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Photo Of A Baby Born Just Minutes Earlier Is Taking The Internet By Storm. Look Closer

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There is always a reason something goes viral. And in my experience is because there is a story behind it. Whether it is a moment when someone showed a homeless man generosity or someone stood up to their abusive parents. The viral photo or video has to do with something that goes beyond the piece of content itself – something infused with deep meaning. And the same is true for this image of a newborn baby. In the picture, the nurse is holding the crying newborn who is still all “cheesy” from birth. And when the image got posted onto Facebook, it went up with the caption, “Some people are in such a hurry to put the picture of baby on FB.” And if you look really close, you’ll see the reason why this image went viral. Can you see it?

Although the image of the newborn is adorable enough as it is, the picture went viral when people noticed the thing hiding within the frame. It doesn’t detract from the newborn’s cuteness, because it only adds to it. And when you spot the lurking secret, you’ll admit that there is a good reason this one went viral.

It took eagle-eyed viewers to see the thing in the newborn picture. And it came after the picture was posted to the Bubs Warehouse International Facebook page. The image features the nurse in scrubs who is holding the newborn.

While we mentioned the first half of the caption up above in the intro, the second half of it read like this:

“They just forget some things before posting.”

While the nurse was clearly focused on the baby – and so was the person behind the camera – mom was still laid out in bed recovering from the birth. And after viewers saw the image, they realized that mom was there exposed in the background for all to see. Dad (or whoever took the snap) was so eager to get the picture on Facebook, he compromised mom’s nether-regions for all to see.

Question of the week: If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Behind the baby in the background, mom is on her back on the bed, exhausted, with her legs spread wide open for the camera and the rest of the internet to see. She has just given birth to the baby featured in the picture and doesn’t realize that she is all exposed.

Many women related to the moment and shared their reactions on social media. And some moms even admitted that they themselves were in the same kind of situation.

“Hahahahahaha this happened to me with my son – my mum did the picture of my son on the weighing table thingy all focused on him not realising and put it on Facebook without realizing,” one mother wrote. “Yep I was in the photo.”

“Omg this actually was my mum she got camera happy in the delivery room beautiful newborn baby and completely forgetting my gina wad out,” another mother wrote. “Thankfully it didn’t make fb it did get printed at the photographers though.”

Some moms took the photo as a warning:

“Just a friendly reminder to let me vet the fb announcement photo please,” [sic] one mom wrote.

Girl Screams When The Dog Lunges At Her, Realizes He Sacrificed Himself For Her

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Something was missing from Donya DeLuca. And she knew what it was. Her long-time family dog had died, and she needed a dog in her home, an animal who could bring joy and happiness to her every day. That’s why Donya adopted a two-year-old German shepherd from a local rescue organization. She named the dog Haus. But Donya had no idea that he would go on to become a hero and save the life of her seven-year-old daughter and the child’s grandmother.

If Donya’s husband could have seen the future, he certainly never would have been skeptical about the family adopting Haus.

“We had recently lost our family dog, who had been with us for 13 years,” Donya told TODAY. “So he looked at me like, ‘Are you serious?’ But I just couldn’t pass up the chance to rescue him.”

And not long after Haus came home with the family did all doubt get erased. He was a fantastic animal and quickly became part of the family.

“He just bonded with all of us so quickly. It was like he was always part of our home,” she said. “Even the neighbors took to him. It was meant to be. Especially, at night, he’s very protective of the kids. He follows them around. He takes care of them.”

Haus was a good choice all around.

But the family never would have guessed that Haus’s protective skills would have saved the life of their daughter. However, when a rattlesnake appeared in the yard, the snake went to attack seven-year-old Molly and the child’s grandmother.

Haus refused to let that happen.

“It’s easy to see for anyone who’s spent any time with Haus and our children that he absolutely nannies our children and watches out for them,” Donya told ABC News. “It’s common for him to sweep the yard or check everything out when he goes out. And he stood his ground and continued to charge when a large, venomous snake was attacking him.”

Haus proved that he was a hero. And he saved Molly and her grandmother from the potentially deadly snake. They had no idea it was lurking in the yard looking to bite.

“I was really scared,” Molly told ABC.

He protected the family with his life. And during the attack, the snake bit Haus three times. And after the attack, authorities believe the snake was an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. These are some of the most dangerous snakes in the United States.

Although he saved the child and her grandmother, Haus had sacrificed himself. The family rushed him to the animal hospital but worried it was too late.

Veterinarians decided to use an “unorthodox” approach and place him on an anti-venom drip. And it worked.

“It’s semi-miraculous, his condition,” Donya said while Haus was still recovering. “What keeps me going is how he still flicks his tail every time he sees me come into his kennel even though I know he’s hurting.”

Haus proved that although he was new, he was a faithful family member. He sacrificed himself to save the child and her grandmother from the venomous rattlesnake.

National Chain Facing Major Lawsuit For Scam They’ve Been Pulling On Customers For Years

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When you go to a restaurant how do you calculate the tip? Do you take our your calculator and figure out how much the server should be given? Or do you simply leave a few dollars and call it a day? In America, an appropriate tip is between 15 and 20 percent of the entire bill. So that means if your bill comes to $100 with tax, then you should tip $20 if you’re an honest person. People try to skimp the servers and get away with tipping them less. But 20 percent is the honest amount they should get whether the service was bad or not.

But some restaurants have started putting suggested tips on the receipts to help customers tip faster without having to  break out the calculator. You might see suggested tips like 22% = $22, 20% = $20 and 15%= $15. These can help people place a tip on the table quickly. They are automatically calculated based on the total price of the bill. But now one restaurant is under fire for lying to customers about how much 20 percent of the bill is. And they are going to have to pay.

Marcell Goldman is filing a lawsuit against The Cheesecake Factory because they lied about the “suggested gratutity” on the bill. Because he was charged $38.50 as a total, he expected that 20% tip would come to $7.70.

But when Goldman looked at the receipt, The Cheesecake Factory suggested Goldman should tip $15.40 or double the correct amount for 20 percent.

Goldman filed the case as a class action lawsuit against the entire restaurant chain. And in the video below, you can hear how the restaurant responded to their fraudulent practice.

But this lie is something many restaurants employ to make their servers more money.

If you rely on the printed tipping instructions instead of your own arithmetic skills, you could be over-tipping a vast amount.

In the lawsuit, Cheesecake Factory was accused of suggesting that each individual diner pay the tip for the entire bill even if the checks are split among different people.

“The TOTAL was based on the mathematical error perpetrated by Defendant [The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated],” the complaint states.

The popular restaurant has apparently been deceiving customers this way for years.

“The practice has been going on for at least the last four years and at over 200 restaurant locations operated under The Cheesecake Factory mark and at 13 locations operated under the Grand Lux Café mark, and customers have complained of the practice on the internet,” it states.

This lawsuit is not the first time people on social media have warned others about the Cheesecake Factory’s fraudulent practice.

Back in 2015, @HBROFMAN on Twitter shared the following warning, “Watch those #deceptive @Cheesecake factory receipts, their suggested gratuity is based on post tax amount. #Fail.”

After getting exposed, Alethea Rowe, a spokeswoman for the chain defended the company’s tipping police in a statement to Delish.

“All gratuity amounts listed on our guest checks are suggestions only. Guests are free to tip as they please,” Rowe said. “We believe our guests appreciate service provided by our hardworking staff and tip accordingly.”

Mom Is In Store With Her Baby, When Strangers Whisper ‘Say Goodbye To Mommy’; Takes Action

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A lot of stuff is overheard in grocery lines.  One of the most common things you’ll hear is an adult casually talking to some of the kids in line ahead of them.  Maybe they will comment on how cute the kid’s hat is, how nice and quiet they are being in line, or something as non-challant as a smile and wave. For most parents, this kind of unsolicited attention is not a good or a bad thing.  It’s just something that happens when you take kids out into the public.

If anything, it should be taken as a compliment because some stranger has found your child so cute they just had to say something.

One mom in Longview, Texas had a much more complicated experience in the grocery line one day.  A little commentary here and there turned into what she thought was an attempted kidnapping of her child for nefarious means.  Human trafficking? Child pornography stunts?  She could not be sure, and she definitely did not want to find out.

Amanda Cropsey Florczykowski was just waiting in line to pay for her groceries.  She had her kids with her like always, which included a toddler sitting in the food cart.  When Amanda pulled her out of the cart, the couple in front took notice and began chatting with the little girl.

Here are the details, according to Amanda:

“… the typical conversation about how “cute your daughter is” and then asked about her age, repeatedly … I quickly became uncomfortable with the woman’s body language and close proximity to my cart/kids. I picked my daughter up only to have the woman ask if she could hold her. The woman was so close at this point that my toddler reached her arms around the woman before I could really respond.”

The pushy behavior of these strangers was so odd and so direct that the cashier even treated them as close friends or even family.  Who could blame them when they see a woman holding a toddler? Nothing could be further from the truth for Amanda, who at this point was worrying about how close the lady was coming to her toddler.

Here’s what happened after the woman began holding the baby:

“In an instant her proximity finally changed and she backed away. I grabbed back on to my daughter as the woman was saying, “Say bye to mommy” – what an unusual comment to provoke a child to say. The woman resisted returning her when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms.”

This all happened in a few split seconds and left Amanda quite frazzled.  If you thought things ended there, you would be underestimating how strange humans can be.

After the couple and Amanda finished paying, Amanda was getting all packed up and ready to leave the store.  As she was doing so she noticed the man lurking in a closed cashier line watching her every move.

“After this couple left, I was really shaken up but still noticed the man a few feet away in my peripheral vision, continuing to stand, by himself, with no groceries, in a closed check-out lane. He faced the opposite direction, but was looking over his shoulder at me … His eyes did not leave my every move … I loudly conversed with the cashier about their security staff and the odd couple that seemed predatory.”

When Amanda got home she quickly researched sex trafficking behavior to see if she could learn anything.  Sure enough, a lot of what she read corresponded to what she had just experienced.  Her Facebook post about the whole ordeal acts as a precious and important reminder to parents never to let their guard down!

Local Police Are Warning If You Spot Purple Fence Posts To Get Away As Soon As You Can

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If you live in Texas, as well as a number of other states, you have certainly seen a fence post or tree painted purple. And you probably already know not to go anywhere near it. But do you understand why?

Texas and other states with the purple paint law allow residents and landowners to mark the outskirts of their territory with bright purple spray paint. Instead of building a wall or fence around the property, Texans and residents of other states with a similar law understand that purple paint means no trespassing…

Why do states do this? Well because of the unpredictable weather patterns, especially considering the disastrous effect climate change is having on America’s southern states, “No Trespassing” signs can easily be blown away in a windstorm. Landowners need another way to mark the borders of their land.

And as any Texan understands, if someone has a sprawling patch of land, how are they supposed to monitor their property’s borders if they have to do so much on a daily basis? It’s just too much work for anyone to do on top of farming their land or managing their cattle.

Because the landowners in Texas and other states with the purple paint law have so much land to watch over, they probably wouldn’t notice a single “No Trespassing” sign missing in the first place. It’s not like they go around checking on that every day.

The purple paint law allows landowners to spray it and forget it.

Besides telling any passerby that the land beyond belongs to someone, the purple mark is also known as “No Hunting Purple.” It signifies to hunters that this property belongs to an individual and to stay clear. It can help keep people out of their properties and keep people safe from stray bullets.

The Purple paint law is not new. Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was born, first created this law back in 1987. So if you’ve accidentally wandered beyond a purple painted fence or gate, you’ve broken the law. At least now you know what it really means.

A number of states utilize the Purple Paint Law in order to signify “No Trespassing.” Here is the list:

-North Carolina

Does your state have the Purple Paint Law? Do you think it is a good law to institute in every state?

According to Central Texas Geocachers, Purple paint markings in Texas “must be: vertical, at least 8 inches long, at least 1 inch wide. [The] bottom of the mark should be between 3-5 feet above the ground. Markings can be no more than 100 feet apart in timberland. Markings can be no more than 1,000 feet apart on open land, [and] they must be in a place visible by those approaching the property.”

Have you heard about the purple paint law before? Or is this brand new to you?

Watch the video report below to learn more!

Woman posts video showing ‘Dobby’-looking creature in her driveway

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Social media is abuzz after a woman posted video on her Facebook account showing a strange creature resembling an elf from the Harry Potter movies saunter through her driveway.

Vivian Gomez, who lives in the US, took to Facebook on Thursday and wrote: ‘So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out… what the heck??

‘First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras??

‘The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.’

Surveillance footage outside the home of Vivian Gomez shows an unusual looking creature
The strange being has an awkward walk. It is seen going through Gomez's driveway
The Facebook post generated 34,000 reactions and more than 118,000 shares
On social media, people speculated that the strange creature was 'Dobby' from the Harry Potter movies

On social media, people speculated that the strange creature was ‘Dobby’ from the Harry Potter movies

The post generated 34,000 reactions and more than 118,000 shares.

Social media users observed that the ‘thing’ bore a resemblance to Dobby, the elf from the Harry Potter series.

‘Why does “Dobby” look like he just stumbled out of the bar at 3am,’ joked one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘idk why but the way movin his arms about halfway thru this vid is so wholesome like he look so excited to be out in the world.’

One Twitter user wrote: 'idk why but the way movin his arms about halfway thru this vid is so wholesome like he look so excited to be out in the world.'

One Twitter user wrote: ‘idk why but the way movin his arms about halfway thru this vid is so wholesome like he look so excited to be out in the world.’

Another Twitter user joked: 'Dobby is a free elf'

Another Twitter user joked: ‘Dobby is a free elf’

'Why does “Dobby” look like he just stumbled out of the bar at 3am,' joked one Twitter user

‘Why does “Dobby” look like he just stumbled out of the bar at 3am,’ joked one Twitter user

'Dobby Jokes aside WTF is that creature,' wrote another Twitter user

‘Dobby Jokes aside WTF is that creature,’ wrote another Twitter user

Another Twitter user said: ‘Dobby is a free elf.’

‘Dobby Jokes aside WTF is that creature,’ wrote another Twitter user.Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Y’all are so dumb just because Dobby died in the movie doesn’t mean Dobby the actor is dead in real life! Gosh some people don’t understand how movies work clearly.’ 

Others pointed out the video may be fake.

Man Waits Two Years To Get Back At Ex-Girlfriend With Perfectly-Planned Wedding Prank

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Dino found out his girlfriend Andrea was cheating while he was away working on an oil rig.

After he kicked her out, she got revenge by ruining his prized car.

Years later, leading up to her wedding day, Dino decided to get his payback and he led Andrea to embarrass herself in front of all her wedding guests.

Infidelity has become commonplace in the modern age, but it is particularly common for couples who regularly spend long periods apart. The long distance doesn’t excuse cheating, though, and it doesn’t make it any better. Getting hurt in that manner is so painful, it can traumatize you and affect all future relationship, yet cheaters often show absolutely no remorse for their actions. Some people only think about themselves, hurting others in the process. Revenge is in order for victims of these immoral lovers, but vengeance can easily spiral out of control. One oil rig worker’s revenge served justice to his former lover and ensured he got the last laugh – at her wedding, of all places.

Better Served Slick Than Cold

Vengeance can be dangerous, as things quickly get out of hand. Keeping this in mind, Dino the oil rig worker took revenge on his former lover in a perfectly planned manner, finding justice for himself at last after refusing to remain a victim.

It all started when he began to suspect his girlfriend was cheating while he was working on an oil rig far from home – and it ended when he forced her to expose her true rotten nature to those closest to her.

When you look at the base salary of an oil rig worker, it doesn’t seem much to write home about. However, because most expenses are paid for, these workers end up banking most of what they earn.

It’s rightly perceived as a lucrative occupation, yet one of the biggest downsides is the time spent away from home. Not everyone can do it, and many who do work on the rigs end up blowing their money instead of being responsible financial planners. But not Dino…

Those who go out to sea to work on an oil rig aren’t your average, run of the mill laborers. While this is highly skilled work, it happens to also be a job you don’t need to get an education in. That doesn’t mean oil riggers aren’t smart, as Dino proves.

What is more important than education is experience, as oil companies won’t generally hire someone to work on their oil rig if they don’t have a good mind for detail, like Dino certainly did…
As fellow oil riggers described him, Dino “was a really nice, quiet guy, and unlike some of the hard-partying guys on the crew, he didn’t blow his money as fast as it came.” Dino was smart, making good money and saving it, too.

He didn’t show off his success like a spendthrift and invested instead in a condominium he paid for in full. The only thing missing was a woman to enjoy his success with. Unfortunately, the woman he picked ended up being a backstabber.
Dino’s friends referred to this woman by some names we don’t want to repeat, but elsewhere she was called Andrea, so we’ll stick to that. According to Dino’s friends, she was an extremely beautiful woman, apparently to compensate for her awful personality.

“Centerfold hot” was how they described her, while Dino was “a bit ordinary-looking, and kind of shy.” Maybe physically she was out of his league, but personality-wise it was he who was the steal in reality.
Most of Dino’s friends were proud of him for landing such a hot woman, but one of them was slightly more suspicious. According to him, she “raised the hair on the back of my neck.”

Once he got to know her a bit better, he said he discovered she was “one of the most self-centered, attention gathering people I had ever met.” Hindsight is 20/20, and he didn’t have the ability to foresee what would happen, yet the warning signs were most certainly there…

“She was smart, all right,” Dino’s friend said, “But she was devastatingly gorgeous, knew it, and was very skilled at manipulating the people around her.”

However, he didn’t have anything solid to prove this to Dino. Andrea moved in with Dino, and when he went away for work, he started getting suspicious…
According to his friend, Dino had left Andrea a card and noticed something odd.
There was “a $300 grocery purchase, and then another $200 grocery purchase…Either she was eating $500 worth of groceries a week or she was pumping cash-backs from the grocery store into her purse.”

It was becoming clear to Dino that his girlfriend was a gold digger. While he was away working hard, Andrea was back at his house, spending his money.
Dino was completely shocked and didn’t know why she would take advantage of him.

Dino start to suspect that she might not be remaining faithful. After all, she had ample opportunity to maintain an affair when he was away.
Dino made a plan – he arranged to go home a few days early. Dino’s suspicions would be confirmed, but things kept going downhill…
Dino knew what might be waiting for him at home, so he asked the condominium’s security guard to come up as a witness.

Andrea didn’t expect him home for a couple days, so when Dino entered suddenly, it caught her by surprise. His worst suspicions were confirmed…
His friend said after he caught Andrea and her lover at his condo, Dino didn’t lose his temper.

He “Just told the guy to get out. Then he told Andrea to get out…handed her the key to a hotel room, 50 bucks for cab fare” But Andrea wasn’t having it…
Andrea did not want to leave. Even though she had just been caught cheating, she was living with Dino and had all of her things there.

However, it was Dino’s house. They weren’t married, thankfully for Dino, so he wouldn’t have to split any assets…

Andrea was “screaming, crying apologizing, and proclaiming her love for him in one breath, and cursing him with the next.”
Dino stayed calm. The police arrived, verified who owned the home, and removed Andrea – but that wasn’t the end of this story…
Dino canceled Andrea’s card and she was left without her comforts.
He had Andrea’s things placed in a storage unit. He wasn’t answering any of her constant phone calls. Eventually, she came back to his building, but he was prepared…

Andrea showed up at his property to get her things and the doorman “handed her the key to the storage unit and directions on how to get there.”
“Then he instructed her that she was no longer welcome.” But Andrea wasn’t going to take it, she was going to get revenge…
Dino knew everything he owned would be safe and sound whether he was at home or on the rig working — or so he thought.
His condo isn’t his only prized possession, and Dino soon discovered that not everything he owned was safe from Andrea…

Dino’s pride and joy is his white Chevy Monte Carlo. Several weeks after the breakup, he returned home from work to find his car damaged…
“Four flat tires, a smashed windshield, and a can of red paint had been poured over it.” He wasn’t going to let Andrea get away with this…
When he learned that Andrea was getting married, he started plotting. He learned of the engagement his friend, Nancy.
Nancy’s sister, Cathy, is good friends with Andrea. Nancy would become a co-conspirator, and they made sure that Andre’s perfect wedding day wouldn’t go to plan…
Nancy knew exactly what type of person Andrea was. When she received the wedding invitation, she remembered how Andrea had betrayed Dino.
She took advantage of him. To start off his plan, Dino started off just with an anonymous letter addressed to Andrea…
“In the envelope was a picture of a Monte Carlo, a wedding dress, and a ketchup packet. There’s a single sheet of paper, with three words: Red on White.”

With this cryptic revenge, she knew he was out for revenge, and was worried about her dress…
Nancy found out where Andrea was getting her dress and she told Dino.
Dino went to the store “and asked the guy if he wants to make an easy hundred bucks. All he had to do is call Andrea, and tell her that they need her to come to the shop and choose the red lace trim for her gown.”
“Andrea showed up 20 minutes later, freaking out, and demanding to know what this was about,” Dino’s friend continued. “The guy said he got a call from her fiancé and ordered the red lace”
“Andrea knew that it wasn’t the fiancé,” and knew Dino was behind it. She was scared he was going to ruin her dress…

“Andrea knew that it wasn’t the fiancé,” and knew Dino was behind it. She was scared he was going to ruin her dress…
Andrea flipped out, “immediately deleted the pasta dishes, and had tomatoes removed…in fear that Dino’s non-existent buddy might dump a plate on her.”
“Dino had about 30 different red lipsticks sent to her house.” She wasn’t able to trace them back to him, but she knew.
Dino then had a red sharpie placed under her windshield wipers. By the wedding day, she was a wreck, expecting to be sprayed by red paint at every turn.
Even though she hadn’t seen him in two years, Andrea knew she should be concerned.
She knew how much Dino loved his vehicle and had damaged it regardless, so whatever he would do to her would be pretty bad. She could not have this on her wedding day.

She had “her father call Dino at work to talk him into backing off, but when Dino explained what she had done to him and to his car, the father became really ticked off at Andrea.”
Their mutual love of cars cost Andrea the support of her father. But did Dino actually plan on doing anything on her big day?
In reality, Dino wanted everyone at the wedding to enjoy themselves – except Andrea. “At the wedding reception, Andrea was a basket case.
She demanded that all the red flowers be removed…She refused to get within 10 feet of anyone holding a red drink. She spent more time and attention looking for the ambush she was certain was coming, and Dino didn’t do a darn thing.”
“He turned her into a Bridezilla, and Nancy, who was invited, kept him updated with a running commentary as the night progressed.”
She exposed herself to be an erratic, paranoid, and demanding person, making everyone bend over backward to prvent her dress from being stained. In the end, the only thing stained was her reputation.

Before long, everyone learned firsthand just how self-centered and selfish she was after she behaved like a monster at her wedding.
Dino didn’t need to do much, just make some arrangements to freak her out. As for the rest, he could just let her do it to herself.

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This Prom Photo Is Causing An Online Frenzy, Can You Spot Why?

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Senior prom season is a time that numerous young people go to their very first celebration. Although high school trainees are not lawfully permitted to consume throughout their senior prom (they are under the legal age obviously), they still do their finest to slip in alcohol and other libations. While the chaperones watch for any high school trainee who is drinking, resourceful trainees attempt to break the guidelines and appear like a hero in the eyes of their thirsty pals.

When one senior prom goer slipped an extra-large flask into her senior prom due to the fact that she masked it as her bag, the web has actually declared her a “genius.” Let’s simply hope that she puts her psychological skills to much better usage than getting intoxicated at her prom.

British trainee Eleanor Clarke was not ready to let the law stop her from having a good time at senior prom. With her revealing, low-cut gown, Eleanor appeared to the renowned dance with a metal clutch bag in tow. However on closer evaluation, it was clear that her “handbag” was not utilized for holding her lipstick and makeup. It was real estate extreme quantity of difficult alcohol to get her and her pals sloshed.

Eleanor did not get captured. Rather she shared pictures of her senior prom hack with her fans on Twitter and the images went viral in no time. Now revelers around the world are thanking her for her knowledge in breaking the guidelines and getting her finest pals intoxicated along side her at the dance.

When she submitted the images of her huge flask bag, Eleanor composed: “Still do not understand how I got away with a substantial hip flask as my senior prom clutch.”

Besides her exciting remark, Eleanor shared 4 snaps which portrayed her abusing her alcohol sustained flask with her pals at the senior prom.

Take a look at the video listed below to see her strategy in action!

Lots of people shared their reactions to her genius strategy to get intoxicated at senior prom. For instance, a Twitter user called Jemma composed, “reality she’s so casual holding it like a real clutch n all oh my god a real intellectual (sic).”.

Numerous others did not be reluctant to call Eleanor a “genius” for what she did. A single person required her to be chosen as the “very first female president.”.

While Eleanor had the hipflask useful with her throughout the dance, her pals had some uncommon luggage with them also.

Describing Eleanor’s buddy’s fluffy bag Andy stated: “We’re all speaking about the substantial hip flask on the other hand Red gown is taking her feline to senior prom.”.

On the other hand, Ken composed on Mail Online: “Genius? More like moron! If she goes to such lengths to get that much vodka into one night’s home entertainment, she require to seriously think of her reliance on alcohol. Otherwise today’s ‘genius’ will be next week’s alcoholic.”.

What do you think of this high school trainee’s technique to slip alcohol into her senior prom?

Please SHARE YOUR VIEWPOINT in the remarks listed below today and see what others are composing!

Man On His Deathbed Says He Saw God And He Gave Him A Warning For All. Here’s What He Said (video)

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When an elderly gentleman was on his deathbed, he received a vision from God. Not only did the creator visit Mr. Herbert Broome during his last minutes on Earth, he gave the man a message that Broome was able to transmit to every one of us. Broome utter his last words to the eager people at his bedside. He told them he had been visited by God and that he had a message to share with the world. They eagerly penned down everything he said – and you can read this man’s dying words below.
With his last breaths, Broome got straight to the point. He didn’t have anymore time to waste and after the visitation from God, he knew how he needed to spend his final moments on the planet – by inspiring others to accept the teacher of Jesus Christ.

Broome urged all others – those by his bedside included – to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. He urged them to turn away from the lures and addictions of materialism and the ways of sin.

While the audio in the video of Broome’s last words is tough to hear clearly, you can turn it down and simply read the caption. Those words capture the dying man’s intent to follow God’s path perfectly. They are, in essence as Broome states, directly from God himself.

As you’ll see in the video, the filmmaker says that Broome passed away shortly after the video was recorded. His family promised him to share the message of Jesus’ power with everyone on the internet. The video has been published twice. In the first recording shared on YouTube nine years ago, more than 1 million people watched. Now, in this one, hundreds of thousands leaned in to hear Broome’s final words.
Here is some of what Broome said from his deathbed after being visited by God.

“If you had seen what I saw in the hospital, there would be no doubt in your mind forever, because hell is so terrible so awful. It goes as far as eternity, forever & ever. Once you’re in hell, you’re in hell.

“The Lord gave me a glimpse of heaven and I saw an angel. I saw my guardian angel. And also a glimpse of hell. And I’m telling you now, please listen, Hell is so bad, so awful , you have no idea how bad hell is.”
What do people like you have to say about this clip? Here are some of the most popular comments shared on YouTube:

“I believe in this but for those skeptics , I study human psychology and kinetics at North Carolina state university, all his facial movements and voice tonalities and syllabus spaces reflect that of person who is telling the truth.”

“Every one of us has a choice. God gave us free will to choose from what’s right and what’s wrong, between blessings and curses and between Life or Death. God don’t force us to Obey Him but warned us if we choose to disobey and it’s eternal consequences.”

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Strange House Might Not Look Like Much From The Outside, But Wait Until You See A Tour Of The Inside

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As popular as JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” is, and as popular as tiny houses are becoming, it was really only a matter of time before someone actually went and constructed a real life hobbit house. Well, we just found such an abode in Slovenia, and we thought you might like to take a look and see how the wee little people live.

This amazing little cottage set into the side of a manicured hillside in Slovenia was designed by Danica and Joze Kolaric. Much of the materials they used in the construction are reclaimed, which both adds to the quaint charm and green footprint of the cottage. The earth is supported by a concrete retaining wall at the back of the house to ensure structural integrity under heavy loads. The house sits in their meticulously designed garden where they grow herbs and flowers as well as maintaining beehives. The couple use it as a recreation cottage for teas with friends and as a quiet space to read.

This reminded us of another homeowner who has used reclaimed materials to make a tiny house.

Australian Brenda Kelly has not only figured out how to live off the grid in a complete home constructed inside a shipping container, but has also made it happen with style. By connecting her previous twenty foot shipping container to a new forty foot shipping container, Brenda has created a multifaceted eco-friendly living space.

When you enter the home, you are met with a beautiful inside porch area; entirely surrounded by glass, the outdoor seating area features a stylish outdoor dining set and blinds that can be closed to hide the glass area when desired. Brenda calls the surrounding spectacular scenery her “million dollar view.” The kitchen has a bold and modern design complete with energy efficient compact appliances that allow for storage spaces—something rare in a tiny house.

Spare beds are cleverly designed throughout the home. The living room couch has a pull out trundle bed beneath it, and her desk in the nearby office doubles as a “desk bed.” More hidden bed designs allow the home to sleep up to seven people. Brenda has her own master bedroom, of course, with a queen sized bed.

Architect Stew MacInnes of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions designed a ski lodge so small it can be towed behind a truck.

Working with a Salt Lake City couple, MacInnes had a blast working on the custom project. So much so that he can not stop talking about it, saying that the couple were “both avid outdoor people, who enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and kayaking. In fact, Chris is a former professional kayak racer and Tamara was a standout college track and field athlete, so being active is programmed into their DNA.”

He goes on to describe how the project took shape, saying “Tamara contacted me about a year ago and indicated that she and Chris have followed the tiny home movement and were excited to find that my company was so close to them, geographically. She mentioned that she had viewed our homes online and loved that fact that we were willing to push the tiny home “design” envelope! We met shortly after our initial conversation and hit it off very well. She and Chris then entered into a contract with us to design and construct their home and we began the process. The build time actually took about five months, primarily because we dragged the process out much longer than it typically takes us to build a tiny home in order to work around the television show Tiny House Nation’s schedule. Chris, Tamara and myself agreed that the show would be a fun option for them and there were some perks to appearing on the show that were worth the wait. We ultimately did the show, had a great time during the process and delivered the final product to Chris and Tamara in August. The August delivery was because they went on a long honeymoon following a midsummer wedding, so we stored their home at our facility while they were off playing.”

Have you ever seen such a cute cottage? Would you ever consider living in a tiny house? Please share your thoughts with us here.

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