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Woman posts video showing ‘Dobby’-looking creature in her driveway

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Social media is abuzz after a woman posted video on her Facebook account showing a strange creature resembling an elf from the Harry Potter movies saunter through her driveway.

Vivian Gomez, who lives in the US, took to Facebook on Thursday and wrote: ‘So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out… what the heck??

‘First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras??

‘The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.’

Surveillance footage outside the home of Vivian Gomez shows an unusual looking creature
The strange being has an awkward walk. It is seen going through Gomez's driveway
The Facebook post generated 34,000 reactions and more than 118,000 shares
On social media, people speculated that the strange creature was 'Dobby' from the Harry Potter movies

On social media, people speculated that the strange creature was ‘Dobby’ from the Harry Potter movies

The post generated 34,000 reactions and more than 118,000 shares.

Social media users observed that the ‘thing’ bore a resemblance to Dobby, the elf from the Harry Potter series.

‘Why does “Dobby” look like he just stumbled out of the bar at 3am,’ joked one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘idk why but the way movin his arms about halfway thru this vid is so wholesome like he look so excited to be out in the world.’

One Twitter user wrote: 'idk why but the way movin his arms about halfway thru this vid is so wholesome like he look so excited to be out in the world.'

One Twitter user wrote: ‘idk why but the way movin his arms about halfway thru this vid is so wholesome like he look so excited to be out in the world.’

Another Twitter user joked: 'Dobby is a free elf'

Another Twitter user joked: ‘Dobby is a free elf’

'Why does “Dobby” look like he just stumbled out of the bar at 3am,' joked one Twitter user

‘Why does “Dobby” look like he just stumbled out of the bar at 3am,’ joked one Twitter user

'Dobby Jokes aside WTF is that creature,' wrote another Twitter user

‘Dobby Jokes aside WTF is that creature,’ wrote another Twitter user

Another Twitter user said: ‘Dobby is a free elf.’

‘Dobby Jokes aside WTF is that creature,’ wrote another Twitter user.Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Y’all are so dumb just because Dobby died in the movie doesn’t mean Dobby the actor is dead in real life! Gosh some people don’t understand how movies work clearly.’ 

Others pointed out the video may be fake.

Mom Tells Husband About Dodgy Deals At Playground So He Shows Up With Plan To Scare Them Off

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Recently Jeremiah Fjeld and his family relocated to their new home in Virginia Beach. Their new home is situated right across the street from the neighborhood playground where children are constantly running around and having fun.

One particular day, Jeremiah’s wife beckoned him in a panic. Apparently she had witnessed a drug deal taking place across at the park, just feet away from their children and home. Most of the neighbors had also witnessed this occurring on a many occasions.

Jeremiah was fed up of the alleged drug deals so he decided to take the situation into his own hands.

Initially the father contacted the police, but he also wanted to confront the situation head-on.

Jeremiah walked right up to the person who was apparently selling the drugs, he grabbed him by the backpack and gave him a stern warning never return to the playground again.

This is for our kids and it’s not for you to do your drug deals,” he told him.

Jeremiah took things a step further and sent a clear message on behalf of his new community.

Take a look at the video below to see why this husband and father is being hailed a neighbourhood hero.

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Cringeworthy Article From 1958 Reveals ‘129 Ways To Get A Husband’

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An interesting thing about magazines back in the fifties is they advised women how to attract men. In 1958 an article was published which circulated online triggering a frenzy across Australian social media.

One woman came across this feature titled ‘129 Ways to Get a Husband’, which had appeared in American magazine McCall’s so she decided to share it online.

Since being reposted it was shared 13,750 times at the time of writing, causing controversy on Facebook while racking up more than 4,600 likes and thousands of comments from readers.

It included a variety of body tips which ranged from bizarre and desperate to downright sexist and politically incorrect.

One of these outrageous instructions encourages women to be flexible about their potential partner’s decisions: ‘If he decides to skip the dance and go rowing on the lake, GO – even if you are wearing your best evening gown’.

Sixteen people helped to create this feature who were chosen for their ‘good minds, lively ideas and mature experience’. Included in the group was popular song writer, a marriage consultant, an air-line stewardess, a police commissioner, a housewife, a banker, a psychologist and a bachelor.

In a section headed ‘How to let him know you’re there’, advice included investing in material items to enhance your looks. Number 43 says, ‘Buy a convertible – men like to ride in them.” Stumble when you walk into a room that’s in. Wear a band aid, people always ask what happened.’

One lady claims her personal favourite was number 40, which instructs single girls to ‘stand in a corner and cry softly’ in the hopes of a man asking what’s wrong.

Number 35 suggested a straightforward tactic: ‘Make a lot of money.

The magazine offers a section captioned ‘Anything Goes’ which shares tricks.

If one struggles to find an eligible bachelor, the writers suggests buying a dog to walk around the park or purposely allow your car break down at strategic locations.

Such as offering to fix a man’s flat tire and riding the airport bus back and forth until you find an worthy prospect.

Additional advice included ‘looking in the census reports for places with the most single men’, reading obituaries to locate desirable widowers.

Becoming a nurse or air-line stewardess and working inside a medical, dental or law school to be in close proximity to educated, wealthy males. In order to seal the deal, the magazine provides guidance under the heading ‘How to land him’. 

The feature prompted a number of responses from Facebook users: ‘In this day and age it looks more like a manual of how to get kidnapped!

So apparently I’m doing a LOT wrong, is that why I don’t have a husband?!’ one woman commented.

Some questioned the legitimacy of the story, while others jokingly claimed they had ‘been doing it wrong for years’.

Thank God for the women’s movement!‘ one user said.

‘Wow – finding a man is not for the faint of heart!‘ another wrote.

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Science Now Confirms That Dogs Can Recognize a Bad Person ; But That’s Not All

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Have you ever noticed just how easy it is for your dog the size up somebody? As humans, we often have a difficulty ‘judging a book by its cover’ but it seems as if dogs are able to do it quite easily. Perhaps it is because they have such amazing senses that allow them to do everything from tracking people over many miles, sniffing out drugs or bombs or protecting first responders.

It seems as if the amazing abilities of dogs is not only limited to those working factors but they are also able to recognize what is inside of an individual. This is according to a study that was published in the journal, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. According to that study, a dog can sense when a person is being mean to another person.

This is the information they apparently used to respond in that way:
“Dogs are known to consistently follow human pointing gestures. In this study, we asked whether dogs ‘automatically’ do this or whether they flexibly adjust their behavior depending upon the reliability of the pointer, demonstrated in an immediately preceding event”

There were a number of scenarios that the dogs went through. In one of the scenarios, the dog was present when a volunteer was helping someone trying to open a jar. In one case, the volunteer was passive and in the other, they refused to help.

When the scenarios played out, those same volunteers tried to give the dog a treat.
The person who was passive was just as likely to give the dog a treat successfully as the person who helped open the jar. If the volunteer was nice, however, the dog was much more likely to take the treat from their hand.

On the other hand, the dog was likely to ignore the volunteer that was mean and didn’t offer to help the owner with the jar. In other words, they didn’t trust those who were jerks.

When you think about the fact that they could have gotten the treat from the volunteer, it really says a lot. It also means that they can judge humans much better than humans can judge humans.

“These results suggest that not only dogs are highly skilled at understanding human pointing gestures, but also they make inferences about the reliability of a human who presents cues and consequently modify their behavior flexibly depending on the inference.”
Have you ever had a dog sitting and staring at you? If they look like they are judging you, you might be sizing up the situation accurately.

It might be a good idea to watch your P’s and Q’s when you are around dogs as well as children. You may also want to start watching how your dog reacts around other people if you have any doubts about them.

As they enter the delivery room, they all know the 17-year-old mother would die. She had made her decision

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Jenny is still a very young girl, but she has to make a decision that would put every single adult ina very bad mood! This is devastating. Read the story below

Jenny Lake is a completely normal teenager. She is 17 years old and goes to high school in a small town called Pocatello in Idaho. Recently she made a new friend named Jason.


Jenny begins suffering from excruciating headaches. After several days of torture, she finally goes to her doctor. At the checkup, the doctor finds a large object, about 1 inch in diameter (2 cm), inside her brain. Shortly after comes the shocking diagnosis: cancer.

Jenni’s Journey

She must undergo chemotherapy if she wants to live.

For her family and her friend Jason, the diagnosis is a massive shock. But all stand behind her stoically.

Jenni’s Journey

But then she receives some news that normally would be wonderful: she is pregnant.

Even if Jenny is happy about the baby, she stands before the hardest decision of her life. The baby will die if she continues her chemotherapy. But if she stops the chemotherapy, she will die herself. It is a brutal life or death decision.

Jenni’s Journey

Jenny has decided: she stops the chemotherapy and gives birth to the little Chad Michael 9 months later. That means, however, that she will die. When Chad is born, she takes the midwife’s hand, pulls her close, and whispers: “I did it. I fulfilled my duty.”

Jenni’s Journey

After 6 days, Jenny leaves the hospital. She wanted to bring Chad home to be close to him.

Jenni’s Journey

Jenny holds her son in her harms as, 12 days after his birth, she dies.

Jenni’s Journey

Her motherly love was so strong that she sacrificed herself for the life of her son. That is indescribable love that only a mother can feel for her child.

Jenni’s Journey

His mother’s love will always accompany Chad.

Jenni’s Journey

It is unbelievably touching how strong, brave, and loving Jenny was.

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Woman’s Facebook post goes viral after running out of gas after work

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A woman from Port Arthur, Texas, recently posted a Facebook update that has gone viral. It it, she explains that she ran out of gas on the way home from work, and was stranded on a busy road as trucks and cars passed her by.

She says many vehicles honked at her as she attempted to push her car down the road. Then everything turned around for her a group of soldiers and a kindhearted stranger saw her struggle. Read her post below.
Mary Mingo Williams

I just ran out of gas coming from my job at Savannah and 25th Street the light changed and the car stopped. I got out and started pushing my car nobody stopped to help me trucks passed by me. People had the nerve to blow their horn at me and they see me pushing this car. I don’t know where they came from but all of a sudden I had almost a platoon of army men they pushed my car literally from motiva Terminal Gate to the Citco station on Gulfway Drive.

Do you understand what I’m saying they pushed my car on their feet. When we got there I asked him can I please take your picture to let people know there are still young men in the world that will stop and offer their assistance to a woman in need. They said yes. At the gas station this man jumped out of his truck pulled $100 bill out of his wallet and offered it to them for them to go get themselves a meal.

They all said at the same time no sir we cannot accept that we were doing what we were raised to do. This same gentleman turned around and put gasoline in my car and told me keep the money that I had in my pocket. Man, when you are or child of God no matter what obstacles are placed in your way the Lord always has a ram in the bush. I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart……..

Her post was shared by more than 10,000 people who were touched by the kind act.

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She thinks her dog is full of bites – then vet looks closer and calls the police

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Throughout the world today there are countless people who not only should not be let own a pet but should never be let near any animal.

Hayden Howard discovered something was seriously wrong with her pet dog in early Spring. She noticed her English Mastiff Jackson was covered in what seemed like insect bites all over his body. The pet dog had been playing in the back garden earlier that day.

When Hayden called him in she made the startling discovery which had her dumbfounded. Upon closer inspection she came to the realization her pets injuries may be a whole lot worse than she had initially thought.
Poor Jackson was in fact riddled in bullet holes to many areas of his body. ”I was completely shocked, I didn’t know what to think,” Hayden said.
After realizing her beloved pet had suffered such serious wounds, Hayden immediately rushed him to the neared vet.

The vet examined Jackson, finding numerous tiny bullet holes that had been caused by someone shooting at him with a BB gun. “There was one stuck under his eyelid, one in his ear, one in his knee, they were everywhere,” Hayden says.

Jackson had been shot in so many places over his body that the vet had to shave off most of his fur to try and remove the plastic pellets. After painstakingly removing 27 pellets from Jackson, 20 still remained inside the pets flesh and had to be left where they were.

He had also been shot in 20 other places where the bullets did not lodge. Bringing to total a shocking statistic of over 70 times the poor pooch was shot at. How can someone be so evil to do this to a poor animal who has done no harm to anyone? Police were informed of the incident and were hot on the heels of the suspect who lives nearby. It did not take them long to apprehend the suspect after finding a gun and bullets hidden in a neighbors home. The neighbor in question had previous convictions relating to drug offences.

Hopefully he Jackson gets his justice and this evil human being is locked up for what he done to this poor defenseless animal. A person like this should never be allowed near an animal again after the cruelty he served out to poor Jackson. Thankfully, reports are that Jackson is recovering well after his ordeal, according to his loving owner Hayden.

Watch the video below to find out more about Jackson’s ordeal:

We really hope poor little Jackson make a full recovery and hopefully is not scarred by this cruel act.What do you think should be punishment for evil people who mistreat animals like this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook. SHARE this article if you think all animal abusers should be locked up for their crimes!

Wife ends 14-hour shift then eats sandwich alone. Her husband makes this viral post on Facebook

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Phillip Urtz lives in New York, with his wife the love of his life.
Jessica is a stroke nurse who cares and treats others day in and day out.

While she may never show signs of exhaustion or fatigue, he knows she comes home feeling overworked and weary Phillip always understands just how stressful her job is.

Phillip wrote an open letter on Facebook dedicated to his wife to show how much he cares and supports her,

His decision to show how much he appreciated her was after Jessica finished a 14-hour shift, made herself a quick dinner, a sandwich, and headed off to bed, ready to recharge and get back to work the very next day after she returned home.

Have a look at what he wrote on Facebook…

“This is my wife Jessica having dinner after a 14 hour day.
When she returns home from work, has enough time to eat and get ready for bed and it’s back to work the next day for another shift.”

“She is up early to get ready for her day and doesn’t like to be bothered in the morning so I respect that.

“Then she has a quick shower, throws her hair up, grabs her lunch gives the dog and me a kiss and heads out the door.”

“At work she takes care of people who are having the worst days of their lives. Strokes, Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls, breaks, brain damage and more.”

“My wives role also involves looking after the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends & families.”
“It doesn’t matter who you are or what happened she will take care of you.”

“She works through lunch and barely has time to sit down.”
“When she returns home after her long 14-hour shift she removes the shoes that have walked through blood & tears and just sits down.”
“I don’t ask her about her day because as she doesn’t like to talk about work when she is home and that’s fine.”

“If she does want to talk, I will listen.”
“Sometimes she comes home happy and sometimes she comes home sad. But no matter how she feels, she is always on time for her next shift.”
“I love her with all my heart. My wife is my hero. My wife is a Stroke Nurse.”

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Man Dies From A Common Bad Habit! This Will Make You Never Bite Your Nails Again.

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Nail biting is a common habit that not only affects the appearance of your nails, but also puts your health at risk. In case you know someone who’s into this habit, do your best to make them go out of it because their life might depend on it!

A recent case of a 40-year-old man who died of severe infection caused by nail biting shook the public. Namely, 40-year-old John Gardener never gave up biting his nails, even though he was strictly ordered to by his doctors. What happened was he got severe infection that caused his heart to stop.

Biting His Own Nails

This common habit is dangerous for a number of reasons. According to doctors, John Gardener bit his nails and fingers to the point of bleeding, a habit that destroyed not only his nails, but also his fingertips, making them extremely sensitive to pain.

“John’s nails were always in a bad condition. They were often bleeding when he came,” said his doctors. As John had previously explained, he got into this habit because of anxiety and it only worsened when he was depressed.

The bleeding only got worse and one of his wounds became infected. As antibiotics couldn’t do anything about his condition, doctors had to amputate his fingertips. Although he seemed to feel better at first, this improvement didn’t last. In the words of his surgeon, only a couple of days after he turned 40, John suffered from heart failure due to a septic infection.

So, if you know anyone who’s in the habit of biting their nails, warn them immediately. You could be saving their life!

Meet Sarahah The Brand New Social Platform

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Psychologists and law enforcement officials have warned users about the uses of the latest internet sensation, the ‘Sarahah’ app and website.
The concept of the app allows any individual to send messages to a personal account anonymously without anyone including the recipient knowing the identity of the sender.

According to the concept of the app, if you have made an account with Sarahah and have shared your ID online with anyone, they, without registering for the service will be able to click on your account ID and send any text.

You will receive the text message but would not ever get to know who sent it. However, the fun here is short lived as you cannot reply to a text message sent anonymously. You only get the option to share the massage on social media, report the user, block him/her and mark the message as a ‘Favourite’.

The app has three sections. One shows all the received messages, while the other two show you messages that you have marked as favourite and those which you have sent. There is also the option to search for users, explore and take a look at your profile to tweak the account settings and share your account ID. The ‘Explore’ tab in particular is yet to be made live.
The app was created by a developer from Saudi Arabia called ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. And the word ‘Sarahah’ in Arabic means honesty.

Reports suggest that it has become the most downloaded free app on the iOS store in the last two months. In India, 7.2 million people have signed up for its web service though a count of app downloads was not available.
The app was launched as a web service in February this year. By June, it was on mobile app stores. Between July 12 and August 11 alone, Sarahah had more than 1.4 billion page views; over 11 million downloads on iOS and 9 million on Android.

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