A Girl Invites A Soldier To The Stage Not Realizing It Is Her Father She Has Not Seen In Two Years

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When was the last time you saw your Dad? Probably a week or two, right? For this young girl, it was a little longer. Haley’s father came back from his military service made a surprise for his daughter who had not seen him for two years. She did not expect to see her father that day.

It was a Veteran’s day in an independent school and the students were giving a musical performance. Haley was led to believe that she was introducing a “special guest” to the school’s pep rally.

She began to announce him, but as she read his bio it crossed her mind that it all sounded very similar to her own father. However she didn’t exactly believe it could be true.

In actual fact, the guest was none other than her Dad who she hadn’t seen in over 2 years. Understandably, the moment was extremely emotional but we’re so glad they managed to capture it on film for us all to see! There’s nothing more special than a Daddy-Daughter bond.

She had watched all these videos of veterans surprising their families and she was so desperate for me to come home”

The moment highlights what those in the armed services sacrifice for the greater good. It goes without saying that every soldier, pilot or other serviceman/woman would rather be at home with their families. We know they they’re doing important work for their country!

Take a look at the emotional moment in the video clip below:

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