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Devastated Mum Claims Botched £190 Microblading Gave Her ‘Four Eyebrows’

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A single mother has revealed that she was dumped after paying for a botched microblade session which cost £190 that left her with four eyebrows.

Jami Ledbetter, 42, from Kansas City, Missouri, had no eyebrows when she was born, so when her daughter gave her a Groupon gift to get her eyebrows tattooed on semi permanently, she was delighted.

However the outcome of the £190 beauty treatment left Jami too embarrassed to leave her house.

Jamie was born without any eyebrows. “I would never wish this on my worst enemy. What it’s done to my self-confidence, it’s been hard,” she told WDAF of the microblading results. “I was devastated. I was even dating a guy, and he stopped dating me at that point.”

Jamie was under the impression that her procedure would be performed by a ‘certified’ microblader, however, the practice is unlicensed in her home state. She said: “It was pretty painful. I tried to have a good attitude, but it burned a lot. It kind of felt bruised.

Jamie was left with four brows following the procedure where she tried to conceal the botched brows with make-up, but nothing seemed to work. She was then referred to Kara Gutierrez, a licensed tattoo artist who owns the salon Spot On Beauty in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Once Kara saw Jami’s eyebrows, she was so shocked she had to hold back tears. “It took everything in me to hold back tears because this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” said Kara.

Microblading is a form of tattooing where pigment is implanted under your skin, with results lasting between one to three years depending on skin type.

Kara has been using a pigment lightening solution to create scabs and pull the dark ink out. Jami has received corrective treatment since the incident every eight weeks, although she will require three more appointments, which will cost a total of £764.

She said: “If I would have known it was going to turnout like this, I probably would’ve never done it at all.” The woman who botched Jami’s brows in the first place is said to no longer be in the business.

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20 People Who Took Laziness To The Next Level

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We all have our lazy moments on occasion, however some people are just born lazy. The following article portrays 21 individuals who designed life hacks that brings laziness to the next level. Seriously you won’t believe some of the different ways these people have managed to avoid doing any type of hard work.

The images range from people who couldn’t be bothered to walk the dog, to those individuals who can’t manage to move themselves out of a comfy position. Scroll down to see these 21 hilarious images of people who took laziness to the next level.

1. This is probably harder than actually just taking the bins out

2. Christmas is going to be extra magical this year, kids

Not only is this lazy, it’s also incredibly cheap. Nice one, parents.

3. Walking the dog and reading the newspaper? Genius!

4. Well at least it’s cheaper than buying an Apple iPad stand

5.This is one lazy bird…riding on top of another bird!

Seriously how did he even manage to get on top?!

6. We wouldn’t really be surprised if this security guard was sacked for negligence

7. Lazy gamer can’t be bothered to prop himself up

8. When you really don’t feel like mowing the lawn…

When one of your parents asks you to do your chores…

9. This dad is definitely a contender for ‘Parent of the Year’

10. This guy’s buddy looks rightfully ashamed of his lazy friend!

This guy’s drunk brain is genius.

11. This looks pretty comfortable to be fair

12. Was this really necessary on a few steps up to the gym?

13. No bowl? No problem!

14. Lazy college student is lazy

Couldn’t even be bothered to get rid of the packaging.

15. This might explain a few things about this lady

16. Who said having a dog helps you to get more exercise?

17. This is a great little makeshift hands-free set

18. Why bother taking it out of the packet at all?

19. In fairness, there could be a lot of steps up to the next platform!

20. Yet another example of lazy lawn cutting.

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Mum Claims To See Jesus In Notre-Dame Flames And Hopes ‘It Will Bring Comfort’

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People all over the world looked on in shock and horror as the iconic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France burned on Monday. However one mother from West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, believes she saw something in the flames that may offer comfort to Parisians – a silhouette of Jesus Christ.

Lesley Rowan was taken back by what she saw and so she shared a picture of the fire on Facebook asking others if they could also see what she saw.

Lesley Rowan thought she saw Jesus in the flames at Notre-Dame cathedral. The post read: “I may be letting my mind play tricks on me here, folks take a close look at this pic and tell me what do u see. I’ve even circled it!”

Judging by the comments on her post, it seems many people saw the same thing. One person said: “I can see it pretty clear, gown and all. Imagine this was how god showed us he wasn’t happy with us, by using acts of god to take away ancient, beautiful monuments and cathedrals.

Another added: “Yeah I saw it straight away – it’s Jesus!” Lesley, 38, said she hoped the image would ‘bring comfort’ to those who were distressed by the fire at the historic building.

She said: “When I looked at this photo last night, I was really astounded by what I saw. When I look at it I see a silhouette of Jesus. I really see a vivid image. I shared it and asked for people’s opinions – even my brother in Australia said it looks like Jesus.

“I feel like it will bring comfort to people in Paris and all over the world at this sad time.”People may perhaps also take comfort from Emmanuel Macron’s vow to rebuild the cathedral ‘even more beautiful’ within five years.

Lesley Rowan thought she could see Jesus Christ in the flames.
Addressing the nation last (Tuesday) night, he said: “We have so much to rebuild, so yes, we will rebuild the Notre-Dame cathedral, even more beautiful, and I want that to be completed from now – until five years. We can do it.

It is up to us to convert this disaster into an opportunity.” Although the world-famous building has sustained damage in the fire, with both its roof and spire destroyed, all precious artefacts and artworks were saved from the cathedral.

TOPSHOT - Smoke and flames rise during a fire at the landmark Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris on April 15, 2019, potentially involving renovation works being carried out at the site, the fire service said. - A major fire broke out at the landmark Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris sending flames and huge clouds of grey smoke billowing into the sky, the fire service said. The flames and smoke plumed from the spire and roof of the gothic cathedral, visited by millions of people a year, where renovations are currently underway. (Photo by Hubert Hitier / AFP)HUBERT HITIER/AFP/Getty Images

These items included what is claimed to be the crown of thorns worn by Jesus before his crucifixion along with a tunic, which King Louis IX is said to have worn when he delivered the crown of thorns to Paris.

In a tweet, French journalist Nicolas Delesalle cited Père Frédéric, writing: “Good news: all the works of art were saved. The treasure of the Cathedral is intact, the Crown of thorns, the Holy sacraments.”

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Five navy men take places on stage, only for crowd to go nuts as they look up

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There are plenty of great musicals out there, and as a result there are plenty of age-defying hits that will simply always need to be sung. One of my all time favorites is “Jersey Boys”, the tale behind the formation, success and eventual break-up of 1960s rock n’ roll group The Four Seasons.

The musical itself boasts a number of hits, and here they’ve been covered expertly by the talented men of the United States Navy’s chorus. Thanks to a new viral video, we know one crowd that definitely appreciates the tunes from this 2005 musical.

The United States Navy has a chorus, where talented men came together to sing tunes from the musical on stage to a packed crowd! Their rendition is so impressive that it’s quickly going viral. Once you watch the group in action, you will understand just why…

I didn’t even realize the United States Navy has its own dedicated band, one accompanied by a highly skilled chorus. Their skill and enthusiasm for the music got the crowd so pumped up that everyone was singing and dancing along to the tunes

They’ve called the group “Sea Chanters”, and apparently they have been around for 60 years. Lieutenant Harold Fultz originally founded the small group of Navy School of Music students to sing at the State of the Nation celebration.

These days the chorus is an incredibly impressive and established formation, one boasting dozens of members who come together to generate pitch-perfect harmonies.

The Sea Chanters are well received in whatever corner of the world they’re playing in.

So when they decided to perform a cover of tracks from “Jersey Boys”, it’s no surprise that the result is truly breathtaking.

You see, the Sea Chanters are aware that none of them on their own can hope to be as powerful as the accumulated strength of them all. Which is why they actively work together to bring the absolute best out of the united front. The band have an impressive talent with instruments that amazingly complements the singing of the frontmen.

You can watch the amazing Sea Chanters performance in the video below.

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Woman Thinks Her Stepson Still Co-Sleeping With His Mom Is Beyond ‘Creepy’

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For many parents and children, the only way to sleep is to co-sleep. Although a little controversial, it can be comforting for little ones and, sometimes mums and dads too.

When your partner has a child with another woman it can be difficult — especially when there’s endless drama between them. When entering into the new relationship it can be difficult to find your place, especially when you have to keep your distance from child and mother.

One anonymous mom is dealing with a similar struggle, one of the biggest “problems” that she has an issue with is that mother still co-sleep with the child even though the boy is 9 years old. The son lives in a different country so when they visit, this woman has to leave so they can stay with dad.

The anonymous woman shared all of the juicy details on Mumsnet, asking if she’s being unreasonable for having a problem with the situation. But despite the fact that she accuses the woman of “kidnapping” the child to a different country and hates that she pretty much has to go into hiding when they visit, she says her first issue is with the co-sleeping.

Woman asks if her stepson co-sleeping with his mum is 'creepy'

 “Mother and son do not regularly visit at all — this is one of the first times. I think everything should be done in his son’s best interests, however as an ‘outsider’ I think the sleeping with his mother will definitely cause issues, and the fact that he is allowed no independence,” she commented.

Despite the strong opinions, not everyone thinks she’s being unreasonable.

However others still can’t believe she would take issue with co-sleeping.

She is even accused her of being the “creepy” one.

Others slam her for sexualizing co-sleeping, however the mom defends herself, saying she’s not “sexualizing” bed sharing.

I’m quite surprised how many people think it is normal for a boy of that age to sleep in the same bed as any parent, mother or father,” she commented.

For those of you that think this is normal / not creepy (or that I am the creepy one!), can I ask how you would feel if it were the other [way] around — how would you feel if, by some means, your ex would not allow your child to stay over at your home unless the ex himself was there too, and the ex himself slept in bed with, say, your 9-year-old daughter?

But many still don’t see her point …

A parents situation who are just trying to put their child first.

Others quickly pointed out that co-sleeping is the least of her problems — and hope she learns that.

Woman asks if her stepson co-sleeping with his mum is 'creepy'

Thanks for all the comments! It is definitely helpful to understand from others that it isn’t creepy for them to sleep together — I don’t know this, as my experience is that children always sleep separately from birth,” she wrote.

For all the crazies saying I am bitter and interfering, I have not said anywhere that I resent [his] relationship with his son — he has fought hard to have any access whatsoever, despite being legally entitled to 50% custody. He cannot move country to be closer because of work. I have zero issue with his son staying in his house, obviously!

Woman asks if her stepson co-sleeping with his mum is 'creepy'

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Meet Elvis Presley’s grown-up grandson, who looks just like his legendary grandfather

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In relation to music, there’s only one genuine King! Elvis Presley captured the hearts of various ages with his voice and unique ability. The way that his music lives on today is demonstration of his immortal capacity.

Obviously, in spite of Elvis’ passing on August 16, 1977, there have been numerous paranoid fears fuelling the possibility that he’s not really gone. Actually, I’ve never been persuaded by any of them. I’ve wanted to simply acknowledge the fact and appreciate the music he left behind.

However when I saw these photos of Elvis’ only grandson – Lisa Marie’s 26-year-old child – Benjamin, I stopped in my tracks and wanted to share these for anyone who misses Elvis as Benjamin is the spitting picture of his granddad

Elvis burst on to the scene as a 20-year-old, and music was never the same again.

Today, his only grandson, Benjamin, is all grown up, leaving Elvis fans everywhere throughout the world in awe at the similarity between them.

In a specific light one could nearly be deceived into believing that Elvis is as yet alive …

The Tuple-conceived whiz was hitched to Priscilla Presley and they had one tyke together – Lisa Marie Presley, who has four offspring of her own.

Tragically, Elvis never got the chance to meet his grandkids, but it would definitely warm his heart to realize that his grandson looks like his double.

View this post on Instagram

Today 40 years ago Elvis died💔. I wasn’t even born when he passed away. 40 years on, and he’s still considered the greatest (like John Lennon said, ‘before Elvis there was nothing’). I loved him since I was about 8 years old, and have been dreaming of visiting Graceland ever since. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it there this year like I had planned to. Would’ve loved to attend the candlelight vigil last night and the rest of Elvis week. But I had the pleasure of meeting Priscilla earlier this year, so that’s a little consolation. She was absolutely lovely, an evening I’ll never forget. She told me not to worry, one day I’ll walk through those gates of Graceland. You bet 😉! Thank you for your tireless and passionate work and dedication keeping Elvis’ legacy alive @priscillapresley 👏. All the best to you, Lisa and the kids. Rest in peace Elvis! I hope you know how much you still mean to millions of people and always will! ❤💕❤🎼🎸🎤. #elvispresley #Elvis #kingofrocknroll #40thanniversary #gonebutnotforgotten #elvisweek #memphis #graceland #lmp #priscillapresley #rileykeough #benjaminkeough #finleyandharperlockwood

A post shared by xsbonny (@xsbonny) on

The King of Rock and Roll was born in Mississippi and moved to Tennessee when he was 13.

His profession started in the mid-50s, when he recorded a melody with Sam Phillips for Sun Records.

A while later, Elvis marked a record manage RCA Victor and discharged his first enormous hit.

The rise of “Heartbreak Hotel” to the top of the charts was a very fast one

Before the finish of the 60’s, Elvis had turned out to be a standout amongst the most compelling specialists in rock n’roll history.

His appearances were provocative to a few, however the general population who gone to his shows were left amazemed by the sheer ability to entertain.

When he passed on of a heart attack in 1977, the world was left to lament the icon.

The King never got the opportunity to meet his grandson, yet there’s no mixing up the blood lines in 26-year-old Benjamin’s veins.

View this post on Instagram

#benjaminkeough and #elvis

A post shared by Elvis Presley⚡️ (@army_presley) on

Although Benjamin Keough didn’t follow his granddad’s love for music … the likenesses are amazing.

Take a look at his grandson in the video clip below:

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Gillette Responds Perfectly to Backlash Over an Ad it Shared Featuring a Plus-Size Model

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For many people the subject around “Fat”always been a touchy topic. Plus-sized people mostly women are often treated like a disease that must be cured, by society. It’s not common that heavy women see representation of themselves in media, that representation is so skewed when it is.

There are still so many women who just don’t see themselves represented.
Last week, Gillette posted a shot of style blogger Anna O’Brien on their Twitter page, with the image showing her frolicking in the ocean in a green two-piece.

Some people praised Gillette for the positive message, but tons of keyboard warriors commented nasty, mean-spirited things about O’Brien, such as “imagine how many razors she has to go through” and an unbelievable amount of health concern trolls crawled out of the woodwork to shame the model.

The Instagram star spoke to Good Morning America in response and noted how joyful she looked in the photo. “For a lot of people, all they can see is fat. They don’t see the joy. They don’t see the happiness,” O’Brien said.

Check out its response and more details about the story here:

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19-Month-Old Baby’s First “Sermon” Sets The Internet On Fire – Gospel Music, Good News – FaithPot

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Raising a child isn’t easy, there’s exhaustion from all the sleepless nights and constant worry about their welfare. As a parent monitoring your own behavior and how you respond in situations can be difficult but is vital to assess as our kids copy everything they see us do.

When children begin walking and talking you start watching what you say or do but the video you’re about to see shows it starts much earlier. The 19 months old boy you are about to witness in the video clip below is already copying his father actions and behavior.

Luckily a person recorded this priceless performance, which has gone viral on Facebook. Once you see it you will understand exactly why as it will make you smile.

Levi Marlow from North Carolina is only 19 months old is showing signs of wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father is Pastor Ryan Marlow and based on his son’s performance, is clearly passionate when talking in front of church-goers.

Levi speak many words however he has the gestures and passion of his father perfected. He’s clearly doing just what his dad does; his own toddler sermon in baby babble has the congregation bursting with laughter.

His father shared the recording on YouTube with the words: “Levi just hopped onto the platform before service began, and started doing what he sees his daddy do: preach.

“He’s 19-months old and only babbles in baby talk. This time it seems he had something important to say!”

Thousands of people have viewed his ‘sermon’ on YouTube, which went viral after the video was shared on Facebook. Although none of us could understand a word of what he was saying he delivers it with such passion which makes his speech so endearing.

Take a look at this toddler deliver his first ever sermon in the clip below:

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Twitter Hack Shows You How To Get Creases Out Of Trainers

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This hack which has helped people get creases out of their trainers has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter. If you love sneakers, you will agree taking care of them can be tough work, especially leather ones. After all shoes take a real punishing especially since we walk about in them all the time.

Shoes can also leave a dent in the wallet particularly if you want nice ones, at least. Since someone offered a bit of help to rejuvenate a pair of slightly thrashed out sneaks the information is proving popular.

First off, you’ll need a few things. A pair of shoes, some tissue paper or socks – basically any old fabric, but a fair amount of it – an iron, and some hot water.

Before. Credit: Twitter

Shantel Dé Bonsu, who’s also a YouTube personality, shared the hack in a Twitter thread that has since been retweeted over 130,000 at the time of writing this story.

Shantel tweeted: “Step 1: stuff your shoe with the socks/old clothes or tissue paper to the point where you can’t see the crease anymore and when you press on the top of the shoe it doesn’t move.

Next step soak the fabric with hot water. Drain it out so that it’s damp. Then, use the damp cloth and place it over the creases.

After! Credit: Twitter

“Step 2: wet your small towel or cloth with hot water, then squeeze the water out so it’s damp…

“Step 3: place your towel or cloth on top of the crease.”

Still there? If this was Blue Peter I’d ask you to get an adult or responsible older brother to help you with step four if you’re a child.

She continued: “Step 4: iron the towel or cloth with VIM but be sure to keep lifting the iron up or you’ll burn your shoe! Depending how bad the crease is determines the time in which it will take to get rid of the crease!”

Not exactly brand new, but certainly better. Credit: Twitter

If you are wondering “what the hell is VIM?” this is a cleaning product. More than likely you won’t find an equivalent if you have a look online.

The original tweet has gained incredible popularity since it was shared on 15 April. It has been retweeted almost 150,000 times and has 337,000 likes. Impressive to say the least.

Credit: Twitter

Also, Shantel has shared some of the responses from people using the technique to breath new life into their tired kicks.

Looks like it works! Give it a go at home and your shoes will be like new once again. Well, they’ll at least be less creased or so burned up that you need new ones, but you needed new ones anyway!

Credit: Twitter

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Homeowner Tracks Down Youths Who Egged His House, Films Them Cleaning Up Their Act

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When you are a child pranks are usually serious business. I’m sure many of you have played knock-a-door-run or thrown eggs at someone or something at one point.

Of course, ‘playing pranks‘ is really just another way of saying ‘being a nuisance. in the story below these teens certainly found that out the hard way…

The moment Jack Oldroyd decided to turn into Liam Neeson once he spotted two schoolboys egging his house on CCTV – before hunting them down and record them scrubbing up the mess.

After returning home from an eight-hour shift last month and the gas engineer was exasperated to discover his front door had been egged.

22-year-old Jack realised the ‘hit and run’ had been recent as the evidence was still freshly wet. He sprinted to his computer to take a look at the CCTV footage in an attempt to catch the culprits.

Jack jumped in his car and drove round the area to track them down. He was determined to locate the pair and make them clean up their mess which was like a scene from Neeson’s action thriller Taken.

After Jack confronted the red-faced duo, they repeatedly apologised and promised to clean up the mess. Minutes later the repentant boys knocked on the door, apologised again and got to work cleaning it off.

The hilarious footage compiled by Jack documents his ‘Neeson moment’ as he discovers the scene, watches the CCTV and finally gets the lads to clean up their mess.

Jack, from East Moor, Wakefield, said: “I came home from work on that Sunday and there was egg running down the door so I knew it had just happened, otherwise it would have baked on. I went inside, watched the CCTV and saw the two lads throwing eggs.

The culprits in action. “I thought, ‘Right, I’m, going to find you and I’m going to make you clean that off.’ It was a bit of a Liam Neeson moment from the film Taken. I didn’t want to clean the door, I wanted them to do it. I got changed and had a quick drive round but couldn’t find them anywhere.

“On the way back to mine I saw them and pulled over, I thought, ‘Perfect, I’ve found you, you’ve done this to my house, you’d better go clean it.’ They went bright red, they knew what it was for before I’d even spoken to them.

“They just apologised and said they wouldn’t do it again. I told them, ‘I know you won’t, you’re going to come and clean it.'”

Minutes after initially confronting them, Jack answered his front door to discover the boys ready to roll up their sleeves and clean up the mess.

Jack said: “After speaking to them I drove home, I didn’t expect them to actually come. They knocked on the door, apologised again and then cleaned it. I gave them a bucket of warm soapy water and some cloths to wash the door down with.

“It took them about ten minutes to clean off as the sun had cooked it onto the door – hopefully it’s a case of lesson learned.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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