rapidly becoming one of the most famous athletes on the planet.

You may have thought that the most successful sports video of 2019 was a clip of soccer, football, baseball or some other highly popular sport. But you’d be wrong.

A video of Ohashi’s routine has outperformed all of the other sports moments to become the most viewed sports clip of 2019 so far.

The video was uploaded in January and has, to date, gained almost 41 million views on YouTube.

But what makes the video so popular?

The video is just so feel good and flawless!

Ohashi moves to Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel and flies through the air.

Not only is she performing some amazing acrobatic feats, but she’s also doing it with such enthusiasm.

Throughout the video, she’s smiling, and between jumps, she’s dancing with happiness.

This positive energy clearly feeds into her routine, as she pulls off some moves that most of us can only dream of.

At the end of the routine, the crowd literally screams. She gets a perfect 10.0 from the judges.

Another reason why this video may have done do well is because it’s such a good distraction from the current climate.

With so much controversy and negativity coming from the world of politics, perhaps people just want to see someone being graceful and happy while doing what they’re best at?

And Ohashi’s performance was no one-off. It was the fourth perfect 10.0 to date.

And if you’re wondering whether Ohashi can ever achieve this again, then the answer is that she already has.

In fact, 2019 is shaping up to be the most successful year of her career so far. Her seventh perfect 10.0 came in March, when she was performing at an event in Oklahoma.

Here, she performs to another Michael Jackson hit and delivers a similarly stunning, enthused and feel good routine.

Ohashi definitely deserves to be where she is nowadays. She’s gone through so much to become one of the world’s greatest athletes.

Throughout her career, she’s suffered a range of injuries. And for a time, people tried to put her off of gymnastics entirely.

She spoke to the BBC recently regarding how people had damaged her self esteem.

“I was told that I didn’t look like a gymnast. I was told that I looked like I swallowed an elephant, or that I looked like a pig.”

But Ohashi was able to work through these negative voices.

When she enrolled at UCLA, she was able to find positive, optimistic voices who encouraged her to succeed.

And the result is that she’s one of the most celebrated athletes right now and is making millions of people happy through her work!

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Be Careful Of These New Shopping Carts At Walmart That Spy On You While You Shop

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Retailers like Walmart are constantly seeking ways to make more money. They want you to spend more time in their store, buy more things, and spend more money than you planned. That’s why value sections and quick-buys that appeal to the deal-shopper in all of us, are so profitable. But now Walmart might be releasing a data-gathering technique that is something out of George Orwell’s 1984.

If Walmart has its way, they plan to unleash a fleet of smart shopping carts that track your movement and transmit all that data back to headquarters. Walmart’s proposed smart shopping cart will watch your movements and analyze where you like to go within the store. Each cart will have an array of sensors that follow your every movement, and even track things like walking speed and your body temperature.

Walmart’s new shopping carts will be able to track your pulse – so they’ll know when a good deal makes your heart race. The cart will also include a safety feature that can alert store associates if a shopper is about to pass out and injure him or herself. And the smart cart will also be equipped with a weight-triggered push feature that makes it super easy to push around a cart loaded to the brim with heavy, expensive items.

Walmart wants to know what makes your heartbeat. They want to understand everything about you while you’re in their store. They will compile all this data onto servers that will then be analyzed. And that data might be responded to in real-time. Imagine if Walmart could tell if you were “not satisfied” from your biometrics and then the invisible Big Brother alerted a store associate to help you.

Some people feel that technology can help shoppers. But most people understand that Walmart just wants to compile lots and lots of data about their customers so they can better market to them and get them to buy more items.

Walmart has filed a patent for smart cart technology.

Additionally, Walmart might use audio recordings to listen to what you talk about while in the store. They plan to use this at checkout to monitor cashiers and customers.

“A need exists for ways to capture the sounds resulting from people in the shopping facility and determine the performance of employees based on those sounds,” Walmart stated in its patent application, called ‘Listening to the Frontend.’

In the patent, Walmart claimed that they need to be “always thinking about new concepts and ways that will help us further enhance how we serve customers. This patent is a concept that would help us gather metrics and improve the checkout process by listening to sounds produced by the bags, carts and cash registers and not intended for any other use.”

If Walmart is listening to your conversations and tracking your heartbeat in-store, will you continue to shop at the giant retailer? Does this type of technology make you feel like your privacy is being violated? Or is it just “good business?”

Rosie O’Donnell Accuses Donald Trump Of Having Sex With Ivanka

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It is surprise that Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump do not get along. About a decade ago, Trump lashed out at Rosie, calling her a “real loser” and a “woman out of control” after she spoke about the reality star while hosting The View in 2006. Now, Rosie O’Donnell has hit back at Trump again with harsh words during a Sirius XM radio interview on Wednesday.

During the satellite radio interview, the comedian alluded to the possible lewd nature of President Trump and daughter Ivanka’s relationship. O’Donnell did not mince words when she called Trump and his daughter’s weird relationship as bordering on the incestual. Rosie said that Trump and Ivanka’s relationship is “very creepy.” In practically in the same breath, she called women’s soccer captain and most valuable player Megan Rapinoe is an “inspirational” hero for women who is very “well-spoken.”

Because Trump has had a feud with Rosie for more than a decade, her words concerning his “creepy” relationship with the First Daughter ignited things again and forced the President to respond to her allegations.

Rosie said the controversial comments while on the radio with Michelangelo Signorile on Wednesday.

“There’s a creepy incest feel that is very prevalent amongst Donald Trump and his children. At least his daughter (Ivanka). I think he’s been doing bad things with her for a very long time.”

Rosie has never been shy about sharing her opinion, which has helped her reach the heights of the comedy world. After claiming that Trump and his daughter share have a “creepy incest” relationship, she then went on to criticize the First Daughter.

“I think she’s like, a talentless, non-intelligent, non-powerful, woman,” Rosie said. “It’s laughable to think of her (Ivanka) in any kind of public service role. No one in his family has ever been in public service. Why should they start now?”

Rosie first started fighting back against Trump when she challenged his moral authority to judge Miss USA contestants. Trump responded by calling Rosie “fat” and a “loser.”

During the same interview with the Sirius XM host, Rosie gushed over her love for soccer star Rapinoe, who also shares the same distaste for the sitting President. She described the soccer MVP had had her politics “on point.”

“She’s so inspirational, and she’s so well-spoken, and her politics are on point. I admire her greatly. She’s so young to be so composed,” she said.

She described the American women winning the women’s World Cup as a “thrill” that “made America remember what America is and can be.”

In addition to sharing her political thoughts about Donald Trump and Megan Rapinoe, Rosie held another Sirius XM radio interview where she had a few choice words to say about her former co-hosts of The View, Whoopi Goldberg. That topic came up during her visit on Chatting on The Clay Cane Show.

Rosie said she was shocked when Goldberg proclaimed America as not a racist country. She made that claim during a heated back-and-forth with Rosie in 2014.

“Whoopi saying there is no racism in this country, to me… I couldn’t believe it. A black woman in America. Older than me. How’s that possible? I don’t know. I didn’t understand it really, and I also didn’t want to fight with a legend. One of the few black women to ascend to a level that very few black women ever get to.”

CNN Keeps Attacking Melania. Her Spokeswoman Finally Had Enough And Issues Harsh Response

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When CNN contributor Kate Anderson Brower wrote a critical piece about Melania Trump, slamming her for an interview she gave to Fox News, the First Lady’s spokeswoman fired back. Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications, wrote a guest op-ed for CNN’s website in response, noting Brower’s “unnecessary attack” on Mrs. Trump, saying that she was “condescending” to the First Lady.

In part, Brower had remarked that when Trump sat down for an interview earlier in the week with Sean Hannity she “proved that doesn’t understand what it means to be first lady,” as Trump had told Hannity that “opportunists who are using my name” were the hardest part about the position.

According to Brower, she found that Trump was “again making the job about herself and her family instead of taking the opportunity to talk about the challenges she sees other people facing.”

Brower wrote: “The entire moment was a lost opportunity to put attention on the families of struggling Americans she’s met in her role as first lady, especially since she spent time the very next day reading to children at Children’s National Hospital, some sitting in wheelchairs with IVs attached. And the Hannity interview took place on USS George H.W. Bush, a trip the first lady made to support members of the military and their families.”

Further, she noted: “Wouldn’t it have been heartening to hear her use that moment during the interview to talk about the women and babies she’s met struggling with opioid addiction or the children who she has met as part of her ‘Be Best’ campaign who have been bullied at school or the people whose homes were destroyed in the California fires?”

In response, Grisham noted that Brower had published her article “hours after the First Lady traveled to Children’s National Hospital in Washington to read a Christmas story, visit sick children and thank the hardworking hospital staff.”

Additionally, the First Lady’s spokesperson took the opportunity to fire off at the press for “consistently ignoring the First Lady’s work on behalf of the people of this country, and children in particular, in favor of more trivial matters.”

Further, Grisham explained: “For Brower to claim that Mrs. Trump’s interview was ‘a lost opportunity to put attention on families of struggling Americans she’s met in her role as first lady’ is to willfully ignore everything she has actually done to help and support children and families across the globe as a commitment to service she has consistently demonstrated over the past two years.”

Grisham pointed to the outreach the First Lady has been involved with, including visiting hospitals, traveling to areas impacted by hurricanes “to support recovery efforts,” as well as her attention given as she “comforted shooting victims in Las Vegas, Parkland and Pittsburgh, and thanked law enforcement personnel and first responders for their heroic efforts during times of national tragedy.”

Additionally, Grisham noted that “News personalities and outlets use the ‘Be Best’ hashtag to taunt her about her husband, instead of focusing on the underlying message of kindness and compassion the campaign is intended to convey.”

Do you think the media has been fair to Melania?

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