Bullied teen surprised everyone after losing 139lbs to fit into formal dress

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There are a million and one reasons with respect to why somebody may need to lose weight.

Reasons range from health benefits or fitting into certain size clothes, essentially it could be a result of the social stigma of being overweight.

For Josie Desgrand, a teenager from Australia, it was Instagram.

At only 16-years of age, Josie tipped the scales at 280Ibs and knew something needed to give.

Dissatisfied with her body, she was always reminded how different others looked as she looked through her Instagram feed and saw beautiful women staring back at her.

She had attempted weight control plans previously, yet her inability to stick to them left her on a spiralling staircase of self pity and overeating

Eventually, she decided it was time to put her foot down …

 Josie explains her ‘Eureka!’ moment to us.

I went into my room and stripped down to my underwear,” she said. Thats when she made a deal with herself. “No longer fat Josie.”

I took pictures of myself at different angles, excited for my next weight loss journey. I used tape measure and wrote down my dimensions knowing I had a long way to go, but I wanted to track every change, no matter how small.”

Josie set herself small targets and began to keep track of he progress. Before long, the 16-year-old noticed changes here and there. She adopted a low-carb, no-sugar diet and upped her water intake.

Her dad also joined her weight-loss journey by shedding the pounds himself – she was able to slim down to 198Ibs through dieting alone.

It was then that she kicked things up a notch by joining a gym.

She said: “Working out at the gym gave me the extra push to reach my goal weight.”

Instead of being a source of envy and depression, Instagram became one of Josie’s strongest motivators. She began to accumulate followers who not only wanted to see her transformation, but also take tips and advice.

“I shared my meals and progress on my Instagram account @nolongerfatjosie. My followers quickly grew, and each was more supportive than the last. ‘You look great!’ They wrote. ‘Mmm, do you have the recipe?’”

With people from all around the world along for my journey, I never thought about quitting. Putting aside an hour each night, I responded to every person. Being in their position before, I now wanted to help as many people as I could. ‘Keep going,’ I would write back when someone thought they couldn’t do it anymore.”

The change

Josie now weighs less than half her previous weight at around 138Ibs.

What  initially began as a diet ended up becoming a lifestyle change which Josie has reaped the benefits of.

What an incredible transformation by an extremely determined young woman. She’s an inspiration for people looking to change all over the world.

Take a look at the amazing transformation in the pictures below:

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