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As they enter the delivery room, they all know the 17-year-old mother would die. She had made her decision

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Jenny is still a very young girl, but she has to make a decision that would put every single adult ina very bad mood! This is devastating. Read the story below

Jenny Lake is a completely normal teenager. She is 17 years old and goes to high school in a small town called Pocatello in Idaho. Recently she made a new friend named Jason.


Jenny begins suffering from excruciating headaches. After several days of torture, she finally goes to her doctor. At the checkup, the doctor finds a large object, about 1 inch in diameter (2 cm), inside her brain. Shortly after comes the shocking diagnosis: cancer.

Jenni’s Journey

She must undergo chemotherapy if she wants to live.

For her family and her friend Jason, the diagnosis is a massive shock. But all stand behind her stoically.

Jenni’s Journey

But then she receives some news that normally would be wonderful: she is pregnant.

Even if Jenny is happy about the baby, she stands before the hardest decision of her life. The baby will die if she continues her chemotherapy. But if she stops the chemotherapy, she will die herself. It is a brutal life or death decision.

Jenni’s Journey

Jenny has decided: she stops the chemotherapy and gives birth to the little Chad Michael 9 months later. That means, however, that she will die. When Chad is born, she takes the midwife’s hand, pulls her close, and whispers: “I did it. I fulfilled my duty.”

Jenni’s Journey

After 6 days, Jenny leaves the hospital. She wanted to bring Chad home to be close to him.

Jenni’s Journey

Jenny holds her son in her harms as, 12 days after his birth, she dies.

Jenni’s Journey

Her motherly love was so strong that she sacrificed herself for the life of her son. That is indescribable love that only a mother can feel for her child.

Jenni’s Journey

His mother’s love will always accompany Chad.

Jenni’s Journey

It is unbelievably touching how strong, brave, and loving Jenny was.

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Twins Return Lost Wallet Filled With Cash To Veteran ; His response is making headlines

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Fourteen year old twin sisters, Makhia and Makyla from Detroit, were walking to school when they happened to notice a wallet laying on the ground in the snow.

Once they picked up the wallet, they looked inside only to find credit cards and hundreds of dollars in cash. But when they pulled out a military ID, they knew exactly what they needed to do.

Makhia and Makyla’s grandfather is a veteran also. “I would hate if that was my granddad and that happened to him, so I knew we had to return it,” Makyla explains.

Marc Walsh, a disabled Marine Corps veteran owned the wallet and had dropped it in the snow on his route home from the grocery store. When time he realized his wallet was missing, he had no idea where to start looking. Marc had been struggling to source work so it was a huge financial hit losing all that cash in his wallet.

Once Makhia and Makyla tracked down Marc’s address they held the wallet up to the home security camera before leaving it on his front step as he wasn’t home at the time.

once Marc’s roommate made him aware his missing wallet was mysteriously on their front porch, he rushed to check his security footage. He discovered two young people who returned it out of kindness.

Marc’s arranged a meeting between him and the twin sisters so he could thank them in person and return the favour to prove one kind act deserves another.

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Simple Recipe How To Make Homemade Yogurt For Only $5, It’s Delicious!

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Have you ever looked at some some of your household items which you totally take for granted and ask yourself, I wonder if I could make that?

If this is something that occurs in your mind then lets talk about how you can make your own yogurt.

I use plain yogurt regularly, putting it in most of my smoothies, or adding a splash of it to my oatmeal.  Sometimes if I haven’t had a chance to sit down and eat for a few hours and become hangry i have a couple of spoonfuls..
Until recently, it never even occurred to me to make my own yogurt.

Yogurt from the store is not that expensive, so making your own is something best left to experts? Perhaps people who have a degree in probiotics and own some sort of special cooking device?

But thats where you are wrong as making your own yogurt does not require any expertise or special equipment.

all you need to make your own yogurt, is well.. some yogurt and milk. Correct, you actually use yogurt to make more yogurt.
In addition you also need a heavy pot with a lid and some containers to store the yogurt in.
The whole process simply takes a few hours overnight. Similar to cheese making, which you become better and better at over time.

There are some perks to making your own yogurt, and one of them is that you can control exactly what goes into it.

Yogurt from the store is liable to have any number of filler ingredients, like sweeteners, artificial flavors, stabilizers, and other things that make the yogurt seem creamier and better than it really is.

However it’s nice to just eat some plain, natural, unaltered yogurt.

Another perk of homemade yogurt is the price. To my surprise, it’s actually far cheaper to make your own, because you can make a 1/2 gallon of yogurt for just slightly more than however much a 1/2 gallon of milk costs at your local store.

And on that note, let’s break down the only two ingredients that you need: milk and yogurt starter.

First, you need a 1/2 gallon of milk. Any type of milk will do, as long as it comes from an animal. (Nondairy yogurt is a different process, and I didn’t tackle it here. Maybe next time!) Whole milk will result in a creamier yogurt, but 2%, skim, or nonfat will also work.

Second, you need a small amount of yogurt starter. The starter simply consists of the live, active bacteria that converts regular milk into yogurt.

You can buy yogurt starter at some stores or online, but you can also use… YOGURT. Just use a plain, unflavoured yogurt that contains live active cultures (look for it on the label). If not, it won’t have the live bacteria that you need to create more yogurt.

Once you’ve made your first batch of homemade yogurt, you can use that batch to make more yogurt (for free!).

You need about a 1/2 cup of yogurt for a 1/2 gallon of milk.

DIY Yogurt Equipment

For the equipment you really only need a pot with a lid and some containers to hold the yogurt (preferably glass). Everything else is optional.

If you look up homemade yogurt recipes, you’ll notice that there are seemingly infinite different ways to make yogurt. Everyone seems to have their own preferences, and they use different equipment, too. A food or candy thermometer, if you have one, can be helpful.

If you want to thicken your yogurt, Greek-style, you’ll need a sieve or cheesecloth. Some people use blankets or towels to warm the pot. Some folks use a cooler.

I used was a regular nonstick pot with a lid, two quart-size glass jars, and a food thermometer.
So here is a step by step guide how I made my yogurt.

1. Heat the milk.

First, I poured the entire 1/2 gallon of milk into a pot and left it on medium-high for I don’t know how long.

I was terrified of burning the milk or allowing it to boil over, so I stirred it often with a whisk. The goal here is to bring the milk to a simmer. Bubbles should come to the surface, and it should maybe start to form a skin.

The other goal is to get it to 180 degrees, which is where a thermometer comes in handy, but it isn’t necessary.

Keep an eye on the milk and check the temperature every few minutes until it reaches 180 degrees. Then turn it off.

If you aren’t using a thermometer, just watch the milk until it comes to a full simmer.

Once the milk is hot, pour it straight into glass jars. Each one holds a quart.

This part of the process is a little nerve-wracking.  If I had more time, I’d probably use the slow cooker instead of a regular pot, because you don’t have to watch it so much. Although it can take a few hours to heat up all the way.

2. Cool the milk.

After pouring the milk into the jars, rinse the pot and fill it with cool water, and put the jars into the water.

The goal is to cool the milk to about 115 degrees. It needs to be above room temperature for the bacteria in the yogurt starter to become active.

If you have time, you can leave the milk on the counter for an hour or two until it cools rather than using the cold-water-bath method.

My milk cooled off way too fast, and it got way too cold. I had to reheat it briefly on the stove to get it back up to 115 degrees. But it took only a few minutes.

Once the milk is at the right temperature, you can move on to the next step.

3. Add the yogurt starter.

It’s time to add the starter! You need about 3 tablespoons of yogurt for each quart of milk, or 6 tablespoons total in this case.

According to some sources, you should mix the starter with some of the warm milk in a separate bowl.

That’s what I did, and it worked out well.

4. Incubate the yogurt.

Now it’s time to incubate the yogurt-to-be and allow it sit.

It needs to remain at a steady temperature for at least four hours, or six hours, or 12 hours.

There’s a few methods you can use to keep it warm. Just fill that same pot with hot water — as hot as it will get from the tap. Then put the glass jars in there. Make sure the water level entirely covers the yogurt in the jar. The hot water bath will keep the yogurt nice and incubated for a while, especially if your house is warm.

There’s no need to change out the water. After some number of hours, you can test the yogurt to see if it’s setting properly. If the yogurt has set, it will have thickened up, and there may be a level of whey (yellow liquid) on top.

From there, it’s a matter of preference. You can continue to let the yogurt sit for up to 12 hours. The longer you let it incubate, the thicker and tangier it will be.

Once your yogurt has reached a consistency that you like, transfer it to the fridge for at least four more hours, where it will continue to thicken.

The Final Result

I ended up with a 1/2 gallon of yogurt! The fact that I ended up with yogurt at all felt like a miracle. Even if the yogurt tasted horrible I would have felt like a champion.

But thankfully it was smooth, creamy, and mild, tasted rather nice so was easy to eat.
Next experiment might be Greek yogurt or flavoured versions.

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When this man sees who sits next to him in the plane, he is disgusted. 2 hours later he hates himself for that

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A man boards an airplane and takes his seat next to the window. It’s a normal flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong. But then a woman sits next to him and his worst nightmare suddenly becomes reality.

“Hi! How are you?” The woman smiled as she took the seat beside me. She had to lower herself slowly, squeezing her ample bottom into the seat, filling all available space.
Positioning herself comfortably, she plopped her enormous arm on our common armrest. Her immensity saturated the space around us, shrinking me and my seat into insignificance.
I cringed and reclined towards the window.
She leaned towards me and repeated her greeting in an upbeat, friendly voice. Her face towered above my head, forcing me to turn to look at her. “Hi,” I replied with obvious loathing.
I turned away to stare out the cabin window, sulking silently about the long hours of discomfort I was going to experience with this monster beside me.
She nudged me with her meaty arm. “My name is Laura. I’m from Britain. How about you? Japan?”
“Malaysia,” I barked.
“I’m so sorry! Will you accept my heartfelt apology? Come, shake my hand. If we’re going to spend six hours side-by-side on this flight, we’d better be friends, don’t you think?” A palm waved in front of my face. I shook the hand reluctantly, still silent.
Laura started a conversation with me, taking no notice of my unfriendly reactions. She talked excitedly about herself and her trip to Hong Kong to see her friends. She rattled off a list of things she was going to buy for her students in the boarding school where she was teaching.
I gave her one-word answers to her questions about me. Unperturbed by my coldness, she nodded as she made appreciative comments to my answers. Her voice was warm and caring. She was considerate and obliging when we were served drinks and meals, making sure that I had room to maneuver in my seat. “I don’t want to clobber you with my elephant size!” she said with utmost sincerity.
To my surprise, her face which repulsed me hours before, now opened into extraordinary smiles, lively and calm at the same time. I couldn’t help but let down my guard slowly.
Laura was an interesting conversationalist. She was well read in many subjects from philosophy to science. She turned a seemingly unimportant subject into something to explore and understand. Her comments were humorous and inspirational. When our topic turned to cultures, I was pleasantly surprised by her intelligent comments and well-thought-out analysis.
During our conversation, Laura managed to make every cabin crew who served us walk away laughing at her jokes.
When a flight attendant was clearing our plates, Laura cracked several jokes about her size. The flight attendant roared with laughter as she grabbed Laura’s hand, “You really make my day!”
For the next few minutes, Laura listened attentively and gave pointers to the flight attendant’s weight problem. The grateful attendant said before she rushed off, “I’ve got to work. I’ll come back later and talk to you about it.”
I asked Laura, “‘Have you ever thought about losing some weight?”
“No. I’ve worked hard to get this way. Why would I want to give it up?”
“You aren’t worried about cardiovascular diseases that come with being overweight?”
“Not at all. You only get the diseases if you’re worried about your weight all the time. You see advertisements from slimming centres that say, Liberate yourself from your extra baggage so that you are free to be yourself.’ It’s rubbish! You’re liberated only if you’re comfortable about who you are, and what you look like any time of the day and anytime of the year! Why would I want to waste my time on slimming regimes when I have so many other important things to do and so many people to be friends with? I eat healthily and walk regularly; I’m this size because I am born to be big! There is more to life than worrying about weight all day long.” She sipped at her wine. “Besides, God gives me so much happiness that I need a bigger body to hold all of it! Why would I lose weight to lose my happiness?” Taken aback by her reasoning, I chuckled. Laura continued. “Folks often see me as a fat lady with big bosoms, big thighs and a big bottom that no man would even bother to cast a glance at. They see me as a slob. They think I’m lazy and have no willpower. They’re wrong.” She held up her glass to a passing flight attendant. “More of this magnificent wine, please.” She smiled sweetly at the attendant. “Great service from your crew. May God bless all of you.” She turned to me, “I’m actually a slim person inside. I’m so full of energy that people won’t be able to keep up with me. This extra flesh is here to slow me down, otherwise I’ll be running everywhere chasing after men!” “Do men chase after you?” I asked jokingly. “Of course they do. I’m happily married but men still keep proposing to me. “Most of them have relationship problems and they need someone to confide in. For some reason, they like to talk to me. I think I should have been a counsellor instead of a school teacher!” Laura paused before she said thoughtfully, “You know, the relationship between men and women is so complicated. Women worship men and call them,Honey’ until they find out they have been lied to, and then they turn into bitter gourds! Men love women so much that they see them as their soul mates until they look at their credit card bills, and then women become devils with tridents!”
Laura’s enthralling conversation had turned the flight into something thoroughly enjoyable. I was also fascinated by the way people were drawn to her. By the end of the flight, almost half the cabin crew was standing near the aisle by us, laughing and joking with Laura. The passengers around us joined in the merry-making too. Laura was the centre of attention, filling the cabin with delightful warmth.
When we waved goodbye to each other at the arrival lounge at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport, I watched her walking towards a big group of adoring adults and kids. Cheers sounded as the group hugged and kissed Laura. She turned around and winked at me.
I was stunned, as the realisation set in: Laura was the most beautiful woman I had ever met in my life.”

What an amazing story! She simply couldn’t describe life more beautifully. And the message behind it is so important that everyone must read it. SHARE this story with everyone that you know!

Mom Furious As Toddler Returns From Daycare Intoxicated, She Discovers It Wasn’t The First Time

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A home daycare owner faces charges after a little boy came home from being in her care – and doctors discovered he was drunk.

The little boy who hasn’t been named, had a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times over the legal driving limit for an adult according to police reports.

The repercussions come after the mother of one of the kids was called because her son was exhibiting strange behaviour. When she took the toddler to the doctor, he informed her that the boy was heavily intoxicated. Now, police have arrested the daycare owner, but she is denying knowing anything about how the little boy got in such bad shape.

Doris Ott, from Maryland in the US, had her daycare licence suspended. She had run a home daycare service from her home for 18 years. On April 10, Detective Michael Toste met with the toddler’s mother after she collected him form 50-year-old Ott’s care and brought him directly to the hospital.

The mother, who remains unnamed by the media, apparently explained to authorities that her son had been acting normal when she dropped him off at daycare at about 8:30 that morning.

According to documents the toddler fell out of his chair while he was eating, and was “pale and limp” so Ott decided to contact the boy’s mother, who rushed him to Frederick Memorial Hospital, there doctors confirmed he was intoxicated with blood alcohol level of .203 – three times the legal driving limit of an adult.

The young boy’s doctor believes it’s likely that his level was even higher earlier. His mother informed investigators that her son was barely responsive and smelled of alcohol. She also recalled him coming home the week prior with a smell of alcohol but she brushed it off as hand sanitiser.

On 11 April, Ott reported during questioning denied allegations that she had given alcohol to the toddler.  Authorities searched her home and discovered a refrigerator in an unfinished part of the basement where there were several cans of spiked seltzer in the basement refrigerator.

Ott told investigators that it would have been impossible for the toddler to access the alcohol without leaving any evidence behind.

Ott seemingly had no response for the detective when questioned how the boy became intoxicated. “She said that she was the sole person alone with the children at the daycare that day,” Toste explained. “So as far as what happened, that would be up to her to tell us, and she hasn’t done so yet. … You always hope that you get from them a when, what, why and how, but it doesn’t always work out that way.”

Ott has been charged with neglect of a minor and reckless endangerment and will face trial in February. Her license was officially removed on May 23 where she surrendered her registration on September 24 which will not be reinstated until the investigation is over and her facility is deemed safe

The little boy’s parents have since released a statement saying, We are pleased the state is seeking justice for us and our son. We are also hopeful for the the truth and just judgment.’

Take a look at the video below for full details on this story:

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Mom finds son in bedroom with marks on neck ; quickly realizes what happened

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A recently post on Facebook has been shared more than 500,000 times in an attempt to warn parents about the dangers of blind cords.

Please read the full post below and SHARE with your friends and family. You might help save a life.

WARNING SENSITIVE MATERIAL BELOW! I have gone back and forth about posting this or not posting this but I believe if this post saves one child’s life it’s worth being vulnerable. Our sweet 3 year old boy is a survivor. On January 7th our son climbed up to the top bunk bed and wrapped the blind cords around his neck. He then began to walk down the ladder as the cords tightened he panicked and tried to yell for mom and dad but nothing came out.

He scratched a the cords to loosen them but all he could grab was skin. At the last attempt to get free he jumped to come get us and that very jump saved his life! The cord snapped and freed him! We heard a loud thud (his jump) and then his loud scream! This was not just any scream it is one I have never heard in my life and it will forever be ringing in my ears. We took him to get checked out in the ER and they were very concerned and shocked. These blind cords are not meant to break. We are counting our blessings! God has big plans for our little boy, it was not his time to go. Please please please take my message and take action now!! Editing: NO CORDED BLINDS ARE SAFE! They now sell cordless blinds and they are worth every penny. Even if you cut the cords once the blinds are lifted up it creates a hazard. The cords can not be cut short to make them safer… there are still inner cords and if the cord is pulled so the blinds go all the way up, that pull cord will then be long enough to make a loop & strangle a child. My heart goes out the families that have lost their loved ones this way I am so sorry for that heart ache and can’t imagine the pain you have gone through. These accidents can be prevented let’s take action now! You can never be too safe in your own home. This is something I didn’t think my kids would do because I am constantly nagging them about not putting things around their neck. Kids will be kids and they explore, my son told me he was making a necklace and that’s why it was around his neck. Please help me save the next kid and share this message. Most importantly hug the people that mean the most to you. Be grateful you have another beautiful day with them.

This is where the cord snapped. You can see the unfrayed part is where the end of the cord was. The knot is where the plastic piece sits and the frayed part is where it snapped.

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8 siblings dance at bride’s wedding, little brother’s spectacular dance moves sends crowd wild

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When someone gets married, its an opportunity for families to get together and enjoy some fun.

Its an occasions which allows families to reunite with each other for those that struggle to meet regularly, from proud parents, to drunk aunts or irresponsible uncles. There are of course certain members of the groom or bride that have responsibilities to look after.

For one bride’s it was her siblings that made the day. They decided it would be a great idea to do a performance that she would remember.

They delivered a spectacular dance routine to really get things off to a good start. This was really special, for the bride considering she has eight siblings.

Once the newly wedded couple formed a circle for the performers the performance began. Her brothers started dancing to the Backstreet Boy’s classic “I Want It That Way”, as they stood side by side with sunglasses on.

The four sisters were next up and they performed “Tell Him” from the musical show Glee.

The boys returned to back to the floor, just before the girls raised the roof with “Better When I’m Dancing,” by Meghan Trainor.

Take a look at their spectacular performance in the video clip below:

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Angry bobcat reaction recorded as it’s rescued from nasty bear trap by two men

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Bobcats are mainly found in North America, although they are often thought to stretch to the far south of Mexico.

The bobcat has been around for 1.8 million years and seems to adjust to its surroundings, being an expert hunter wherever it chooses to reside.

However it is a wild animal after all and hardly has any human interaction.

This video is rather spectacular as the bobcat is captured on camera while being rescued from a bear trap by two animal heroes. The bobcat’s reaction is not for those who are faint-hearted.

While out hiking one day, Chris Ward and his friend Aaron when they happened to spot a bobcat with its paw caught in a bear trap.

Initially, they were unsure as to what type animal it was but they knew it certainly wasn’t a bear.

As they slowly approached the trap and they took grabbed hold of a large stick and thankfully recorded the whole rescue on camera.

Naturally the bobcat tried to attack his rescuers as he wasn’t used to being amongst humans, but they refused to give up, despite the animal destroying the stick.

One has to admire the man’s determination to set this poor animal free despite the fight he puts up.

Take a look at this animal hero set the frightened bobcat free in the video below, beware there is some bad language.

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Video Of Woman In Zebra Coat Skipping new mom’s Line In Walmart Goes Viral

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No-one can properly prepare you as you approach parenthood for the first time; the sleepless nights, the exhaustion and the costs that are involved.

The cost of diapers can seem endless as babies go though many of them on a daily basis.

Often organised parents buy in bulk because it’s cheaper as they purchase over priced essential in advance for their little ones.

One mother was hoping to save money on a deal as she was out buying her monthly supply of three boxes of diapers.

Once the cashier informed her there was only a deal on the first box she decided not to purchase the offer until a stranger stepped in. The moments that followed were caught on video and has since captured the hearts of thousands around the world.

Mom Katie was purchasing diapers for her son at food chain Walmart in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, however she was informed that she couldn’t have the price deal she thought was available.

73-year-old Carol Flynn stepped in and offered to pay for them just before she was about to leave the store without them.

Initially, mom Katie refused her kind gesture, as she felt the $120 bill was far too expensive however, Carol insisted that she wanted to pay for them.

Jason Yoshino, was also waiting in line decided to record footage on his smartphone when he and his wife “ran to Walmart real quick to grab a few things,” he notes in the clip shared on his Facebook page.

The video portrays a retired March of Dimes state director Flynn offering to pay for the purchase with a credit card. Later she explained, “I just think we should do things like that. That’s kind of my thinking.”

Jason captured the heartwarming moment and remarked, “You don’t see something like that every day in life. I’ll never forget it, to be honest with you.”

Once Katie left the store she became overwhelmed with emotion as she realized what had actually just occurred.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked,” she said. “I kept saying thank you and God bless you…Then I walked out in the parking lot and started crying. It just hit me. It was an awesome statement of what God’s love does.”

Carol was rewarded for her kind actions by Walmart and the diaper company also decided to send Katie and her husband four boxes of diapers.

Take a look at this random act of kindness in the video below.

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Breakthrough As Scientists Discover Cure For Multiple Sclerosis

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Over two million people are affected by this degenerative condition known as multiple sclerosis, which is often referred to as MS.

MS can affect the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal chord where symptoms can include double vision, blindness, psychological issues, or muscle issues.

MS can be fatal in certain scenarios and life expectancy can be reduced. Despite lack of medication to help alleviate the symptoms there is no cure for the disease at present.

It can start from the age of 30, and there’s no cure, so all you can do is suppress the immune response, but the drugs that do that have side effects, and you can’t repair the brain. The cost of those drugs is very high, and in the UK there are a lot of people who don’t get treated at all.”

However, a scientist in the U.K. Dr Sue Metcalfe from Cambridge based company LIFNano Therapeu LIFNano Therapeutics, has discovered a way to slow down the attack on the verve cells.

Since almost 2.3 million people around the globe suffer from MS, a cure for this degenerative disease would be wonderful.

Some people get progressive MS, so go straight to the severe form of the disease, but the majority have a relapsing or remitting version,” Dr. Metcalfe told theCambridge News.

I was looking to see what controls the immune response and stops it auto-attacking us,” she explains.

I discovered a small binary switch, controlled by a LIF, which regulates inside the immune cell itself. LIF is able to control the cell to ensure it doesn’t attack your own body but then releases the attack when needed.

“That LIF, in addition to regulating and protecting us against attack, also plays a major role in keeping the brain and spinal cord healthy. In fact it plays a major role in tissue repair generally, turning on stem cells that are naturally occurring in the body, making it a natural regenerative medicine, but also plays a big part in repairing the brain when it’s been damaged.

“So I thought, this is fantastic. We can treat auto-immune disease, and we’ve got something to treat MS, which attacks both the brain and the spinal cord. So you have a double whammy that can stop and reverse the auto-immunity, and also repair the damage caused in the brain.”

This talented neuroscientist, is also working on cures for Psoriasis and diabetes, with enough funding she and her team are hoping to find a potential cure for MS by 2020.

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