A doctor gifts blankets he sews himself, to newborns that he delivers.

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Being creative is what counts when it comes to every profession, you need to be creative and have something to offer that is missing from the market.

Regardless of your profession, if you are not going to be creative, then people will see you as normal which in turn could result in a lack of success in what you do.

Dr. Erik Bostrom stands out above the rest because he has found a way to attract patients with a skill set other than delivering babies. He has learned how to sew baby blankets and he will gift a blanket to every baby that he delivers.

The news has spread quickly and now Dr. Erik Bostrom is becoming somehow viral. New mothers love it and what’s sweeter than a man who can sew?

I tried it only once and my wife jumped all over me and loved me like never before. The thirty three year old doctor from northern Minnesota, says that he didn’t know how to sew, his mother and sister in law helped him learn once he cam up with the idea.

He now uses his hobby as the perfect first baby gift from the very same doctor that delivered the baby.

Take a look at the video clip below for more details on this story:

Doctor sews blankets for all the babies he delivers

This doctor sews personalized blankets for every single baby he delivers ❤️️https://cbsn.ws/2RKYNvR

Posted by The Uplift on Friday, 21 December 2018

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